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World Destroying Demonic Emperor - Chapter 26



The class finished near the end of the day, so Lanling boarded Ye Jing Yu's carriage and proceeded to return home.

When they passed through the civilian academy, the scene where the aristocrat students were humiliating the civilian children once again played out. A gorgeous, magnificent aristocratic carriage was deliberately proceeding very slowly, which made the civilian students standing on both sides of the road, bent over, bowing, not making a move.

At this point, a voice suddenly resounded out, ’’Has the Kingdom's aristocratic students really degraded to this point of stupidity?’’

The man's voice was full of provocative charm, it was firm but not deep, it was full of strength, but not loud nor high pitched.

Then, a poorly dressed man emerged from the crowd of civilian students.

When Lanling saw him, he can not help but applaud. For the one who just spoke got a really handsome appearance.

He was more than one hundred centimeters tall, gorgeously handsome, and has an appearance equally matched to Suo Lun. However, his temperament was more pressing.

The other side got such a jade like face, his falcon like eyes was keen and sharp edged, and he possessed a tall and magnificent figure. His looks did not have even have the slightest cosmetic scent, but is completely brimming full of strength and the makings of truly handsome man.

He was dressed in a poorly fashion, afterall, he is a civilian child. But it was still enough to bring out an imposing manner that suppressed a lot of the nobles.

Moreover, when he snapped against the numerous aristocratic children, they actually lowered their heads and departed, not daring to refute against him.

Lanling became very curious, who is this person? A mere civilian child, but he can even directly quarrell against so many aristocratic children.

Ye jing Yu said, ’’That person is called Ling Ao. He is an outstanding student in the Royal City Academy, and is the civilian children's leader. He hasn't graduated yet, but he has already taken the fancy of the Royal Family, that immediately after graduating, he will be instantly appointed as Prince Zhi Li's attendant.

An assistant is not like a slave, but means a helper or an aide. Suo Lun, who is an heir count, was enlightened about it. But even if Ling Ao is to become an attendant to Prince Zhi Li, his attendant rank is still somewhat low, usually ranks with the son of a Duke. However, usually it is only starting from the son of a marquis can one be eligible to become an attendant to the Crown Prince himself.

However, Zhi Li personally selected him, a commoner, to become his attendant. Not only was it amazing, but it appeared to be very domineering.

During this time, despite not being an aristocrat, Ling Ao is already celebrated and illustrious. Moreover, If no accidents will occur, two decades later, he will become the commander of the Kingdom's army. A position that would make a lot of aristocrats hold their breath when looking at him.

Ye Jing Yu said, ’’Ling Ao has also a connection to you.’’

’’What ?’’ Lanling asked.

’’You are both rivals.’’ Ye Jing Yu said, ’’He was born in Lin Hai City, and that is your fiancee's territory. Not only is your future father in law very negative towards you, he also extremely admired Ling Ao. Even your future wife, Gui Qinshao, seemingly is very much fond of him.’’

Hearing this, Lanling's eyes suddenly shrunk, Although he is not Suo Lun, he would absolutely not allow such thing to happen.

He who wants him to wear the green hat, he would wear a green hat for the person's family..

’’You can not afford to provoke him for the time being, we must each mind our own business for now.’’ Ye Jing Yu said.

Ye Jing Yu drove up and accelerated, and was about to leave.

Ling Ao suddenly approached and blocked the path of Lanling's carriage.

’’Suo Lun is it?’’ He lightly said, his tone like talking to a dog.

Lanling opened the carriage's curtain and said, ’’Correct, don't block our way.’’

Ling Ao said, ’’I want to say a word to you.’’

Lanling said, ’’If you want me to abandon up my fiancee or something like that. then you do not have to say it.’’

’’No, I am not making you give up.’’ Ling Ao said, ’’Little Shao, this beautiful swan, has nothing to do with you. I was hoping that you would avoid mentioning her name in the future. She is clean, I am clean, we do not want her pure name to be tainted by your filthy mouth, please.’’

This person's arrogance was really sky high. Even the name of Gui Qinshao he is not allowed to say. She is Suo Lun's fiancee, and this Ling Ao is totally unrelated to her at all..

Lanling's heart became filled coldness as he lightly said, ’’You put on a show pretty well, I'll give you.....eighty points out of one hundred for it.’’

Then, Ye Jing Yu accelerated the carriage, and passed Ling Ao over to the side.


Back at home, Lanling suddenly saw two uninvited guests: a fat man, and a thin man.

When Lanling came in, three people got up and saluted, ’’We pay respects to the little young master. ’’

Lanling frowned, ’’What's the matter?’’

At this time, Suo Ningbing leisurely walked away from the two guests and said, ’’Little brother, come.’’

Lanling followed Suo Ningbing into another room, and seeing his sister frowning. looking a bit tense, he asked, ’’What is the matter? Who are those two people outside?’’

Suo Ningbing said, ’’They came for the debt that Suo Lun owed to them.’’

Lanling said, ’’How much money?’’

Suo NIngbing said, ’’Three thousand nine hundred gold coins.’’

’’So much.....’’ Lanling almost wanted to jump out. He could not believe it, ’’What on earth did the bastard did? How can he owe them such money?’’

This is a completely, astronomical amount. The overall annual salary of a ten thousand men army does not add up to such an amount.

Suo Ningbing said, ’’Of which, nine hundred gold coins are gambling debts, and the other three thousand gold coins is the money he lend.’’

Lanling said, ’’Are they not fraud, how can we owe them so much money?’’

Suo Ningbing said, ’’I have seen it, and their entire claims are truly authentic and credible. There are signatures and fingerprints of Suo Lun all over, and there is also the signature of a witness.’’

Lanling said, ’’Suo Lun this bastard, where did he spent that three thousand f*kin gold coins? It won't be used up even if he spends 10 years playing with women in a whorehouse.’’

Suo Ningbing said, ’’At an auction, Princess Zhi Ning fancied an ancient symbol, Suo Lun, in order to please her, spent the entire astronomical figure to buy the ancient symbol and gift it to Princess Zhi Ning.’’

Lanling surprised, ’’What symbol? A symbol that actually needs three thousand gold coins?’’

Suo Ningbing said,’’It is the Dragon Emperor's original handwriting after all. It is extremely rare. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor's calligraphy rarely spread out. It has now been three thousand years of time, now there are only less than 10 of his handwriting's existence in the whole world. So the price of three thousand gold coins is pretty much normal.’’

Lanling said, ’’Such a precious stuff, how can Princess Zhi Ning have a piece of mind accepting it?’’

Suo Ningbing said, ’’Of course not, she sternly rejected the gift of Suo Lun. Suo Lun became heartbroken and resentful. Thus, he immediately torched out the Dragon Emperor's calligraphy.’’

Suddenly, Lanling's old blood sprayed out.

Suo Lun this bastard. Just to chase after girls, threw out a large sum of money. He spent three thousand gold coins to buy something, and in the end, actually burned it out with fire. This prodigal son really has a super wasteful destructive level.

Suo Ningbing said, ’’The moment he saw the Dragon Emperor's handwriting, Suo Lun did not have that much money. Thus he went towards Royal City to loan some money. Now the period has arrived for those people to collect their debt.’’

Lanling said, ’’What about the 900 gold coins he owed to the gambling house, does Suo Lun like to gamble?’’

Suo Ningbing said, ’’He is not short of money, so he does not like to gamble. The reason he owed the gambling house was because of a woman, called Yi Yun. The daughter of an aristocrat who became poor, her father likes gambling, and owed a huge debt. So she was to be married and given to the casino boss to be a concubine. Suo Lun seeing it, became enraged. So he then took the debt and saved the girl.’’

Lanling said, ’’During that period, Suo Lun was madly in pursuit of Princess Zhi Ning, how can he go and provoke other girls?’’

Suo Ningbing said, ’’This Yi Yun is his classmate, and of course, his former lover.’’

Lanling suddenly gnashed his teeth, Suo Lun fortunately was already dead, if he was still alive, he would surely beat the life out of him for not taking care of his own life. Or perhaps. it is best to directly castrating him into a eunuch.

Suo Ningbing said, ’’To have such money, he can only use the name of the Count of Tianshui house to write a certificate of indebtedness and give it to the casino.’’

Lanling said, ’’If we insist on not returning the money, what can they to us?’’

Suo Bingbing's face turned red and said, ’’Repaying back the debt is the right and proper thing to do.’’

Lanling smiled and said, ’’Elder sister, it depends on what kind of debt it is.’’

She gave Lanling a glance, this little brother, his surface does not always seem to be honest. Even reneging from a debt seemed so righteousness to him.

Suo Ningbing shook her head, ’’It must be repaid because both debts have mortgages. For the three thousand gold coins, the manor is the mortgage, and the shop is the mortgage for the nine hundred gold coins. Suo Lun stole the copies of the property deeds from home and used it as mortgages.’’

Suo Nigbign said, ’’You are right. If we do not pay back the money when the deadline ends, the casino and creditors will take these copies of the deeds to the Royal CIty Law office and ask the transfer of these two properties. And since these two properties are now owned by Duke Zhi Ting, and in that case, these two groups will fight in a lawsuit for these two properties.’’

Hearing this, Lanling suddenly realized something which made the hair on his back stood stiff.

Obviously, Princess Zhi Ning has something to do with this matter also.

On the first round, Suo Ningbing bribed Duke Zhi Ting. Thus, Princess Zhi Ning felt the pressure and her first move was to make Luo Ge expel Lanling (Suo Lun) out from the Academy.

And so , Lanling went and find Suo Lun's former se*ual lover, the gorgeous Teacher Ni Ya, and once again had her heart in captive. Ni Ya raised her hands, and made the Dean Jian Yong withdraw the order for Suo Lun expulsion, and thus Lanling passed the first ordeal.

As a result, Suo Lun just returned to the Royal City Academy, when Princess Zhi Ning's second move stabbed him over. It is cruel and ruthless, and just as fatal.

Although three thousand gold coins is a lot, but the two creditors does not mind for the money at ll.

Their main purpose is very simple, and that is to make the Suo Family completely make Duke Zhi Ting burn himself in anger.

Their plan is very clear. They were very certain that the Suo Family can not absolute bring out this three thousand nine hundred gold coins.

As long as the deadline is reached, these two creditors will take these two copies of property deeds to the Royal City Law Office, and request for the transfer of these two properties.

However, these two properties are currently in the hands of Duke Zhi Ting, there will undoubtedly be a dispute.

So the two creditors and Duke Zhi Ting will take legal confrontation in the court and fight for these two properties.

Once matters developed to this point, how can Duke Zhi TIng not be enraged?

He immediately worked hard after receiving the bribe at the expense of even offending the future crown prince, Prince Zhi Li. And the properties that the Suo Family gave to him is actually a debach fraud, isn't the Suo Family thinking of me as a freaking joke? Do they think that I am just like a cemetery?

At that time, Duke Zhi Ting could not help but say to the Suo Family. He will surely shy away from them, and would simply want to shoot them dead.

The Suo Family is already on the wrong side with Prince Zhi Li, thus Duke Zhi Ting is the Suo Family's sole huge mountain.

Although their patron is very greedy, he but very straightforward, and is a very good support.

If they offended Duke Zhi Ting, the consequence will be utterly unimaginable. They originally can not take on Prince Zhi Li, now that you add Duke Zhi Ting against them, they will all be torn into pieces, bones even crushed to dust.

Princess Zhi Ning is truly cruel ah, and completely took drastic measure to deal with them.

Lanling said, ’’’’How many days till the day of the deadline?’’

’’Two days. ’’ Suo Ningbing said, ’’The two creditors, specifically chose this date, and will come to pick it up.’’

Lanling said, ’’How much money is there at home?’’

Suo Ningbing said, ’’Around three hundred gold coins.’’

Hearing this, Lanling was frightened stiff out of his wots, the huge Count family only has a mere three hundred gold coins?

With just the strength of Count's house, wanting to simply pay back the money is utterly impossible.


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