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Womanizing Mage - Chapter 148.1


Womanizing Mage, Chapter 148-1: Way of bed communication

When Long Yi was engrossed in wiping out breakfast, he suddenly felt a fragrant wind blowing over, and everything before his eyes became a little darker. Someone had blocked light in front of him.

Long Yi raised his head, and saw Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling'er standing in front of him. Then enquiringly pricking up his brows, he smiled and said: ’’Nice coincidence ah, two beautiful ladies, honor me by eating together, it's my treat.’’

Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling'er sat down without any politeness, then ordered few portion of fine breakfast.

’’Ling'er, long time no see, did you miss me?’’ Long Yi smiled and looking at Long Ling'er, he teasingly said.

’’Did not, we haven't seen each other for only two days, where is the long time ah.’’ Long Ling'er directly said, but the smile on her face was unusually brilliant.

’’Isn't two days very long ah? There is a saying 'one day apart seems like three years', doesn't this means two days are equivalent to six years?’’ Long Yi miserably said.

Long Ling'er and Ximen Wuhen couldn't bear but laughed. And the laughter of these two exceptional beauties suddenly attracted the gaze of all the people in the dining hall. Regardless of men or women, all of them had infatuated look in their eyes, as they were unable to resist the charm of beautiful women ah.

’’Hehe, your mouth is becoming more and more skilled, look, how happy you made our Long Ling'er with your words.’’ Ximen Wuhen said with a smile, and in her heart, she couldn't help but thought, if this second brother of hers had coaxed girls like this before, and displayed his so strong strength, then where was the need to use any forceful means ah, she feared all the petite older sisters of Soaring Dragon City would have stood in a line for him to choose.

Having heard what was said, Long Ling'er restrained her smile, but she wasn't able to conceal the pleased expression in her eyes. Hearing Long Yi's sweet words and honeyed phrases, she didn't know why, her heart was very happy, but she naturally didn't believe that she was starting to like him. She believed that all the girls were bound to feel complacent under the attack of such sugarcoated bullet, moreover Long Yi's such attitude towards her made her feel that she was a step closer to her objective.

But Long Ling'er recalled that she was about to leave for three months, and she couldn't help but become somewhat perturbed. Will Long Yi's feeling towards her have already changed when she returns after three months? Before that, shouldn't she give him some sugarplum so that he couldn't forget her? Thinking this, Long Ling'er beautiful face became very red.

Just then, Ximen Wuhen suddenly recalled how Xiao Yi had addressed her second brother as Long Yi, moreover he had also used this name in the academy, so she couldn't help but asked curiously: ’’Hey, smelly second brother, after you ran away from Soaring Dragon City, didn't you change your name into Long Yi? But why used surname Long ah, don't tell me that you want to enter into and live with Ling'er's family?’’

Long Yi was dumbfound, and his eyes suddenly became somewhat hazy. Then, he slowly said: ’’The reason why I choose surname Long, is because I am Descendant of the Dragon.’’

’’Descendant of the Dragon? Don't tell me that it is that legendary Dragon clan? And are those strange skill of yours also passed down by Dragon clan?’’ Ximen Wuhen asked in surprise.

Long Yi woke up with a start, then laughing hollowly, he began to made things up: ’’Dragon clan? Of course not. After I left Soaring Dragon City, I met a mysterious person, i.e. my master. He came from a very distant mysterious country, which have glorious and magnificent history and civilization. They are symbolized with Five Clawed Golden Dragon. It is said that this kind of dragon is omnipotent, can go up to the Heaven or down to Hades, and could produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with other. And the people of this country had inherited the bloodline of this divine dragon. And after my master taught me these skills, he bestowed me this surname 'Long', so I naturally am Descendant of the Dragon.’’

’’Five Clawed Golden Dragon? How come I have never heard about this kind of divine dragon, also I have never heard about any country that are symbolize with this dragon.’’ Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling'er suspiciously looked towards Long Yi.

’’What I said was, it is a very distant mysterious country, which means, it isn't in this Blue Waves Continent, rather in a very very far away continent called Asia.’’ Long Yi said with a smile. In any case, they didn't know where Asia was, and moreover it's not that he had made it up.

’’Not in Blue Waves Continent? Don't tell me that there are still other continents beside Blue Waves?’’ Both women exclaimed in surprised.

’’Did you really believed that there is only Blue Waves Continent in this world? You two are truly a frog in a well ah. How large this world is, that is something you can't even imagine.’’ Long Yi shook his head and sighed, but he was holding back his laughter with great difficulty.

’’Humph, we are a frog in a well, only you know more.’’ Long Ling'er discontentedly said angrily.

’’Hehe, let's forget about it. Ling'er, for two days, what did you learn from that old man Puxiusi?’’ Long Yi smiled and changed the topic.

’’What old man ah, how could you not respect teacher Puxiusi? He understands many things, in these two days, I benefited a lot from his explanation. And I understood many things I didn't understand before.’’ Long Ling'er glared at Long Yi. This smelly fellow actually dared to call Master Archmage Puxiusi an old man, if other people had heard that, then she feared the saliva of every person would drown him to death.

’’Is that so? It seems that old man truly have some stuffs.’’ Long Yi thought something in his mind, and his hand itched. If he swap pointers with this contemporary peak character of fire magic, then it would definitely be more effective than thinking long and hard.

’’Smelly second brother, tomorrow Ling'er however is going with teacher Puxiusi to cultivate for three months, so you will not be able to meet Ling'er for next three months?’’ Ximen Wuhen interrupted.

’’What? That old man wants to take you out to cultivate? Moreover for three months?’’ Long Yi exclaimed.

’’Lower your voice, do you think teacher Puxiusi is like you ah? This time Lin Na will also go together with us. We are in the final bottleneck of Master Magician, and this is a great chance to break through this bottleneck.’’ Long Ling'er pulled the sleeve of Long Yi. Seeing the tense look of Long Yi, she particularly enjoyed it, and actually felt quite pleased.

’’Lin Na, that girl is also going, you should have said this before.’’ Long Yi whispered.

Long Ling'er looked at Long Yi, then gritting her teeth, she turned towards Ximen Wuhen with slightly red face and said: ’’Wuhen, didn't you want to go to library? If you don't go quickly then you might not find the place to sit.’’

Ximen Wuhen was dumbfounded, she wanted to go to the library, but relying on her rank, she could go to fourth floor of library which was only Mage area, and in that place, generally only teacher were allowed to go. So when did this mostly deserted area didn't have seats to sit ah? But seeing the blushing Long Ling'er, she immediately understand, then couldn't help but cursed inwardly, this damn girl, valuing love before friendship.

’’Ah, yeah, I have to go early to occupy seat, so I'll go first, you two can stay.’’ Ximen Wuhen impatiently left after speaking. And after she turned around, her eyes flashed with a trace of loneliness for an instant.

Looking at the back view of Ximen Wuhen who was leaving anxiously, Long Yi smiled and said: ’’It seems I also need to go to the class, I don't know what means Shui Ruoyan, that woman will use to give me a hard time.’’

Long Ling'er ferociously glared at Long Yi, usually this smelly fellow is very clever, but at the time like this, why did he turn into a piece of wood, I am leaving tomorrow, so don't he know that I want him to accompany me for today?

’’Eh, Ling'er, why on earth are you looking at me like this?’’ Long Yi resisted laughing with great difficulty and pretending to be surprised, he asked.

’’I will not bother you.’’ Long Ling'er angrily stamped on the feet of Long Yi, the standing up, she walked out of dining hall.

Long Yi hurriedly chased after her. This girl's face is still too thin ah.

’’I suddenly remember, yesterday I offended that woman Shui Ruoyan, so it would be better for the two of us to chat rather than going to attend her class today. How about we have a nice communication?’’ Long Yi laughed mischievously and said to Long Ling'er. His brain nevertheless was turning very fast with various ideas. Long Ling'er sending away his little sister Ximen Wuhen was naturally because she wanted to be together with Long Yi by herself. And thinking about it, her that great aunt also ought to be nearly gone, so could it be that......


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