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Zhan Long - Volume 1 - Starting From Scratch - Chapter 173



Smoke flew out from the gun and the shot that Fox fired decreased the boss’ health to 20%. This attack made Mu Rong Jun go into berserk mode. Carrying his longsword, he roared

“Life and death are dictated by the Heavens, yet the wandering soul of a warrior will never rest. Ancient Gods, heed my commands. Descend upon the Earth and crush these creatures who do not bow before you.”


The whole tomb trembled as the air turned blood red;his skill was about to be unleashed!

I quickly moved forward and used my [Binding Chain] to bind the boss, but it wasn’t enough to interrupt the skill. Matcha also raised her sword and commanded her Illusionary Butterfly Queen to attack with her [Vines of the Dancing Butterfly], but a big “MISS” appeared as the vines failed to bind the boss. They also could not interrupt the skill!

“This is terrible…” My heart sank.

Matcha hurriedly looked at Darling Duck and nodded. Darling Duck firmly nodded back.



Suddenly, crimson cavaliers, each brandishing a long sword, appeared in the air. It was an huge AOE light spell that covered the entire floor and there was absolutely no way to defend it!



My body shivered as my health plummeted. Darling Duck quickly raised her staff and cast [Revive] on Yuzi ChengShuo. Yuzi ChengShuo quietly stood, with a confident and indifferent air.

“Peng Peng Peng…”

Countless crimson cavaliers descended, each of them the spirit of an ancient warrior. Under such an indiscriminate bombing, all of the player names in the group lit up one by one which showed that they were about to die. Song Han, Matcha and Wolf had already fallen!


Lin Wan Er held her iron umbrella and tried leaping to avoid it. But the “light rays” suddenly struck her umbrella, and she received an attack from [Ancient Fighting Spirit of the Past]. The beautiful Miss whimpered “boohoo” before she fell, her snow white knees hitting the ground.

With a trembling shoulder, I died along with Lin Wan Er. Before my spirit was released I saw Yuzhi ChengShuo, Darling Duck, and Dong Cheng Yue fall to the ground lifeless. The whole team had been exterminated!


As we had planned, Darling Duck’s [Revive] brought back Yuzhi ChengShuo just as [Ancient Fighting Spirit of the Past] ended. And after that she then took a few steps back and immediately cast [Revive] on me!

A bright light shone as I stood back up. I hurriedly took out a healing potion to recover my health. Then, with the addition of Yuzhi ChengShuo’s [Heal], my health was almost completely restored.

I gripped my sword tight, took a few steps to distance myself from the boss to gain some time. While summing Baby Bobo, I shouted: “Yuzhi ChengShuo, move back behind that big rock, I’ll attract the aggro of the boss!”

Yuzhi ChengShuo moved back while saying: “Okay, be careful!”


Mu Rong Jun was outraged, he held his sword high and rushed towards me once again unleashing his [Scarlet Demon Slash].

My heart sank yet again. A basic attack and [Scarlet Demon Slash] almost took away all of my health. In addition, the durability of my Fire Beacon Helmet and Nebula Armor had fallen slightly below 20%. If the durability dropped any more, then my defense stat would be in jeopardy .

After 15 seconds, another bright light began to shine;Yuzhi Chengshuo had used [Revive] to revive Darling Duck. The moment Darling Duck was revived, she immediately healed me. With a worried look, she said: “Boss, don’t die again!”

I quickly swallowed a Lv 6 Health Potion and said “I’ll try not to. Quickly revive Wan Er and Dong Cheng, they are needed to kill this boss. Let them summon their Tigermen to help too. I can’t cope with this alone any longer. So hurry!”


Darling Duck raised her hands and a golden light shone upon Lin Wan Er as she revived. She immediately stood up, rushed forward with a dagger in hand and stabbed the boss’s back with a sneak attack, temporarily stunning him.

I held my sword, waited for around 2 seconds and healed myself again. Just like this, with such a small number of people, we tried very hard to control the situation. When Dong Cheng Yue revived, the condition had more or less stabilized.

Then, from the party chat, Matcha’s voice sounded, “Wait a moment! Yuzhi ChengShuo, Darling Duck, don’t revive the others anymore!”

“Why?” Yuzhi Chengshuo asked, surprised by the odd request.

Matcha giggled:”Level 6 [Revive] needs 120 mana, look at your mana. After reviving everyone, will you still have enough mana left to heal boss?”

Yuzhi Chengshuo gasped, silently marveling Matcha’s genius. “Wow, even I almost didn’t realize it…Matcha is indeed capable, you have even calculated that…”

Matcha smiled softly: “I’m really just a strategist, I can’t do much else. But I have already worked out everyone’s stats. It’s just simple math and it can be easily calculated. You guys should keep fighting, we are going to turn into corpses soon. We must defeat the boss in under 3 minutes, keep fighting on!



In the short 3 minutes, the five of us kept up with the extreme situation. On one hand, we had to make sure I didn’t die and on the other hand, we also had to manage the two Healers’ mana. If the fight dragged on for too long, we would run out of mana. The two Healers didn’t dare to use their Lv 6 [Heal] and used their Lv 4 [Heal]s instead, just to save 10 mana. It really put them in a difficult position.

“Shua shua shua”

Song Han, Old K, Wolf, Matcha, and Dong Cheng Lei revived, one after another. They quickly healed themselves with potions and summoned their pets. Matcha squinted her eyes at the boss and said: “His health is almost at 10%, I don’t know what will happen this time…:”

My heart sank: “We can only hope that things will go smoothly from here on. If we die again, the experience earned on the fifth floor will be in vain…”


A flash of scarlet red light darted across the boss’ back and Lin Wan Er brushed past me, her long hair fluttering in the wind. She laughed softly, “It’s okay, we can definitely finish him off. We must have more confidence in our own skills!”



At that time, Mu Rong Jun bellowed: “Restless spirits of the Ancient Warlords, heed my command and bestow upon me thy power!”


A bright column of light shone upon Mu Rong Jun’s body and countless humanoid shadows descended from the skies, filling the boss’ body. Afterwards, Mu Rong Jun’s body got a lot bigger.


Battle System Announcement: Please note that the Xianbei Emperor – Mu Rong Jun has just received a power-up from ancient souls. Level +3 and all stats have been increased by 15% for 10 minutes!


“This is horrible….” Yuzhi Chengshuo whispered:”You have to defend well!”


Just a single blow from the boss’ [Scarlet Demon Slash] had caused the Frost Rain Sword to almost collapse. I felt a hot, burning pain in my shoulders as my health plummeted down more than 2700+ points;I almost got 1 shotted! The two Healers hurriedly healed me, but how could they heal me back to the full health?

I staggered backwards, helplessly watching Mu Rong Jun approach me!


Suddenly, I felt someone push me aside;it was Dong Cheng Lei carrying his battle-axe. He shoved me away quickly, then rushing towards the boss, his battle axe spewing flames and shouted: “Asshole, don’t hurt my big brother Xiao Yao!”


Mu Rong Jun slashed his sword horizontally and thrust into Dong Cheng Lei’s abdomen!


He was killed instantly…

“Ah Lei!”

I gritted my teeth and used [Strength of a Thousand Men] on the boss’ body. Right now quickly killing the boss would mean less people dying!


Once again Matcha’s Illusion Butterfly Queen used [Vines of the Dancing Butterfly], but this time it succeeded. The vines continued to bind the boss for a total of 4.7 seconds. At the same time, Matcha spread wings and took to the skies. She pointed her arms to the right, and said: “Boss, there’s a rock over there. Let everyone go there;Dong Cheng Yue can fly to the top of the rock and cast her magic from there while the rest of us block the boss at the bottom. Maybe we can kill the boss this way!”

I nodded and grabbed Darling Duck, and rushed towards the rock. Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and the others also rushed over.


Dong Cheng Yue landed on top of the rock gently. The two Tigermen roared and stood guard in front of the rock. As long as the aisle was blocked, the boss shouldn’t be able to climb up.

Unfortunately, we seemed to have underestimated the boss’ capabilities. Mu Rong Jun held his sword and rushed forward, immediately unleashing a sweeping attack in between myself and the two tigers-





“This won’t do…” Lin Wan Er held her dagger. She looked at Matcha and laughed helplessly: “This boss’s AI is too clever, whoever is blocking his way is killed…These type of PC Game tactics won’t do anymore…”

TL: Dong Cheng has the aggro on her and thus the boss should technically try to get to Dong Cheng – It’s like the old blue buff leashing in League

Matcha pursed her lips: “Wuuu…Continue to fight, there’s no other way…”

The boss’ health kept decreasing but he still slashed and slashed until he decapitated the two defense type Tigermen. His next slash killed Baby Bobo instantly. Lin Wan Er couldn’t bear to watch and cried, “Wuu….our pets were chopped up like vegetables…”


The boss suddenly broke through our blockade and rushed forward, aiming his sword towards Dong Cheng Yue. Matcha hurriedly shouted: “Dong Cheng, quickly fly away…”

Dong Cheng Yue hurriedly fled, but unfortunately the boss unexpectedly jumped upwards, raised his sword and slashed Dong Cheng Yue!

Dong Cheng Yue’s [Mana Shield] broke apart, and at the same time a damage number appeared-


Dong Cheng Yue had less than 5% of health left while her face was ashen: “Oh my God, without [Mana Shield], his attack would have killed me 8 times over…”


The moment the boss dropped to the ground, my attack followed through. The Frost Rain Sword cut deeply into Mu Rong Jun’s breastplate while I shouted: “Let’s continue, we should re-organize our defenses. Dong Cheng go fly around and start again from the top of the rock…”

Dong Cheng Yue hesitated : “Ohh…Okay…”


The skill [Vines of the Dancing Butterfly] was used again, followed closely by my [Binding Chains]. We used every single way of defending against the boss’ rage mode. In order to finish this Xianbei Emperor, we battled with our lives on the line…

Time passed slowly and at last, Mu Rong Jun health was depleted!

Dong Cheng Yue immediately stopped her attacks: “Xiao Yao, kill him!”

I gritted my teeth and replied: “Continue attacking. Don’t care too much about the drops, otherwise Wan Er will be killed…”


My Frost Rain Sword and Dong Cheng Yue’s [Thunderbolt Finger] reached the boss’ neck at the same time. In the next moment, my [Combo] hexagrams shined out, along with [Thunderbolt Finger], and at last this Emperor-Tier boss – after killing so many of us – howled pitifully as it fell to the ground-

“The northern wolf tribe’s howl will never be stopped, just you wait, you arrogant Chinese Empires, we will return! Ran Min, I hate the fact that I cannot live for another 5000 years, otherwise, I would have you suffer forever as my slave. May the Heavens curse you, so that you can only be my slave forever! I, Mu Rong…:”

TL: There are many chinese empires/kingdoms

With a “Ka Cha” sound, my sword swung down and took the boss head. I Couldn’t bear him insulting the us anymore.


“Hua la la…”

One by one, a bright pillar of golden light appeared and surrounded us. Everyone had leveled up! I guess it was compensation for losing our level. Mu Rong Jun had also dropped a lot of things;everything looked golden and expensive, getting us all excited.

“Will there be an Emperor Tier Equipment, will there be an Emperor Tier Equipment…?” Lin Wan Er giggled softly.

I walked forward and picked up one of the drops and laughed: “Just maybe!”


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