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World Customize Creator - Chapter 97


Chapter 97 : Decision and preaching

Volance Palace, the King's private room. Krielov and Yuusuke were accompanying Violet to an audience with the King Esvosbus regarding Yuusuke's suggestion.

’’Dad, could you please trust me and Yuusuke.’’

’’No but, that is too...’’

To send the Darkness God Corps as a goodwill ambassador to Gazzetta at this time of unrest. Rumors of the Darkness God Captain having a connection with Gazzetta, the stagnation of trade due to the magical beast disaster, the masses of the city were already becoming restless.

This unrest had already reached a point to where there was an attempted assassination on the Darkness God Captain. For the time being a gag order had been passed down, information about that incident was being contained, with only the palace officials responsible for investigating knowing about it.

With the current unrest amongst the soldiers in mind, this didn't seem to be a great time to send the Darkness God Corps to Gazzetta.

’’Yuusuke, why would you want to go to Gazzetta at this time?’’

’’Don't tell me just because of this small uneasiness he wants to seek asylum in Gazzetta’’ King Esvobus began trying to discover the true motive behind his proposal.

To go to the extent of accompanying Violet to meet the King. This could be inferred of his strong will of making his plan happen.

’’One of the main reasons is self-protection.’’

Realising that he had not minced his words, Violet hit the back of Yuusuke's head. That being said, Yuusuke didn't care about a noble's way of speaking, believing that getting straight to the point was more honest. .

’’Yeah, nevertheless -ja can you be a little more cool!’’

’’There's no point talking in circles, it's better to get straight to the point.’’

’’Princess, Yuusuke-dono, you are in the presence of the King.’’

Krielov who had followed up with a remonstration had to back down as the King saw Violet's innocence and replied with ’’it's alright it's alright’’. After pulling himself together, Yuusuke began explain why he proposed his trip to Gazzetta.

’’The other reason, more like the main reason is to go over there and persuade Shinha to adopt the 5 equal race ideal.’’


King Esvobus squinted his eyes and stared at the Darkness God Captain. As Yuusuke continued to explain his reasoning, the King listened attentively in order to see if there were lies within his voice. The other reply belonged to the self-called forest tribe man who was currently invisible.

From the contents of the secret message that was sent from Queen Risha through carrier pigeons, King Shinha of Gazzetta would only compromise halfway with regards to the 5 equal race ideal.

Although the Darkness God Captain is unaware of it, however if this ’’Evil God’’ were to personally advocate for the cooperation of the 5 equal race ideals~~

'King Shinha might even consent to participate in this ideal~~'(Esvobus thoughts)


The third day of the water month of Volnar~~

’’What in the world is the King thinking!’’

’’I didn't expect it to come down to this decision....’’

In one of the upper room of the palace. Where the anti-darkness corp faction is, an emergency meeting was being held, Marquis Vordat who rarely speaks began knocking against the desk. The rest of the participants in the room had a unbelievable expression as they turned and faced him with signs of confusion.

~~The Darkness God Corps will visit Gazzetta as a envoy. This was the topic of discussion around Sanc Adiet after the official announcement from the Palace in the morning. As the majority of the palace officials hadn't heard anything about this till, there was a lot of conflicting information, causing mayhem throughout the early afternoon.

When King Esvosbus accepted Violet's proposal, within the quickest time on the same day, a messenger pigeon was sent to Blue Garden to notify them about the goodwill ambassador whom will be dispatched to Gazzetta, just before Marquis Vordat had gotten information about it.

After receiving the letter from King Esvosbus, Queen Risha immediately sent out her handwritten letter by messenger pigeon to Gazzetta's King, Shinha, on the next day. Within the contents of the letter was also the results of a decision to let the Darkness God Corps head out for Gazzetta 2 days later.

With the current declining situation in Gazzetta, for Shinha, who was in need of Yuusuke's power, this letter couldn't have come at a better time. By being too hasty to reply to the message, he didn't notice the scribbles that Ayuka had written on it.

On the day that the decision was made in which Yuusuke were to spearhead the Darkness God Corps' trip to Gazzetta. They had hurriedly finished their preparations, during the evening and by the timethe sun had set they were ready to depart from Sanc Adiett. Only 3 people had sent them off, Violet, Krielov and Hirvodir whom were standing in front of the palace~~.

’’The Darkness God Corps has set off before the announcement was made.’’

’’If we were to send the assassins now will they catch up.....’’

’’To begin with it's not a direction where you can just sent assassins.’’

In regards of the connection of the Evil God and Gazzetta, we had thought it would be impossible that the Darkness God Corps would be sent aboard to Gazzetta for an official visit. With the King's official intention of making friends with Gazzetta being published, the criticising of the Evil God's plot became more difficult.

The conspiracy that had been spread until now, with the decision of sending them as an ambassador, if one were to say that the King was being manipulated by the evil god aka the Darkness God Captain, it would be an utter disrespect to the King.

’’........the unity of the five races ideal.’’

’’Marquis Vordat?’’

’’This is an initiative to advance the plans. The King has decided to sent the Darkness God Captain aboard to Gazzetta to persuade them.’’

’’Even so we need to stop the Darkness God Corps no matter what!’’

Although they held an emergency meeting, it had already been one day after the announcement and 2 days after the Darkness God Corps left the city. They were most likely at the harbor city crossing the moon mirror lake towards the peninsular of Trent Rietta.

’’It would be impossible to catch up now....we shall maintain an anti attitude against Gazzetta.’’

’’What about trying to set up a challenge against them? For example burning the artless street to agitate Gazetta's enmity....’’

’’Are you're just giving them a reason to justify war. Also, burning the artless will cause the morale here to drop.’’

’’This is the Darkness God Captain who gives artless special treatment, who isn't on anyone's side. The Hero who has many military merits.’’

After pointing that out, knowing that there is a high chance of becoming the enemy of the Darkness God Corps, the complexion of everyone turned dark. Their original objective was to overthrow the Darkness God Captain's position from the center of power.

Everyone here knew in their heart the great number of benefits that the Darkness God Captain had brought to Fonclanc. However, he was rising too fast. From knowing the former instructor, to become the princess's favorite, a close friend to the heir of a duke, and enticing a singing princess who was one of Nossentes's former intelligence agents.

The protection regulations for the Artless citizen, the rise of Gazzetta, if all these were being planned out it would be a crisis, not to forget about the uprising of one of Trent Rietta's old families.

Not to mention that the head of the old family, Valerie, had managed to be drawn into the freedom army, even winning against the wind edge army and obtained a great victory.

’’....from now on there is need to think thoroughly in the future.’’

’’Why would you say that?’’

’’If the persuasion of Gazzetta were to succeed and the 5 race plan was publicly announced, there will be a clash amongst the supporters and opposers.’’

From then we could consider that the Darkness God Corps would want a speedy elimination of all opposers. Thus to lay the groundwork for the forthcoming crisis, preparations like a military were stated in the Marquis words, as the people around began to realise that they might already become the masterminds behind the upcoming ’’civil war’’ their faces turned green.

Marquis Vordat who realised the change in atmosphere, immediately told them not to jump to conclusion and pay attention.

’’There might not be a need for a civil war, maybe not even a coup d'etat. We should be prepared to defend the claims of our rights.’’

On the premise that the regime of the King belongs to King Esovobus. Unlike Trent Rietta, Fonclanc's King couldn't change the country as he likes. Surprisingly there weren't many ambitious people, apart from those with abilities.

In any case, if Gazzetta were to aim to become the sovereignty of Kalticio and invade, it's only opposition would be the divine art users of Fonclanc. If one were to think about it, the five race unity ideal would be a way of compromising with Gazzetta, causing them to become docile, allowing for the continuation of this current peaceful period.

’’Our future activities is to encourage the progress of the 5 race unity, this would allow us to keep the current status quo.’’

The main objective of the Marquis faction was the downfall of the Darkness God Captain by using an anti-evil god faction to prevent the union of the 5 races plan, however now with the realization of the 5 race unity ideal , they have shifted their activities to maintain their political influence.


Along the peninsular of Trent Rietta, on the mirror moon lake where half of it was currently owned by Gazzetta, a new town is being built directly opposite of Fonclanc's port city.

This was the place where the Darkness God Corps previously landed their forces and met up with King Shinha and his white sword cavalry. Just a distance away was the location of the camping ground tents. In the future, the huge rocks and weeds in the surrounding area would be removed to make way for a material storehouse.

’’Well done coming here, Yuusuke. Gazzetta welcomes you.’’

’’Whoa, I didn't expect to be greeted in such a place.’’

’’Hey Shin boy, really to greet the diplomat even before declaring friendship!’’

’’Hello, Ayaku-chan.’’

This was regarding the King with a few handpicked elites coming to the landing site to greet the Darkness God Corps whom were here on a Gazzetta Envoy mission. The actions by the King of Gazzetta astounded the Darkness God Corps. From Ayaku's words, it seems like he was a ’’restless child’’.

’’Here, this is the letter written from our king. Isn't this Trent Rietta's territory?’’

’’Hmm, yea we have taken it. It was during the previous civil war, we've taken half of it.’’

After handing over the hand written letter without any seriousness, Yuusuke began enquiring about the nearby reclamation and Gazzetta's activities, after a short pause Shinha began to answer him. As this region was untouched and abandoned, Gazzetta took the initiative to make use of it.

’’....speaking of that, that time we had encountered Valerie and her party in the harbour city, the white blade cavalry was approaching from the opposite side of the shore.’’

Thinking about it, it was at that time when Shinha came as the ambassador of Gazzetta to tempt him over.


He never imagined that he would become an official goodwill ambassador when the anti-darkness god faction was spreading rumors about him having ties with Gazzetta, he just came up with this idea as he was panicking.

’’Actually, I need a favor from you, Yuusuke.’’

’’Ah, I also need a favor from you, Shinha.’’

’’Shin-boya, Yuusuke too, are you two seriously starting a conversation here?’’

They had started their conversation at the spot where the Darkness God Corps had landed, at the cape of the peninsula which was overlooking the lake. Shinha and Yuusuke are the type who didn't care much about formalities, and were being reminded by Ayuka about their positions as a king and an ambassador.

Although Ayuka herself was open minded when it came to etiquette, she is also very picky about the location and began nagging at them.

’’Especially Evil God Yuusuke, couldn't you consider the nobility of the king of a country and think about his position ?’’


’’I know that you might think it is an hassle to do such things but~~’’

To respect the other party is a form of politeness. Yuusuke who knows that he had done something wrong hangs his head downwards.

’’Yuusuke's subordinates, you guys should be warning him whenever he does something wrong.’’

Knowing that Yuusuke had come from a completely different kind of world, the Darkness God Corps members realised that the blame was suddenly directed at them. Although she looked like a 12 year old kid on the outside, she had lived for over 3000 year thus her speaking had a formidable presence.

’’Gran,Granny, please leave it at that. He is still Fonlanc's ambassador.’’

Shinha is normally weak against Ayuka's preaching and was scratching his head whilst trying to pacify her. As the shrine maiden, she had been watching over the various kings of Gazzetta, since he was young he had been discipline by Ayuka thus he won't climb over her head.

’’Shin-boy you should also act more like a King, if you really want to go ahead with Queen Risha's plan.’’

’’....I know.’’

’’Queen Risha's plan....? Is it?’’

’’Queen Risha's plan, the unity of the 5 races. Didn't you came here to convince Shinha about it?’’

After blowing the education hurricane, a smile emerged on her face, and the Darkness God Corp was lead into a big tent in the middle of the camp.

Shinha handed the job of escorting them to Ayuka as he went to his subordinates to prepare the reception.

’’Are you alright? Yuusuke-san?’’

’’Ahh, the feeling of embarrassment after been scolded by elder after a long period of time.’’

Yuusuke replied with a awkward smile as Sun had a worried expression. Despite how things got to this, they still represented their country and came to meet the King of Gazzetta to conduct important negotiations. Certainly they had to reflect on their actions.

He would need to review on how he should act around the people within the country, especially those people in the palace.

’’No~ I was just thinking how looks can be deceiving...’’

’’Working so hard with such a small body.’’

’’There's a saying, it's what's inside that counts.’’

’’Waha, that's true. Shinha was also being shrugged off easily, we better buck up.’’

The goodwill talks between the King of Gazzetta and Fonclanc's ambassador were held at the white blade calvary's tent along the banks of Mirror Moon Lake.


’’Ah, I just remember. Shinha, what does this mean? Even our king couldn't decipher this?’’

Is it some kind of code? As Yuusuke took out the paper that King Esvobus had passed to him. It was a piece of paper that came along with the reply to the reception of the goodwill ambassador. It was a picture of a girl with a dog like creature, standing on a vast green pasture filled with multiple color flowers.

’’That is.....’’

’’Ng? What's written on it---! Why do you have this!’’

Ayukas who was peeking, turned red as she shouted out loud.

’’Eh? Ayukas-san, you know this?’’

’’Ye,yes....this is.....’’

’’It's Granny's random scribblings.’’

’’Awa~~ waa~~ don't say it like that!’’

The once thought mysterious code was actually Ayukas's drawing. The witch of Gazzetta who had lived for an eternity had a ’’I'm a failure face’’ as she covered her face with her hands and retreated at full speed.

’’, should I have said that it was a nice painting instead?’’

’’It's better to stop saying anything.....’’


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