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Yuusha Isagi No Maou Hanashi - Volume 4 - Chapter 5


Chapter 5

4-5 Everything becomes ’’M’’

’’TL : this is actually a tittle of a anime if i remembered correctly ’’

It's not like he betrayed Renzou, there's just something he had to do at Suraosha Continent. Isagi's earnest explanation made Renzou's killing intent disappear.    


R - ’’ no matter what, eh ’’

’’ yeah ’’

R - ’’ then what are you gonna do with that princess elf-chan ’’

’’ ... ’’

R - ’’ well, nothing will change even if I ask that , eh ’’

Isagi throw a word at Renzou's back as he slowly walked away

’’ Renzou, I am headed to the city where the main branch of adventurer guild exist: Dynasty City of Barabeiu. ’’

Renzou stopped.

’’Over there I plan on talking things out with the Guild they won't lay their hands on the Demon Race anymore;so that they stop this fight. If I could always stay together with you guys, there would be nothing better. ...however, I believe that this is something that only I can do.’’

Renzou slowly turned his head, expressionlessly.

’’ Isa, so you didn't have any intention to return to our world anymore? It's just like what Shuu did... ’’


weirdly one could feel a kind of pressure coming from his voice.

Isagi slowly shook his head.

’’ ... since I still didn't know what gonna happen in the future, I can't promise you ’’

Renzou walked toward Isagi and then grabbed him by his collar. Even when Renzou glared at Isagi at such a close range, Isagi didn't avert his eyes.

’’ I had enough of this betrayal shit!’’

’’ Renzou ’’

’’ Mom and Dad were the same. They only spoke bullshit that was nice to hear. Those teachers from school, those shitheads that used follow me around were are also the same.[1] [2] [3] To [4] escape from such a situation you have to have some kind of plan. And those people...I can just beat the crap out of them. Then what about you Isa? Huuh!?

’’ Renzou ’’

Isagi grasped Renzou's wrist .


’’There's a possiblilty that I won't return. I won't say something sweet, like wishing for you to believe in me...but, I won't betray you.

it's just I have the way that I have to cross.t[5] [6] ’’

’’ .... you bastard. What are you fighting for?

self satisfaction? justice ? money ? or perhaps... a stable live? ’’

Hearing Renzou's question , Isagi was at a loss for words. Of course he wanted to stop this war between the demon race and the human race. For that sake, the sake of stopping the war on Arbarisus, Isagi planned on going on a journey. That was the truth.

It was not a lie...however...


The first thing that floated to his mind was Plea's smiling face.

It was the voice of his first love calling his name.

He wished to become a man that was fit for her. He wanted the world to be just like she wished. That was Isagi's driving force. That's why he wished for Arbarisus to be saved.


His hand were already sullied. Perhaps, it would not be quite fitting with her smiling face, but still, it was his last wish. He wouldn't give up, no matter what.

Don't f*k with me! Perhaps, Renzou would say that. Perhaps, he would get punched. Or, perhaps, it would be the end of their relationship. And would break to the past the extent of hopes of repair.


Isagi still opened his mouth.

Honestly, saying it was for my own selfishness, with pride was something embarrassing, though.

But, Isagi just wanted to bear his true feelings at Renzou.


’’ ... it's for the sake, of the girl that I like’’


When Renzou heard that, for quite a while, he made an idiotic face. An expression that no one would have guessed a man capable of killing a Demon General of the demon race, would make.

’’ ... ah?’’

’’ ... ’’

Isagi could felt his face become hotter. He waited with an discouraged expression.

Then suddenly, Renzou burst into laughter. It was a refreshing laugh, a little piercing through.

R - ’’ Damn it, you! Just when I thought you were at a loss for words, that's what comes out?! ’’

’’ ... ’’

R - ’’ Your insides are not at all different from Yoshinobu-kou eh ’’

’’ ... shaddap’’

Having his shoulder tapped, Isagi reflexively answered with rude word.


Then again, perhaps he and Yoshinobu indeed have some similarities. The fact that both of them don't have guts, is the same, though Isagi did think of wanting for him to be happy instead. ’’TL : I'm not really sure’’


’’ So, you will bring them?’’

’’ eh ?’’

’’ Stupid. Hime-san and the others, you know . Your reason for fighting is a girl, right ?’’

’’ ah, no ... ’’

Renzou meant Dyutyu and Rimino. Isagi shake his head.

’’ I think that staying in Suraosha Continent is still too hard for those girls. I hoped for Dyutyu and Rimino to live safely here, though it's better if I can create a world where those girl can live safely ... ’’

’’ lady killers have it hard eh ~ ’’

’’ stop it Renzou ’’

’’ hehe’’

’’I'll stay for a while. Since you said that you will become powerful for Dyutyu and the demon race, I also wished to support you. ’’

’’ A man who fights for a girl is nice, right ~ ’’

’’ Stop it, seriously.’’

When Renzou was about to coil his arm around Isagi, he ward it off. The smell of blood that was sticking to Renzou was unpleasant for Isagi.

.... surely it wasn't because Isagi wanted to hide his embarrassment.






Ever since that day , Renzou has become very busy. A bunch of people wanting to have Renzou or Dyutyu come to their side, were swarming. There were times when Isagi was at their side, other times he wasn't.

At times, Renzou talked to them harshly, other times he would have an open discussion with them. Isagi believed that Renzou is very skilled at being social. Compared to the incompetent Dyutyu, who blindly believes the words from another person, he could act appropriately according to the situation. Perhaps this is what they called grasp people's heart.

’’even though they were so blunt at the first time’’

geez, just shut up’’


Isagi sometime teases Renzou like that , to which answered like so. It seemed like nothing was impossible for Renzou, who found his objective and was on the path to reaching it.

Person are indeed able to change, though Isagi wouldn't said that.

ever since that time Renzou stopped to scatter killing intent everywhere.[7]

’’ There's such a thing as ’’drawing the line’’ right? You know the difference between a person that is okay to kill and the ones who are not okay, right?’’

He said that without any heaviness in his voice. Honestly, though, that was the truth. Civilians and soldiers are different. It's ok to kill soldiers, not civilians. Though that was all second hand knowledge from Plea.

That was Renzou's public facade.

Isagi's work is at opposite side.

The reason Isagi came to BrotherHouse in the first place was to see the present condition of the demon race and the Demon Race Country. He never thought he also had a political purge to do, since that duty had already been carried out by Renzou.

Reznou's move couldn't be taken back anymore and was too coercive, one after another assassins were sent to his place. . 

There were a lot who thought of Renzou as ’’unpleasant’’.

To Rijin-faction he was a sworn enemy,

To the Moderate faction, he was a nuIsance.

More than that , even on demon emperor faction there's a faction that called themselves the Anti-Renzou faction.

It was made up of those who fear that Renzou would someday take Dyutyu's authority. It was to the extent that they consider Renzou ’’dangerous’’. The atrocity he had done at the Five Demon General Conference made him the enemy number one for the demon race.

No matter who the bodyguard is, Isagi couldn't believe in them. In the BrotherHouse there were almost none were or would become Renzou's ally.


Renzou is his best friend. For Isagi, who thought of wanting to be Renzou's strength as much as possible, decided to take on every assassin that attacked him.

Ever since that day, day or night made no difference to Isagi. Everyday, Isagi would sleep leaning against the wall, carrying his sword. Even in his sleep he was alert enough to hear the sound of a needle falling in the corridor. .

One night the assassin count reached 27, at the same time, but Isagi turned the tables on all of them. There was never a time when he showed signs of weakness. The assassins though all quickly committed suicide, even before Isagi got a chance to ask for their employer. .


Isagi, who never left Renzou's side, entrusted all the cleanups to Kyaschi. She seemed reluctant about her job as she still wished to lend her power in protecting Renzou as well.

Before long the number of assassination attempts gradually reduced. It was most likely something that Kyaschi or the demon in charge that was doing something, so Isagi thought. Or perhaps, it was due to Renzou's influence becoming bigger, that there were fewer and fewer people who aimed at him. There was no proof of that though, not did he have time to clarify. 24/7, just like a doll, Isagi followed Renzou everywhere. This was Renzou's battle, and Isagi was supporting him on that path.

including all of that, was the path of blood that Renzou already choose.[8] [9]

for the sake of taking the shortest path for returning to the modern day.


Arriving several days later t[10] [11] han Dyutyu, Renzou and Isagi reached BrotherHouse.

Yoshinobu, Shirbenia and the rest of the team that were at Demon Lord's Castle finally arrived to BrotherHouse, as well. This meant that the evacuations were a success but Renzou and the others still decided to strike back, immediately. They didn't even have much time to catch up at BrotherHouse.

’’Finally, a lot of things will started to move, eh’’, so Isagi thought.


Immediately after Yoshinobu meet with the Five Demon General, it seems that they saw him ’’as a person who didn't stand out’’ .[12] [13] Compared to Isagi and Renzou, he is definitely easier to get along with. It seems taht the Five Demon General intended to choose Yoshinobu as the next Demon King. Or perhaps they would have used him as a puppet, just like they would have Dyutyu.


The only one who felt happy hearing such information , was Renzou


’’ Fighting is my role. Having Yoshi-kou accepting these troublesome things, nothing is better than that,’’ he said.

Isagi thought those were Renzou's honest feelings. Renzou is not two faced type of person.


The Demon King inauguration ceremony will be held at BrotherHouse. Theland near the Kusharna Castle was packed with people from demon race.

===============Yoshinobu side=============== 

Yoshinobu was loitering around the room alone.

The guest room here is totally different, when compared with Demon Lord's Castle. It was so luxurious, as if it was a suite room of a hotel.

’’well, i've never entered a hotel suits before though ... ’’


He already lost about what had happened.


It had taken several days for him to reach BrotherHouse riding the horse carriage. After he arrived, he was dragged to a seemingly strong and important person...’’ yosh, let's make you the next Demon King ’’ , and then was told something like that. Dyutuy and Renzou gave him their blessings, happily.

In flash they changed my attire and now, I am here.

There is a dresser inside the room.[14]

A small crown was placed on Yoshinobu's hea. It was said to be a precious magic item, passed through the generations of demon kings.

’’ AHH, I really don't know what'sanymore .... ’’


When he just let himself go with the flow, this was the result. It felt like a lot of people were messing with hime. When he thought about it, he had already come quite far. He felt nostalgic. Those days when they had silly talks together....

There is a knocking sound and as he said ’’enter’’ the door opened. At the door Lolishia stood, wearing a high class maid uniform. When Yoshinobu saw her, he unconsciously felt relieved.

’’ Yoshinobu's-sama, it's about the time for the ceremony ’’

Half a year had already passed since their first meeting. Lolishia's height had slightly increased and it seemed like the young girl was closer to becoming an adult, day by day. Her black hair, left to grow long, was tied in the back, possibly mimicking Rimino.

While scratching his cheeks, Yoshinobu's tried to ask her opinion. It doesn't matter who, he just wanted to cling to someone .

’’ well, you know, Lolishia ... I wonder , why it had to be me ... ’’

’’ eh ?’’

’’ well, you know. Shuu-san ... already left though, I think it's better for Isa-kun , or perhaps Renzou kun to be chosen. I think that they would do better than someone like, me ... ’’

’’ ... ... ummm ’’

Lolishia darted her eyes, as if she was at a loss for an answer. After that, she took a peek at Yoshinobu's appearance.

’’ ... umm , actually I was told that I should not said this’’

’’ Hmm ?’’

’’ Can I .... umm say what I really think ?’’

’’ ah, yeah . it's totally fine . If you can , can you say it just like how Rimino -chan speaks to Isa-kun?’’

’’ ... then , I'll just speak frankly alright ’’

*cough* , Rimino clear her throat .

For some reason, Yoshinobu also straighten his body.

and thus.

’’ .... i too, honestly thought, why does it have to be Yoshinobu-sama who becomes the next Demon King ’’

’’ Ughh ’’

no mercy.

’’ after all, Isa-sama is 100 times cooler, he is dependable. Morethan that, he is strong, he has even saved Rimino-oneesama before ’’

’’ Ugugu ’’

’’ Yoshinobu-sama is coward, crybaby, unreliable, and your smile also looks gross. And..sometimes, um ... your gaze is , lewd ’’

’’Please stop it, my life points have already reached zero’’

Though he want to shout something like that,he accepted Lolishia's words with pride.

’’ lo, Lolishia-chan is awesome, eh .... so you usually thought like that, he~h ’’

’’ yes . umm , well ... I am sorry ’’

’’ no, no , it's alright . you don't need to apologize. ... just a little bit, I felt relieved after all ’’

’’ eh ?’’

’’ no , just speak to myself’’

Yoshinobu waved his hand. On his face a slight smile bloomed.

It's not like he was a DoM . ’’TL : Do M : super maso’’feeling happy getting abused by the words of 10 and half year ond girl.

Yoshinobu just purely, felt a sympathy coming from Lolishia's words. That's all.


’’ you're right ~ I am unreliable, and crybaby. Seriously, I wonder why someone like me was chosen to become the Demon King ’’

’’ ... just like that . how you immediately put yourself into self-depression , I also hate it ’’

’’ *GI GI GI* ’’


Though it was indeed a shock, it also felt like he was being saved.


’’ bu, but ... this is somewhat felt nice eh ’’ - Yoshinobu

’’ ? ’’


Surely, Lolishia has no more faith in Yoshinobu anymore. He was sure that everything had already ended that time, inside the closet.

That's why, it was fine. With that, she could still accompany him with any problems.

In the first place, trying to show his ’’cool side’’ to her was something abusrd. After all, he was not a cool person in the slightest. When he realized this, Yoshinobu felt like the burden in his heart, lessened a bit.

’’ umm, Lolishia , if it's fine with you.

i wish that from now on, for you to talk with me just like this’’

’’ just like this ? ’’

’’ yeah , I think, I want you to just speak frankly of what you thought about me .

after all, I just realized, how good it felt when get scolded by someone ’’

’’ ... then , can I just immediately go for it ? Yoshinobu-sama ’’

’’ yeah ’’

then ,Lolishia knitted her eyebrow looked really unpleased.

thus she spoke .

’’ to think that you felt pleasure from getting abused by a young girl like me

... you're disgusting, Yoshinobu -sama,’’ she whispered with disgusted eyes.

He got told so by the little girl maid .

It ended up making him trembled

maybe it's already late for me , so Yoshinobu's thought .



Renzou : cannot forgive betrayal . that was the law that bounded by blood in Renzou's


Isagi;the more quarrel he get with someone , the closer they become . one punch the

assasin and KO-ed them . I am the pro of battlefield da ze.

Yoshinobu : it was his first appearance in long while but he still same old Yoshinobu's. In

our ’’Demon King’’ field of work, it's a reward.

Lolishia : I had enough with this kind of Demon King . finally tamed Yoshinobu . Master

maid LV 3 ’’TL : Master as in goshujin-sama ’’ . Learned skill = Abusing word- scornful

eyes - lamentation

so its one of two for this sentence

’’those shitheads that follow me around are also the same’’

’’those shitheads that used to follow me around were also the same’’

just one XD

...sweety which one is it >.<’’’’

’’easy on the ears’’

’’nice to hear’’


the thing that he have to do


i dont understand this line

all of the action that renzou take, are his choice ~ )path of blood = something like a future where he will do anything to accomplish his desire ~

were they late or did they just arrive after Dyu

they come several days after dyutyu and crew's arrived ~

theres a gap here...or something missing

My mistakes lmao XD

how is this relevant ?!?!


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