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Zhan Long - Volume 1 - Starting From Scratch - Chapter 172


“This mission has become impossible!”

Looking at the boss in the distance, I bit my tongue, “We’ve really stirred up the hornet’s nest this time, this is a Lv 62 Emperor Tier boss! I don’t know if we have a chance at beating this boss…”

Wan Er shared the boss’ stats, which immediately elicited responses from Wolf and Old K–

【Xianbei Emperor – Mu Rong Jun】 (Emperor Tier Boss)

Level: 62

Attack: 1820-2250

Defense: 1350

Health: 500,000

Skills: 【Scarlet Demon Slash】 【Scarlet Demon Summoning】 【Ancient Fighting Spirit of the Past】

Description: Xianbei’s Emperor Mu Rong Jun. Cunning and brutal in nature, he is one to start wars without a second thought. During his rule, he encircled Ran Min’s force with 150,000 elite soldiers and annihilated the 10,000 soldiers of Ran Min. After Ran Min was capturing after falling off of his war-horse, Mu Rong Jun demanded Ran Min and his people declare him the emperor. Ran Min retorted, saying, “You barbarians are unfit to rule;the chaos you’ve caused only shows how unworthy you are. I refuse to recognize you as the emperor. As the hero of Middle China, I will not bow down.” In anger Mu Rong Jun order Ran Min to be lashed 300 times and sent to Dragon City for execution. And even now, after their deaths, Rong Ming Jun’s spirit continues to imprison and haunt Ran Min’s.


Wolf clenched his fist, “This mission really is impossible. With a 2250 attack, a regular hit from him would do over 1000 damage to Brother Xiao Yao right? And if the boss used his skills, brother Xiao Yao would die instantly!”

Wan Er walked up behind me with a small smile, “In that case, we should all be prepared to act as cannon fodder. We must not let Xiao Yao be the only one to die;it would not be right if we did!”

Dong Cheng Lei grabbed his battle-axe in preparation, “Brother Xiao Yao, I would happily die with you. I can take about 1 hit away!”

I couldn’t help but smile, “For now, stay behind me Ah Lei, let me go first and test it out if I need your help in fighting him. This is the server’s first Emperor Tier boss, we have to go all out on this battle, fight on so there won’t be any regrets!”




Mu Rong Jun stood up to face us, his crimson red cape fluttered in the wind. With a grim snarl on his face, he laughed, “Even in isolation, this emperor always knew this day would come. There would always be brats from the later generation who would try and free Ran Min’s soul. Come then, if you can defeat me, then Ran Min’s soul will be free from his ten thousand year imprisonment! Or else, he will forever be a nameless ghost under my command!”

“Mu Rong Jun has declared war…”

Swallowing my own saliva, I gripped the Frost Rain Sword and said, “Yuzi Chengshuo, Darling Duck, pay close attention to me. I’ll be going up to test how strong the boss’ attack is!”


With my sword at the ready, I stepped forward two or three steps at a time. Leaping off the ground with my Dawn Boots, I looked at the people below;my Frost Rain Sword shook slightly as I prepared to unleash a Lv 6 [Wind Blade]!


Connecting with Mu Rong Jun’s shoulder with a boom, sparks flew as I saw the numbers float up:


Sure enough, the boss’ defense was really high. Even though my own attack power wasn’t all that weak, I could hardly break through his defense. Dropping down onto the ground, Mu Rong Jun got into battle mode as his sword slashed across my breastplate, returning damage to me in the form of a regular attack:


I looked at the damage with panic, with my Nebula armor, I had 1583 points of defense, which could compete with top ranked Monks! However, the boss was cutting through my defense as if he was cutting tofu! This was seriously too painful…

The worst had yet to come however;Mu Rong Jun suddenly grabbed my neck with his big hands, his longsword stabbing through me with a ripping sound. Blood dripped freely from where his blood red sword had pierced me, this was the power of his skill, [Scarlet Demon Slash]!


I immediately retreated, and was fortunately healed by the two Healers!



Darling Ducky and Yuzi Chengshuo’s [Heal] landed at the same time, while Fox shot the boss with a “bang” to attract attention. Even they could see that I couldn’t hold on like this for much longer. An Emperor Tier boss’ attack was far too strong.


Smashing my fist into the ground, [Binding Chain] successfully bound Mu Rong Jun! I let out a breath of relief, he would be snared for 3.7 seconds!

Summoning Baby Bobo to sneak in some attacks quickly, Dong Cheng Yue let loose a [Thunderbolt Finger], [Icicle Spell] and [Pillars of Fire and Ice];it was unfortunate that the boss had a strong magical resistance, so the spells didn’t do much damage.


Mu Rong Jun snapped to attention, slashing with his sword, it was another [Scarlet Demon Slash]!


Baby Bobo took the brunt of the attack. A shiver ran through the tiny guy’s body as it fell to the ground. A big number floated over the body, godd*mn! It was no wonder my pet couldn’t handle the attack:


Wan Er appeared by the side of the boss, her dagger glinted in the light, it was a [Bleed] and [Backstab] combo!



Mu Rong Jun bellowed with anger, slashing behind him with his sword. Wan Er hurriedly opened up her Iron Umbrella in front of her, “Bang!” Even with the umbrella protecting her, she was sent back 10 meters, and lost 1127 health points. Even though she was only at the boss’ side for a second, she was able to defend and see through the boss’ attack so quickly. Just by looking at her, you could tell that this girl is indeed a professional Assassin.

After Wan Er had disrupted the boss’s field of vision, my skills went off from their cool downs. With a burst of air, I unleashed [Strength of a Thousand Men], followed by a [Combo], which brought the boss’ aggro back onto me. With a horizontal strike, I was hit by a [Scarlet Demon Slash]!


With another beam of holy light, my health was restored by 1400+ points. Yuzi Chengshuo called out to me, “Stand strong and don’t retreat Xiao Yao! Otherwise we can’t fight this boss, so far he has only used the one skill [Scarlet Demon Slash].. There won’t be too much of an issue unless it lands a fatal strike, but other than that, you should be fine.”

I gave a nod while enduring a regular hit. Darling Ducky hastily cast a [Heal] on me, at this point, both of the Healer girls faces were dripping with sweat. My health was constantly within the 20% to 50% range. If it were not for my own Lv 6 [Heal], I would not be able to endure very long in this battle.”

“Keep on fighting! The boss only has 85% health left!” Wan Er held her fist out in determination, standing not too far behind the boss waiting for a good opportunity to attack.

“My skills are still on cooldown, hang in there Xiao Yao!” Yuzi Chengshuo cried out, although she was the server’s strongest Healer, to see her not be able to keep up with the rhythm was somewhat concerning. Immediately calling out, “Wan Er, disrupt the boss’ tempo this instant, or else we’re done for!”

Wan Er didn’t answer with words, instead she immediately disappeared and in the next second, a spurt of blood was seen coming from the boss, it was a stealth strike with a stun effect! Unfortunately, the stun effect missed although the boss was still hit by the attack. Turning around to look at her, Mu Rong Jun struck out with his sword!


Wan Er’s reaction time was super fast;before the boss’ sword fell on her, she flashed her dagger, [Gouge]!


Success! A stun would be applied for 2.1 seconds!

“Wan Er, retreat!” I cried out.

Wan Er gave a tiny smile, her slender white legs trembled slightly as she retreated while still looking attractive as always.


With a sharp cry, the boss awoke only to be met with my [Combo], attracting it’s aggro once more, and the entire group began attacking again!


A few minutes later, Mu Ron Jun’s health was less than 50%. Throwing up his arms and roaring, he was suddenly surrounded by 4 gray runes that floated around him. Holding his sword up, he began to chant with a low voice, “Ancient wolf king of the grasslands, awaken from your slumber in the dark abyss. Bring with you, your powers of **, awaken the sleeping demons of blood. I, Mu Rong Jun, summon thee–Scarlet Demons!”

TL Note: ** is in the raws


A giant red circle appeared in front of him. In the next moment, a blood-red demon came marching out. It was a Lv 62 Purple Tier boss’ named Scarlet Demon, a summoned monster!

“It’s over, even more chaos!” Wan Er’s face paled, “Dong Cheng, your Tigerman and my Tigerman will move forward to block the Purple Tier boss. We’ll figure out what to do next after we kill the summons! They only have 50,000 health, so they’ll be easier to kill;Li Xiao Yao, you’ll have to endure the boss without us for now!


Mu Rong Jun’s blunt side of the sword smashed against my neck, causing me to recoil. Calling out while I retreated, I said, “Don’t worry! I’ll take care of this side, you guy’s focus on killing the Scarlet Demons quickly or else we’ll be doomed!”

The group split into two sides, I kept with me the 2 Healers to fight the boss while Wan Er waited for an opportunity to provide cover for me. Wolf attacked the Scarlet Demons with a [Gourge] while the two Tigermen acted as Tanks and they wouldn’t die too soon. Old K brandished his battle-axe, and a [Whirlwind Slash] had engulfed the Scarlet Demon. Soon after, the Scarlet Demon smacked Old K, nearly splitting him into two. Losing almost 89% of his health almost made him piss himself from the fright, so he fled 100 meters away from the Scarlet Demon, dragging his battle-axe behind.



My whole body ached with pain as my instincts told me the boss had landed a fatal strike on me, I had died!

Yuzi Chengshuo quickly casted a [Revive] on me, bringing me back alive. With a great deal of regret, she said, “Xiao Yao, I feel that we should all be extremely sorry for you, to be the only person to consistently lose a level…”

I got up from the ground and grabbed my sword, casting [Turmoil Sword] before attacking the boss once again. “It’s nothing, any Tank should have the resolve to face this type of situation…”


As the boss health got lower and lower, Matcha reminded us: “Everyone be careful! Once the boss reaches 10% or 20% health, he may activate his third skill, [Ancient Fighting Spirit of the Past]. It’s definitely a large-scale attack, so be prepared to defend against it!”

Wan Er’s eyebrows crinkled, “If it’s really what you say, then all of our waiting has been for naught, there simply won’t be any point to continue with the mission….”

Matcha shook her head, “No, there’s a way to prevent a failure of the mission…”

“Oh? What way is that?”

Speaking softly, Matcha said, “When [Ancient Fighting Spirit of the Past] is cast, Darling Duck will cast [Revive] on Yuzi Chengshuo. [Revive] has a cast time of 1.5 seconds, so in the case that everyone is killed, Yuzi Chengshuo will be resurrected. Straight away, she should cast [Revive] on Xiao Yao, so that both the Tank and Healer will be alive. Hopefully, after 15 seconds, Yuzi Chengshuo can cast [Revive] on Darling Duck. Afterwards, the two can slowly cast [Revive] on the rest of the party. The boss won’t be able to recover his health back to full, and this way we’ll be able to kill him!”

Wan Er gave a big grin, praising her, “Sister Matcha really does think things out carefully. She deserves the title of ‘Godly Strategist’! How reliable!”

Matcha gave a faint laugh, “This was only just a plan in the making, I don’t know if this plan will yield the results we desire…”


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