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Womanizing Mage - Chapter 41


Womanizing Mage, Chapter 41: Strange magical beast

Long Yi and his group returned to Huangmang small town. Throughout the way they heard the name Fire class Master Mage PuXiusi as well as the conjectures about why he came here in Huangmang plains.

The silhouette of PuXiusi lingered inside the heart of Long Yi. That terrifying strength of PuXiusi which was strong enough to cause more than thousand magicians to lose fighting capacity instantly, deeply shook Long Yi. Long Yi couldn't help but ponder, if he (Long Yi) was in his (PuXiusi) place, then what was the odd of successfully stop the battle? Long Yi shook his head, regarding to the answer of this question, he was not too optimistic.

After looking through several ancient books of the bookshelves inside his space ring, Long Yi knew why PuXiusi was able to instantly create a space which seemed to be without any magic elements. This was a kind of magic domain, a domain created with the backing of huge magic power and spirit power. Within this domain, with the exception of domain caster, all other magic and douqi lose their efficacy, and caster's firepower would increase by several times.

Not every people who had attained Master Mage realm have the ability to use Magic domain. It mainly depends on the word ’’comprehend’’. To this day, only two of the five Master Mage have the ability to use domain. One was Fire class Master Mage PuXiusi, and other was Light pope Charles. Since there is magic domain, naturally there is also a douqi domain. Kuanglong Empire's Sword Siant Murong Bo could use this douqi domain. As for which one was powerful, it was still unknown.

Long Yi was somewhat dejected, as there was extremely big gap between himself and these top level experts. If he were to face more than thousand magicians, then he had no other choice but to sneak away, and it seems running away would also be relatively difficult. Suddenly, Long Yi's eye lit up, he naturally didn't have any odds of success against more than thousands magicians, but against PuXiusi, he might have a little bit of odds of success. Although inside his magic domain, douqi and magic could not be used, nevertheless there was not any restriction to his internal force, as he was still able to use his internal force inside Dragon city's Forbidden Heaven prison. If he use big cosmos shift in addition Separate Heaven strike's top level palm way void splitting palm, then it may be assumed that he might have a bit odds of success. But who knows the extent of true strength of Master Mage?

Long Yi suddenly recalled PuXiusi was surprised before he had left. Long Yi had thought that he would come over to meet him, but contrary to his thought, he merely sized him up for quite a while, then flew away vanishing in the distance.

Early in the next morning, Long Yi and his group of eight adventurers began setting out towards boundless Huangmang plain. According to the mark of Ha Lei's that map that was said to be passed down from his ancestors, Lost city was at the innermost east of Huangmang plain, en route they had to cross large area of swamp and desert, and also had to face various kind of various ranked magical beasts.

Perhaps because of yesterdays' big war between Nalan and Aoyue Empire's magicians, today only very few were going to Huangmang plain to do the mission. It didn't resemble like the rumor that every day early in the morning innumerable adventurers would set out to Huangmang plain, and one could see the heads everywhere in this plain.

The edge region of Huangmang plain was basically nothing dangerous, mostly only low class magical beasts appeared here, so Long Yi and his groups were travelling while chatting and laughing. Among 8, Fire magician Ge Leite seemed too unwilling to chat, Light magician Lan Tian occasionally spoke, and the fierce looking Advance Fighter Shi Yan was bad with words, so he merely looked like he was seriously listening. Loudest voices was that of Ha Lei and Barbarian Bull, these two were talking just like a thunder, and were spatting saliva everywhere. Among them Long Yi was humorously teasing Lu Xiya, throughout the way both of them had joyous and harmonious atmosphere. As for Leng Youyou, she still had stiff face, she merely occasionally whisper with Lu Xiya, don't know what they were talking about.

Just like this one day passed unknowingly, Long Yi and his group put up several tents, lit a bonfire and sat around it while looking at several fire rabbit being roasted in that bonfire. All of them were shot dead by Lu Xiya, also Long Yi was finally able to see magic archer in action. The magic element changed into arrow, and its speed was very fast, those fire rabbit was not even aware to run away before they were shot to death.

’’Long Yi, is roast still not ready, I'm already starving to death.’’ Lu Xiya helplessly looked at those meat which were releasing dense fragrance.

’’Wait a moment, it is about to finish, you slander cat.’’ Long Yi said with a smile. At this moment the meat changed into gold color, fat began to drip on the ground, it looked very alluring plus smelling that fragrance of this meat, even the celestial being would drool.

’’Hateful, big stupid bull slander even more than me.’’ Lu Xiya protest coquettishly while pointing towards Barbarian bull. But Barbarian bull was staring at the rabbit meat without even blinking his bull eyes, and swallowed a mouthful of saliva which appeared especially loud and clear in this quite night.

Very soon Long Yi quickly took out seasoning and smeared it, then the meat fragrance suddenly became even more appetizing. This time all 8 of them simultaneously swallowed their saliva.

Altogether there was four fire rabbit, so each person was given half. After that everyone were unable to hold themselves back due to fragrance, and immediately began to nibble the meat.

Barbarian Bull was the fastest, half fire rabbit meat quickly and easily entered his stomach. After that he smacked the lips of his mouth and enviously stared at the meat others were eating.

Have to say that the meat quality of fire rabbit was very high and Long Yi's meat roasting skill was also very high, so it was extremely tasty. Because even Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou, these two girls nibbled at this roasted meat just like little children, and left nothing behind.

’’Very delicious, Long Yi, hereafter every day you roast for us to eat oaky?’’ Lu Xiya purposed this proposal, and everyone immediately approved this unanimously.

’’All right?’’ Seeing Long Yi was not answering her, Lu XIya used girl's trump card of acting spoiled. Both of her hand held Long Yi's arm and pressed his arm against her pair of **.

Long Yi immediately lift up his head, made a wry smile as he said: ’’Well, of course, merely now we should first resolve a big trouble.’’

’’Trouble? What trouble?’’ Just after Lu Xiya asked, suddenly her complexion changed, she abruptly stood up, and dark green bow and arrow instantly appeared in her hand.

At this moment others also finally sensed oppressive feeling in the air, immediately after that all of them stood up in succession and assumed their fighting posture. Just a moment ago, Long Yi discovered something was wrong because just now the humming sound of insects suddenly disappeared. This was very probably caused by the intrusion of powerful magical beast in this region.

The atmosphere of the surroundings became even more oppressive, Long Yi and his group of eight were somewhat nervous. From this momentum, it was understatement to say that this magical beast was B-class magical beast, calling it A-class magical beast was more appropriate. At this time, suddenly an eye appeared in the dark, an almost transparent white eyes, but looking at the height of these eyes, it seems this magical beast was very petite.

Questions suddenly appeared in Long Yi's mind: ’’What is this magical beast? So strange.’’

This unknown magical beast with white eye approached nearer and nearer, and everyone also became more and more nervous. After a short while, finally the appearance of this magical beast became visible under the moonlight. Long Yi discovered that this high-level magical beast was half black half white baby tiger. Its left half was pitch-black and its right half was snowy white, its one eyeball was white and other eyeball was black, merely that black colored eyes couldn't be clearly seen in this dim light of night.

’’What a lovely little tiger.’’ Lu Xiya exclaimed, and actually set down his aimed bow and arrow.

’’Are you insane Lu Xiya, it might be A-class magical beast.’’ Ha Lei anxiously roared, as no one could guarantee that this harmless looking little tiger will not attack them.

’’Come on, don't be too nervous, this little thing seems to have no ill intention towards us.’’ Looking at that little tiger which was looking at them with curiosity, Long Yi said. If it was ferocious magical beast then it would have already attacked them.

This little tiger shrugged its nose, looked towards the ground at those bones of fire rabbit, and its tiger face revealed happy expression. Long Yi got the general idea about why this baby tiger had come over, it seems the fragrance of roasted meat had attracted this baby tiger.

’’Little tiger, come over here to sister.’’ Lu Xiya squat down, then spread open her hands towards this little tiger. It seems she regarded this little tiger as a child.

Little tiger looked at Lu Xiya for a while but didn't respond, then its pair of tiger eyes landed on Long Yi's body, and immediately showed an excited expression. After that trotting pass Lu Xiya, it came over to the side of Long Yi, circled him two times then suddenly erect its two foreleg and put up on Long Yi's leg. After that looking at Long Yi with one white and one black eyes, it purred nonstop.

Long Yi confusedly picked up this little tiger, this little tiger obliviously had B-class or A-class magical beast aura, so how could this little thing express such intimate action towards him. Long Yi rubbed little tiger with his hand, and little tiger immediately purred twice, and had enjoyment appearance in its face.

’’It must have determine you as its mother.’’ Lu Xiya jealously said. She didn't expect that this little tiger actually ignored her, and instead nested in the embrace of Long Yi.

Long Yi asked with a smile: ’’Does anyone know what magical beast is this?’’

Everyone shook their head in succession, then Ha Lei said: ’’Never seen or heard about this type of strange magical beast. And this type of magical beast is also not marked in the map.’’

Henceforth, this little tiger became ninth member of this adventurers group. It had very big appetite, every day it ate ten fire rabbit, only then would it be contended. Everyone discovered that, outside of this powerful aura, this little fellow basically didn't have any means of attack. But thanks to this aura of high level magical beast, other magical beasts would avoid them from the distance.

Long Yi, this lazybones directly named this little tiger Long Three [San = 3]. Long Two [Er = 2] was naturally that blood red skeleton which held that blood colored sickle. Like this one human one tiger and one skeleton became three brothers. Lu Xiya seriously protested on the name of this little tiger, and privately named it Bai Jiahei [Black plus White] (sweat’’’’`), but little tiger was only fond of the name Long Three. Every time Long Yi yelled: ’’Little Three, quickly roll over here.’’ It would immediately eagerly rush over to Long Yi and wag its tail.


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