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Yuusha Ga Onna Da To Dame Desu Ka? - Chapter 40


Yuusha Onna - Chapter 40

40 : Meal at night

I like seeing things like festival stands among other things.

At night, it was fun getting permission from parents to go out when it was getting dark, eating delicious meal with friends, going around the stalls and talking with friends.

When I was in elementary school, I liked it to the extent that if there was a festival, I couldn't sleep for three days.

The ambiance was different from usual, although it was the night, I spoke with my best friends and I ate meals, it was very fun.

And right now, I am very excited to being doing similar things in a completely different world.

A gentle, multicolored light.

Laughter leaks out from there.

Somehow, I felt like I had come to this before.


「Hmm, sorry. I was a little...」

「It's good. Beautiful, is it ?♪」

「Yeah, it's beautiful.」

We entered a nearby shop.

This place was like a bar, some people surrounded the tables and chatted with each other.

We sit on a nearby table and open the menu that was leaning against it.

《Main set.》

The ordinary set of beef steak.

Plain white fleshed fish àla meunière set

The plentiful special set of the boss

White rice set

《Side menu.》

Vegetable salad

White rice or bread


Peach water

Mandarin orange water



《Additional menu》


Spring Moon

Summer Moon

Autumn Moon

Winter moon

You can choose how strong it will be!!

※The amount doesn't change!!

Is written on it.

「Well, Alcohol is for those who reached 20.」

「He?You don't drink?」

「Eh?How old are you Lilia?」

「It's a secret. Is what I want to say but, I'm 16.」

I'm completely out.

「Alcohol is after all for those who have reached 20.」

「? ... In this world, you drink alcohol since you are 14.」

「Eh? Is that so?」


「So, it's like that. Well, somehow I wonder if I should pass... Lilia it's okay if you want to drink.」

「Thank you very much.♪Well then, excuse me, can I have a summer moon?!!」

Lilia stands from her seat, looks for the employee, and asks the employee who has approached.

「The plentiful special set of the boss, please.」

「Plain white fleshed fish àla meunière set for me, please」

「Yes!! Certainly!!」

Says the emplooyee who runs away to the kitchen.

「Well, we only have to wait!!」

「Y, yeah...」

Lilia, you're somehow in high spirits.... But It's cute.


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