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Womanizing Mage - Chapter 51


Chapter 51: Lost city

Long Yi held the rein of ice silk very tightly. No matter how this beast struggled, he didn't let it go. This ice silk was very tough and tensile, so how could this trivial marsh human eating beast have the ability to snap it. As a SS-class magical beast, Ice silk worm Ruyi's essence, even forbidden magic would have hard time to damage it even a little.

As the rein got tighter and tighter, the marsh human eating beast was nearly unable to breathe, and its struggling became more and more feeble. It once tried to enter the marsh depths, but that damned human exerted his strength almost snapping its neck, so it could only obediently float up. After it float up, that human would loosen his strength a bit.

Long Yi saw that marsh human eating beast had stopped struggling, and as long as he turned the ice silk towards right side, it would obediently go right side, turned to left side, it would go left. It seems it understood that its little life was in his hand, thus becoming this obedient. Using this beast as a means to cross over this marsh was however most appropriate. With it, other marsh human eating beasts would voluntarily avoid them, so crossing this extremely short 300 meters was just a piece of cake.

Just when Ha Lei and others were endlessly worried, the bugs flying in the sky slowly settled down. Everyone had their heart on their throat, the settling down of these bugs meant the end of Long Yi and marsh human eating beast king's battle, so all of them were waiting for the final result while trembling.

When this blood colored bugs wall disappeared, all the people cheered, as they saw Long Yi mightily standing on the back of marsh human eating beast king. This big guy who was known as the king of marsh was now obediently swimming towards them under the control of Long Yi. No matter if it was blood-red bugs or other marsh human eating beast, all of them avoided one after another. In this brief moment, at least at this brief moment, Lan Tian and Ha Lei's eyes showed respect in them. They didn't understand, how did such character remained unknown in Canglan continent?

’’Ha Lei, your mission reward is mine, don't forget it.’’ Long Yi said while laughing heartily after the marsh human eating beast king arrived at the shore under his control.

’’No problem, I, Ha Lei never go back on my word.’’ Ha Lei boldly said. Now they could cross this blood-red bugs' sea, Ha Lei was extremely delighted.

’’You all quickly put on the skin and come over. It's almost day break.’’ Long Yi said. These marsh human eating beasts are sure to sink down inside the marsh at daybreak, as they were nocturnal animal.

All of them hurriedly wrapped themselves with skin and jump onto the back of marsh human eating beast king, after that Long Yi move his hand which was holding ice silk, then marsh human eating beast king turned around and began to swim towards opposite bank.

They crossed this distance of 300 meters in a flash, then everyone immediately jumped off and landed on the opposite bank. After stepping on the light green grasses, Long Yi excitedly rolled several times on the grassland. For nearly 20 days, regardless of spirit or **, Long Yi had suffered maximum torment in this abominable marsh region.

Along with the red glow in the horizon, all marsh human eating beasts had already sunk inside the marsh, only that blood-red bugs' sea was somewhat dazzling as before.

Six people rushed to the low hills, and far away at a distant place, they could faintly see the remnants of broken tiles.

Ha Lei fished out the map, then pointing at that place, laughing loudly, he said: ’’That place is that oft referred-to Lost city, finally we are here.’’

’’Then what are we waiting for? We should quickly go there.’’ Lan Tian excitedly said. He thought that innumerable money and valuables were waiting for him. This true devotee of Light god was too impatient to wait.

All six people ran wildly throughout the way towards that oft referred-to Lost city. While running, Long Yi suddenly stopped running, because the skull mark on the middle of his left hand's palm vibrated all of a sudden.

’’What's wrong?’’ Seeing the sudden stop of Long Yi, everyone couldn't help but asked.

’’This place, seems somewhat not quite right.’’ Long Yi looked all around them. All around there was only light green grasses, which was a very beautiful sight, but dark aura fluctuation had appeared in this place.

Hearing Long Yi, others immediately got nervous. They knew the ability of Long Yi, so if he says something was wrong, then he must have definitely detected danger.

’’It's true, something is wrong here, this place seems to have dark aura.’’ Lan Tian closed his eyes and sensed for a little while, and said. Since he was Light magician, he was extremely sensitive to the fluctuation of dark aura.

’’Turned out to be dark aura ah, that is normal. According to legend, Lost city was the city cursed by Dark god, so having dark aura is not strange at all.’’ Said Ha Lei.

’’Ng, there was legend like that.’’ Leng Youyou added.

’’Then let's continue forward. Everyone be a little bit more careful, since this city was cursed by Dark god, this place is definitely dangerous.’’ Long Yi warned, then he grabbed the hand of Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou. He didn't know why, but Long Yi had a kind of strong crisis feeling inside his heart. This Lost city was definitely not simple.

After a little while, Lost city's outline became clearly visible. This city naturally used to be grand city, merely looking at the incomplete lofty city wall and pillars supporting heaven, it was not hard to see that this city once had extremely magnificent civilization.

The closer he got to Lost city, the crisis feeling in his heart became even more powerful. This entire world was lifeless, from marsh region to this place, they failed to see even a single living things. Everything was very strange making people to feel scared in their heart.

Suddenly an evil wind blew over, then the sky which was brightly shining with sun light abruptly became hazy. At this moment, all around them without anyone's knowledge thin black mist began to appear, and soon this black mist wind surrounded this whole world.

’’Ah, a lot of treasures, a lot of Amethyst coins ah, I am rich, I am rich.’’ Lan Tian burst into ecstatic roar, knelt down on the ground and began to continuously grab the green grasses on the ground.

’’Not good, this black mist is odd, everyone don't inhale it.’’ Long Yi shouted, and immediately shut his breathing. His internal force ought to be able to support himself for a brief moment.

But only he had holding his breathe skill, other people didn't have it. So after Lan Tian lost himself in illusions, Barbarian Bull, and Ha Lei also began to talk nonsense one after another, for one moment they would laugh wildly, and another moment, they would weep with tears and nasal mucus across their whole face. Lu Xiya released a thin layer of green light from all over her body, and had her eyes shut tightly, form this one could clearly see it was very hard for her to maintain this for a long time. But Leng Youyou instead was completely fine, her body was overflowing with a thin layer of dark qi, and her expression was rather happy.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, did this mean those people who cultivate dark magic were not affected in this place. Seeing Long Yi was questioningly looking at her, Leng Youyou brilliantly smiled and said: ’’This place is hell for other people, but for people cultivating dark magic, this place is heaven.’’


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