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Womanizing Mage - Chapter 39


Womanizing Mage, Chapter 39: Clash

The reason why Ha lei was able to determine the identity of this half corpse, was because of the magic robe and magic guild medal on it. Each country's profession guild's profession dresses were different, and also the pattern of each rank dresses were also not completely identical, so anyone with discerning eyes would be able to determine the identity of others.

In Long Yi's eight man adventurer team, with the exception of Long Yi, Lu Xiya and this mysterious Leng Youyou, everyone else had joined profession guilds. Although after joining profession guilds, one would receive hefty monthly pay, and also receive the protection of respective guilds, but simultaneously they also had corresponding obligation. For instance, if one's guild and other countries' guild have a conflict or other members of guild is in danger, then one must aid. Naturally if there is internal strife, then they could either take part or not, according to one's choice.

Just when everyone were suspicious about the identity of these two peoples, suddenly two fireworks almost simultaneously rose in the sky, and exploded in the sky, making two types of completely different patterns.

’’Turned out to be the magician guild of Aoyue Empire and magician guild of Nalan Empire, this has nothing to do with us, so let's look for an inn and rest.’’ Ha Lei felt as if he was relieved of a heavy load, if it was Aoyue Empire and Kuanglong Empire, then he and the entire group would be forced to involve in it.

Just at this time, strong magic fluctuation surged from all direction. Sensing this Long Yi was speechless: ’’It seems the fight just escalated, isn't this small town very likely to be razed to the ground by magicians?’’

’’No, they will voluntarily gather outside this small town to settle their score.’’ Light Magician Lan Tian said and his voice was still mild. But behind those mild voice, there was complete indifference. Everyone always put their own benefit first, even in this group, this light priest who always unreservedly speak about humanity was no exception. This matter had nothing to do with him, so he was indifferent.

Not long after that, multicolored various ranked magician almost filled this narrow street. Among them there were also fighters, thieves, and archers, it may be assumed that all of them were back up forces of respective group who had come over to help. This Huangmang small town was full of adventurers and tens of thousands groups of every countries. Now the magician guilds of two big empire clashed with each other, so how many people would get involved in it?

Just like Lan Tian said, everyone of both side refused to budge for a while, then began to move towards outside of this small town, and a lot of magician actually casted float skill too. This scene was too spectacular.

’’How about we also go and see the bustle.’’ Long Yi suggested. It was not easy to come across such large scale battle.

’’No, we shouldn't. Many magicians are going to fight, and their destructive power is extremely alarming, if we go there, it is very likely to accidentally receive injuries. Now we should just go, look for an inn and rest well, so that we could raise our spirit to enter Huangmang plain tomorrow.’’ Ha Lei opposed Long Yi's suggestion.

Ha Lei was leader of this adventurer team, and since he was against that, naturally no one had anything to say. After that they causally found an inn and rent four rooms, two in each room. Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou naturally stayed in one room, two magicians stayed in one room, Shi Yan and Ha Lei stayed in one room, and the remaining Long Yi and Barbarian bull in last room. Including Ha Lei, all others unexpectedly didn't want to stay in the same room with Barbarian bull. They didn't expressed it, but this particular aspects reflected the discrimination against beast-men.

Entering inside the room, Long Yi shut the door then said Barbarian bull in a low voice: ’’Big Bull, came over here.’’

Barbarian Bull admired Ling Yi very highly and also treated Long Yi as sworn brother. On one side because beast-men clan worships strong, and on the other side, from the start, only Long Yi and that elf had frequently talked with him, furthermore treated him as a friend. Although he was thick skinned but he clearly knew that other peoples more or less somewhat look down upon him. Only Long Yi even though it seems he was making fun of him, he would always sense warmth in them.

Barbarian bull heard to Long Yi, so he lowered his head. While standing Barbarian bull was more than 8 chi in height, and the posture of him lowering his head to the height of Long Yi's head looked quite comical.

Long Yi whispered something on the ear of Barbarian bull's ear, then the eyes of Barbarian bull lit up, as he repeatedly nodded his head.

After hanging the 'Please do not disturb' sign outside the door, Long Yi opened the window, bored his head and looked underneath for a while. This window was not faced towards the main street, only a small uninhabited alley was present. So using his internal force, Long Yi caught Barbarian bull, jumped down and lightly landed on the ground. This made Barbarian bull to admire Long Yi even more, and now looking at Long Yi, his eyes lit up in worship.

After that both of them dashed towards outside the town, and just when they reached the doorway, they discovered many peoples were also dashing towards the outside of town to watch the excitement. At that time, the sharp-eye of Long Yi suddenly saw two familiar figures who were in the process of dashing in front of them.

’’Little elf, wait for us.’’ Long Yi loudly yelled, he had never thought that, these two girls have sneaked out ahead of them.

Hearing Long Yi, those two girls stopped, turned around and waited for two peoples to come near them.

’’Long Yi, I knew you'll absolutely sneak out.’’ Lu Xiya smiled beautifully, as if she was extremely proud of herself for her own judgment.

’’You two are too mean, not even calling us.’’ Long Yi smiled and habitually teased Lu Xiya's small nose.

’’Elder sister Youyou said that you will definitely catch up to us, so we come out first.’’ As if she was also already accustomed to the teasing to Long Yi, Lu Xiya replied without even a bit of annoyed expression.

Long Yi looked towards Leng Youyou, but she evaded his gaze. In this half a month time, she had basically avoided meeting Long Yi. First he knew that she cultivates dark magic and second, he was extremely mysterious individual, so Leng Youyou subconsciously was cautious towards Long Yi.

At this moment, suddenly explosion sounds came from distance, and earth began to shake.

’’Fight have begun, we should hurry over there.’’ Long Yi excitedly said.

Looking over to the huge distance, Long Yi hesitated for a moment, then he casted gale magic spell on all of them. After that he took the lead and ran forward. Leng Youyou and other three felt their body became light, and their speed suddenly increased. All of them were starlet, and thought what this magic was. But without thinking, they knew that this was the trick of Long Yi, so the mysteriousness on Long Yi increased even more.

The battlefield was at the edge of Huangmang plain, and there were more than thousands of people on the both sides for this battle. So this battle was going to be really spectacular. Other than Long Yi and his group, several others were also on the sidelines.

’’What is this? I thought this would be many times more devastating, so what is the meaning of this?’’ After seeing the scene of battle, Long Yi said with disappointment.

’’Yes, that's right. I knew it, the magicians are turtles who only knows how to shoot from the rear.’’ Barbarian Bull nodded his head and said with the same feeling.

But Barbarian Bull very quickly discovered that Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou were directly glaring at him. Only then he remembered these two companions were also magicians. Then he immediately stroked his head's horn and said: ’’I am not talking about you two, I meant them.’’

Both of these girls snorted coldly. Correct Lu Xiya was also a magician, exactly speaking she is a magic archer. It is common knowledge that elves were heavenly-gifted archer and magician. And after adding magic in bow and arrows, the might of bow and arrows become very huge. Compared to normal archer, magic archer were many times more powerful.


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