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World Destroying Demonic Emperor - Chapter 27


World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 27

Lanling said, "Why is there such little money in the huge Count's Estate?"

Suo Ningbing bitterly said, "When I bribed Duke Zhi Ting, I had already surrendered the last of our properties."

Lanling said, "Back to our territory, if we ask elder brother Suo Han Yi to demand payment, do we still have time left? Otherwise, I would have to go borrow money from my future father in law. He owes our Suo Family a great deal of kindness."

Suo Ningbing said. "It will still be too late. Big brother does not have so much money, and he needs to raise thousands of troops to collect it. Of course, your future father in law got a ton lot of money. However, from here to Linhai City is more than three thousand miles. Even with the utmost speed, you still have to take five days meanwhile the deadline of the debt repayment is only two days."

In two days of time, the two creditors and Duke Zhi Ting will fight for the properties at the Royal Capital Law Office. When this happens, the Suo Family will thoroughly offend Duke Zhi Ting to death.

Of course, if you may be asking why a casino boss and a gold brokerage boss can be so extremely daring and reckless, really have the impertinence to offend the majestic appearance of the duke.

The reason is very simple. Because supporting their back is the future crown prince, His Royal Highness, Prince Zhi Li.

Immediately after, Lanling thought of an utterly dreadful tangible. Suo Lun's gambling house debt to save his former girlfriend and Suo Lun buying the astronomically expensive Dragon Emperor's Calligraphy, were perhaps all part of the Princess Zhi Ning's plan. It was a pit that she specifically dug for him and his whole family.

Although this pit may not necessarily be useful or succeed, but she still dug something down. And the events after Suo Lun did not die;their bribing of Duke Zhi Ting and other stuff, she has long prepared for the situation.

And if that is the case, then this woman's intelligence is devilishly monstrous..

One, she is so beautiful and second, she is so smart. Such a vicious woman, a woman completely more terrifying than the the most venomous snake.

Zhi Ning took such drastic measures to deal the situation. And it was directly target for the utter destruction of the Suo Clan.

In short, this is a dead end. In any case, it is impossible for the Suo Family to get that three thousand nine hundred gold coins in just two days of time.

And at this moment, no one in the Royal City would also dare lend the Suo Family even a single gold coin. Because those who have the nerves to lend them money, will offend the future crown prince himself. The whole city, excluding the Duke Zhi Ting, who on their right mind would like to clash with the Prince's power head on?

The fact that someday he would be the future king, would you really offend him? If you do, then your whole family will utterly perish, crushed to dust.


Lanling came inside the living room. When he saw the thin and fat creditors, he sneered, "Two days? Why not give us a few more days to repay the debt?"

The gold brokerage boss quickly got up and said, "Ah, so the small villain has courage. Don't you know we could have demanded the repayment at an earlier date. We only came today in honor of the deeds your father has done in the past."

Lanling said, "If I can not pay back the money in two days, you will bring Duke Zhi Ting to the Royal City Office Law isn't it?"

"Haha…." The gold brokerage boss laughed loudly. He did not admit it and he did not deny it either.

Lanling said, "Okay, I understand, you can go back."

The two creditors got up and once again bowed in salute, "Then we would please ask brother to prepare the money on two days. We hope that we could receive it at that moment, and not make life hard on us lowly people. "

Having said that, the two people retreated backwards and left Count's Estate. Their attitude was very respectful, but their hearts were contemptuous, disdainful, and malevolent.

We are the pit for your Suo Family, and we are going to put you all to your grim demise.

After the two creditors left, the Count's Estate completely and utterly fell into a dead silence.

"Xiao Ling, I am so sorry. You shouldn't have come here. Your talent is so high, there should be a big future behind you, Now you are trapped in the deadly quagmire of the Suo Family. " Suo Ningbing said softly, "Listen to your sister and go back to the Nine Spirit Alchemist. Turn your face back to original and go back to being your own self."

After Suo Ningbing finished, Ye Jing Yu did not say anything but merely hang her head down low.

At that time, she brought Lanling to pose as Suo Lun. Originally, she thought that it was simple, and he can directly inherit the title without any complications. She did not expect that the inside workings are very sinister and dangerous, so complicated.

In order to achieve his own strategic goals, Prince Zhi Li must be sure to seize Tianshui City. As for the Suo Family, they are just a mere useless, innocent cannon fodder.

Did Suo Lun offend the royal family when she pursued Princess Zhi Ning? Completely bullshit and nonsense. When Suo Lun went crazy in pursuing Princess Zhi Ning, it secretly provoked the wrath of the princess and her efforts were instantly directed to kill him and his whole clan, as this also benefits her brother.

They are really in a hopeless situation, they are all truly dead. At the very least, Lanling was certainly to be butchered.

After hearing those words of Suo Ningbing, Lanling was not excited nor agitated. There was no regret on his face and he lightly said, "Elder sister, I was an orphan, I do not know who my parents are? My elder sister is named Lankou, I am called Lanling, thus I went with my elder sister's surname."

He took a deep breath and Lanling said, "Right now, my elder sister is named Suo Ningbing, hereby I will change my name into Suo."

Lanling directly knelt in front of her and sincerely said, word by word, "From now on, my name would Suo Lun. From now on, there would be no Lanling in this world. There is only one me, and I am Suo Lun. Lanling is no more, and I am Suo Lun. If you still call me as Lanling as before, I will stab myself."

His words were very dull, but it was firm and resolute.

Suo Ningbing and Ye Jing Yu was moved.

"Little brother…." Suo Ningbing said.

"Lanling….." Ye JIng Yu said.

The two people don't know what to say, they were utterly speechless.

Ye Jing Yu words have not fallen, when Lanling quickly pulled out a knife and severely stabbed his leg.

Suddenly, blood gushed out like a fountain, Lanling's face burst in twitches of pain, but his complexion did not change in the slightest.

Suo Ningbing cried out in alarm or surprise. Tears surged from her eyes, she quickly rushed over and hugged Lanling, one hand directly tore his pants and carefully pulled out the knife.

At this time, Ye Jing Yu quickly rushed into the house and took out medicine and some needle and thread.

Suo Ningbing gently took the leg of Lanling and lovingly applied the medicine, and then carefully sew up his deep wound.

After doing it, Suo Ningbing’s hand was all covered in blood. She stared at Lanling and softly said, "You are silly."

"You used so say that to me." Lanling said. He certainly was talking about his sister on earth, Lankou. But in his heart, the two people are the same, Lankou and this gorgeous sister lovingly patching his wound, Suo Ningbing..

Suo Ningbing gently stroked Lanling's face, and softly said, "Okay, if that's the case, elder sister will not say that again. In this life, we would depend on each other to live. If someone wants to kill us, then we should die together."

"Okay." Lanling softly said.


"Elder sister, we would not yield to them. In spite of the overwhelming strength of our powerful enemies, I won't concede, I won't surrender to them." Suo Lun said word by word, "No matter what reason, those robbers won't snatch Tianshui City from my hands if I am still alive. This city belongs and is a part of our Suo Family's foundation."

Suo Ningbing said, "Okay, elder sister will listen to you."

Ye Jing Yu worryingly said, "However, this matter in front of our faces is very difficult to pass through. When the two creditors and Duke Zhi Ting clashed on the court, that time will also be our demise."

Obtaining three thousand nine hundred gold coins in just two days of time is an utterly impossible task.

Lanling closed his eyes, he was thinking, imagining countless ways for them to get out of this pit.

Although he is a liberal art student, but his basic knowledge of science was still there. If a person possessed extreme business skill on earth, making three thousand nine hundred gold coins is not an impossible task.

However, making that much money in just two days? A mere foolish of a dream.

It's like a poor man on earth wanting to earn one hundred million in two days! Even if he resolves to robbing banks, he still wouldn’t be close to achieving it..

It's worth to be noted that any rich family in the Royal City, any rich man, have already received a warning from the forces, that Suo Lun should not get even a single gold coins from their heads. Otherwise repercussions to them would be terrible.

What way? What way can I raise three thousand nine hundred gold coins in just two days? Nearly two hundred thousand silver coins or seventy million copper coins.

He fully thought for a full hour, still he could not think of any possible answer..

Suddenly, Suo Lun's eyes bright and said, "The best prostitute in town, where is she located?"

"She is in the Ascension Pavilion. They said that she is indeed very pretty." Ye Jing Yu said,

Lanling said "Is she a lover of Suo Lun?"

Ye Jing Yu said, "She was a lover and later on, she became a close female friend. Their relationship is very, very good. Do you want to lend money from her? Impossible, though she is very popular, but even if she take out everything she owns, it still would not be more than three thousand nine hundred gold coins."

Lanling said, "Well elder sister, I will go out for a trip, I will be back before tomorrow, and by then I have already raised the three thousand nine hundred gold coins we need."

Earn three thousand gold coins in one day? How can this be? Lanling is probably sick right? He is having a fever right?

Ye Jing Yu looked straight at him, and her eyes were filled with utter suspicion.

Although Suo Ningbing can not imagine on how Lanling would do it, she did not show any doubts nor did she ask any questions. She just nodded gently and said, "Well, elder sister would be waiting for you here at home."


Accompanied by Ye Jing Yu, Suo Lun went to one of the Royal City's biggest whore house, the Ascension Pavilion!

Not long after he left, an uninvited guest came to the Tianshui City Count's Estate. The body was covered in a dark black cloak, and came in from the back door of the Tianshui Count’s estate. A person followed this cloaked person, and this follower is an extremely strong master.

Soon, Suo NIngbing saw this uninvited guest.

The person pulled back her cloak and revealed an utterly beautiful breathtaking face. It turned out to be the culprit for the demise and destruction of the Suo Clan, Princess Zhi Ning.

She and Suo Ningbing stood side by side together. Two utterly breathtaking beauties were simply too gorgeous. Suffocating beauties that turned everything in the room bleak and colorless.

Suo Ningbing was surprised, she can not think of what to do. Why did Princess Zhi Ning come to visit? Why should she come so mysteriously?


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