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Xianxia’s Working Emperor - Chapter 23


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Chapter 23: Asking for advice on Cultivation

When Lu Feng was done venting, he unexpectedly went to see whether the thing the old man left behind was any good. On it was a line of words, ’’Frozen Heart Sutra, Cultivating. I obtained a page of this heart sutra and now I give it to you.’’

When he read this, Lu Feng's previous aggrieved state immediately changed as he said, ’’This is still good, old man you really didn't break my heart.’’ On the inside, Lu Feng knew the Old Man cared for his wellbeing. That was why he would leave behind a heart sutra for him, so no matter how Lu Feng cultivates in the future as long as he doesn't have a heart devil, he would not run into any problems cultivating.

When Lu Feng looked to the back of the heart sutra, he saw a lot of text. Just taking a glance made him have a headache, ’’What I hate most is wordy things, is this what I use to cultivate ah.’’

Lu Feng understood that if he didn't use this then the heart sutra would just be wasted. He helplessly started reading the first paragraph. Once he went through it a couple of times, he found out that the words weren't as hard to comprehend as the words on Earth. Turns out he could just learn and apply it at the same time.

He then sat down cross-legged and murmured, ’’The Frozen Heart Sutra is divided into three parts, one part is about protecting the dantian, the second is about protecting the fleshly body while the third is protecting the mind. The dantian ought to be the place for gathering spiritual qi around. The fleshly body should be the body while the mind should be about the spiritual aspect?’’

Regarding this topic, Lu Feng only knew as much as an ordinary person. Towards cultivating, he has nearly no knowledge on it and the old man never taught him anything. Thus, he has to figure it out by himself. According to the Frozen Heart Sutra, the proper way to use spirit qi was to revolve it around the body.

What made Lu Feng surprised was that when he sat cross legged on the stone bed, he could feel a cold qi slowly flowing towards his internals. It felt like when you opened the refrigerator and the cold air was flowing towards him. This made him wonder, ’’How is this happening.’’

Curious, he tested it out a couple of times. Turns out that whenever he rotated the qi around his internals that is when the cold qi from the stone bed would flow into him. When this cold qi flowed into his internals, the spirit qi in his body becomes more concentrated. Feeling this, Lu Feng tightly clenched his fists and found out that his strength had increased.

Lu Feng muttered, ’’Is this what it means to have a breakthrough?’’. Lu Feng truly did not know and just continued in this manner right till the cold qi was not flowing out from the stone bed anymore. The words on it had also disappeared.

This caused Lu Feng to be completely stunned, quickly flipping over the stone bed he found out that the text the old man had written faded completely. This made him curse out, ’’Damned geezer, so stingy. He was not afraid I won't be able to learn it, what happened if i forgot?’’

The now not-rejoicing Lu Feng had already committed the three parts to memory. He still hasn't comprehended them though and is unable to bring out the full power. He sighed, ’’Time to go back then and find time to slowly comprehend these three parts.’’

Lu Feng turned around and observed the surroundings before sighing and sadly leaving. He knew that the old man won't return, he now could only leave the place.

It was already night time when he returned back to his wooden house. He didn't expect to sit idly on the mountain for the rest of the day. Surprisingly he did not feel thirsty or hungry which he did not understand whether it was due to cultivating.

Then the white cat abruptly jumped onto Lu Feng's shoulder and was rubbing Lu Feng's head. This made Lu Feng slightly annoyed, ’’My hair has been messed up thanks to you, quickly get off.’’

The white cat was not willing to jump off when Bai Yue's voice resounded from the dark, ’’Where did you go.’’ Lu Feng composed himself and smiled, ’’Were you concerned for me?’’. This caused Bai Yue to coldly reply ’’Stop talking nonsense, if not I'll beat you up.’’

Lu Feng's eyes flashed as he smiled, ’’Miss Bai, everyone knows you are a Cultivator, how about you give me some pointers.’’ ’’You? I'm afraid I might hurt your feelings.’’ Bai Yue said in indifference. Lu Feng really wanted to take a look at Bai Yue's strength thus he said, ’’No problem, if it's losing to you I have no qualms.’’

’’Naive.’’ Bai Yue turned around and walked away, while Lu Feng gloomily muttered ’’Still so indifferent Ai.’’ Feeling helpless, Lu Feng sat down his bed and closed his eyes. When suddenly a palm hit his body which caused him to knock against the wall.

The pain slowly crept through him as he violently coughed and gloomily called out, ’’ Miss Bai, how could sneak attack like that.’’ Bai Yue stood there and said, ’’When you call someone out for a battle, they wouldn't care if you were prepared or not... Or tell you they are going to hit you.’’

Lu Feng was stunned, ’’You are willing to give me some guidance?’’ Bai Yue stood in the shadows as she coolly replied, ’’I don't have that much spare time, so spit it out where have you been.’’ Seeing that she was interested on where he had been, Lu Feng recalled in detail the events. Bai Yue was startled when she heard what he said, ’’The living immortal left?’’

’’En, he said he went looking for immortality.’’

Bai Yue suddenly said some inconceivable words, ’’Immortality, is just a legend. How can one even find it.’’ Lu Feng curiously asked, ’’But doesn't everyone who cultivates want to become immortals?’’ Bai Yue seemed like she was in deep thought as she said, ’’It is just a wild guess, whether it's real no one is certain.’’

Lu Feng made an oh sound as Bai Yue continued, but of course cultivating can improve fitness and longevity.’’ Lu Feng was immediately psyched up, ’’How much could it improve?’’

’’Naturally the stronger you are, the life span increases. There are people in this continent which are thousands of years old.’’

Lu Feng sucked in a breath of air as he exclaimed, ’’Old monsters.’’ Bai Yue paused before saying, ’’Old monsters, their strength compared to someone who can't live past sixteen.’’ When she said this, Bai Yue turned around and intended to leave. Lu Feng quickly called out, ’’Miss Bai, I too want to cultivate. Can you teach me?’’

Bai Yue stopped, ’’Your master never taught you?’’ When he heard Bai Yue speak of that Old Man, Lu Feng suddenly felt annoyed and mad as he added in a sentence, ’’Every day he would bully me and make me do chores. Only around the day he left then did he taught me a movement and attacking technique. But this has nothing to do with cultivating, if not I wouldn't be stuck constantly stuck at gathering yin qi. What is this level? Is it very strong?’’

Bai Yue almost laughed at what Lu Feng said but she composed herself and said, ’’Yin qi is the first step and the weakest rank of cultivators. Within the stage of yin qi are nine levels, when one breaks through these nine levels they would enter the realm of Foundation Establishment and won't need to be sustained by worldly foods.’’

Lu Feng was appalled, ’’They don't need to eat food to survive?’’

’’Are you doubting me?’’ Bai Yue stared at him. Shaking his head, Lu Feng replied, ’’Of course not.’’ At this moment something smashed against Lu Feng's head making him want to curse from the pain. But he dare not curse due to him wanting to maintain his image. While Bai Yue said a sentence, ’’Wanting to cultivate, you need to watch your surroundings.’’

Saying this, Bai Yue walked off. This made Lu Feng confused as to what she was talking about as he hurriedly prepared a spirit lamp and closely take a look at what that thing was.


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