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World Of Immortals - Chapter 241.4


Chapter 241.4

Part 4

’’What, an old enemy?’’ Chrysus smiled and said, ’’L-l-l... Let me help you finish him off.’’

’’No need.’’

However, he was already too late. The seemingly vulgar Chrysus already faded into thin air at that very instance. Even Xiao Chen was shocked by his speed.

Oxman, who was lifting the banner, seemed to have sensed something. He instantly soared into the sky. A huge demonic bull materialized behind him. The mountain-sized black bull caused everyone to be terrified. It possessed an indistinguishable magic power.

With a moo, the huge demonic bull swooped down. It caused the street below to break up.


Chrysus' figure emerged as he fell back. The huge demonic bull also returned to its position behind Oxman after that single strike.

’’My god, it's really the Ox King!’’

’’It's a living ghost. The guardian of the underworld has come into being in broad daylight.’’

Many women and childrens wailed as they ran towards the distant. As for those with some courage and a few practitioners looked on with curiosity.

Chrysus silently moved back to Xiao Chen's side and said, ’’T-t-t... This ox-headed man is v-v-v... very... unusual.’’

’’Who are you calling ox-headed man, you and your family are the one with ox-head!’’ Oxman already landed on the ground. The huge Demonic Bull was sucked into his body. He destroyed the banner with a light slap and walked over with large strides.

After seeing Xiao Chen, the little fatty immediately started to chuckle. However, when he looked at Chrysus, his chubby face immediately puffed up.

’’Since we are on the same side, let us change our location first.’’ Xiao Chen hastily pulled the two and squeezed out of the crowd.

Only until they covered a good distance did Xiao Chen finally say, ’’I didn't expect you would leave so quickly. Where's the black dragon?’’

’’It is in the deep mountains around Yindu. I have no choice but to leave at an earlier time.’’ Speaking until here, the little fatty was very dejected. He said in annoyance, ’’The cow horn on my head is growing faster with each passing day. And now... sniff sniff... I can't even cut it off with a sword anymore. Those bunch of gramps and grannies say it is a good thing. They wouldn't help me get rid of it. I had no choice but to come out to take a look and see if I can find a way to make it grow smaller.’’

Oxman had a bitter expression.

’’It really cannot be cut off?’’ Surprisingly, the stuttering guy spoke very smoothly. His eyes gleamed and one of his hands stretched towards the cow horn. He chuckled and said, ’’It really is an excellent material to forge the Overcast Dagger.’’

’’Stand aside, you wretched stuttering guy.’’ Oxman pushed him to the side and patted his two feet long black horns in annoyance.

’’Just let nature take its course.’’ Xiao Chen tried to comfort Oxman.

The little fatty was an optimists. He quickly pushed the problem regarding the cow horn to the side. Then he excitedly said to Xiao Chen, ’’Brother Shishui, do you know why I came to Yindu? One of our old acquaintance is here. Do you still remember Rowena? She's at the Spellbind Castle. I hear that she is very close to the Flower Overqueen over there.’’

Yea, I can totally relate man... it feels so stifling whenever I translate his dialog >w<


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