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Young God Divine Armaments - Chapter 71


Chapter 71

Chapter 71 - Actually, I'm Better At Offensive

Translator: E R O S



Renya is wholeheartedly pouring his divine power into something that shaped like a pair of sword in front of his eyes.

In his surrounding, several machines let out a humming sound as they operate. Those machines produce many kinds of weapons with different shapes then put the finished product on top of the conveyor belt to bring them all to the convergence point. In the exact moment when those weapons reached the end point, those weapons suddenly turned into particles of light and disappear.

No, not disappear. Those weapons are just being stored into Renya's world [inventory].

This place is the 'Factory' which just got installed in Hlidskjalf as its second expansion installment after waiting for so long. In there, Renya is doing maintenance for his divine armaments by the help of the machinery the Factory had while also pondering about things from now on in the same time but...


Renya don't know why but there is one little girl that is staring at him doing his work in full focus that she even bring her own chair here.

Yes, she is the taciturn little girl Rebecca.

She was together with Therese until just a moment ago working on something but Renya reminds her who've been holing up in the room for about half a day working on her project to go back to her own room and take a moment of rest.

Maybe Rebecca get bored by being alone so she start watching the two doing their own work... No, she definitely not the type to get bored being alone but anyway, since one of her object of watch is taking a rest, naturally, all her attention now are focused on Renya.

Yes, that is all there is with Rebecca but Renya just can't help feeling complicated because of it and decided to start a conversation with her.

’’...... Hey, Rebecca’’

’’...... What is it?’’

’’...... Did you have fun watching?’’

’’...... Yes. Oniichan is awesome when working...... How can you make a sword without a hammer?’’

That's right, Renya is kneading the divine Metal like it was clay by using his divine Power to shape it as he wished it.

It was the work that he mastered even before he became the War God after repeating the process of divine Armaments creation countless of times.

Now, his work could really be called as the miracle of creation that is caused by a God. But then again, to call such transcendence and precious process of miracle with a single simple word like amazing and keep on watching in the process, Rebecca really is someone with a big character indeed.

Well anyway, Renya decided to do maintenance to his divine Armaments because his situation now is quite stable for the moment and he also gain some insight after actually doing it.

Previously, Renya was in the form of spiritual body which could be said a being that slightly higher than a normal human. But even so, handling divine power was still an impossible task for him.

At that time, Renya had to rely totally on Floria for getting everything from the material until the divine power to create divine Armaments. Compared to that time, he could now use 'his own' divine Power and now that he reforge those divine Armaments again with his own power, he realize that there is a big meaning within it.

Because now that he reforge those numerous divine Armaments again with his own power, those divine Armaments now could be said to be an existence that truly his own.

Realizing that, of course a new desire appears inside him.

He wants to create a new one under this new condition!

But yet again, he can't just create a divine Armament like mass produced goods.

So with that in mind, Renya decided to create equipment that are imbued with his power for his party members that could doubles for their protection and as a countermeasures against the Ordough Sect.

After all they've met with those [God] and those black mud-like beings that are unclear whether those are a part of [God] or its apostles several times already.

He still unable to grasp the true nature of those things but he indeed could feel a slight divinity dwell inside those things. For those in the lower being such as humans, those things are indeed a lethal threat.

After all with just that thing being existed, it has the characteristic that could dampen its enemy attack toward itself while oppositely, it could easily crush any kind of its enemy defense and to make it worse, it even has a mass produced version too which acts as the escorting soldiers. Renya feel that he must create countermeasures for those no matter what.

Beside Floria that doesn't need to be mentioned, Therese who receives blessing directly from him as she is his miko would have no problem facing those things but even though Elvira is a dragon kin, she is still relatively young according to the dragon tribe society so it might be still dangerous for her. Brenda and Rebecca are out of the question as they are definitely in danger.

In order to protect those girls, Renya is using his divine Power to activate his 'Creation' skill again after not doing it for quite some while.

He set up his creation tools to prepare. A work bench with magic runes etched, ball of light that could amplify his divine Power on top, and a cushioned chair that has a perfect comfort when sitting and won't hinder his movement at work. (Eros: Lol at last item)

Thanks to the existence of Renya's personal workspace, his work speed reaching a new record never before to the extent of wondering whether that chair really does give any special effect to him or not.

For Brenda, he makes a ring that could give her more offensive and defensive power against beings that possess divinity. For Elvira, he reforge her halberd which Renya had borrowed from her before with his divine Power while adding some more power in it. For Therese, he gives an even more minute adjustment to her magic gun which of course he had borrowed before also.

By the way, because he doesn't have anything for Floria, she is currently sulking at him.

But she soon gets back to a happy mood after Renya gives her a kiss as an apology. His first wife is just too easy and Renya could only smile bitterly seeing her mood changes quickly.

Now let's leave the trivia and get back at Renya's work. He is now currently doing his last task which is reforging Rebecca's twin sword from scratch.

Elvira's halberd was created by the dragon tribe's unique forging technique that has been handed down since ancient times from their ancestors that made the metal into a new kind of unique alloy. Reforging it completely with the Gods Metal like how he created his divine Armaments would only give negative effects to it so he cancels his plan to give his divine Power into it. But oppositely, Rebecca's weapon doesn't have such limit.

Rebecca choose the one that has extreme durability and could last for a long time as her weapon of choice so she has been forcefully using her pair of twin sword which only have a good selling point on its durability to the extreme.

’’You have become my party member so I will definitely not let you feel any discomfort!’’

Renya is famous as someone that is super soft on the girls on his own group and today also not an exception. He made many kinds of twin sword and let Rebecca test them all then listen to her impression on it. He even changes the shape of the twin sword even until the microscopic level so it would match her body perfectly.

Weapon's reach, weight, balance, he research all things related to the weapon even to the minute details.

He definitely doesn't do this so he could gaze at the lively motion produced by Rebecca's youthful body when he told her to test the weapon and he definitely doesn't do this so he could touch her all over the place for the sake of his research. Renya only silently make those excuse inside his heart. And whether it is the excuse or the opposite thing that is transmitted to Rebecca, the only one that knows would be her own self. (Eros: we know it Renya, we know)

After such questionable time passed, in the end, Renya concluded that the weapon that fits Rebecca has the same design as the one she use before but without the thick blade design from before. He thinks that it would be better for Rebecca to have a pair of twin sword that could enable her to easily take sharp turn when moving around.

There are no problem with its durability and weight. After all he used divine Metal to create it. It is also easy to maintenance as Rebecca only need to whet it for a bit and let the metal regenerate by itself later. And most importantly, the compatibility with enchantment spell is just perfect.

That's why his tension is a bit high because he finally does divine Armament works again after a while but the only thing that made him feel uneasy when working is Rebecca's continuous gaze.

It's already been an hour.

After such a long time, there's no way Renya doesn't feel anything from such action and then we came back to again to the situation at the starting of the chapter.

The twin sword has already shown its complete shape in Renya's hand. With this, all he had to do is just to enchant it with his divine power to complete but with the existence of 'The Plant' he could just let it automatically do it in his stead. Renya's last job is to oversee the process of completion so he needs to stay around even though his power is no longer needed.

As such, the situation will naturally flows to where Renya trying to start a conversation with Rebecca while waiting for the birth of her new weapon.

’’A~...... Rebecca?’’

’’...... Yes?’’

’’Um...... did... things goes well with Therese?’’

After he said that Renya automatically held his own head.

What the heck did I say?

(I just look like an unsociable dad trying to start a conversation with her daughter just now didn't I?)

First of all, from how close those two are, how could things go 'not well'? He couldn't overcome his nervousness under Rebecca continuous gaze and such a weird topic slip out from his tongue. 'Such a failure' as Renya feel regretful inside his heart but he forgot that the one he is talking with now is Rebecca, the most honest girl inside his party.

’’...... Yes...... Therese is...... a very good girl’’

’’I-is that so’’

Her answer to Renya question is somehow off from his aim and getting an unexpected reaction from Rebecca like that made Renya unable to respond calmly.

’’...... Just recently...... we talk a lot...... like when she first met Oniichan’’

’’Aa...... Now that you say it, it kinda feels like something from a long time ago’’

’’...... And after that...... consultation’’

’’Consultation? Is Therese troubled with something?’’

’’...... Umm......’’

With that question, her cool expression breaks down for the first time and she starts letting her eyes swim everywhere. Renya sees that Rebecca's cheek is getting a tinge of red and instinctively knows that this is a taboo topic full of mines if he dares to trudge forward but...

(As a man...... Even if I know there's a minefield ahead, I still must move forward no matter what!)(Eros: good kid don't imitate this)

And now is such time! So he urges Rebecca to continue talking.

’’............ After I think again...... Secret’’

’’...... Is that so?’’

’’...... I am fine telling you but...... Therese would...... perhaps be troubled......’’

’’Just what kind of consultation did she ask you anyway......’’

Looking from the flow, Renya guess that it must be a consultation regarding body style and such. If that really is about that then Renya can only heaves a sigh.

Therese is already fine the way she is... No, Renya strongly prefers her to stay that way.

Well, even if she grows up from being a loli, her charm won't just disappear. Renya also won't change her treatment to her that much either. But as nothing could resist the flow of time, Renya wishes for Therese to maintain her looks to just be like that for a little bit longer. Such desire dwells deep within Renya.

While Renya is gone off thinking meaningless thing, the work for Rebecca's new twin sword is finally completed.

It is a pair of swords with simple design and moderate ornament.

The blade gives out a beautiful silvery luster and it could optimally accept Rebecca's enchant magic to create various kinds of magic sword. This twin sword would definitely become a great help for her.

’’Alright, it's done. Rebecca, why don't you lightly test it out?’’

’’...... Okay’’

She prudently moves away from the machinery so that she won't accidentally hit it then start to perform her blade dance. While ascertaining the comfortableness of her new weapons, she let out waves after waves of sword move.

After she completes a set of movement, a slight expression of satisfaction floats up in her face as she sheathes the twin sword back to the both sides of her hip.

’’...... This, amazingly, easy to use...... My body, feels lighter’’

’’It is because I actually reduce your weapons weight. But as compensation, it would be hard for you to compete others in terms of power you know?’’

’’...... It's alright...... I have...... to move even faster and sharper...... anyway......’’

Indeed with her small physique, she would be at disadvantages if she stops moving her feet and lock sword with her opponent.

If she did face such heavyweight opponent then she could only use her enchantment magic to create magic sword so she can pierce through the enemy's' weak point. After all, if the sword's attack power reaches the extreme, there's no need to use more weight to add more damage as it would only slow down the wielder's speed so Rebecca decides that there's no need to add extra weight for this twin swords.

After Rebecca held the sword for a while, she suddenly let out a long sigh.

And for some reason, she strangely looks very amorous.

’’......... So this is what it is......’’

’’N? Is there anything strange?’’

’’...... N-no...... It's just that Therese told me before......’’

’’What did she told you?’’

’’...... W-when Therese uses her gun...... Therese always looks very happy...... When I ask why...... She said that...... because it feels like being wrapped tightly by Onii-chan...... that is’’

’’............ O-ou’’

Indeed Renya had also put his hand on Therese's gun. That gun could even be said as his personal custom model. Of course, Renya's divine power naturally also dwells within the gun. Moreover, Therese is Renya's personal Miko so his divine power will naturally tries to protect her from harm by wrapping her whole body so there should be nothing weird about that.

Yes, nothing should be weird from that.

But the nuance from how Therese describes it was like suggesting a different meaning altogether that is not quite right.

’’...... I see...... So it was this kind of feeling......’’

’’Rebecca? Why do you seem very happy right now?’’

’’......? ...... Because I'm happy?’’

’’I-izzat so?’’

’’...... Yes...... I also...... as much as Therese do...... likes onii-chan very much, you know?’’


Renya is surprised by her words.

It hasn't been that long since he know her, well, a bit more than a month had indeed passed since the first time they met each other but did he do something to make this little girl like him enough to confess her feeling like that?

No, perhaps for Rebecca, a nonchalant daily life is already something precious.

As until just a while ago, she was someone who has lost everything dear to her and keeps trying to get her past back.

But seeing that Renya keep his silence while showing a shocked expression, Rebecca's expression got a little bit cloudy and said:

’’...... Umm...... Is it a no for me?’’

’’I swear that it definitely isn't that!’’

If he just gives back an ambiguous reply here, he knows that it will definitely hurt her. Moreover, how could he feel troubled by it? Renya just give her the reply that emphasizes heavily on that.

’’...... I'm glad...... after all...... I'm not pretty...... like the oneechans’’

’’No no no no no, Therese and Rebecca is both pretty cute you know?’’

’’......... But......... I'm small, right?’’

’’Listen, Rebecca. Indeed those three are top beauties in their own categories. But Therese and Rebecca are also top beauties in your own categories. For me, there are no clear differences between the two. So in short, it's all an OK. Do you know what I'm saying?’’

’’...... Are Oniichan...... a greedy person?’’

’’Ou! That's right! After all I got five women following me around all the time so there's no doubt about it’’

Moreover all five of them are top beauties in their own categories. From the perspective of the men who definitely wished for that kind of beauties but could never reach to it, Renya is definitely their sworn enemy that they won't get tired no matter how much they kill him.

’’......I see...... what Therese says before...... so it mean like this’’

’’I have already feared nothing! I should have passed through the same kind of pattern many times before so brace it me! So then let me ask you, what did Therese said?’’

’’...... That Oniichan goes for both little girl and big girl type...... all the same......’’

’’So it was really from the talk at that time!! But how can she misinterpret it that far!?’’

Renya remembers the time back then when he answer Therese question that he would also feel the desire for her and reflexively hold up his own head and wriggling his own body in agony.

Well, it was the truth anyway and what's done is done but when another little girl points it out again for him, his whole body is assaulted by a sudden mysterious itching feeling. Renya still hasn't grows bold enough to just turn defiant toward this skewed preference.

’’...... That's why......’’

Ei! Rebecca lets out a cute yelp as she jump with her full power to hug Renya around his stomach and clings there for a while.

’’......... I will go for the offense, okay? ...... I want to be...... spoiled more......’’

’’...... My defense is paper thin so please go easy okay?’’

A sensation that is different from Floria and Elvira can be felt from around his abdomen. Renya's lower half gives him a danger warning to him without any delay. But despite that, Renya still tries to act calm and give a pat at Rebecca's head while says that but he then receives an unexpected answer.

’’......... that might be impossible’’

’’What? Impossible!? Why!?’’

How will she goes for the offense? Renya is somehow afraid of it yet he also can't help feeling a great anticipation towards it.


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