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Womanizing Mage - Chapter 60


Womanizing Mage, Chapter 60: Evil Dark Jade

’’Could it be that heaven wants me Long Yi to die here?’’ Long Yi mumbled, then going to the center of the hall, he ungracefully open his arms and legs wide and laid on the ground, determinedly looking at that uncommunicative sharp dome.

Looking for a while, Long Yi's eyes suddenly blurred, and slowly become pitch-black. In this pure blackness, even his intensely proud night vision ability lost its effect. Long Yi wanted to move, but suddenly discovered that he basically couldn't move, want to shout, but discovered that he basically was unable to produce any sound.

Just when Long Yi began to fear, suddenly earthshaking change occurred inside this darkness. A red light appeared far away, then it spread rapidly, forming a round of red yellow alternating explosion impact. Slowly, the shock wave disappeared, gradually tiny radiances began to appear inside this darkness, then more and more, slowly covering entire heaven and earth, forming a vast starry sky.

’’This, don't tell me this is the birth of cosmos?’’ Long Yi thought inside his heart. Most of the scientists of his previous world inclined towards the theory that the cosmos was come into being with one Big Bang. They believed before Big Bang, matter and energy were condensed together inside cosmos, and was so concentrated that it turned into very small with very small volume, sky-high temperature, and maximum density. Afterwards Big Bang occurred, all matters scattered everywhere, and cosmos space continuously expand. Afterwards temperature cool off, those scattered matters formed into various galaxies, planets, stars and so on.

Long Yi was unable to understand, just now he was lying on the floor inside the hall which was at the bottom of that deep pond in perfectly good condition, so how could such illusion appear. In just this fashion, looking at this vast starry sky in a daze, Long Yi didn't know how much time had already passed, perhaps few seconds, or perhaps already millions upon millions years.

Suddenly, stars all over the sky began to fall from the sky, just like meteor shower. When Long Yi was lost in this beautiful scenery, the speed of falling stars become faster and faster, then each and every one collided giving rise to explosion. This explosion space become bigger and bigger, gradually extending continuously reaching entire cosmos. Again earthshaking change occurred, whole heaven and earth fell into darkness.

’’Don't tell me only darkness is eternal.’’ Long Yi was in daze. For no reason, this kind of though appeared inside the mind of Long Yi.

Now his eyes blurred again, so Long Yi rubbed his eyes and looked, only to find himself still lying on that secret cave's hall, and still watching that conical roof, nothing had changed.

Violent Lightning Beast was still running around him, everything seemed to be normal, where is that cosmos Big Bang ah?

’’Don't tell me I was asleep just now, then have a dream about cosmos Big Bang.’’ Long Yi jumped up and stood. Only this reason sounded logical.

’’Eh, what is this?’’ Long Yi stared at the location he was lying just a moment ago. A long strange shaped recess had appeared at that location, he clearly remembered that there was no such thing when he had laid down.

Long Yi squat down and reach out his hand and feel about inside that recess, but he didn't find any kind of mechanism inside, still he found this recess shape very familiar. Suddenly a light flashed inside his brain, and he hurriedly rummage through inside his space ring, and took out that ugly black magic wand which he had gotten along with that blood colored skull. Its form was exactly the same as this recess, don't tell me this magic wand which is said to have the power of dark god sealed inside is the key of this dimension?

Without any hesitation, Long Yi embedded this magic wand in that recess. Then with black lights flashing, the sound of gears turning came from the innermost wall, and very soon that wall filliped over. Now before the eyes of Long Yi was one awe-inspiring statue of human bundled inside black clothing. If not for revealing two pitch-black eyes and arms, this statue practically didn't look like a statue of a human.

Seeing this statue now, Long Yi was rather cautious, he greatly fear that it would similarly resurrect and would attack him. But when his eyes fell on the thing the right hand of this statue was holding, he cancelled his thought to approach near it. Its right hand was pinching one completely black jade piece, which was emitting strong dark aura. With the exception of color and aura, the appearance of that jade piece was exactly the same with that white colored jade piece he had took out from inside the stomach of Earth Bear. Even if Long Yi was fool, he would know that these two jade pieces must possess some kind of connection between them.

Long Yi lightly stamped on the ground and appeared in midair, then reached out his hand towards that black jade in the hand of statue. Strange thing occurred, when this black jade piece left that statue's hand. Suddenly many small holes appeared on that conical roof, and blue colored light shine down from each and every one of these small holes, making a light diagram on the ground, and after a line joined these point after point, it actually formed one big magic formation.

Long Yi was wild with joy, he guess that this magic formation was the exit of this space. He threw that black jade piece inside his space ring, picked up Violent Lightning Beast, then ran towards the passage entrance. Long Yi stopped after he saw five survivor standing at that passage entrance. The reason why he didn't allow Violent Lightning Beast to kill them was because he took a fancy to their strength. All of them had entered Great Swords Master and Archmage realm. Long Yi remembered a puppet refining method called 'refining seven attack puppet' from inside the encyclopedia of undead magic left behind by BiTe.XiuGe. First thing required to refine puppet using this method was to erase their soul, Long Yi thought that was too vicious, but the souls of these people already cease to exist, and strength was also high like this, so they were very good material to refine as a puppet using refining seven attack puppet. Hereafter if other comes to blow against him, he couldn't always leave it to Violent Lightning Beast, causing its identity to be exposed, but these puppets would be different. They could wear cloak in the future when they carry out his order, and after they successfully execute it, he could recall them inside his dark dimension, truly would be unknown to god or ghost.

Thinking this, Long Yi strangely laughed. After that he ordered Violent Lightning Beast to restrict all of them with its lightning, then threw them into his dark dimension.

Running throughout the way to that cave on the bottom of deep pond, he saw those strange fishes were swimming as before. Having the experience of coming in, just like an easy drive on a familiar path Long Yi made one spirit passage, next he directly rushed up.

Going upstream, compared to diving down was many times harder. The hydraulic pressure was opposite, so Long Yi consumed twice as much internal force compared to coming down. Consuming more internal force, naturally caused the protection of internal force lacking, so feeling very cold, Long Yi was continuously trembling.

Finally, Long Yi burst out of water, and looked over. He only caught the sight of 17 skeletons standing by the side of the pool, while Leng Youyou however had disappeared without a trace. Long Yi was shocked, he had obviously told her to not run around all over the place. These 17 skeletons would not listen to her order, they would merely stay at the side of this cold pond, and only when the magical beasts cross the line of their territory, they would kill it.

Before he could dispel cold, Long Yi began to quickly move and look everywhere, loudly shouting Leng Youyou's name.


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