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Womanizing Mage - Chapter 55


Womanizing Mage, Chapter 55: Bewitching passion in the midst of water (1)

Listening to Leng Youyou, Long Yi also became aware that his body was also feeling extremely uncomfortable, especially after having a break through from the first layer of AoTianJue, which caused the filths to flow out from his marrows, causing his underwear stuck on his skin.

’’There is definitely water source nearby, because it is impossible for these dark magical beasts to survive without drinking water.’’ Long Yi said.

Hence two of them followed group of dark magical beasts from far behind, and sure enough they found a small river in the middle of the forest. Both side of this river was full of dark magical beasts drinking water. Long Yi and Leng Youyou immediately led 18 skeletons and go over, and just like chickens scattering when the dog jump over, all the dark magical beasts scattered in confusion and fled. The deterrence effect of these 18 skeletons were truly too big, they had massacred several thousand dark magical beasts, so they released bloody aura of death and dense dark aura making these low class dark magical beasts unable to resist.

’’Let's go upstream, water in upstream is cleaner.’’ Seeing the water, Leng Youyou immediately wanted to jump in, but thinking that so many dark magical beasts were drinking water here just a moment ago, she held back. Then she turned to Long Yi, only to find him already looking towards upstream direction.

’’Long Yi, I'm talking to you.’’ Leng Youyou pouted coquettishly.

Long Yi replied with a smile: ’’Didn't you notice, just a moment ago, those dark magical beasts were drinking water concentrated only at this place, there were none in upstream, and when they ran away, not even a single one ran towards upstream direction, do you know why?’’

Leng Youyou was dumbfounded, she didn't pay so much attention, but after hearing Long Yi, she roughly guessed what was going on, and said: ’’So you are saying, there definitely is extremely powerful dark magical beast upstream, and upstream is its sphere of influence.’’

Long Yi said while nodding his head: ’’Correct, but all the dark magical beasts of this region are not very strong, so I guess there is self-proclaim dark magical beast king upstream, and its strength ought to unlikely be very strong too.’’

’’Then are we going?’’ Leng Youyou asked.

’’Of course, we are finally coming across a little bit stronger dark magical beast with great difficulty, hope it can give my skeletons an unusually good meal.’’ Long Yi replied laughing, then he looked at Leng Youyou with profound meaning. It seems she was somewhat awkward after having relationship with him, if it was before, Leng Youyou would definitely took skeletons upstream immediately to exterminate it, but now she would ask opinion of Long Yi, fearing Long Yi would have unfavorable views of her.

Two people with skeletons quickly walked upstream, and as expected after reaching the source upstream, they saw one huge snake like dark magical beast occupying that place. From its aura, it really was much stronger than those dark magical beasts downstream, but Long Yi was not worried at all, because he had 18 super skeletons who were immune to dark magic. As long as he didn't run into top-notch A-class dark magical beast, for others even if he was unable to defeat, he nevertheless was able to defend himself without any problem.

In fact, just as his expectation, this little boss didn't even last 2 minutes under the attack of these 18 super skeletons, and kicked the bucket.

’’Well, Youyou, now we can take a bath.’’ Long Yi mischievously said, as his shifty eyes began to dishonestly size up the body of Leng Youyou without concealing.

Leng Youyou's face become very red, and angrily said: ’’Who said you are bathing here, I alone will bathe here, you go downstream to bathe.’’

’’Youyou, you are not sincere, just like destroying the bridge after crossing the river, finish using and you want to kick me out, I'm truly too unfortunate.’’ Long Yi pulled the sleeve of Leng Youyou's garment and feign grieved.

Seeing the show of her beloved, Leng Youyou chuckled. As a matter of fact, she was also not unwilling to take a bathe with Long Yi, merely when things comes to head, girls were rather reserved. According to her answer, Long Yi understood that, this opportunity for two people to bath together would definitely not escape from his claws.

’’You laughed, that means you agreed, I will go in first, you also quickly come in.’’ Long Yi quickly and easily stripped all the dirty clothing from his body, and plunged inside the river.

Taking the advantage of time when Long Yi had still not surfaced, Leng Youyou quickly took off her clothing and exposed her perfect body which was worthy of pride. Just when she was about to jump into river, Long Yi suddenly surfaced, then blankly stared at her ** with his two shifty eyes and showed an admiration expression on his face.

Leng Youyou immediately jumped in, then instinctively ducked and huddled together. Still when she saw Long Yi's captivated eyes, she stood up and completely exposed her marvelous body in front of her beloved. In any case, she had already decided to marry Long Yi, besides that night she had already let him thoroughly feel out from up to down, and now that he loved to see, then just let him have a sufficient closer look. Leng Youyou recalled every aspects that happened since she knew Long Yi, and how she idiotically fell in love with him, while slowly walking towards him.

With his eyes fixed on her, Long Yi swallowed mouthful of saliva. This was so very perfect body ah, two round plump and smooth towering meat bun with two rosy small cherry naughtily standing erect, and without the slightest doubt, its scale was absolutely not graspable with one hand of a man. Her pretty slender waist, smooth underbelly, that scattered dense and also tidy fine hair at her most mysterious place, and that indistinctly visible rosy gully when she took a step, everything were perfect.

Long Yi's little brother was already standing erect, and the fire of lust was also already burning vigorously inside his body, only heaven knows how long it had been since he had let it off. Besides dealing with Long Ling'er in daze just after arriving to this world, hereafter he hadn't got a chance to let it off, and had suppressed for a long time, so how could he not turn into a beast after seeing such beautiful scenery?

Leng Youyou step by step walked down the river, very quickly clear river water covered her beautiful body, only vaguely glimpsing the spring scenery.

’’Long Yi, I will help you wash your back.’’ Leng Youyou's face was very red, and she didn't dare to look at Long Yi's passionate gaze, just walked to the back of Long Yi and very carefully tried to wipe his back. Her somewhat ice-cold little hands shifted around the back of Long Yi, clearly feeling each and every muscles which contained explosive strength. After wiping for a little while, she suddenly somewhat moved forward, and pressed her firm and upright jade peak on Long Yi's back. And her jade hands turned to comfort Long Yi's sturdy chest.

’’Long Yi.’’ Leng Youyou whispered and a passionate breath blew on Long Yi's neck.

If Long Yi still refrained, then he would not be a man. He immediately turned around, held Leng Youyou in his embrace, and sucked her little mouth with his big mouth. Long Yi's big hands gently caressed and stroked Leng Youyou's that silk like satiny skin, and his little brother lightly rubbed on her underbelly in high spirit.

’’Ng.’’ Leng Youyou moaned and messily responded to the kiss of Long Yi. Her both hands were also caressing the back of Long Yi.

Two lips and tongues mutually wrapped for a long time, then Long Yi released her, and looked at her red complexion. After that his misty eyes flashed with intoxicated luster, as her swelling pink lips due to his sucking looked extremely fascinating to him.

Long Yi couldn't bear and immersed himself in Leng Youyou's neck. There he left behind rosy marks. Her enchanting body thoroughly enraptured him. His lips slowly slide down towards that scared mountain peak. Long Yi's head got inside the water, then sucked a small cherry inside his mouth, and his skillful tongue circled around it. One hand grasped the other jade peak, rubbed it and had the pearl of the breast clipped between the crack of his fingers. Very quickly, two plump's ** increasingly stood firm, and she was not able to bear the simulation on her two small cherry.

Leng Youyou let out moans, but she herself didn't dare to believe that she was letting out such lewd moaning voices. Long Yi slowly slide down kissing, and his hands were still held Leng Youyou's **. Seeing that a fluttering handful of black colored fine hair under the water, Long Yi felt as if something flowed out from his nose. His lips swept passed her delicate navel, and kissed her pubis, then that fluttering in the water fine hairs stuck on his face.

Feeling Long Yi's lips on the edge of her secret garden, Leng Youyou suddenly felt a warm current flowing out from her private parts, so she exclaimed: ’’No, don't.’’ Just after exclaiming, her legs went limp and she collapsed into the water.


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