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Zhan Long - Volume 1 - Starting From Scratch - Chapter 119


“Someone needs to teach you a lesson!” Thunder Spirit Marquis charged forward with his axe glowing, it was the second promotion skill, [Flame Axe]. He went straight for Old K’s head. Dammit, I knew that Old K couldn’t dodge it;his training and skills were not at that level. “Clang!”

The axe left a long scar on the armor and Old K’s body shook. He had just lost a lot of health.


The gap between them was too big, with one blow Old K was almost killed!


Before Thunder Spirit Marquis could follow up with a second blow, he took a shot to the face. This was done by Fox, and to the side, the Swordsman Thunder Spirit King got angry. With a wave of his sword, 3 golden hexagram appeared and he unleashed a Lv 5 [Combo], which was aimed towards Old K.

He thundered, “Go to hell, you low life!”


Just before the [Combo] was released, Thunder Spirit King’s body paused and Wolf, who was carefully hidden, appeared and landed a blow that stunned him. Using quick footwork, Wolf’s daggers flashed and 3 continuous blows landed on Thunder Spirit King. Following the three slashes was a [Bleed], which landed right before Thunder Spirit King came out of his stun status. Instantly, the health bar above Thunder Spirit King fell below 50%.

In a 1v1 fight, he definitely wasn’t Song Han’s opponent. Seeing the situation, Thunder Spirit Emperor went into a fit of rage. Using his staff, he cast a [Pillar of Fire and Ice] at Old K! At the same time, he summoned a Killer Bee pet to attack Little Wolf. He was multi-tasking quite well!

“To even dare to mess with people from [Vanguard], I think you don’t want to stay in Ba Huang City any more!”

In Thunder Spirit Emperor’s eyes, Old K was going to be a corpse once the [Pillar of Fire and Ice] landed. In a flash, I rushed down from above holding the Frost Rain Sword. Holding out my hand, I cast [Heal] on Old K, immediately healing him for 750 health.

With Frost Rain Sword flashing out, I attacked Thunder Spirit Emperor. He had cast [Mana Shield] at the start of the fight so killing him wasn’t going to be easy.


“Shit, who the hell is this…I can’t see his level…”

Thunder Spirit Emperor roared while retreating to cast [Fireball], “I don’t care who the hell you are, but you going to die!”


Frost Rain Sword broke through his [Mana Shield], and upon seeing that his 100% [Mana Shield] had been destroyed by one attack, Thunder Spirit Emperor’s face went ashen. He forgot to retreat and stared at me, “This…what kind of attack…with one attack? This is unreal…..”

With a faint smile, I used [Wind Blade] with the Frost Rain Sword, and slashed into Thunder Spirit Emperor’s body. The attack power overwhelmed his defense by a large margin!



When the Mage died, the 7-8 players behind him became dumbstruck. “Shit! Boss is dead…one attack, 1 second…, 1477 burst damage. Who is this person, he is way too strong!”

In the air, a Wind Elf Archer lifted his bow: “Whatever, don’t be afraid of this player. Attack together and kill him!” A few Lv 37 Swordsmen crowded towards me, but I went towards the Archer flying in the air who was Lv 40. He had the second promotion skill [Scatter Shot] which might become a threat to me! Golden light shone in front of me, and combo after combo landed onto my chest plate. Each of the attacks inflicted only 20-70 damage;the attacks of these Lv 37 Swordsmen shouldn’t have gone past 800 and my 1025 defense was too tough for them!


Stepping on a stone, I launched myself into midair and locked on to the Wind Elf Archer. The Archer, to increase accuracy, flew only 7 meters above the ground which was inside my attack range. “


His cape fluttering behind him, the Archer’s eyes were full of fear. My Frost Rain Sword made a “Clang” sound as it passed through the Archer. Normal attacks were just as frightening———-


The damage number caused the rest of the members of the Thunder Spirit studio to almost cry. After I landed, I cast [Heal] on Old K who was getting beat up by the Swordsmen that I had passed by!

“Brother Xiao Yao!” Little Wolf shouted, “Go finish off the other 2 Mages, I will kill the Healers!”


With 3 Swordsmen trying to catch up to me, I let Baby Bobo attack them while I attacked with the Frost Rain Sword twice and killed 2 of the Mages who did not have [Mana Shield]. The battle that started quick, and ended even quicker. In the blink of an eye, all 13 members of Thunder Spirit Studio were in spirit form. This was Zhan Long Studio’s complete victory.



Ran Min landed a powerful kick on the corpse of the Berserker that taunted. Clenching his teeth, he said, “Wait till I get to Lv 40, I will hunt you down every single day. Just you wait and see!”

Little Wolf held his daggers and laughed, “First battle, 4 v 13 and a complete victory, not bad…”

Fox smiled, “That is because our boss is much stronger than them, otherwise it would’ve been a hard fight. That Wind Elf Archer really had bad luck, if he flew higher it would be hard for us to fight…”

I glanced at him, “How hard could it be, with the gun in your hands. You could have 2 shotted him…”

“Ummm, I forgot, I’m also range…”




“Should we camp their corpses?” Little Wolf asked.

I looked at the corpses littered on the ground and replied, “No need, you guys continue to level. If they dare to come again, just kill them all again!”


The 3 continued to level while Baby Bobo and I continued to stand guard.

Noticing how quiet our surroundings were, I yelled out, “Members of the Thunder Spirit Studio, we are all here killing monsters to earn gold. Why ruin our peaceful relationship for a leveling location? If you all revive now, I will not attack. The southern part of the area has empty leveling spots. If you go there, we can all be happy.”

After a few seconds, a pillar of white light appeared. Right after reviving, the revived Assassin quickly hid using [Sneak]. I lowered my Frost Rain Sword and didn’t say a word. Seconds later, one by one the members of Thunder Spirit Studio revived, and even Thunder Spirit Emperor revived.

Holding his staff and pointing at me, he said, “You are Xiao Yao? Good, We Thunder Spirit Studio will remember today’s shame. Wait and see, we will pay you back and wash away our shame!”

I held up my hand, “Zhan Long Studio welcomes your “teachings”. However next time don’t have a group fight. Come challenge me to a 1v1, I, Li Xiao Yao, will always accept. No matter how many challengers, I will do all of them without a second thought!”

Thunder Spirit Emperor’s face turned purple and with a heavy tone, he said, “Those are your words. If you have the guts, then don’t move from there. I will find someone with ability to teach you a lesson!”

On the side, Thunder Spirit King whispered, “Boss, this Xiao Yao is rank 200+ on the CBN website. He’s really high rank, we…”

Thunder Spirit Emperor replied with an icy face, “Rest assured. We will go to the south side to level for now. We will defeat Xiao Yao soon!”


Thunder Spirit Studio traveled away and Little Wolf, holding his dagger, came over to my side. “Brother Xiao Yao, what do they mean? Asking for help? Let’s leave, fighting with [Vanguard] is like an egg going against a rock…”

Watching the distant Thunder Spirit Studio members, I sighed and said, “Little Wolf, this time when we reform Zhan Long, I will not make any concessions. We, Zhan Long Studio, may be few in numbers and fighting strength, but like pawns on a chess game, we may slow but we will definitely move forward. Today will be the first step for Zhan Long. No matter who comes to Frost Maple Heights… they will die!”

Little Wolf smiled, “Alright! Thats the plan and since the three of us haven’t leveled up enough, this battle will be dependent on Brother Xiao Yao!”

Fox: “What if Jian Feng Han shows up? Even though the chances are low….”

I tightened my hold on my Frost Rain Sword and smiled, “If Jian Feng Han really shows up, I will be grateful. The debt from Heavenly Plan Sword has not been settled yet!”

Old K placed his axe on his shoulder, “Boss, you against Jian Feng Han. What are your chances?”

I looked at my sword and the rest of my equipped gear and replied, “Being optimistic, not even 30%…”



About 10 minutes later, from the bottom of the mountain, came a group of players that had the [Vanguard] guild emblem. In the front is a player who has a complete suit of armor. In his hands was a shining battle axe. Above his head, a familiar top 10 title on the Ba Huang City’s Leaderboard appeared – Fallen Wolf Lv 47 Silver Berserker


Squinting my eyes, I remembered that Jian Feng Han bought the Proud Heaven Axe for this guy. Little Wolf saw Fallen Wolf and clenched his teeth, “Damn, this person is above brother Xiao Yao in the CBN ranking, he’s ranked 117!”

Old K frowned, “Our Xiao Yao boss has the Fire Beacon Helmet and Frost Rain Sword, both of these are Purple Tier equipment! Why is his CBN ranking below Fallen Wolf?”

Fox lowered down his gun and replied with a smile, “Really simple. From the games we played before, Xiao Yao was only online for a very short time. Thus he had low levels and rankings. Fallen Wolf definitely ranked high in other games.”

“Thats why…”


Stepping on fallen leaves, Fallen Wolf increased his pace. From a distance of 20 yards, he grinned, “Xiao Yao, long time no see. Even though it has been a few days since the battle against the Everlasting General, it feels like that had happened just yesterday.”

I replied, “Ahh, Fallen Wolf, you bringing a group of [Vanguard] members to Frost Maple Heights… are you thinking about gold farming?”

Fallen Wolf laughed, “No, I heard that someone was picking on a [Vanguard] group and I was intrigued to see who was so arrogant as to do that. After all, all of them wore the [Vanguard] emblem. If someone killed them then that’s a slap to the face of [Vanguard], so….”

Fallen Wolf’s face chilled and he roared: “That’s why I’m here: to restore [Vanguard]’s reputation. No matter who tries to hurt [Vanguard]’s reputation, I will be the first to teach them their place! Moreover, hehe, I will settle the debt with Xiao Yao of killing our Guild Master, Jian Feng Han, right now!”

I waved my sword, “A duel?”

“Yes, a duel!” Gray Wolf grinned, “Ba Huang City’s number one Healer, experience the thrill of fear!”



Drawing Frost Rain Sword, I faintly replied, “[Vanguard] is so conceited, it’s time to teach you all a lesson!”

Done by Zdog and thadpole!


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