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Zhan Long - Volume 1 - Starting From Scratch - Chapter 174



System Announcement: Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai has killed the first Emperor Tier boss. As a reward, level +1 and charm +6. He has also gained great fame in his main city!


What a nostalgic sound, at last I managed to be the first to kill again;this time, the first Emperor Tier boss. I’m so happy!

Yep, we shouldn’t delay anymore. Everyone quickly looked at the equipment drops!

Moving forward and kicking away Mu Rong Jun’s corpse, we found a lot of items. There were 5 spirit gems in addition to a myriad of cards and 3 pieces of equipment. The first one was a magic staff flickering with electricity. Next was a shiny pendant glowing with an orange light that had a majestic-looking bone sword embedded into it. I liked that. Lastly, there was a menacing dark looking blood red dagger, full of killing intent. This was something any Assassin would really love!

Taking the staff, I stretched out my hand, the stats of the staff appeared in the air-

【Floating Heart Staff】 (Purple Tier Equipment)

Magic Attack: 620-880

Endurance: +39

Magic: +37

Extra: Increases 8% damage on magic attack

Extra: Increases the durability of Mana Shield by 17%

Required level: 57

Required profession: Mage


Raising the staff, I laughed: “First equipment, Lv 57 Purple Tier staff, we only have one Mage, so Dong Cheng Yue will be receiving it. No objections, right?”

Everyone nodded.

I handed the staff to Dong Cheng Yue and she immediately equipped it. A super beautiful staff appeared in her hands transforming our little Mage into an Arch Mage.

Continuing on to the the second piece of equipment, it was the necklace. Holding it in my hand, I felt a chill penetrate my hands. Reaching out, the equipment details appeared in front of me. All eyes’ bulged and mouths’ gaped at the sight.

【Desolate divine Bone Chain】 (Emperor Tier Equipment)

Endurance: +50


Magic: +44

Extra: Increases the attack of [Combo]s by 25%

Extra:Increases defense by 150 and increases health by 20%

Required Level: 57

Required Class: Swordsman


My eyes bulged and I almost fainted. Such an overpowered necklace;it was a Swordsman’s dream equipment! And it was Emperor Tier! This was the first equipment that could increase 3 different stats! Needless to say, strength and endurance was something that every Swordsman needed to have, but the item also added 44 Magic points, an attribute that every high leveled player needed to have in order for them to use their skills without worry. Furthermore, it also increased the [Combo] damage by 25% which meant that my [Combo] would be an Ace at single target damage. In addition, the additional 150 defense and 20% health increase, was like icing on the cake;this necklace was just too powerful!

Holding the necklace, I couldn’t even speak, wiping the drool off my face, I asked: “What do we do…?”

Lin Wan Er giggled: “I don’t know, there are only two Swordsmen, you ask Matcha…”

Matcha blinked her eyes, laughing out loud “Boss, wipe off your drool. Rest assured, Matcha won’t fight with boss for it. I’m still lacking 10 levels…Boss, I’m happy enough if you can just give me your current necklace….”

I nodded my head and gave Matcha my [Necklace of the Broken Army] and equipped [Desolate divine Bone Chain]. Immediately my stats jumped by a whole bunch-

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 (Tomb Guardian of Dragon City)

Level: 57

Physical Attack: 1513-1971

Defense: 1643

Health: 3165

Mana: 1336

Charm: 40


My health was over 3100, my defense exceeded 1600, attack neared 2000, and mana just over 1300. If these kinds of stats were leaked out, they would scare a lot of people. In addition, my charm rose to 40, the next time I PK someone, my chances of stealing a good piece of equipment would be really high.

Continuing on, I lifted up the last piece of equipment, the blood red dagger. This immediately caught the attention of Little Wolf and Lin Wan Er. The two Assassin’s eyes gleamed brightly;there is no profession in this world that desires an extremely strong weapon more than an Assassin. The Assassin profession was: one hit kills and if the one attack failed then the Assassin would be the one dead. Their main path lied in high attack and critical strike chance.


The radiance of the blood red dagger ripped in the wind as I lifted it up, the brightness was unmatched, instantly Lin Wan Er’s pair of beautiful eyes become dazed. Little Wolf also clenched his fist:”Damn…”

【Scarlet Edge】 (Emperor Tier Equipment)

Attack: 780-1050

Agility: +48

Endurance: +48

Strength: +44

Extra: Increases 10% damage on physical attacks

Extra: Ignores target’s defense by 9%

Required Level: 57

Required Profession: Assassin


“Damn, isn’t it too powerful?” Old K clenched his fist, his eyes almost popping out already.

Dong Cheng Yue said: “Gasp… in an instant [Haunted Twin Blade Battle-Axe] was overtaken…”

I nodded holding the dagger and said: “An owner must be chosen for this dagger but we have two Assassins taking part in this quest. Wan Er and Little Wolf, come roll. Whoever rolls higher wins!”

AN: Assassins have two weapon slots: main dagger attack 100%, secondary dagger can only utilize 70% attack

Lin Wan Er nodded: “Yup!”

Little Wolf was nervous to the point of death: “Heavens bless me…”

“Hua La!”

2 dice flew out, and finally stopped at-



Lin Wan Er won!

As I gave the dagger to her, I was filled with mixed emotions: a little disappointed and happy at the same time.

Lin Wan Er equipped her dagger quickly before turning to Little Wolf and smiling sweetly: “You are Xiao Yao’s best buddy so I won’t let you be at a disadvantage. I took the [Scarlet Edge], so I want to give you my Purple Tier Lv 46 dagger. This dagger is 6th on the Top Equipment List for Daggers…”

Little Wolf snapped out from his daze and quickly received it: “Thank you so much, pretty Miss Lin…”

Lin Wan Er smiled softly, skillfully rotated the [Scarlet Edge] in her palm and laughed quietly: “It’s what you need… Furthermore if what Xiao Yao said happens, sooner or later Dong Cheng and I will also join Zhan Long and at that time we’ll all be family. In the end, there is no need to argue about it too much. [Scarlet Edge]’s required level is 57, you wouldn’t be able to use it anytime soon, let me use it for a while…”

Little Wolf nodded: “Yup yup!”


I distributed the rest of the Pardon Cards and Spirit Gems and then said: “We shouldn’t waste anymore time, let’s finish the quest. Today we need to get to sleep early so we don’t stay up late again. Otherwise these beautiful ladies will quickly turn into old hags…”

Lin Wan Er laughed: “Okay, let’s go!”

Our group of people came to the tomb again and uniformly stood in front of the crystal coffin.

“Is this Ran Min’s tomb ?” Old K asked, clenching his fists.

I nodded and started to peel off the sealing charms covering the chains. Once done, I broke the chains with my Frost Rain Sword. With this, hopefully, we could open the coffin. We each pushed against the the crystalline lid with our entire body weight, slowly it moved.


We were shocked when we looked inside;there, in the crystal coffin, was a severed head. It was the face of a hero with a long wavy beard and piercing black eyes. Was this hero Ran Min’s?

Everyone became solemn. I held my sword and bowed my body as I carefully picked up the head. Then a system notification chimed in my ears-


System notification: Your SS-Level Quest the 【Five Barbarians’ Desolate Tomb】 has entered the next stage!

Quest Description: You have found the Emperor Ran Min’s head, but now you have to find his body to awaken his spirit!



A thundering sound rang out, shaking the Five Barbarians’ Desolate Tomb. Suddenly, the crystal coffin shattered, signifying that the seal was broken and a rotating magic circle appeared. At it’s center the form of a mighty warrior slowly materialized, sword in hand. Gazing at his face, I saw that it resembled the head of Ran Min that I was still clutching. The person before me wasn’t Ran Min’s real body but Ran Min’s spirit.

Slowly, Ran Min’s spirit solemnly knelt on one knee and said: “Many thanks to you all, later generations of the Han. Because of you guys, I have been granted new life. Alas, but with only this much, my soul remains unable to acquire salvation. Please, reunite my body and head. Only then will my soul find relief.”

I stepped forward and asked “Where is your body?”

Ran Min looked up to me and said: “Youngster, I was slain at Dragon City…my body should yet remain in Dragon City. Mu Rong Jun only took my head to seal here and buried my body in the Dragon City. You should go to the Dragon City to find my body!”

TL: The Dragon City Xiao Yao is from is actually called something like Cold Barren Dragon City. The Dragon City where Ran Min was killed was a district in Chaoyang City. – So Dragon City = Ran Min and [Dragon City] = Xiao Yao’s place

“Dragon City?” I frowned: “This… is there any other Dragon City on the continent of ? Don’t tell me it’s…[Dragon City]?”

Ran Min was slightly surprised: Where is [Dragon City]?”

I explained: “It’s a newly established city. It lies on top of the Ice Spine mountain range that separates the north and south side of the continent….”

“Ice Spine?” Ran Min gasped slowly and said, “That’s it! It was there! I remember! When I died, my whole body was freezing cold;so cold, that I lost all sensation in my body. It should be there, in that freezing place. Youngster, please go to [Dragon City] and renew your search for my body. My soul will continue dwell inside my head you are holding. Only after my head and body are reunited will I be free from my ten thousand years of captivity!”

I nodded seriously: “We will! Leave it to us!”


Ran Min’s soul began to slowly dissipate. Becoming a cloud of smoke, it drifted back into the lifeless head of Ran Min.

Carrying Ran Min’s head in my arms, I turned over to look at everyone and said: “Looks like we’ll need to head back to the [Ba Huang City] area. [Dragon City] is near there and is where my teacher resides. We should walk there instead of using our city teleport scrolls because Cheng Shuo, Wan Er, and Dong Cheng would return to [Fan Shu City], which is way too far from [Dragon City].”

The three beauties nodded “Let’s go then!”


We left the [Five Barbarians’ Desolate Tomb], and saved the old blacksmith man along the way. Then we began the long journey, which involved a lot of demon and monster killing, to [Dragon City].

Close to an hour later, we arrived at the bottom of Dragon City. The city was still the same as always, cold and desolate.

Far to the side was a simple tent and an extinguished bonfire. A snoring sound bellowed forth from inside the tent. This was my past instructor, the Beast Tamer Dalin’s house!

Moving forward, I tapped Dalin’s shoulder and said: “Teacher, wake up?!”


Dalin suddenly woke up and baring his teeth, attacked me, bellowing: “What mouse dares to disturb the mighty Dalin!”

I was thrown to the floor. Getting back up, I raised my Purple Dawn Boots and kicked him hard!


Dalin rolled out of the tent, and only then, when he was fully awake, did he recognize me: “Brat, how come it’s you? Damn your strength is like a warrior’s. In just 3 days I can’t even recognize you anymore!”

I laughed softly: “Teacher, please help me pass a message to the Dragon Palace Guards, I need to go in!”


Dalin tilted his head and looked at me: “King Luo Lin has decreed that guards from the lower standings can’t go in, you…uhmm, you are just a Tomb Guardian, so you are not qualified to step into the Dragon Palace.”

I opened my arms, showed the head of Ran Min and said: “What if I had this?”


Dalin’s whole body shook, his face a picture of pure shock: “What…What a mighty warrior spirit! I recognize this person. This is Ran Min. He has a statue in Dragon City! He was an ancient hero, how did you brat find his head?”

I laughed: “It’s a long story, could you quickly pass a message to the palace guards to let me and my friends go in please?”