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Womanizing Mage - Chapter 74


Womanizing Mage, Chapter 74: Icy Wind Mercenary Group

Vast Huangmang plain, setting sun as if blood, severe wind as if blade, pungent bloody smell was floating around freely, and continuous layer upon layer piles of magical beast corpse was visible all over the place.

In a distant place, five people, two beast, and 18 skeletons were going out through the corpse piles. Impressively they were Long Yi and his group, followed by not only Violent Lightning Beast, but also one half black and half white tiger. As a matter of fact, gluttonous Little Three had woken up from its sleep, now it was twice as much bigger compared to its former size, and with its one black and one white eyeballs as if a vortex, it looked very strange. Now it can cast some elementary light and dark magic. But magical beast with both light and dark mana simultaneously was simply something unheard of. Sure enough, Long Yi as a freak, took in a freak pet.

’’Long Yi, we have again charged inside the lair of magical beasts. When will we be able to come out of Huangmang plain?’’ Lu Xiya said in low spirit. It was already one month after they had escaped Lost City, but without the map of Huangmang plain, they had to spend their everyday in killing as there was too many magical beasts in Huangmang plain.

Although with SS-class Violent Lightning Beast, ordinary lone and crowd of magical beasts would avoid them, but the awareness of magical beast towards their territory was very strong, and especially those thousands upon thousands gathered together group, they were too much. Just step into their territory, and they would begin to attack madly until all of them thoroughly died.

’’Very soon. The general direction we are walking towards is more or less correct, so after walking few more days, we ought to reach border of Proud Moon Empire.’’ Long Yi encouraged her with a smile. He didn't select the same path to return back, rather select a completely different path. Throughout the journey, they had killed countless magical beasts of various class, but he however was too lazy to go and dug out magic core, because he already didn't know how to use all those magic cores already inside his space ring.

Sky gradually dimmed, and temperature also fell. Long Yi found a place to camp, lit a bonfire and began to prepare dinner. The edibles they had prepared inside their space ring had already ran out long ago, and the edible things of Huangmang plain generally was only magical beasts' meat. These few days, Long Yi had used various method to cook these magical beasts' meat, such as roasting, frying, stewing, boiling, burning, and so on. Fortunately Long Yi's skill was pretty good as he had use all these cooking method in his previous incarnation. After eating his dishes everyone only sung the praises of his cooking skills. As for Violent Lightning Beast and Little Three, these two big eater ate even larger amount of food.

’’Elder sister Wushuang, what book are you reading again?’’ Lu Xiya restlessly ran towards Wushuang. Wushuang was the name of sleeping beauty Long Yi had come up with. At that time when he saw her that exceptional appearance and disposition, unconsciously four words 'unparalleled in the world' appeared in his mind, so gave her a name Wushuang. [T.L: Wushuang means unparalleled.]

Wushuang slightly smiled, closed her book and said: ’’Reading the general history of Blue Waves Continent. I think this might help me to remember something.’’ Her nature was very quiet, and didn't have many words. Every time when they rest, she would look for Long Yi for books. Every time she read books, the gaze of everyone would be unconsciously attracted towards her. Her that quiet and cool feeling easily affect others, and looking at her reading was also a kind of enjoyment.

’’Big sister Wushuang, you be at ease, you will definitely remember all things.’’ Lu Xiya encouraged her.

Wushuang nodded her head, and again immersed in the sea of books.

Currently Long Yi was fully occupied, but what would cause others roar with laughter was Long Two, as this skeleton was in the process of giving support to Long Yi by quickly cutting the magical beasts' meat under the command of Long Yi. Among the Necromancer throughout the ages, only Long Yi would think up to use skeletons to cut the ingredient of food.

At this time, Wushuang who was entranced in reading book frowned, then closing the book, she said: ’’Someone is coming.’’

Hearing Wushuang, everyone were dumbfounded.

’’Big sister Wushuang, you said someone is coming, not magical beast is coming, right?’’ Lu Xiya asked blankly.

This time Wushuang didn't need to answer, because specks of magic radiances' lights appeared at a distant point. Looking at the area covered and quantity, there should be at least several hundred people, presumably a medium-sized mercenary group.

This mercenary group stopped at some distance away, after that walked directly towards Long Yi's group campsite. They ought to be attracted by the light of their bonfire, and came here.

Long Yi recall Long Two inside the dark dimension space. Right now the dinner was also almost ready.

Very quickly after a short time, that mercenary group appeared in front of Long Yi and his group. There was approximately 500 of them with various profession, and all of them were riding unicorn, no wonder their speed was so fast.

They stopped, and all of them blankly looked at Leng Youyou and other two women in a daze. These mercenaries who stayed with the edge of sword and tasted the bloods had never seen such outstanding beauties, but now however they saw three at once, so they were naturally stunned.

Wushuang couldn't help but got angry seeing that she was being stared by so many people with such expression on their eyes. Her face sunk, and the temperature around instantly reduced by quite a few degree.

These mercenaries woke up all of a sudden, but don't know who took the lead to blow a whistle, but instantly teasing sound and whistle sound unceasingly resounded. And the middle-aged man in the front with mercenary leader badge and young magician with vice-leader badge not only not stopped them, but they also stared at these three women's sensitive places with unconcealed ** expression in their eyes.

Long Yi also smiled very brilliantly, but his eyes however was filled with dense killing intent. These sons o' bitches actually dare have an idea to hit his women, really tired of living.

’’Humph.’’ Wushuang snorted coldly, then lightly raised her jade hand and waved out a piece of snow-white world. Several dozen of people in front including horses instantly changed into ice sculpture. The leader of this mercenary group noticed the attack, so quickly pulling the vice-leader, he successfully dodged. Worthy of having the strength of Great Swords Master.

All the mercenaries who were continuously teasing without exception became mute, and looked at Wushuang with terrified expression. Long Yi knew the might of her Freeze over Skill, this rank 9 water magic compared to rank 5 Chilly Ice Skill was more powerful. Moreover what was Wushuang's level? Perhaps if fighter profession rescued timely, then they could be rescued, but other profession was already destined to die.

Long Yi walked in front with smile on his face, then with 'towering above others' look, he sized up these crowds as if they were nobodies. The strongest among them was that leader with the strength of Great Sword Master, and one middle-aged Earth magician with the strength of Mage. Everyone else could be ignored.

’’Misunderstanding, this is merely a misunderstanding, we Icy Wind Mercenary Group absolutely don't have any malice.’’ That mercenary leader squeezed out a smile of goodwill in his face, and said. Looking at that young girl's means just a moment ago, and again looking at these two man and three woman with anger all across their face, it seems they ran into a hard bone.

’’I got it, only a misunderstanding, then let us also bring misunderstanding to you.’’ Long Yi smiled, but his eyes however were growing ice-cold.

Just then, that that Fire magician with the vice-leader badge pushed away this leader and arrogantly said: ’’** your mother, do you know who I am? I am Proud Moon Empire's third imperial prince. I took fancy to your woman, that alone is already thinking highly of you.’’

That leader inwardly knew that there was nothing good even after knowing that matter, so he signaled to launch an attack, thinking to strike first and gain the upper hand.

Long Yi's palm slashed out the void in the direction of this self-important third imperial prince. The side's leader saw the current situation was far from good. He immediately appeared in front of this third prince, and was able to successfully blocked Long Yi's slash only after falling back more than ten steps. As expected Great Sword Master's strength was powerful more than one grade compared to the strength of Sword Master.

’’Exterminate them, leave non behind.’’ Long Yi roared full of killing intent.

And this moment, Icy Wind Mercenary Group had already launched the attacks. The magic attack covering the sky fell to the ground.

Long Yi and Barbarian Bull however rushed forward without looking back regardless of anything. Barbarian Bull cultivated Shaolin Golden Bell Canopy and Hidden Magic Rod taught by Long Yi, so his strength rose very quickly. With one swing of Ruling Greenstone, more than ten Swordsman in front were forced to retreat. Among them, one had his chest smashed into a concave. Moreover Barbarian Bull was already beginning to get excited. Everyday this entire month, Barbarian Bull had spent time by slaughtering, now he would get excited seeing a blood, and his entire body would be cover with gloomy and cold killing intent which would make people shudder.

But just when Long Yi and Barbarian Bull began to attack energetically, suddenly a burst of unusually strong magic fluctuation came, the temperature abruptly dropped by several tens of degree, as if the world become world of ice and snow in an instant.

Long Yi pulled Barbarian Bull and used Great Cosmos Shift to instantly rush out from the battlefield leaving behind his afterimage. Immediately after that a sudden change in a situation occurred, i.e. concentrated big and small hailstones descend from the heaven. The 500 people of Icy Wind Mercenary Group was instantly reduced to two or three people. Only these few people had quickly used magic barrier to avoid the fate of being crushed to death.

But don't tell me those few people were safe? Certainly not, Wushuang had used rank 10 magic 'The World of Ice and Snow'. Those remaining people were frozen into Popsicle.

Eh, Long Yi exclaimed in surprise. He discovered that garbage calling himself third prince of Proud Moon Empire was still safe and sound inside brownish yellow colored barrier, and was running away currently.

Barbarian Bull wanted to pursue, but Long Yi stopped him with a mischievous smile. He released spirit power and began to stir up lightning magic elements in the atmosphere. Black clouds gathered, and huge pressure filled the entire heaven and earth.

Suddenly, from the black clouds, an arm wide lightning struck right at the magic barrier around running third prince. This third prince's whole body felt numb, even though the magic barrier was still intact. But then again several lightning struck him in quick succession, causing that magic barrier around the body of third prince to finally break into pieces, and his entire body changed into a piece of charcoal, then straightly fell down on the ground. But just then, his that burned black body suddenly flashed with green light, and flying quickly disappeared in the horizon.


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