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World Controlling God - Chapter 53


Chapter 53

Chapter 53 - Let me enjoy this battle!

’’One-Eyed Eagle, do you really want to face against our mercenary group?’’ Being prevented by One-Eyed Eagle and also having witnessed two of his comrades murdered, Golden Wolf angrily yelled at One-Eyed Eagle .

One-Eyed Eagle coldly gazed at Golden Wolf . ’’Once my young master has spoken, it's you looking for death . ’’

Ling Xiao was indeed the best of the young generation of Ling family . He was protected by the Ling family, so even Blue Wolf captain from the Blue Wolf mercenary group might know about his identity, and perhaps they should be quite hesitant . With this layer of relationship, One-Eyed Eagle wouldn't be afraid anymore . Moreover, in this current situation, he didn't have to be scared of Golden Wolf since he believed that if he joined forces with Ling Xiao, they could definitely kill Golden Wolf .

’’Leave or die, choose it yourself . ’’ Ling Xiao didn't look at the dead as he replied to Golden Wolf .

Golden Wolf squinted at Ling Xiao and was quite undetermined . On his side, there were only three people remaining: he was a mid-level Xuan warrior, then there were two other high-level warriors . However, Golden Wolf couldn't see through this young man in front of him . It was quite unexpected that he could get the loyalty of One-Eyed Eagle . Moreover, in just a short moment, he could even kill two of his mid-level Xuan practitioners;thus, this person was extremely tricky .

Right then, a high-level Xuan practitioner approached Golden Wolf and talked in low voice . Golden Wolf's expression became quite delighted .

’’Young brat, you've killed people of our Blue Wolf group, so I'll use your blood to offer them . ’’ Golden Wolf was extremely decisive in exterminating Ling Xiao's group since he became so sure .

’’Golden Wolf, you're so determined in preventing us?’’ One-Eyed Eagle held the longsword in his hand . He was ready to fight as his Xuan force circulated all over his body .

’’Stop this nonsense . I'll kill you . ’’ Golden Wolf shouted out loud and started the attack by swinging his golden sword towards One-Eyed Eagle .

Two high-level Xuan practitioners followed Golden Wolf and rushed towards Fu Ning and Fu Wei .

Ling Xiao hadn't started as he felt alert and was so sure that this Golden Wolf definitely had some tricks within him . Otherwise, he wouldn't be so determined in starting the fight with them .

Exactly as he predicted, Ling Xiao saw that there were some shadows appearing at the entrance .

One, two, three people... In total, there were another fifteen people .

Ling Xiao silently counted the number of people . With fifteen more people, it was quite understandable for Golden Wolf to immediately turn his face .

One-Eyed Eagle risked a move with Golden Wolf, and he was pushed back a few dozen steps while Golden Wolf only moved back by three steps .

’’Not good, young master . There are more people coming!’’ Only then, One-Eyed Eagle recognized the unusual situation .

Right then, there came a mournful cry, ’’Ah!’’

It was Fu Wei . After he heard that there were more people coming from One-Eyed Eagle, he felt so panicked after he received a slash from Golden Wolf's servant onto his head .

’’Brother!’’ Fu Ning cried out painfully . There was much murderous intent bursting from across his body . Ignoring his own opponent, he slashed towards that high-level Xuan practitioner who had killed his younger brother .

The powerful sword slashes rushed chaotically towards that high-level Xuan practitioner .

’’Humph, I'll send you on your way . ’’ That high-level Xuan practitioner wasn't afraid . They were people who had already experienced life and death, so they wouldn't even be scared by some sword movements, not to mention about Fu Ning as he also had the same experience .

As the blade and sword collided, they produced waves of sparks .

Then, the high-level Xuan practitioner, who had just been fighting with Fu Ning, took advantage of the situation to sneak an attack against Fu Ning .

At the moment, when Fu Ning believed that he would die, a person drew his sword to defend his back and saved his life .

’’The dead cannot revive . When people go all out, we can't easily predict life and death . ’’ Ling Xiao said plainly . He was not feeling sorry for the death of Fu Wei because such a coward like him, sooner or later, would die in the hands of some others .

Fu Ning seemed unable to hear Ling Xiao's words as he still crazily plunged forward and attacked towards that high-level Xuan practitioner .

Their fierce battle had raised up a chaotic region .

By then, those fifteen people had already come beside Golden Wolf . They were wearing the same thing as those people of Golden Wolf, so it was obvious they were all members of the Blue Wolf mercenary group .

’’Golden captain, who's this?’’ A low-level Xuan warrior, among those people, asked Golden Wolf .

’’Kill them, this Underworld Patterned Panther belongs to us . ’’ Golden Wolf stared at One-Eyed Eagle as he said . Just then, he almost didn't remember there was an army behind him . Without the reminder from his servants, he might have given up the loot this time . Currently, his subordinates had all gathered, so he wouldn't worry any longer and gave them the killing order directly .

’’Underworld Patterned Panther?’’ The low-level Xuan warrior tilted his eyes to look around and found the corpse of a huge panther lying there, clearly dead . All of a sudden, he revealed a sense of greed .

One-Eyed Eagle retreated towards Ling Xiao and his face carried an expression of extreme extreme seriousness, ’’Young master, we should retreat first . The opponent has become very powerful with the addition of several people . ’’

Ling Xiao didn't say a word as he took out two Qi Enhancing pills - those pills had been given by the grand superior elder previously . He swallowed one and gave One-Eyed Eagle the other, ’’I'd never give up my prey for any other . First, you draw out the leader, and the rest are all mine . ’’

Ling Xiao's eyes were burning fiercely, filled with fighting spirit . In fact, he really embraced this type of cultivation practice to use battle to nurture: not only would it enrich his battle sense, it would also help him realize the essence of powerful techniques much faster, and thus he could break through more easily .

It wasn't a problem with the number of opponents;he had never been afraid of the number of opponents . It was because the ability of his opponent had never been powerful enough to scare him . One-Eyed Eagle had already taken care of one mid-level Xuan warrior, while Ling Xiao was sure to kill another low-level Xuan warrior . For other low-level and even high-level Xuan practitioner, there were only just a few of them and were basically incapable of making him fear .

’’One-Eyed Eagle, today is your death . Die!’’ Golden Wolf was boiling with fighting spirit as he led the group and slashed his golden sword, filled with killing intent, towards One-Eyed Eagle .

The low-level Xuan warrior moved towards Ling Xiao . As he realized that Ling Xiao was only a mid-level Xuan practitioner, he wasn't polite and displayed a sense of contempt . However, he also didn't want to carry out the task, so he pointed toward another high-level comrade to take on Ling Xiao .

Ling Xiao appeared quite excited with a sword in one hand and blade in another, and his eyes expressed strong fighting spirit . His warrior's heart was screaming, ’’Allow me to enjoy a good battle!’’

His feet executed Phantom Cloud Walk, and with a powerful movement of his sword, he rushed towards the attacking high-level Xuan practitioner .

The high-level Xuan practitioner, upon facing such a powerful move from Ling Xiao, couldn't help but become startled . He really didn't expect that a mid-level Xuan practitioner could make him feel so terrified like that;he immediately raised his long spear in defense .

Unfortunately, he didn't know that the blade in Ling Xiao's hand was a second order mid-level blade, Silver-Demonic Bloody Blade . Thus, his spear was broken in half as he stared blankly at the blade's shadow plunging down onto his face .

’’No!’’ He opened his eyes widely and yelled in disbelief . He was holding a high-grade weapon, how could it be easily broken into half?


That high-level Xuan practitioner didn't even have time to react as he was also sliced in half in half by Ling Xiao .

The other high-level Xuan warrior was startled . He seemed to become even more avaricious as he thought to himself, ’’It's definitely a second order mid-level blade . ’’

’’Young brat, drop your blade, and I'll let you keep your life!’’ The low-level Xuan warrior ordered solemnly . He supposed that his comrade had negligently discarded the opponent, and the enemy's utilization of a high-grade weapon all of a sudden - that was why he had been killed . Otherwise, he didn't believe Ling Xiao was that powerful .

’’Stupid . ’’ Ling Xiao scolded contemptuously . At the same time, he glanced at Fu Ning who was surrounded by several enemies . It seemed quite sure that death would come to him . Then, there was One-Eyed Eagle who was reluctantly fighting on par with Golden Wolf . He reminded himself to end the fight rapidly .

’’Too arrogant, I wouldn't let you die in whole!’’ The low-level Xuan warrior shouted out and then chose to take things into his hand . He swung a second order low-level heavy blade, sending a brownish yellow block of light quickly towards Ling Xiao .

Ling Xiao didn't dare to take it hard with the opponent, so he performed Phantom Cloud Walk to kill those mercenaries who hadn't made any move .

Those low-level Xuan practitioners basically couldn't defend a move against Ling Xiao . Two of them immediately died under Ling Xiao's blade .

’’Be careful . He's welding a second order blade in his hand . We should split out and surround him!’’ That low-level Xuan warrior gave out an order .

At once, the dozen of them separated and created a circle to surround him with swords, blades, and spears... All of them attacked towards Ling Xiao present at the center of their encirclement .

With so many attacks from different weapons, Ling Xiao dared not to move slowly . The specially-made cloak fluttering behind his back immediately wrapped around his body . His body was like a spinner that twisted and flew up to block all the attacks . At the same time, his Trace-Remaining Sword swung towards the weakest people .

Numerous sword maneuvers, each so critical and terrifying, fell down on those people .

Ah ah ah!

A few horrible screams came as a number of people were blown away . The encirclement was broken .

’’Get out, let me come forward!’’ The low-level Xuan warrior swung his blade angrily . His movement, imbued with earth-attribute, quickly smashed toward Ling Xiao .

Ling Xiao dared not to directly face off with the enemy, so he pushed his Phantom Cloud Walk to its limits and avoided the blade from that Xuan warrior . At the same time, he tried to kill other Xuan practitioners .

Those Xuan practitioners knew the terror of Ling Xiao's Xuan skill;moreover, coupled with the ferociousness of a second order a second order weapon, they ran as if they were facing a ghost .

Yet, that was exactly what Ling Xiao wanted to achieve . In term of speed, none could compare to him, and at least only a mid-level Xuan warrior would be able to catch up with him .

Ling Xiao quickly caught up with a mid-level Xuan practitioner . He was obviously a fearless man as he yelled, ’’I'll risk it all with you . ’’

The longsword in his hand slashed out three overlapping sword shadows . The power incorporated in that attack was not ordinary, and it seemed that even a normal high-level Xuan practitioner would not face it directly .

Ling Xiao slid by with a smile . His Silver-Demonic Bloody Blade, as always, made a clumsy and simple movement that hit towards the opponent's sword .



Without surprise, the other person was killed with just a move and a bloody mist burst out . The stench of blood made people feel extremely nauseous .

’’You cowardly bastard . If you have the guts, then fight 100 rounds with me!’’ That low-level Xuan warrior was so angry . Dammit, this brat's like an earthworm, slithering around and so slippery . Basically, he couldn't capture him and could only see his comrades getting killed one by one without being able to do a single thing .

’’If you can catch me, then we'll talk!’’ Ling Xiao smiled proudly before he turned to chase another person .

’’Everyone, retreat behind me!’’ The low-level Xuan warrior gave out an order for every single person of the group fighting against Ling Xiao to stay behind him;otherwise, they would be killed by Ling Xiao one by one, implying great loss .

Among fifteen newcomers, there were already five deaths - such a great loss for just an Underworld Patterned Panther .

’’Hide? You think you can hide?’’ Ling Xiao smiled faintly . The moment his sword was swung, blade movements swept up an entire area around him and covered the entire sky .

Shadowless Blade - Trace-Remaining Sword, an attack invented by Ling Xiao from the synthesis of Feng Yun's martial arts . The power was extremely terrifying .

One could only see a blue sharp-pointed block of light interference . A wave of powerful qi made people feel extremely scared . The sword light didn't stop flashing as it pounded down onto that low-level Xuan warrior and the group of people behind him .

In a short moment, the low-level Xuan warrior could sense the chances of death, so he didn't hesitate any further . He gritted his teeth and earth-attribute Xuan force on his body moved very quickly as he shouted loudly, ’’Earth-Blade Chop . ’’

A move that concentrated all his Xuan force . The attack charged toward Ling Xiao .


In a blink, the two moves collided and caused the surrounding earth to concave into a huge crater .


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