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Zhan Long - Volume 1 - Starting From Scratch - Chapter 115


TL: There’s something special about the – Superior, can you guess what it is? BTW TO ALL APPLICANTS: THANKS! The sheer number of applications have overwhelmed me/us at gravitytranslations sooo it’s gonna be a few days before I can get back to you guys. Sorry and thanks a bunch!

【Frost Rain Sword】(Purple Tier – Superior)

Attack: 720-950

Strength: +37

Endurance: +35

Other: User’s Attack Power increased by 7%

Unique Passive: 3% probability of a critical hit

Introduction: In ancient times, a land of frost and rain existed in the realm of gods. The gods would enter the Lands of Eternal Frost and Rain to refine their spirit and ascend to a greater pinnacle of power. However, the region was completely destroyed during the great war between gods and demons, turning what was once a land of serenity into a land of ruin. It was in these ruins that heroes of the next generation discovered a legendary weapon. This weapon allowed its wielder to call upon the heavens for strength. It could even control life and death.

Level requirement: 48


I clutched the Frost Rain Sword in my hands, barely able to contain my excitement. The Green Qilin’s description did not lie. It told of a legendary weapon, and here it was: The Frost Rain Sword! Level 48. Perfect. What was I waiting for? It was about time I replaced my Jade City Sword!

With a “Clang”, I equipped my new sword. At the same time, I had erased my name from the weapons leaderboard so that no one would’ve known that I had the sword. As I held out the sword, frost began to form from the tip, bathing the sword with a purple glow. There was no doubt that this sword was number 1 on the weapons leaderboard, with a score around 50% greater than Jian Fen Han’s Heavenly Plan Sword. Finally I felt relief from that unjust deed, now I didn’t have to continue to be depressed about that darn sword.

At the same time, my stats had increased by a lot. Especially my attack, which became ridiculously overpowered-

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】(Tomb Guardian of Dragon City)

Level: 48

Attack: 1398-1830

Defense: 1025

Health: 2183

Mana: 726

Charm: 32


I was dumbfounded! An attack range of 1397 – 1830? With [Turmoil Sword]’s 10% boost, my attack would be above 2000! With these stats, even 10 point endurance monks won’t be able to withstand my attacks.

With excitement, I sheathed the Rain Frost Sword and examined the rest of the drops!

A shield quietly lay in the moist grass. When I picked it up, I realized that it was a Green Tier Item. What the hell?

I continued to look around, but I could not find any more equipment. Instead, I saw a small purple rock — a Soul Gem! I immediately used it on my sword, which increased its attack by another 72-95. I also found three Pardon Cards and put them in my inventory. There seemed to be nothing left to loot.

I prodded the corpse of the Qilin, but nothing appeared. Time to go!

I took out my [City Return Scroll] and activated it. Before it could take effect though, a shiny object in the grass caught my eye. That was a— I immediately canceled the cast and walked out of the now-fading teleportation hexagram. Sifting through the grass, I found a shiny ring, hidden by a bit of dirt. I almost missed that!

I inspected it as I picked it up;it had a small dragon figurine fixed upon it. Its stats were pretty impressive —

【Swift Dragon Ring】Purple Tier)

Agility: +37

Endurance: +34

Extra: Boosts Assassins’ skill damage by 3%

Extra: +180 Health

Level Requirement: 48


Whoa! A Purple Tier ring? With stats like these, it was definitely the perfect item for Assassins!

With the Swift Dragon Ring now in my hands, I didn’t have to think twice before using my second City Scroll. Let’s go!

No! I couldn’t leave yet!

I looked at the rock wall that the Green Qilin had emerged from. Behind it, next to the discarded rubble from the Qilin was a deep cave. Light green sparks floated out from it. I almost drooled when I realized what it was. With my Frost Rain Sword in hand, I wormed into the cave. As I had expected, tufts upon tufts of Green Qilin Grass grew on the cave’s moist walls.

I knew it!

There had to have been more than a hundred tufts of this Lv 6 herb. So this is where they were all hiding!

I almost went crazy!

After about 30 minutes of collecting the herbs in the cave like a maniac, I had more than 1800 tufts of the grass stored in my inventory. This was going to make a huge profit! I was rich!

I took out my third [City Return Scroll]. This time, nothing could’ve stop me from returning to city. A player’s voice floated in from outside.

“Did Xiao Yao Zi Zai already kill the boss? Holy sh*t! That’s the corpse of the Purple Tier boss! Don’t tell me he actually soloed it! Wait… Did he get the Frost Rain Sword from this? Quick, find him! Now!”

It was the voice of the Tyrant of Western Chu. As I expected, he was still intent on killing me. He must have rushed over immediately after he saw the Frost Rain Sword appear at the top of the Weapons leaderboard. Unfortunately, he was a little too late!

The light from the [City Return Scroll] enveloped me, and I appeared back in Ba Huang City. Since the area within the City limits was a protected zone, no one could threaten to take my equipment. With the Frost Rain Sword on my back, I made my way to the northern plaza and joined Song Han’s party, immediately pulling up the Purple Tier Swift Dragon Ring’s stats and sharing them in the chat.

“Little Wolf, what do you think? Do you want it?”

Song Han gasped in surprise. “Damn! A Lv 48 Purple Tier! Brother Xiao Yao, did you win the lottery? Even getting the chance of obtaining such a treasure is the dream of every Assassin, and you’re offering to give it to me?! Unfortunately, I am only Lv 30, which is not even close to the level requirement of 48 in order to equip it.”

Fox spoke up as well. “Yeah. Boss, why don’t you just sell the ring? Hard cash is reliable no matter what…”

I laughed. “Alright. I promise that 50% of the profit will be spent on the studio.”

“No no, just 10% is enough.”

Fox laughed. He was in charge of the daily budget. “For all the equipment we find, we take only a 10% share of the profit to help run the studio. I made that rule a long time ago…”

I shook my head. “Don’t. Can’t you see how poor the studio is? Just take 50% for one week. We can change it back once we raise enough money. We’re all brothers here;No one has their own family, so we don’t need too much.”

“Alright then. Who are you planning to sell it to?”

Lin Wan Er’s beautiful face drifted into my consciousness. “I’ll sell it to someone beautiful. Otherwise, I’d be wasting the ring! Fox can you come back to the city? I have some equipment that I need to sell.”

“Sure! Gimme a sec!”


A few minutes later, the Lv 33 Glass Fox came in sight. Cackling, he told me “Boss Xiao Yan, I just saw the PK vids of the battle in the Abyss. I must say, compared to the Li Xiao Yao two years ago, you’re completely different, and really strong too!”

I remembered the 12 flattery tips that Lin Wan Er gave me, and laughed. “Having an expert by your side is just different. Alright. Here‘s some equipment for you to sell. All you need to do is give me 50%.”

“No problem.”

Opening the trade window, I placed the Jade City Sword, Wind Chaser and Firewood Sword in it and accepted. Fox paused before asking me “Whoa, so many good equips! Where did they come from? Are you sure you want to sell the Jade City Sword?”

I nodded.

Fox raised his head in surprise, but when his eyes reached my Purple Tier Frost Rain Sword, he smiled. “Oh, I see. I’ll get a good price for these!”

“Alright. I’ll be leaving then!”



I requested to join Cang Tong’s party!

With a “Di”, I joined. Unsurprisingly, the only two members were Cang Tong and Cang Yue.

Dong Cheng Yue giggled. “I’m starving! Xiao Yao, did you finally kill the boss?”

I nodded. “Yeah…”

Lin Wan Er smiled mysteriously. “Uhh… Did you get the Frost Rain Sword?”

“That’s a secret….”

“Pei*, I bet you did get it. Unfair!”

*TL/editor note: A sound of contempt. Kind of like “pah!” or “bah!”

I laughed. “Miss, I have an equip, would you like to have it?”


I immediately placed the stats of the Swift Dragon Ring into the party chat, stunning both of them—

“Woah… a Lv 48 Purple Tier ring. Perfect for Assassins…”

Lin Wan Er couldn’t maintain her usually calm composure.

Dong Cheng Yue’s small mouth was open in surprise. “Such strong stats. Xiao Yao, you’re really lucky…”

“Miss, do you want it?”

Lin Wan Er gave me a firm nod. “Yes, I do. You’re dead if you dare sell it to someone else. Just give me a price. I’ll take it as long as it’s not too high…”

“The price I have in mind is pretty high… It might scare you.”

“How about 50k RMB (8,000 USD)? No more than that… It’s a Lv 48 equipment that I would discard once I got to Lv 100 anyways…”

I clapped my hands together. “OK, since we’re pretty close, I’ll give you 60% off. 20k RMB. Just transfer the money to my account and it’ll be yours!”

Lin Wan Er’s smile was very sweet. “Alright…”

Dong Cheng Yue protested. “That’s unfair. The trash Gold Tier Proud Heaven Axe sold for 40k and this Purple Tier ring is being sold for a mere 20k? Xiao Yao, you’re being se*ist…”

Lin Wan Er smiled again. “Don’t tell him that, Dong Cheng…”

I laughed. “There’s no more time for trading today since the system’s about to go into maintenance mode. Why don’t’ we log off and get some food?”

“Ok. Are you going to wait for us downstairs? It seems like… the main door to the girls’ dorm is already locked. What should we do?”

Lin Wan Er appeared to be distressed: “I don’t think we can convince the guard to let us out…”

I thought about it for a moment. “What if we just didn’t eat tonight and think of it as a diet?…”

“No! We want to eat!” Both of the girls responded violently.

I raised my hands in defeat, and smiled. “There is a way. Go to the second floor and then jump from there. I’ll catch you guys, but be careful not to get caught by the patrols…”

“Alright then…”


10 minutes later, at 1:30 AM, under the Girls dorm in Liu Hua University:

I waited quietly. Finally one of the windows opened, and Lin Wan Er’s voice drifted from inside. “Thank you very much, hee hee…”

The beautiful lady appeared at the window, wearing a pair of skinny jeans that hugged her curves beautifully. She knew that she would be jumping out of a window tonight, so she did not wear one of her usual dresses.

“Li Xiao Yao?” She softly yelled.

I quickly rushed over and quietly replied. “Wan Er, I’m here. Come. Be careful not to get scratched…”

“Hey, are you sure you can catch me??”

“Of course! Don’t worry!”

“Fine! If you drop me then you are so dead…”



The beautiful little woman fell from the window above. I watched closely with my arms open, and a shapeless layer of qi gathered in the air. The next second, Lin Wan Er’s delicate body fell into my embrace. Her smell surrounded me, and my hands lingered…


Under the moonlight, Lin Wan Er’s cheeks flushed red. Jumping down from my arms, she dusted her hands off and said “Get ready to catch Dong Cheng…”


Once more, another beauty jumped from above. I caught Dong Cheng Yue firmly and put her down next to me. Both girls seemed thrilled by the jump. Lin Wan Er jokingly said: “That was… quite exciting…”

Dong Cheng Yue looked up for a second and asked, “That… was exciting and all, but I have a question. How are we going to get back in?”

“Oh dear…” Lin Wan Er’s smile immediately froze up.


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