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Womanizing Mage - Chapter 52


Womanizing Mage, Chapter 52: Dark magical beast

Hearing Leng Youyou, Long Yi was dumbfounded. ’’This place is the heaven for dark magic cultivators? It seems I myself also should cultivate dark magic here, and then wouldn't I also be like a fish in water in this place?’’ Long Yi thought to immediately try, but he saw Barbarian Bull crazily swinging his mace, and fearing he might have an accident, Long Yi decided to first knock him out.

’’Youyou, look after Lu Xiya, I will handle them.’’ Long Yi instructed Leng Youyou, then dodging, he held Barbarian Bull's wrist with one hand, and other hand chopped the back of his head. Immediately after that Barbarian Bull's two eyes turned white and he fell onto the ground. When Long Yi was thinking of knocking out Ha Lei and Lan Tian too, he suddenly heard a shriek of Leng Youyou.

Long Yi immediately turned around his head, and was frightened out of his wits. At the ground where Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya were standing, huge black colored crack had appeared out of nowhere. When he turned around, he only saw Leng Youyou forcibly throwing Lu Xiya out, and she herself fell down this terrifying black colored crack.

’’Youyou.’’ Long Yi madly roared, then used big cosmos shift to its limit, then he disappeared, and instantly appeared in the midst of that black colored crack. After that stretching his hand, he tightly held the waist of falling Leng Youyou. Because he had forcedly opened his body's latent capacity, Long Yi spat out two mouthful of red blood.

Leng Youyou who had basically given up all hopes, seeing the sudden appearance of her beloved by her side, nearly died due to happiness. This moment she had already forgotten her fear, and her silly star eyes were watching Long Yi.

Long Yi however didn't have mood to enjoy this Leng Youyou, this moment, he was inwardly whining about hardships endlessly. His meridian had suffered damage at the time he had caught Leng Youyou who was falling down, and now this black crack was in the process of closing quickly, so he was burning with impatience. If this crack closed, then both he and Leng youyou might disappear from this world.

Long Yi gnashed his teeth, and his body strangely stopped in the sky, then holding Leng Youyou in his arms, he flew up. But just when they were about to exit, Long Yi felt a burst of great pain from his meridian, which caused him to stop. But exactly this stop caused them to lose their final opportunity, the crack closed without any news, causing two hugging people to fall downward weightlessly.

As Long Yi was in a daze for a long time, he didn't know how long they were falling. At that time, a rays of light appeared in front of Long Yi, carefully looking, he discovered that he and Leng Youyou was in the sky above forest.

’’Peng’’ sound. Long Yi with Leng Youyou in his bosom firmly crashed on the ground. He felt great pain from his internal organs, he also spat out mouthful of blood, and nearly blanked out for a moment. Fortunately Long Yi's physique was not ordinary, so he was able to maintain his consciousness.

’’I didn't die, I am really lucky ah.’’ Long Yi mumbled then he turned around, and his expression immediately stiffened. He was not lucky, he was too lucky.

Seeing strange beasts not far away from them, Long Yi was thoroughly speechless, these strange beasts looked fantastic oddities in every description, but without exception each and every one had black colored fur and blood red eyes. And from head to toe, they emitted evil dark aura, which could make people feel absolutely terrified at first sight.

’’Youyou, wake up.’’ Long Yi shook beautiful woman in his embrace, as he thought that she might knew what these things were.

Leng Youyou slowly opened her eyes after Long Yi shook her, and her first sentence was: ’’Long Yi, did we die?’’

Long Yi don't know whether to laugh or cry, and said: ’’We died, now our souls are being surrounded by a group of evil spirits.’’

Leng Youyou sighed and raised her head, then she said with surprise: ’’Why are there so many dark magical beasts here? Could it be that after we died, we arrived at the world of dark magical beast?’’

Long Yi made a wry smile and said: ’’This damnable place really seems like world of dark magical beasts, but we seems to become their food.’’

Leng Youyou was shocked, she pinched her face, also pinched Long Yi's face, then excitedly said: ’’We are not dead, you big liar.’’

’’Now we're not dead, but very soon we will die.’’ Long Yi said with a wry smile on his face. She obviously is stupid, not knowing whether she is dead or not.

At this moment, dark magical beast slowly came over towards them. Leng Youyou crawled out from the embrace of Long Yi and stood in front of him. Then in an instant, she took out a pitch black magic staff from inside her space ring, but compared to this magic staff, Long Yi's that magic staff which he had ripped off from that Silver colored wolf king was many times more remarkable.

’’Soul devouring technique.’’ Leng Youyou shouted loudly with her lovely voice and raised her magic staff, then more than ten dark magical beast in the front suddenly wined pitifully, and their body released black fog which came towards Leng Youyou. She just inhaled all of these black fog inside her body.

Soul devouring techinque? Long Yi recalled a bit and he knew that this was level 7 dark magic spell, belong to dark element's advanced magic spell. This magic spell's ability was to suck the spirit of opponent to strengthen own mana. This was a commonly used magic spell of Dark magician. Since fighting the enemy could strengthen own mana, why not use it?

At this time, dark magical beasts began their counterattack. Although the class of these dark magical beasts was low, but just like many ants could bite elephant to death, when tens upon tens of thousands of dread and corrode skill which was enough to cover heaven and earth were thrown at them, very soon Leng Youyou was unable to withstand, so with no other choice, she released her life saving defending magic, Dark prayer. This was one of the few lifesaving magic spell she had carried along with herself.

Although Long Yi couldn't move, but he still had his powerful spirit power. So lying on the ground, using his spirit power, he used his optimal attack move, Soul spiking technique. Although the name was similar to Soul devouring technique, Soul spiking technique exterminates souls, unlike Soul devouring technique which absorbs souls.

Long Yi's eyes twinkled with brilliant lights and vibrant colors. Those dark magical beasts who received his attack began to frantically attack their companions as if they had gone mad to relieve the pressure on their soul. But his spirit power's attack range was limited, so compared to such large amount of dark magical beast crowd, Long Yi's attack was counted as nothing.

’’Long Yi, my defense is not going to hold much longer.’’ Leng Youyou turned around to face Long Yi, then she indifferently said as if she didn't cared about current life and death situation.

’’Ng, it seems the two of us are going to die together.’’ Long Yi smiled helplessly.

’’Now do you regret desperately jumping down to save me at that time?’’ Looking at Long Yi, Leng Youyou asked.

Long Yi shook his head and said: ’’My only regret is that I was not able to save you.’’

Leng Youyou threw herself into the bosom of Long Yi, firmly holding onto Long Yi, she said in a trembling voice: ’’I am perfectly content to die together with you. I hope I become your wife in next life. At that time I will properly serve you, and give birth to a lot of your children.’’

Hearing Leng Youyou's this world's most stirring whisper of love, Long Yi's heart was moved beyond description, and just at that time, his blood colored skull mark at the center of his left palm vibrated. After that Long Yi hit his own head, and cursed himself.


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