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Womanizing Mage - Chapter 57


Womanizing Mage, Chapter 57

Womanizing Mage, Chapter 57: Cold pond

After the leakage of *, Leng Youyou powerlessly collapsed in the bosom of Long Yi. She was feeling so weak that she was not even able to move her toes. In the first battle, she lost against the counteract of Long Yi, but she was not convinced, so she again took the initiative to ignite the flames of war, resulting in Long Yi who was in the state of lust for a long time to take advantage of this chance and began to pursue and attack. He released several times in succession causing her to nearly lose her consciousness.

’’Long Yi, where is your that little tiger ah?’’ Leng Youyou lying on Long Yi's bosom, sluggishly asked.

’’That little fellow hasn't woken up yet, so I threw him inside the dark dimension.’’ Gently caressing and stroking Leng Youyou's white back, Long Yi answered.

’’Is that inside the blood colored skull mark in your palm?’’ Leng Youyou asked.

Long Yi nodded his head, and proudly said: ’’This however is the thing refined by that Necromancer Master Archmage Bite.Xiuge several hundred years ago, and it includes those 18 super skeletons too.’’

’’Bite.Xiuge? No wonder, only he could refine these kind of abnormal skeletons.’’ Leng Youyou exclaimed. Necromancer however was viewed as a god by all the dark element magicians, and they possessed transcendent status in Dark Church.

Two people hugging together talked about this and that, during this time, they naturally talked about their respective circumstance. It was naturally impossible for Long Yi to tell her that he was from another world, and he also didn't tell that he was the person who was called lewd thief by Kuang Long Empire's everyone. He merely told her that he was citizen of Kuang Long Empire, as for other things, he said nothing. Leng Youyou also knew she should not ask, so she just believed that one day Long Yi will tell her everything himself.

But Leng Youyou however told everything to Long Yi about herself without hiding anything. Originally she was also citizen of Kuang Long Empire, but after she lost her both parents when she was just a little child, her master i.e. one of the two big hell priest of Dark Church LaFaEr discover she had heavenly-gifted dark physique, then took her in, afterwards becoming Dark Church's hell saintess. This position of Dark Church was equal to the light saintess position of Light Church. This time because Dark pope forced her to marry his son, she had to sneak away. And the reason why Leng Youyou accepted the mission of Lost city was because it was said that there was a dark magic jade inside Lost city, and the person who possessed it would obtain infinite dark mana.

After listening to her, Long Yi was extremely furious. Dark pope that old guy actually dared to force his woman, he vowed to teach him a lesson one day, but it was also because of him, he was able to meet Leng Youyou, and in this regard it seemed he(Long Yi) need to thank him(Dark pope). And with regarding to Lost city's dark magic jade, Long Yi was not interested. He didn't believe that this world had such treasure, what infinite mana, isn't that merely a nonsense?

Time passed just like a white steed flits past a crack. According to Long Yi's calculation, he and Leng Youyou probably spent one month in this damnable place. In this one month, they had surmounted several big mountains, and killed countless dark magical beasts. Now both of them were already tired of this massacring life. Because of this special environment here, Leng Youyou not only entered Master Magician realm, she had indistinctly broke through and entered to Mage realm. And the dark magic element of Long Yi's sea of consciousness was already dense enough to form a paste, but don't know why, he could only fire at most rank 7 magic. And in theory with such dense dark magic element, he should have already reached Dark Master Magician realm.

This moment, Long Yi and Leng Youyou were dazedly standing on the ground with steep cliff in front of them. Two people looked at each other in dismay, finally after innumerable trials and tribulations, they reached here where there actually wasn't any path, could it be that they were truly trapped here forever? 18 super skeletons were faithfully standing behind them, after absorbing the mana of countless dark magical beasts, the strength of all these skeletons had greatly advanced, and their armors had also clearly become a lot thicker.

’’Long Yi, what do we do now?’’ Earnestly looking at her beloved, Leng Youyou asked. Staying in this goddam place for so long, she had already thrown off those brave words of earlier time on the back of her mind, now if she had the ability to leave, then she didn't want to stay here even for a minute. If it weren't for Long Yi by her side, then she might have already gone crazy.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder, and side with a smile: ’’Don't get impatient, we will definitely get out.’’ Long Yi leaned on the cliff and was lost in thought. Don't look at how confidently he spoke like that, as a matter of fact he was not one bit confided inside his heart. Perhaps this might be a dead space, where one could only enter but cannot leave.

Leng Youyou glanced all around, suddenly discovered small pool not far away, so she went over to wash her hand. Just after she put in her hand inside the water, she screamed and withdrew out her hand.

Long Yi was startled, thought she was in danger, so he immediately rush over and appeared in front of her and asked anxiously: ’’What happened?’’

’’This water is very...very cold.’’ Leng Youyou answered while covering her hand.

Long Yi helplessly smiled, Leng Youyou was flustered like this, so he thought something had happened to her. He pulled her covered hand, suddenly his complexion changed, because her fingers unexpectedly were frostbitten, this shows that this water was not ordinarily cold.

Long Yi held her hand, and circulate internal force of AoTianJue to disperse her fingers' cold, simultaneously a big question appeared in his mind. Seeing her finger's frostbite's degree, the temperature of the water of this pool must be at least below -100 degree centigrade, but this water however was not frozen, and also was not emitting cold air like a cold pond, even to the extent that even standing at its edge, one could not feel a hint of coldness.

Long Yi picked up a branch, and threw it into this pool. The color of this branch quickly changed, then sunk down. Long Yi muttered to himself for a little while, then covering his hand with internal force, he extended his hand towards the pool. Despite the obstruction of internal force, he still felt a burst of ice-coldness sensation, but it was still within the bearable limit. Intuition told him that this small pool was the key for whether they could go out or not.

’’Youyou, wait here for me, I will go down and take a look.’’ Long Yi turned around and said to Long Youyou.

Leng Youyou immediately tightly held Long Yi's arm, and opposed: ’’Don't, this pool is strange, if by any chance you are in danger, what will I do?’’

’’Its fine, this pool is a little bit cold, but it doesn't trouble me even a bit, and whether we can find a way out or not is certainly within it.’’ Long Yi's big hand comforted Leng Youyou's cheek and softly said.


’’Do you still distrust me? Wait for me here, I will come up very quickly.’’ Long Yi interrupted Leng Youyou.

Leng Youyou saw Long Yi's resolute face, and she knew that it was unlikely for him to change his decision in any case, so this moment she only had the option to believe in him. So she placed her little hand on the big hand of Long Yi which was located on her face, and rubbing her little face on his hand, she said: ’’I believe in you, but you must be careful. If something happen to you, I will absolutely not live alone.’’

Long Yi knew that Leng Youyou would do what she says, so he sternly declared: ’’As long as you do not see my corpse, don't believe that I am already dead. Your husband's life is very long, you know.’’

’’Ng.’’ Leng Youyou empathetically nodded her head. From this time on, this sentence will always engrave in her heart, as long as she don't see the corpse of Long Yi, she will never believe he was already dead.


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