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Zhan Long - Volume 1 - Starting From Scratch - Chapter 126


” Poof ! ”

My Frost Rain Sword pierced an Assassin’s chest, inflicting an incredible damage of more than 1300. This was just a normal attack! At this stage in the game, 2000+ attack was more than the majority of the players could bear. Even a high level Monk with a defense of 1500 would crumble under a single blow from this Superior Lv 48 Purple Tier sword, which was currently the most powerful weapon in existence!


“Bang bang bang ……”

Unceasing rays of light appeared beneath our feet as [Pillars of Ice and Fire] penetrated our bodies. Health points rose and fell as Wang Jian, Bai Chu, and I stood in the frontline withstanding almost all of the attacks.

Behind us, Li Mu shouted, “All healers, focus on healing the three people in front. Magicians, use your spells to suppress our enemies within this limited space. The area is so narrow that even 10,000 people couldn’t take the advantage of surrounding us. We also have Ba Huang city’s best Swordsman Xiao Yao here with us, so why do we need to fear those guys from [Flying Dragon]?”


I spit a mouthful of blood;I didn’t know that I had taken the throne of the Ba Huang city’s best Swordsman. In fact, against Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior, even using my full strength, I didn’t have more than a 50% chance of defeating them. I know how strong I am, and I’m not that strong!

“Shua, shua, shua ……” Healing numbers continuously appeared atop my head. The Frost Rain Sword in my hand never stopped moving, unleashing [Combo]s, [Fierce Ice Sword]s and [Strength of a Thousand Men]. All of my skills were used one after another, which made it hard for anyone to stop me.


In less than 5 minutes, more than 40 members of [Flying Dragon] fell prey to my sword. Also, my 2203 HP and 1027 defense made it almost impossible for them to have killed me before healing got to me. Soaring Dragon, with his face red, raised his staff and cried furiously, “No! We can’t just attack blindly. All Mages come to me, heed my commands. Let us use our [Pillars of Ice and Fire] at the same time and not give a chance for the Healers to recover Xiao Yan health!”

I became more vigilant and unconsciously stepped backward. Immediately afterwards, [Pillars of Fire and Ice] sprung underneath me, causing the earth to tremble. The Musketeers in the distance also used their [Bombardment] skill.






A series of damage numbers appeared, as if telling me who the true masters of long range attacks in < > were. The magic prowess of Mages was really frightening! I immediately cast [Heal] and drank a potion, replenishing my almost depleted health. I dragged my Frost Rain Sword to retreat. I can’t face their spells head on;otherwise, I might end up dying.

General Wang Jian waved his sword and a group of Berserkers, Swordsmen, and Knights behind him shouted: “Destroy their formation!”

Nearly 20 people rushed forward. Their weapons danced as they wreaked havoc: slaughtering numerous Archers and Mages. But Soaring Dragon was there as well, retaliating against the attacking players. In a mere 30 seconds, Wang Jian returned alone. [Flying Dragon] truly was an established guild with its coordinated users and Mages who were some of the most outstanding Mages in Ba Huang city, far better than those of [Valiant Bravery] that had just been formed.

Li Mu saw the corpses on the ground, grieving, he tightened his fist: “Damn, what should we do?”

I sheathed my sword and moved toward Li Mu with Healers treating me and frowned: “This endless battle dwindles our numbers quickly;[Flying Dragon] has more than 2000 players, if this continues, we will all perish.”

Li Mu nodded and said: “How about this, I’ll have Wang Jian and 40 people make a final stand here and the rest can teleport back. Alas, since the founding of [Valiant Bravery], this is likely our worst defeat….”

I looked at the distant Soaring Dragon and I can’t help but smile: “No need, the real villain here is Soaring Dragon who must be mercilessly punished. Lend me 50 players;we’ll go past their front lines from the hall above and directly head towards the center, slaying him along with 100+ players. We’ll return to the city after that. That would be a slap on the face for him. What do you think, Li Mu?”

Li Mu revealed excitement in his eyes and smiled: “Okay, let’s do what you said. What kind of players do you want to bring?”

“Give me 10 Monks, 10 Knights, 10 Swordsmen and just anybody on the rest. I want those who have high vitality and are durable, not those vulnerable ones.”

“Ok, I will assemble them right away.”


In less than one minute, a 40-man team gathered in front of me. All of them are wearing heavy armor and many had just revived a level lower. A Berserker, his face full of fury, asked me: “Xiao Yao, what do you want us to do?”

I answered briefly: “Attack [Flying Dragon], kill Soaring Dragon and Fierce Tiger, interested?”

“Haha, of course we are! How do we do that?”

“Come with me!”

I looked at the direction of the Tomb’s entrance and said to Li Mu: “Here’s what you should do, distract them and don’t allow any more members of [Flying Dragon] to come near us. You have to act swiftly and sweep the battlefield since the 40-man team I will bring might collapse. We must leave quickly after killing Soaring Dragon and 100+ players.”

“Alright, be careful!” Li Mu said.

I nod and wave my hand to lead the group of 40 players towards the floating steps. I carefully choose where to step and go through a tunnel. After killing a few respawned monsters, we reach the edge of the floating stairs. The tomb entrance directly below us was about to get really bloody!

The narrow entrance only allowed 5-7 people to pass. With 40 players rushing down and relying on the Monks and Knights’ armor to defend for 5-10 minutes, slaying the 100+ members of [Flying Dragon] stuck inside the cave was not impossible.

Standing on the edge of the stairs, a Monk holding a battle knife turned his head towards me and smiled: “Xiao Yao, will we jump? These 40 meter heights can end a man’s life.”

I grinned: “I’m afraid too since we’re not Wind Elves which can fly, and since we cannot fly, we must jump. Any height less than 100 meters won’t kill a man;we won’t even lose much health!”

“How should we do it?”

I stared below from the edge and said: “10 Monks and 10 Knights should jump together after 5 seconds and block the entrance, the 10 Swordsmen and I, along with the rest, will follow to kill Soaring Dragon . Remember, use [Combo] to break a Mage’s [Mana Shield] and take the opportunity to unleash [Flame Blade] or [Ice Blade];don’t give them a chance to cast [Mana Shield] again.”

“Don’t worry, we got it.”


I issued the order and 20 heavy armored troops jumped toward the entrance. Indeed, as expected of General Li Mu, his team was made out of people who weren’t afraid of dying nor losing. They were only afraid of dying pitifully …

After 5 seconds, I raised my Frost Rain Sword and descended. Baby Bobo flew with me, locking onto an aerial target, a Lv 47 Wind Elf Mage who was definitely a top player of the [Flying Dragon]. Aside from Soaring Dragon, they shouldn’t have many Mages that high leveled.


Even going against the wind, Baby Bobo’s speed was still fast. Bobo attacked the Wind Elf Mage’s [Mana Shield] using [Combo]+[Sting] but it still didn’t break. The Mage’s power seemed high and the toughness of the [Mana Shield] was admirable!

Following a sharp cry, a golden hexagram appears on my Frost Rain Sword. Slashing through the air, I struck the Wind Elf four times in a row causing his [Mana Shield] to break!





The speed of my strikes were very quick and the Wind Elf Magician fell down and died. Right after I landed and hurriedly executed [Strength of a Thousand Men] and a Lv 46 Berserker was blown back with my [Wind Blade] almost tearing him in half!

Like lightning, Baby Bobo charged at the crowd and specifically attacking the Archers. Archers do not have [Mana Shield], so even after two promotions, an Archer is still vulnerable and is quite easy to kill with a pet.

Behind me, a Swordsman and a Berserker landed and growled at the [Flying Dragon]’s crowd. They threw themselves into the commotion, using [Combo] to constantly break [Mana Shield]s and let loose a series of [Flame Blade] and [Fire Axe] to massacre their foes.


“This is bad. They attacked from behind!” Soaring Dragon is shocked.

Fierce Tiger raised his axe: “Bu*****t, I’ll lead people to butcher them. Boss resist their attack while I let them taste the full strength of our brothers and break their blockade within 10 minutes!”

Soaring Dragon nodded and continued to swing his staff.

About 50 yards away, General Li Mu pointed his sword at the crowd and brought 120+ members of [Valiant Bravery] to an all-out counter-attack. The momentum was in favor of [Valiant Bravery] as the armored players quickly clashed the opposing Mages, quickly hacking away at their [Mana Shield]s. The tunnel was filled with bright lights from the players’ skills and attacks.



The Frost Rain Sword sliced open a Mage’s neck dealing 1300+ damage and at the same time, knocking the staff out of the Mage’s hand. The staff had not yet reached the ground when I calculated the cost of the weapon, a Lv 42 Silver Tier staff. Not bad, it’ll go for a few hundred RMB or a week’s worth of lunch money.

I continued my killing spree and slew a few other Swordsmen whose strength was not enough to stand against me. With me, the 20 [Valiant Bravery] members cut into the crowd easily!


The ground shook as the axe of the Vice-Commander of [Flying Dragon], Fierce Tiger, skimmed a Swordsman’s neck inflicting 778 points of damage. The [Fire Axe] instantly killed him, Fierce Tiger’s attacks were really strong!

Not far away, Li Mu’s eyes turned round: “Zi Zai, Fierce Tiger!”


I understood and charged directly toward Fierce Tiger. I quickly healed myself since my health points were somewhat low. Of the 20 heavy armored troops I brought, 7 have already died. We killed many quickly but we were also quickly killed.

“Xiao Yao, prepare to die!”

Fierce Tiger saw me and his eyes reddened. His axe came swinging over with a [Penetration]! At the same time, I heard a Killer Bee’s buzzing: a double threat!

Done by Lnfan030814 and GGP!


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