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World Of Immortals - Chapter 239.2


Chapter 239.2

Part 2

Xiao Chen sat at the bow of the boat all by himself, admiring the moon as he drink. What was absent was the joy of victory, the only thing present was a feeling of emptiness. When everyone was making a racket out there, he was at the Moon Lake alone.

During the battle, he did indeed felt a surge of strong emotion. At that moment, he was full of mettle. He wholeheartedly devoted his life to the passionate confrontation, allowing his flower of life to bloom fully. During that life and death confrontation, he tasted the true meaning of life and death. He felt a passion and caused his blood to race.

However, after the extreme showdown was over. When his strong emotion gradually waned, when his thrilling sensation gradually cooled down, all he felt instead was tiredness and emptiness.

Everyone was making a racket out there, yet he was all by his lonesome self.

Even if the whole world was cheering for him, his lonesome feeling still couldn't be changed.

Fame, he already attained it. Money, he easily obtained.


An exciting but a lonely life, that's what he was feeling right now.

His back leaned against the boat's railing. With the bronze cup in hand, he faced the moon and drank. Xiao Chen's face was full of loneliness and solitude.

He was already a little drunk. While facing the hazy moonlight, he felt a little lost.

What is the meaning of immortality? Being invincible and living an eternal life might not really be a fortune. In those long years, what they might face were nothing but hardship and loneliness.

Perhaps, attaining immortality before the age of forty and ’’returning home’’ to take a look was his only pushing force.

However, thinking about it carefully, his white-haired parents were not that healthy to begin with. Would he still be able to meet them if he were to return twenty years later?

And his ex-girlfriend in the human world, who would be her partner after twenty years?

[I used up my youth to train, but I can't see nor predict the future... is this worth it?]

Xiao Chen silently gazed at the moon by himself. He felt very tired all of a sudden. It was as if there was an invisible chain firmly tying him up.

[Should I go back...?]

Imagining the scene twenty years later, he suddenly felt his conviction collapsing. That all of his effort and struggle were in vain. His hope had turned into illusions. While facing these depressing fragments... he wondered if he should still continue to struggle.

He was drunk!

Xiao Chen was drunk indeed.

His mind was in disorder and he started to let his imagination run wild. His hardened heart was softened at this moment.

He actually started to doubt if there was any meaning behind his training.

Immortality? Live as long as the heaven and earth, shine as bright as the sun and moon, never dying and overlooking all living things.


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