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World Controlling God - Chapter 47


Chapter 47

Chapter 47 - Explore life together.

After a long 'tug-of-war', the heads of both Li and Lan family fled away from Ling family.

’’Li brother, is this situation done here?’’ Lan Zhenfeng couldn't accept the situation as he asked Li Chongqian.

’’So how did you expect things to end? As long as that old man from Ling family isn't dead, we won't have any other way to go against Ling family.’’ Li Chongqian also responded discontentedly. He continued after a pause, ’’That guy might perhaps have undergone another breakthrough. If that's the case, no one might want to mess with Ling family for another twenty years.’’

’’Did you just say that the old man from Ling family had made another breakthrough?’’ Lan Zhenfeng was very shocked.

’’If that isn't the case, based on just his own strength, how could he push back both of us at the same time?’’ Li Chongqian said contemplatively.

Lan Zhenfeng reminisced the situation back at the inner court of Ling family. They had been indeed impacted by the spiritual power of the old man from Ling family which made their blood boil. It must be unanimously agreed that his strength was indeed unpredictably powerful.

’’However, this trip wasn't in vain. I've long heard of the incessant internal conflict within Ling family. Today, I've confirmed the news to be true. We just need to grasp the moment and push one more step to trigger an internal war from within Ling family and cause them to get disparaged by themselves. So, just like that, Ling family would naturally end up being unable to cause fear.’’ The aging eyes of Li Chongqian shined with pride.

’’Your words aren't wrong. So, from now, Lan family would naturally see Li family as the leading horse. I hope that Li brother would not mind it.’’ Lan Zhenfeng took this chance to open his heart to Li Chongqian.

This would be the right moment to curry favor with the Li family. Lan Zhenfeng would definitely not let this chance slip away. If they could become an ally with the Li family, then as Li family grew, they could enjoy a bit of light as well and entering the large family group would not be impossible in the near future.

Li Chongqian laughed, ’’Haha, with the support from Lan brother, I would definitely welcome it more!’’

As the two heads from Li and Lan family left, there was another discussion within the inner court of Ling family that lasted more than an hour. After the meeting was over, both the second and the fifth elder carried a strange expression on their faces as they returned to their private rooms.

’’Big brother, I couldn't stand it. I want to eliminate that brat with my own hands!’’ The fifth elder burst out in anger the moment he entered the room.

’’If you're not patient on such small things, then you would create a mess. The last failed assassination has already triggered much attention. Currently, he rarely leaves the family, so it would not be so easy to eliminate him.’’ The second elder said plainly.

’’So, do we just leave him to continue his arrogance like this? If we don't quickly get rid of him at this moment, and if he could achieve something, then it would be extremely difficult,’’ the fifth elder said angrily.

’’Within one year, he couldn't grow any more stronger. So if the chance surfaces, we'll just take care of him first. Without him, perhaps the grand superior elder might not stand on Ling Cang's side, and he might even favor Kuang child. By then, victory would surely be within our hands.’’ The second elder analyzed.

’’Such clever tactics! However, who should we send to get rid of that bastard? According to what he said, he could even kill a low-level xuan warrior, and there are those two tiger guardians by his side. Perhaps I should just send him off myself?’’ The fifth elder suggested.

’’Why should we waste much force on killing such a brat, especially when there are people who truly want to get rid of him more than we do. We just need to pay attention to where that brat moves. We just have to release the news, and there will be someone to take his shitty life.’’ From within the second elder's eyes, a murderous glint appeared.

Upon hearing so, the fifth elder thought for a moment before nodding, ’’Great plan. Unless that brat never left the house, he would surely be dead.’’

’’Alright. No more of these things. How has things been at the old devil's place?’’ The second elder said of something else.

In this moment, the fifth elder was a bit angry, ’’Recently, it's not clear what are they doing, but the Blue Wolf group isn't delivering the materials. So that old devil threw tantrums the whole day, saying if there's no more provision of the poisonous weed, he would cease refining. It's really driving people mad.’’

’’You don't need to get angry with your younger brother. His personality is like that, especially when there's no more poisonous weed;nothing could truly be done. You could use some people to spread the news around and collect those poisonous weeds at a higher price. I believe there would be quite a number of mercenaries and risk-takers that would help us with the current situation temporarily. Anyway, it's not something that's so difficult to find.’’ The second elder advised.

’’I already know that. However, the success rate of that old devil has been truly low. Currently, fifty parts of medicinal herbs have been provided, yet only five parts were successful. With such a rate of material loss, I'm afraid we would not be able to support for more than half half a year!’’ The fifth elder explained.

’’We have no choice. Of the whole Jiangxi City, there's only this old devil able to refine it. Let's just give in for a bit. When the pills are enough, that's when we'd reclaim the family business.’’ The second elder replied, while in deep thought.

. . .

Ling Xiao left the inner court back home.

In fact, there was something Ling Cang wanted to talk to him, yet, as Luo Qing Shuang was still at his house, he definitely must check on her for a moment. With a guest so considerable like her, it would be his fault not to give appropriate appreciation to her.

After thinking through, Ling Xiao saw that he had nothing to give her. So he couldn't do anything but to use himself as a gift then. It would be up to her to deal with this. As long as it was not serious, he could tolerate that.

Walking into the living room, he immediately saw Luo Qing Shuang talking jovially with his mother, Meng Xi Yun.

’’Boy, you're home. You really have made me worried to death,’’ Meng Xi Yun said the moment she saw Ling Xiao. Her hands were moving around to touch Ling Xiao, as if she was truly afraid he might have suffered from some wounds.

Ling Xiao felt so warm as he consoled her, ’’Mom, nothing happened to me. Everyone was just asking for rationales. After I explain everything clearly, they have returned and even agreed to send some compensation gift to Yu Xi. So don't worry.’’

If such words were heard by Li Chongqian and Lan Zhenfeng, they might get so angry and spit out blood right on the spot. He had even killed their people, then made them admit to their faults. So, saying it as talking rationales, none would ever believe!

Even Bai Yu Xi couldn't hold her laughter upon hearing so.

’’It's good that nothing happened. Luo lady here has been waiting for more than half a day, so you just go and talk with each other, while Yu Xi and I would go to prepare some food.’’ Meng Xi Yun felt assured, and then left with Bai Yu Xi after having given the glance for Ling Xiao.

In the hall, there were only Ling Xiao and Luo Qing Shuang remaining.

Ling Xiao didn't say anything. He sat down and poured a cup of tea. As he was sipping tea, he quietly looked at Luo Qing Shuang.

In his mind, he praised, ’’This gal has such a curvy posture, which seems a bit larger than Yu Xi. Though her face isn't as white as Yu Xi's, it appears quite rejuvenated and elastic. Letting Yu Xi and her become my personal maids as complimentary isn't that bad.’’

Luo Qing Shuang blushed as she was being stared intensely at by Ling Xiao, so she turned her head away. head away. Her soft hand couldn't stop clutching the edge of the sleeve and she didn't know what to think.

After a while, Luo Qing Shuang couldn't stand it as she said, ’’Why are you looking at me like that!’’

Looking at the embarrassed manner from Luo Qing Shuang, Ling Xiao reckoned this gal might largely have something for him. So he couldn't help feeling happy, yet he just coughed: ’’You little plump, thank you for coming to visit me from far away. I feel so touched.’’

Even though Luo Qing Shuang felt sweet in the depths of her heart, she refused to admit it, ’’I was just... passing by.’’

Ling Xiao knew this gal was never consistent between what she thought and what she said. Obviously, he didn't believe her words yet also didn't want to reveal it, ’’Qing Shuang, could I call you so?’’

Luo Qing Shuang used her softer-than-mosquito-flying to reply ’’Yes’’, with the redness on her face getting darker.

Ling Xiao got so much hope fluttering from inside him!

’’Qing Shuang, both of us have known each other since childhood. Could it be considered that we are childhood sweethearts?’’ Ling Xiao started to lure Luo Qing Shuang.

Luo Qing Shuang didn't deny, it was as if she secretly accepted it.

’’Normal childhood sweethearts would be like good friends, and there would be nothing they would not tell each other or discuss with one another, is that right?’’


’’Normally they would play with each other, and explore life together, right?’’


’’Let's see, firstly, should we go into the room to explore a bit about life, while also increasing our relationship a bit?’’ Ling Xiao ran towards Luo Qing Shuang and stared at her beautiful face. He rubbed his hands and the edge of his mouth seemed to be about to salivate as well.

Luo Qing Shuang thought once more on what Ling Xiao had said. As she raised her eyes, she saw Ling Xiao with a lustful look like a ’’hungry wolf’’. She then threw a punch forward, ’’You go and die!’’



The rather realistic punch hit squarely on that handsome face of Ling Xiao, which made him cry out in pain.

’’Ah, why didn't you avoid it!’’ Luo Qing Shuang gave a small cry. She didn't think Ling Xiao wouldn't move. She couldn't help but feel sorry for Ling Xiao.

’’Haha, my mouth talks bad so it must be hit!’’ Ling Xiao touched his face and he smiled apologetically.

In fact, he had completed training the first stage of the Five Transformations of Diamond Secret Arts, so how could such an ordinary punch make him feel painful?

Luo Qing Shuang had yet to experienced life much, so how could she recognize Ling Xiao's bitter trick, so she immediately lowered her face to apologize, ’’Sorry, I didn't intend to. Just that could you stop saying such flirty things to me?’’

’’Alright, I won't say it any more. It any more. It seems like I've been quite emotionally sensitive myself,’’ Ling Xiao said miserably.

’’No. . . Not really. Just that if you do not use these words to talk to people, they wouldn't hit you,’’ Luo Qing Shuang quickly explained.

’’However, seeing such a beauty like you, I couldn't help but blurt it out. Aizz, forget it, just don't come and visit me from now on. I'm afraid that I...’’ Ling Xiao's handsome face slowly twisted and his posture became increasingly uncomfortable.

Luo Qing Shuang suddenly felt a sense of irritation within her that made her unable to breathe easily. She didn't want to see Ling Xiao like this, so she took her courage to hold his hand ’’If... If you could win the top rank in the battle between the large families, then I would immediately... with you, does that sound fine to you?’’

Luo Qing Shuang had fallen into Ling Xiao's scheme to loosen the reins, only to grasp back better. As he tightened his grip, she couldn't stand it and spilled her gut.

From the previous time when she had been defeated by Ling Xiao at Wei Xiang residence, there was an image in her mind that she couldn't drive it away. When they were younger, she always followed him, and when he became a useless man, she just felt a bit depressed but not irritated. However, after so many years, when she met him again, he had restored his Xuan force and had defeated her. That was when she started to have feelings for him. Yet, yesterday when she heard that he came to Li family's region to kill people, she felt rather scared for him. She also felt it was hopeless for her liking someone as Ling Xiao, so she paid him a visit early morning today.

She had never thought that she would express her feelings to Ling Xiao today. She intended to wait until the battle between the families. If Ling Xiao had that world suppressing power and achieved the top spot, she would say it.

Today, while she couldn't recognize being fooled by Ling Xiao, she felt Ling Xiao might be in love with her too. So, after she had just let her heart out, she felt both nervous and embarrassed.

’’These words are real?’’ Ling Xiao held back the soft hand of Luo Qing Shuang.

Luo Qing Shuang's face turned red and nodded. She wanted to shake away, yet regretfully Ling Xiao didn't want to let go. So, she could only let him take some advantages.

’’Alright, just wait. In the battle between the families, I would definitely obtain the first place. Then after that, you could obediently become my maid, haha!’’ Ling Xiao laughed agreeably.

’’You go and die!’’ Luo Qing Shuang scolded and shook out of Ling Xiao's grip. She ran grumbling away from Ling Xiao's home.

Just to become a maid?


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