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Zhan Long - Volume 1 - Starting From Scratch - Chapter 121



10 minutes later, Fallen Wolf revived and scanned the area. When he saw the ring on Old K’s hand, he exploded with rage and ground his teeth together: “Nice! Beautifully done!”

I held the Frost Rain Sword in front of me and smiled faintly. Standing like a wall, I planted the long sword into the ground while my Ice Fire Cloak fluttered behind me: “Today, anyone who attempts to touch my team will have to climb over my corpse! I don’t care if it’s [Vanguard] or [Legends]!”


Another 10 minutes passed.

“Someone should be coming…” Song Han said in the party chat.

I frowned, “Hmm, but why isn’t there any movement?”

“Who would come?”

“It’s probably Jian Feng Han who will personally come! Damn, [Vanguard] is quite interesting. Are they trying to say that they want to be at the top in Ba Huang City so they want to completely exterminate us?!”

Fox blinked and smiled, “It’s very simple, we’re going against [Vanguard], so they can’t let us go without punishment!”

Ran Min: “Say, Jian Feng Han still isn’t here yet, maybe something happened?”

“I don’t know!”


Suddenly a [Vanguard] player whispered something into Fallen Wolf’s ear. Frowning, Fallen Wolf grabbed his battle axe and said, ”Let’s go take a look!”

The group of nearly 100 [Vanguard] players quickly went down the mountain, it looked like something really did happen.

“What’s this?” Old K seemed surprised.

Feeling something was wrong, I clenched my Frost Rain Sword. “You guys continue leveling while I go down and take a look. I feel like something happened…”

Song Han raised his dagger, “Xiao Yao, we’ll go with you. If you go, we all go, so at least you have some backup!”


Running downhill, the 4 members of Zhan Long followed Fallen Wolf and entered the Ba Huang Forest.

After a short 2 minutes, I heard a distant clash of weapons in front of us!


We passed through the bushes and saw one person carrying a sword while bringing a black bear with him. It was the Lv 50 Swordsman Jian Feng Han covered in shiny armor while the black bear was a Boss Tier pet that was a Bear King, rumored to have hatched from a pet egg. I heard from the forums that Jian Feng Han had gotten it less than 24 hours ago.


The leaves rustled, and a shadow flashed by. The shadow belonged to a young female that carried a steel umbrella on her back. She had a beautiful body, white teeth, and a pair of large, beautiful eyes full of anger. She raised her dagger and brought it down towards Jian Feng Han’s back!


Spinning around, Feng Han knocked the dagger aside and struck back!

The young female grabbed the huge umbrella from her back and with a bang, she knocked Feng Han’s sharp sword aside. The dagger flashed, leaving a scar on his face!


Feng Han angrily said, “Don’t always be so unforgiving, Cang Tong, I don’t want to have a battle with [Hero Mound]!”

That’s right, the young Moon Elf fighting Feng Han was none other than the beautiful Lv 50 Assassin Wan Er. Probably only Assassins of her level and skill could fight with Jian Feng Han equally.



Feng Han grasped his sword with both hands and a rush of air surged from his feet. S-rank combo——[Exposed Sword]!

On the [Combo] Leaderboard, there were 3 S-rank combos: my [Strength of a Thousand Men], Q-Sword’s [Thunder Universe], and Feng Han’s [Exposed Sword]. This combo consisted of “Stab+Stab+Slash+Slash+Grasp+Penetrate”. It attacked accurately and quickly, showing the mysterious 24 styles of arm boxing.

Then, something happened that shocked everyone. The moment that Feng Han’s [Combo] activated, Wan Er quickly dashed to his side, and successfully dodged the two stabs! Taking advantage of the break, Wan Er attacked straight into Feng Han’s chest!


A successful stun! Running skillfully around Jian Feng Han, the dagger began to glow as [Bleed] was cast!


Realizing his S-rank combo had been interrupted, Feng Han’s face turned purple and his HP was already below 50%. With no options left, he slashed out with his Heavenly Plan Sword, using a [Combo]+Slash, to start attacking 5 times!


Wan Er took out both her daggers and blocked it, but lost 300+ HP. Her body flew backwards showing the true difference in their strength. Shaking her hand, she grabbed the steel umbrella once again and stared at Feng Han. She was going to use a combination of attack and defense!



Stepping out on the maple leaves, I rushed towards Jian Feng Han and drawing the Frost Rain Sword, I yelled, “Jian Feng Han!”

Behind me, Fallen Wolf also yelled, “Be careful Ah Han! Xiao Yao Zi Zai is ambushing you!”

With a bang, I stepped onto a huge rock and leaped up. While in midair, my sword trembled slightly and after the 0.2 second cast time was complete, I brought my sword down with a heavy [Wind Blade]!

Feng Han quickly spun around and used his sword to block my attack!


Sparks flew and the birds in the forest flew away sensing the danger. Duels between two strength-based players were very violent!


As he let out a cry of surprise, Feng Han got knocked back a few steps. He lowered his sword and stared at me blankly, his eyes filled with disbelief. “I…I got knocked back, I got knocked back…”

He looked at the long sword in my hand and began to panic. “Xiao Yao Zi Zai… You… Your weapon is… the #1 ranked weapon, the Frost Rain Sword, is it not? You wouldn’t have been able to knock me back otherwise!!”

I raised my sword and attacked. “It has nothing to do with you, whether it’s the Frost Rain Sword or not! Die!”

Killing intent surged through my body and in this game, the person I wanted to kill the most was Jian Feng Han!

Activating [Haste], Jian Feng Han knocked away one of my sword’s attacks, but I bent down and kicked towards him!


Feng Han lost his balance and rolled backwards for a dozen meters or so. Tired and exhausted from his fight with Wan Er, he was obviously weakened and had no strength to fight against me.

During this time, Fallen Wolf and his group arrived. They stood around Feng Han protectively and Fallen Wolf asked, “Guild Master, are you alright? You…Why did you fight with Cang Tong? Isn’t she the supposed second-in-command of [Hero’s Mound]”

Feng Han climbed onto his feet and shook his head. “I…I don’t even know. Cang Tong just suddenly attacked me…”

Seeing that I could attack no more, I sheathed my sword and walked up to Wan Er. Her face was red, full of sweat, and I saw two mountains rise up and down. The armor she was wearing was tailor made for her and a fire-red cloak fluttered behind her in the wind. She looked at me and asked, “What are you looking at?”

I curled my lips, “Wan Er. Why did you attack Jian Feng Han?”

Wan Er lowered her head, looking like a young girl who had done something wrong, “Eh…I was walking through the forest and I saw him. I asked what he was doing and he said he was going to challenge someone. I asked him who it was and he replied “That idiot Xiao Yao Zi Zai” so I couldn’t help myself and attacked him…”

I was speechless.

Song Han, Ran Min and Fox came walking over, Song Han nodded and smiled, “Miss Wan Er, long time no see. I would have never thought that you were Cang Tong. Impressive, very impressive…”

Wan Er returned the smile, “You flatter me, you guys are impressive as well. You’re Lv 30, and already fighting [Vanguard]…”

Ran Min looked at Wan Er and his eyes widened, ”Eh, this Miss’ body is quite something…”

Fox: “Idiot, if you’re going to say that, then say it in the team chat instead…”

Wan Er stood next to me silent while her face burned red.


Of course, the most surprised person was Jian Feng Han. He took about 20 seconds to recover from his shock. As he walked out of the crowd, he looked at us and said, “Looks like today was a misunderstanding. Since the Zhan Long Studio is grinding for money in Frost Maple Heights, I’ll find a new place for my subordinates…”

I smiled, “Thanks, then I won’t refuse… With Guild Master Jian Feng Han’s word, we shouldn’t have any more problems in Frost Maple Heights.”

Feng Han gave a very unnatural smile, “You’re welcome…”

After saying that, he looked towards Wan Er and said, “Cang Tong, I have something that I really want to ask you…”

“Hmm, what’s that?”

Feng Han planted his sword into the ground, frowned, and then asked, “I don’t understand how you knew about the angle of my combo when I attacked you? I have practiced this combo countless times and it shouldn’t be easily dodged. How did you find out where I would attack from and at what angle? Also, your attacking speed and angle suppressed mine, why’s that?”

Wan Er smiled, “Let’s just say it’s foresight!”

Fallen Wolf said, “This…What’s that? Is it a skill, a custom one?”

On the side, a Lv 46 Mage nudged Fallen Wolf’s shoulder and said, “ Fallen Wolf, look at the custom skill Leaderboard. There’s a SSS-rank skill. It’s number one. ”


Feng Han and Fallen Wolf cried out at the same time and quickly opened the skill Leaderboard and saw the #1 ranked skill——

【Mind Reading (SSS-rank)】: Omniscient, knows the thoughts of the target and finds the most suitable counter. Passive ability. Does not require any items. Owner: ??


“Mind Reading…”

Feng Han swallowed dryly and raised his head to look at Wan Er, muttering, “Owner: ??, Owner: Cang Tong?! This…This is a bit too strong isn’t it? Knowing the target’s thoughts and movements and being able to prepare for the attacks beforehand! How can you even counter this?!”

Wan Er raised her steel umbrella and said, “I never said that this was my skill!”

I looked towards her with a burning gaze.

Wan Er looked like a young girl who did something wrong. She smiled and lowered her head. She sent a message to me, “Okay, it’s really my skill or else why do you think Q-Sword gave the position of second-in-command to me? Let’s go to Ba Huang City, you still need to give me the Swift Dragon Ring…”

I said nothing, thinking that if she had Mind Reading in the game, this meant in reality, she really had Mind Reading. From now on I shouldn’t have any dirty thoughts in front of Wan Er or else things could get ugly.

Wan Er tilted her head and looked at me. Smiling she said, “It’s nothing really, you can think such things about Cheng Yue or Yue Qing Qian and I won’t say anything. But don’t think about anything bad about me, at least… at least not in front of me…”

I nodded, “Wan Er, let’s go to Ba Huang City!”



Done by Helllo, Based Jessica and Goodguyperson!


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