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Zhan Long - Volume 1 - Starting From Scratch - Chapter 112


TL: Last chapter for real…


Xu Yue cried in shock and hurriedly positioned both of her daggers in front of her chest to block my attack. At the same time, the two snow white mountains beneath her leather armor appeared right in front of my eyes. Such an evil angle — My eyes almost exploded from the sight!

Stepping forcefully against the ground, I jumped almost 2 meters up in the sky. “Peng”. Lifting my knees, which were protected by my knee guard, I knocked away Ageless Beauty’s daggers and without mercy, my Jade City Sword struck her shoulder!



It was a one-hit KO. Ageless Beauty stared at me with a pair of big, round, beautiful eyes;she was unable to believe that she would be killed right at the start.



Landing on the ground softly, I immediately brought my sword before me to charge towards another Mage. Activating my [Combo], “peng peng peng”, I slashed at his [Mana Shield]. At that moment, his [Mana Shield] was destroyed. Baby Bobo added in an attack, which brought him down instantly.


I felt fiery hot air behind me. Turning around, it was the effect of the Berserker’s [Flame Axe] + [Fire Axe] attacks!

Exerting force on both of my feet, I tried to jump, but unexpectedly, my boots sunk into the wet grassland, which stopped my motion. I stared as the Berserker swung his axe down towards me. Yet, his [Flame Axe] wasn’t aimed properly and a big MISS floats in the air. At the same time, using my shoulders, I rammed fiercely into his abdomen!

A sudden surge of air pushed away the wild grass surrounding me as ripples appeared beneath my feet. Activating my [Combo] skill, my five blows crashed one after another into him. The Berserker howled in agony as his body was scattered into light particles, and he was dead.

Instantly killing three people, I suddenly felt an intense pain on my shoulder. Looking at it, it was an arrow. The three Archers in [Wrath of the Heroes] were beginning to aim together at me. Now, they were a threat!

Lifting my hand to cast a [Heal] to recover 750 of my health, then I ordered Baby Bobo to advance and get rid of one of the Archers. Given Baby Bobo’s speed and offensive ability, killing one of them would be a piece of cake. As for me, I carried the Jade City Sword and charged towards another one of the Archers!

“Hm, trying to kill me?”

The Archer smiled at me condescendingly while leaping backwards. Instantly, two Swordsmen ran up to cover his position and 3 Mages began to cast [Pillars of Ice and Fire]. They understood that once I activated [Haste], and given my movement speed, it would be difficult for them to lock onto me with single target skills such as [Chilling Wind] and [Icicle].


Placing my arms in a defensive position, I suffered attacks from swords and arrows while I rushed forward. As my health dropped, I was gradually approaching the Archer. At the same time, I was closely watching the movements of the other two Archers!


It was a [Shatter Shot]. If it were to land on me, I would surely die!

I immediately changed directions, causing a MISS to appear behind me. I rushed towards a Lv-43 Mage with my Jade City Sword and activated [Combo]!

“Peng peng peng…”

After four consecutive attacks, the durability of the Mage’s [Mana Shield] immediately reached zero. At that moment the [Mana Shield] broke apart, and I sent in an additional normal attack!


What the heck, to think he survived my attack?! This Mage was an odd one out, he must have pumped stats into Endurance, otherwise his health couldn’t have possibly been above 800!

“Heal me!”

The Mage roared towards the Healers but to his horror, voices that came from behind him said —

“Screw you, heal yourself, we are getting killed by Flaming Cat Spirits!”

“Take care of yourself, the Cat Spirits have already killed several of our Swordsmen, we can’t hold on any longer!”

“Guild leader, our defenses are about to fall!”


Pu, with a light slash, I killed the Mage who was already at low health. A single health potion, which heals only 600 health, wasn’t able to pull his health high enough. Furthermore, after a [Mana Shield] is broken, it can’t be activated again for a short time. All of this determined his doom.

From afar, the Tyrant of Western Chu struck furiously at a Flaming Cat Spirit while shouting loudly, “Don’t panic! Come and gather around me and we’ll first kill the Cat Spirits one by one. Protect our Healers properly. After killing around 3-4 Cat Spirits, we should be able to secure a safe zone. There’s no need for us to kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai in such a hurry. Archers and Mages, force him to retreat!”

“Shua shua shua…”

As [Pillar of Ice and Fire]’s were cast one after another at me, my health dropped rapidly, leaving me no choice but to retreat. While retreating, I cast a [Heal] on myself and drank a health potion as my mind started to panic.

The situation wasn’t good for me. Although Liu Ying hated my guts and would’ve liked to get rid of me as soon as possible, his ability to command the situation was somewhat praiseworthy. To be able to remain calm under such a situation, it’s a skill rarely found in people.

Facing such a calm commander, if I don’t kill him first, it would be difficult for me to survive!

40 meters away, 4 Mages, 7 Archers and 5 Musketeers were staring at me with anger, preparing to kill me if I were to advance towards them. Feeling fear in my heart, I told myself that I mustn’t rush towards them head on, otherwise I was bound to die.

Retreating backwards with my sword, I stood silently in one of the corners of the Green Qilin Abyss as I waited patiently to see how things would progress.


The sounds of wailing lingered in the air as the Flaming Cat Spirits were killed one after another. After killing around 5 Flaming Cat Spirits, a small empty land finally appeared. The [Wrath of the Heroes] players have finally found a foothold where they could advance from. However, in the confusion, they have also lost quite a lot of players. Within a few minutes, there were already 30+ people dying, leaving only 37 people in the field. Such a loss, honestly couldn’t be considered small.

The Tyrant of Western Chu had a nasty look on his face. While slaughtering the Flaming Cat Spirits, he glanced towards me and mumbled, “That brat… he wouldn’t try to escape using the [City Return Scroll], would he?!”

Piggy replied, “I doubt it. We have clashed with Xiao Yao Zi Zai many times and although he’s a solo player and his overall prowess may be lacking, when have you ever seen him retreat?”

The Tyrant of Western Chu gritted his teeth and remained silent.

Beside Piggy, a lady Healer looked towards me, her eyes were filled with incomprehension as she asked, “Why… Why do we have to keep hunting down Xiao Yao Zi Zai? I think… he doesn’t look like a bad person and has been always training alone. Such a lonely person, if we were to be able to pull him into our guild, how good would that be…”

The Tyrant of Western Chu laughed bitterly, “Little sister, you have been thinking too much. Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s methods of doing things are totally merciless. He isn’t as good as you think him to be!”

The lady Healer blinked her eyes and replied, “We brought 300+ people into the Green Qilin Valley just to gang up against him. Aren’t these tactics considered merciless as well?”

The Tyrant of Western Chu was stunned for a moment before he was silent again.

Piggy added in, “Cough cough, little sister, don’t talk back. A law from ancient times states that people who talk back are destined to die…”

The lady Healer stuck out her tongue and said, “Fine fine, I don’t really care about these things. I am only responsible for healing you all. However, if I were to be killed by Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you have to pay for my loss, guild leader…”

Liu Ying laughed, “Of course!”


After 10 minutes or so, they managed to clear most of the map as dozens of Flaming Cat Spirits fell to the ground, which provided Liu Ying with a path straight towards me. Carrying his shiny broadsword, he smiled at me,” Li Xiao Yao, we can finally speak to each other!? Hehe, prepare to die!”

I stood there silent, the edges of my mouth arching upwards, “Yeah right…”

Piggy and his group of people were seemingly stunned, “This brat, how could he be so calm…”


“Archers, use [Shatter Shot]! Mages, lock on with your [Pillar of Ice and Fire]’s! Musketeers, prepare to cast [Bombardment]! As for Swordsmen, Knights and Assassins, just slowly advance forward for our long-ranged players to get within range!”

Liu Ying flashed a savage smile, “Today, I shall show you, Li Xiao Yao, what a perfect kill means!”

I glanced around, the opponents still had 24 long-ranged players. Honestly, with that numbers, they could kill me perfectly without having to loose a drop of blood. But… how could I allow them to kill me just like that! A fierce tiger in my heart, breathing the scent of roses and leaving home with a big smile everyday, and as a generation of nomad… (and all kinds of crap!)

TL: Not a translation error, he’s literally talking crap, probably going mad.

Carrying my Jade City Sword, I walked along the edges of Green Qilin Abyss to avoid Liu Ying and his men. At the same time, I noticed the distance between the Flaming Spirit Cats and the [Wrath of the Heroes] players and an idea formed in my mind.

“What is this brat trying to do?” Piggy frowned.

Liu Ying, who after losing many times to me learned to be cautious, said, “Be careful, report our distance from him as we approach him and prepare to kill him!”

The group of long-ranged players nodded their heads.


After an entire 3 minutes, I turned to look towards the players of Wrath of the Heroes and between us, there were a total of 17 Flaming Spirit Cats. Yup, this kind of firepower should be sufficient.

With my mind made up, I started on my plan. After all, the ones who strike first live whereas those who idly defend die.

With a swing of my sword, I activated LV-5 [Defense], adding 5% defense. At the same time, I stepped lightly on the floor and wind burst forth from my feet, activating LV-5 [Haste], which increased my movement speed by 5% and attack speed by 10% for 15 seconds!

Piggy looked at me from afar and suddenly narrowed his eyes and shouted, “Be careful, the brat has used [Haste], he is about to do something!”

Before Piggy even finished his sentence, I carried my sword and charged forward!

Baby Bobo stood idly on my shoulders while I, carrying my sword, dashed zigzagged across the entire group of Flaming Cat Spirits. While avoiding their attacks, I also attracted the aggro of all 17 of the Flaming Cat Spirits.


“Has he gone mad?” Liu Ying said, shocked. He immediately ordered, “Be careful, kill him immediately once there’s an opportunity!”

“Sha sha…”

My boots stepped across the grassland as I brought a bunch of Flaming Spirit Cats towards them, my mouth giving off a hint of smile.

“This isn’t good!” Piggy shouted out.


Feeling my surroundings heat up, a group of Mages cast [Pillar of Ice and Fire]s towards my location as the ground below me lit up, causing my health bar to drop rapidly. At the same time, Archers activated [Triple Shot] and [Shatter Shot], causing countless MISSes to appear in the space behind me. My movement speed was too high, making it difficult for them to lock their attacks onto me.

Meow meow, the Flaming Cat Spirits followed me closely and right when I was rather near to the [Wrath of the Heroes] players, I suddenly sheathed my Jade City Sword and punched Baby Bobo!



Baby Bobo cried in pain and all the aggro value was transferred from me to the [Wrath of the Heroes]’s players!

“Meow meow meow…”

The purring of those cats sounded so pleasant to the ears!

Lowering my body, I calculated the angle and punched right into the ground!


A long metal chain burst forth from the ground, shackling one of their Archers. At the same time, this led to a catastrophe. The 17 Flaming Cat Spirits seemed to have, at the same moment, generated hatred towards the [Binding Chain] and while purring, “meow meow”, activated one of their offensive skills — [Flame Fan Dance]!


Cries of agony filled the entire field and in an instant, the Green Qilin Abyss seemed to have turned into a field of flames.

Countless white lights rose forth and the 24 long-ranged players died swiftly, leaving behind Piggy who was standing closer to the front lines. The 17 [Flamed Fan Dance]s that aimed directly into the crowd of players seemed to linger for quite a long while before dispersing, leaving behind an entire floor of equipment. Also, many close-ranged players and support-class players were killed under the fierce attacks of the Flaming Cat Spirits. The AOE of [Flamed Fan Dance] was simply too big, making it seem as though a disaster just occurred!

Liu Ying’s face turned pale. Looking at his surroundings, there were still 4 of his players alive – Piggy, a Swordsman and another Healer…


“We’re done for…”

Liu Ying’s sword slumped to his side as he stared at me with intense hatred, “Li Xiao Yao, you win!”


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