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Womanizing Mage - Chapter 43


Womanizing Mage, Chapter 43: Silver backed Earth dragon

Long Yi was stunned looking at thoroughly red face of Lu Xiya. Just now his fire of lust was surging up, and right when he was planning to take action to capture her in one fell swoop, at that time, she suddenly said she wanted to pee, wasn't this asking for his life?

’’Long Yi, I really want to pee, almost unbearable.’’ Lu Xiya's whole body slightly quivered, she seemed she really wouldn't be able to hold back any longer.

Seeing uncomfortable expression on Lu Xiya's face, Long Yi gloomily took away his big hand which was full of love nectar, and his hard swollen lower part of his body was also expressing strong pretest.

Lu Xiya hurriedly fixed her clothing, and she looked at rather depressed Long Yi, then gritting her teeth, she said in mosquito like small voice: ’’Long Yi, don't be this way, later you can do whatever you want.’’

The eyes of Long Yi lit up, but before he could speak, Lu Xiya pull him down from the bed.

’’Accompany me, I'm afraid.’’ Seeing the flashing lightning and thunder as well as violent storm outside, Lu Xiya firmly pulled Long Yi with her both hands.

Accompany a beautiful woman to go to the toilet? Long Yi naturally didn't object, this time he was secretly delighted from the bottom of his heart.

Two people, one had a magic cover above the head, other had douqi cover above the head, so they were not afraid of getting soaked by the rain. The walked about 100 meter after leaving the tent, then with a red face, Lu Xiya said to Long Yi: ’’You turn around, you are not allowed to peek.’’

Long Yi thought to himself: ’’After a while I will be seeing you as much as I want, so why does it matter now?’’ But thinking about what he would get after they returned, Long Yi obediently turned around.

Seeing Long Yi had turned around, Lu Xiya ran few steps, and alongside the clump of half-human tall thick grasses, she squatted down. Just when Lu Xiya finished pulling up her pants after urinating, her long ear suddenly became erect, as she heard strange sound coming from seemingly close proximity. Lu Xiya instinctively turned around, and her eye met two blood red eyes.

’’Ah.’’ Lu Xiya shrieked loudly, she was so scared that she was half-dead with fright.

When Long Yi immediately turn around, exactly at that time rushing Lu Xiya entered his bosom. Long Yi made a wry smile as he saw a big head coming out from inside the thick grass, this was the head of Earth dragon. Those blood red eyes of this Earth dragon were furiously staring at them who had dared to intrude its territory.

This was single Earth dragon, and the frightening thing was, its back was silver white in color. This was A-class Silver backed Earth dragon.

Long Yi slowly pulled Lu Xiya behind his back, the strongest magical beast he had seen and confronted was merely B-class Earth bear, even so he almost became its dinner, but he was still able to kill it by a fluke. Now confronting this Silver backed earth dragon who thoroughly surpass the rank of that Earth bear, the only solution Long Yi could think at this moment was to flee. Perhaps if all eight of them fought together, then they would have a slight chance to defeat it.

Just at this time, several figures came out from inside the tent 100 meters away, and the voice of Ha Lei was heard: ’’Long Yi what is happening there?’’

Ha Lei and others ran towards Long Yi, when they arrived few 10 meters away from Long Yi, they slammed the breaks on. Only Barbarian Bull and Leng Youyou darted towards Long Yi and Lu Xiya's side, and was able to see the real trouble.

At this moment, Silver backed earth dragon lost its patience, it raised its head high and made an attacking posture, as its cold gloomy teeth shined with dazzling gleam.

’’Fighters step forward, Magicians fall back.’’ Ha Ley immediately yelled loudly, he knew that if they don't work together, then all of them would very likely die.

Long Yi, Barbarian Bull, ha Lei and Shi Yan, these four fighter stood side by side in the front to block Silver backed earth dragon, and the remaining magicians fell back and began to chant the incantation. Rain was heavily falling down, and the silvery white lightning in the sky were bearing the fangs and brandishing the claws, illuminating the pale face of everyone.

’’Before it attacks, we should start attacking.’’ Long Yi yelled loudly, his Mad dragon douqi stirred, as light blue dragon shaped sword tip flashed violently. And just like a ghost, his body quickly moved, and this sword tip directly cleaved towards the eyes of Silver backed earth dragon. And the attacks of Barbarian Bull, Ha Lei and Shi Yan also closely followed after, stabbing towards the relatively weak points of Earth dragon.

Soon Long Yi's dragon shaped sword tip was about to cut apart the eyes of Silver backed earth dragon, but the speed of this Silver backed earth dragon was unexpectedly not inferior to Long Yi. Its huge body changed into afterimage, then its long tail just like a giant meat whip swept towards them.

With several slamming sound, all four of them were sent flying in a high speed, as the blood spilled in the air. Seizing the chance, Long Yi had used internal force to protect his key positions, but even so, his whole body's qi and bloods were rolling over and over, and the internal organs seemed to be twisted.

Right at this moment, the magic attack of magicians finally arrived. The might of Ge Keite's fire magic was only half the power of normal times due to this heavy rain, so it basically didn't have any effect on Silver backed earth dragon. Lan Tian's Violent light magic skill also did not have any effect, now he was using Holy light to cure wounded Ha Lei and others. Lu Xiya's magic arrows however shot the empty void or hit the thick scale of Silver backed earth dragon. Contrary to what one might expect, this beast was rather cautious of Leng Youyou's spirit attack.

After the internal force of AoTianJue circulate once inside his body, the qi and blood of Long Yi finally calmed down. Now he saw that the Silver backed earth dragon appears to be rather afraid of spirit attack, he thought of a move inside his heart, then he emitted huge spirit power from space between the eyebrows' sea of consciousness, and just like invisible sharp sword, it stabbed towards the eyes of Silver backed earth dragon. Eyes were window of heart, so if you wanted to hurt the soul of the opponent, eyes were the most east attack target.

The spirit power of Long Yi was many times more powerful than Leng Youyou. Although he didn't know any spirit magic, but his spirit power was nevertheless first rate. Sure enough, Silver backed earth dragon turned its head to other side and didn't dared to look Long Yi face to face, and how could Long Yi miss this opportunity, he immediately send out big cosmos move. Then he quickly jumped and boarded its neck, and he violently hacked his sword, but he merely hacked halfway through its dragon scale.

Nevertheless this Silver backed earth dragon still felt pain. Since its evolution, no people had ever rode its head and abuse it like this, so it furiously whipped its tail towards Long Yi.

Long Yi relied on his martial arts and avoided this dangerous attack of Silver backed earth dragon, and inside his mind he was pondering about the Achilles' heel of Silver backed earth dragon. He firmly believed that even powerful magical beasts would have Achilles' heel. At this time, Long Yi remembered Earth dragon had tiny bit blood lineage of dragon clan, and the dragon's Achilles' heel was its reverse scale. It was said to be at throat, so could it be that the Achilles' heel of this earth dragon was also the same?

After thinking this, when Long Yi planned to take chances to try it, he suddenly heard Leng Youyou's yelling: ’’Earth dragon's weak point is at 7 inch below the neck.’’

Long Yi was dumbfounded, wasn't that snakes' weakness? He knew that the weakness of snake was 7 inch below the neck, it seems these earth dragons were basically variation of big snakes.’’

Long Yi repeatedly dodged earth dragon's attack, and still stably stiid on the neck of Silver backed earth dragon. If Leng Youyou was not using spirit attack all along to restrict this beast, then Long Yi wouldn't be able to easily dodge the attack of earth dragon like this.

Zila, a lightning streaked across the horizon, with the light of that lightning, Long Yi clearly saw the seven inched below the neck of this earth dragon had a very small pit. That place didn't have thick scales like in other places, only extremely thin layer, presumably that was the Achilles' heel of this Silver backed earth dragon...


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