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Womanizing Mage - Chapter 5.2


Womanizing Mage. Chapter 5, Part 2

Long Yi stubbornly racked his brains for a long time wondering about causes which leads to the occurence of those electric flashes. Finally, he was able to feel some kind of distinctive resonance inside his body, can it really be that electric current? Is it actually the living being?

Long Yi relaxed a little bit and slowly tried to cope with the feeling of electric current, which moved through his body with its own will to live. All at once his body became numb and Long Yi felt the existence of electric particles. Suddenly, he waved his hand, which moved while emitting a lot of rough divergent electric flashes. This feeleng... it is damn cool!

Meanwhile, Long Yi thought to do some more experiments, but all of a sudden he heard a scratching noises. It was strange because in this prison there were almost no sounds before. Those noises resemble such sounds, which arise while moving in armor.

’’Jeez! The impregnable electric spirit was released and dispeled!? It will save our time.’’ Damped gloomy voice was heard behind the door.

Hereafter the metal door was focefully opened to the side and Long Yi saw the team of soldiers, who were wearing heavy full armors. The strong murderous intent was emitted by them, only those who survived in countless wars and defeated many enemies could have such atmosphere around themselves. Moreover, it seems that those enemies were not the easiest opponents, so Long Yi became alarmed.

’’Young Master Ximen, we got an order from the head of the family, please follow us.’’, Formidable person, who was in charge of the team, showed a small metal tag. Those tags are used on the Cang Lan continent for an identification. On this one [Ximen] was written by two big flamboyant characters. All words and actions were made with respect, but obvious disdain is readable in the captain's eyes.

Long Yi have memories from his new body, so he knows that this tag is the highest one among the Ximen family. Those who have such tags can be ordered only by the head of the family. It looks like a father of the Ximen Yu decided to save his son, but he doesn't know that the soul of his dear son has already disappeared.

As for the disdain, Long Yi doesn't care about it. This man don't despise him, but rather Ximen Yu. Long Yi followed at the center of the soldiers, all of whom were wearing the same armor. Till this moment he didn't realize a scale of the prison. It was built underground, inside the prison there are a lot of cells in a crisscross pattern and it is not even possible to see the end of them. However, this prison has only 5 cells, which are such as the one, where he was captivated. As he can understand, those special cells are for dangerous and destructive criminals. Strange it is that he was their captive.

Finally, they moved out onto the surface and Long Yi followed the team to leave a city. Long Yi had some memories from Ximen Yu about this place, but even so he was impressed. The city is magnificient and full of life. The buildings were constructed as Chinese of the period of the Tang dynasty. The design is imposing, but at the same time it is delicate.

They made a long way out of the city, before the captain of the team waved his hand ordering to halt their movements. He turned to the Long Yi and said: ’’Young Master Ximen, the head of the family and madam are waiting for you, go ahead by yourself.’’

Long Yi slightly nodded and walked ahead, after a short time he saw a small pavilion. He noticed four people inside of this pavilion: middle aged man (40-60 years) in a purple robe with a long beard and domineering face;beautiful and elegant woman with joyful facial expression;aspiring young general in a black armor with dashing eyebrows;young beautiful woman in a white sacrificial robe, it can be said that she is just like an angel.

Well, these must be his parents, brother and sister. Long Yi unintentionally slowed down his pace, he doesn't know how he should behave toward them. They are dear people for this body, however, they are absolute strangers for Long Yi.


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