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Will The Re-Summoned Hero Live As An Ordinary Person - Chapter 78


Chapter 78

Re-Summoned Hero Episode 78

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Competing to gather material.

Good books are aligned.

So which one wins? And then they fight anyway.

After they return to the mansion from the library, they start to discuss the information they got in the mansion's living room.

A large paper is prepared on the table as they decided to write the important information while they talk about it.

「Then, I'll start listing the point I found first.」

「Okay, I'll take care of the writing then.」

Souta takes the pen and prepares to write.

「The information I got was mainly about the dragonkins. Since they lost their hero a thousand years ago, their whereabouts no longer can be seen in history.」

Souta who had collected the information about the dragonkin also nods, agreeing with Dina.

「Seems so. That's also the information I got before. None of the books I read have some information about their whereabouts.」

Dina also nods back.

「Yes, since I couldn't get another information, I was convinced that nothing is wrong with that, but from the book I borrowed from the librarian this afternoon, I read a story from slightly different perspective.」

「Those two... Seems like they're better than I thought.」

Souta, once again, impressed by the two who was able to prepare the books despite their ambiguous description.

「First of all, it seems the dragonkin drops a gem at the time of their death. It's written that the gem's size is proportional with the owner's age.」

「Hmm...... Then that guy's gem should be quite large. He was over 500 years old at that point after all.」

「Right. With dragonkin's battle maniac nature, they should be rarely able to live their full lifespan. 500 years old should be pretty rare.」

His figure which is an experienced fighter among the heroes appears in both of their mind.

「Continuing. It's a gem, but for the gem that is hundreds of years old, it seems to be exist as a national treasure for the race. It has enormous amount of magic power and part of the memories are sealed inside it. It seems there were many who know about this trying to target it in the past.」

Upon seeing the changes in Souta's expression when he hears the part about memories, Dina nods.

「I thought about the same thing. Just like how I got my brother's memories via Pair Connect, it's possible dragonkin also got the information about the outcome of the battle via that gem. And the reason they went into hiding, I believe it's to protect that gem.」

Souta tilts his head while writing Dina's opinion.

「Hmmm.... I also thought so... But how did that gem reach the dragonkin? Moreover, if it's only part of the memories, it's possible that the ’’part’’ is not about our last fight. I feel like we lack just a little bit of information.」

「It might the other person I saw in my brother's memories. That person might be the one who handed over the jewel and information to the dragonkin.」

Souta feels that there is a possibility for that to be true when he compares it with the information he has.

「Though, if we decide that the information about the dragonkin to be true, then it might be the reason in the course of a thousand years, the dragonkin never lead a war against the human, even though they have a reason to do so.」

Sota raises his head as he finishes writing Dina's opinion.

「That's possible. So we need to look for the whereabouts of the dragonkin. The problem is......」

「The whereabout... Right. Maybe we can find it if we know who gave the gem to the dragonkin.」

Souta shakes his head.

「I'm in favor to look for that person, but whether the person, or his descendant know about it...... It might not be that easy. In the first place, dragonkins have a strong ties between their own race. They would be trying their best to not leak any information about their whereabouts, as it involves the safety of their friends and family.」

「Is that so...... So I guess, it will really difficult.」

Dina drops her shoulders and looks down.

「Don't look so down, at least wait until you hear what I gather. It's about the gnomes.」

Dina showing a large reaction hearing Souta's remark, she immediately raises her head.

「You guessed right. Your theory is most likely right.」

Souta grins toward Dina.

「First of all, since the Elder dies a thousand years ago, their race seems to came apart, scattered and live in small settlements across the continent. It's said their behaviour is because their small bodies and inferior physical power compared to other races.」

「In those days, every gnomes come together under Elder-san and formed a state right? So that means once he dies, the nation he made fall apart?」

After thinking for a bit, Souta answers Dina's question.

「... It's possible, but it feels strange that the Elder didn't give further instructions before he went to the journey. Well, it's possible with his death, his family also came into disagreement.」

Dina also replies to Souta after thinking a little.

「Hmm... It's possible for that to happen... But will they really keep fighting even to the point they ignored Elder's instruction?」

「Yeah, I already thought so. But, as I don't know the actual information, we can only make assumption for now. Still, it's strange if they just fall apart just because of in-fighting. So I assume, just like you and me, the Elder had also survived.」

Dina nods enthusiastically.

「If it's him, then it's no wonder he knows about the dragonkin gem, and I can see why he brought that gem to the dragonkin. Moreover, it's easier to believe if Elder was the one who scatter his race.」

「If so, the dot is connected... But that's only assuming if the Elder was alive. I hope there are some evidence supporting this out there.」

「Ahh that's only if our information stop at this point. I searched for other things and found a bit information from the history of beastman.」


Dina talks with a finger at her mouth.

「Just like the dragonkin, the beastman are also a battle maniac race. However, even though their relationship with human are bad, they seems to never wage a war against human race.」

「That means, they have some reason just like the dragonkin?」

「Most probably. And so I tried to look for it from various books, and...... apparently there seems to be a story from the beastman countries that's different from the story passed in the other countries. Although the story is now become a mainstream fact, in beastman's story, it's said that the different world hero repatriated earlier and dragonkin hero, elves hero, and beastman hero were killed by other person. And the name of the author of that story is Grevin.」

Dina gasped when she hears that name.

The name of the Elder is Gregor Marvin. He's usually called as Greg or Marve. Souta's party, however, made a nickname for him and end up calling him Grema. At that time, the other name proposed by the party and rejected by the Elder himself was Grevin.


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