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Wife, I Am The Baby’s Father - Chapter 122


Chapter 122 The End

It was the season that all living things laid dormant, sparkling and translucent snowflakes dyed the world in an extraordinary snow white. The dense forest turned into a sheet of snow white, on each branch beautiful ice crystals sparkled.

In the distance, before a tombstone, stood a family of three, a man, a woman, a child.

All three people dressed entirely in white, almost fusing together with nature, but they seemed to possess a faint layer of brightness, making them appear as if they were not real, as if they would at any time become immortals.

The man lifted his hand to wipe clean the snow covering the tombstone. On his handsome face there was a faint grief, he slowly couched down, long delicate white finger tracing the words on the tombstone, lightly heaving a sigh, possessing an unspeakable sadness.

The woman stood to one side, quietly watching the man in front of her, not saying a word.

At this time this quiet moment should be set aside for him, allow him to say goodbye.

Time went by slowly, suddenly, snow floated down from the sky. The girl raised her head, silently looking at the sky.

This year there was a lot of snow.

Feeling the flutter of her skirt, the woman lowered her head to look at the child and softly said.

’’Are you cold?’’

The child nodded. The woman gently smiled and brushed off the snow on the child's head.

’’Wait a bit longer, give daddy some time.’’


The child spoke and turned her head to look at the man, well behave and not speaking again.

At that moment the man stood up, looking at the tombstone, before closing his eyes deeply. Opening it again, there was some relief in his eyes, the corners of his mouth lifted, revealing an enchanting smile. He turned around, taking the woman in one arm, the other arm picking up the child.

’’Let's go, to pick up our daughter.’’

The woman nodded, the three people like this disappeared amidst the snow filled sky.

After they walked a distance away, a gust of wind blew across. The name on the tombstone faintly glowed.

Ouyang Shao Kun.

Half a year before, after Xin Ci fainted Ouyang Shao Kun rushed into the house carrying her.

And on one side, Wen Kai was urgently trying to save Wu Qing. Seeing her, the needle in his hand fell to the ground.

’’Uncle Kun, Xin Ci she...’’

Ouyang Shao Kun looked at Wen Kai.

’’Don't worry. She only suffered a sudden shock, let her rest.’’

Wen Kai nodded, he carried on sticking needles into Wu Qing.

Ouyang Shao Kun placed Xin Ci onto the bed and walked to Wen Kai's side.

’’How is it?’’

Wen Kai frowned, his tone reserved.

’’His heart meridian is damaged because of his training, and this serious wound has damaged his heart meridian even more, his bleeding has stopped, but he has lost half his life. I already used snow ginseng to temporarily keep his life, but when he will wake up is still unknown, it's very possible he would sleep like this for a sometime...perhaps eternal rest.’’

Ouyang Shao Kun hearing his words, stepped forward holding onto Wu Qing's pulse.

After a moment he released his hand powerlessly, Karma, sin.

’’Wen Kai, you go first, take care of Xin Ci.’’

Wen Kai hearing him nodded his head, turning he went to the side.

Right now he was certainly very worried about Xin Ci. From Uncle Kun he had heard Xin Ci had recently been living not bad, Wu Qing did not hurt her, but today's events had a huge impact on Xin Ci, he was very worried she wouldn't be able to hold on, again forgetting them.

Pushing the door open, Wen Kai saw the peaceful Xin Ci on the bed, and Tian Er kneeling by the side of the bed, he rushed forward.

’’Daddy, I've been calling mother all this time...mother still wouldn't wake up. [Cries], daddy you. Quickly save mother...’’

Tian Er tightly clutched at Wen Kai's sleeve, his face already covered in tear stains, even his voice was slightly hoarse, Wen Kai's heart felt a pain like it had been pierced by a needle when he heard his voice.

Wen Kai lowered his body slightly, picking up Tian Er putting him on the bed. He softly said.

’’Tian Er be good, mother is fine. Mother is only tired, she's sleeping. Tian Er be good and lie down for a bit. When Tian Er opens his eyes he will see mother awake.’’

Tian Er lowered his head, his hand which pulled at Wen Kai's sleeve did not relax.

Wen Kai patiently squatted down, hands gently patting Tian Er's head.

’’Tian Er, what's wrong?’’

Tian Er continued to kept his position with his head lowered.

’’Daddy, why did mother...want Tian call that person daddy?...You are my daddy right?...isn't there only one daddy?’’

Instantly, the room was silent.

How was he to explain to Tian Er, Wu Qing is actually their birth father, it was him who seized Wu Qing's happiness. These past years of time, these past years of happiness, the woman he deeply loved, the children he deeply loved, were not his. Thinking deeply for a very long time, Wen Kai hoarsely said.

’’Tian Er, you need to listen to mother. From now on Tian Er and Xue Er's daddy is that person. Do you understand?’’

Wen Kai raised his eyes to Tian Er, he only saw Tian Er lying by Xin Ci's side sound asleep.

The corner of his mouth lifted, Wen Kai watched the deeply asleep Tian Er and Xin Ci. He couldn't help lightly stroking Xin Ci's white hair.

If Wu Qing sleeps eternally, will you never again have that warm smile, maybe even follow him. Xin Ci, in your heart there is only him, when we met the timing was wrong, then I lost you. I just wish for your happiness, seeing you smile, that's when I knew what was the meaning of my existence. Losing you, what should I do...

The sun went down. Wen Kai stood up, his legs were numb making his body unsteady, he stuck out his hand to hold the bed frame. A strand of white hair fell on his cheek, offsetting his unrestrained expression even more making it exceptionally bleak.

He slowly walked out the room, Wen Kai raised a profound smile.

In the end, he still couldn't let go.

When he walked into Wu Qing's room, his inexpressive eyes suddenly widened, he looked at the scene unbelievably, after a moment, Wen Kai who returned to his senses hurriedly ran to the bed, lifting up Ouyang Shao Kun who was on the floor.

’’Uncle Kun, Uncle Kun.’’

Ouyang Shao Kun struggled to open his eyes, looking at Wen Kai in front of him.

’’Wen Kai, everything was fated. The Ouyang family owed the Nangong family.’’

Wen Kai was startled, he could only feel an extreme pain between his throat, unable to speak.

He was a distant relative of the Ouyang family, Ouyang Jun was considered to be his cousin. After the year auntie died, he didn't come to the Hidden Castle again. He only had superficial knowledge of the matter between the Ouyang family and the Nangong family. The Nangong family were rich merchants, but suffered disastrous loss due to pressure from the Ouyang family, competition in the business world was like this. The winner was king, the loser was plundered. But he didn't expect, when the Nangong family were left with only one store barely able to survive, they were still plotted against by other people, the extermination of an entire family. And the other people, was Xin Ci's father, Shen Chang Hong. All in all, it was extremely complicated.

Only one child from the Nangong family survived, that was the Nangong Wu Qing of today. Before he had only had suspicions, he didn't expect Wu Qing to be that child. He lowered his head, Wen Kai couldn't refrain from sighing.

They owed Wu Qing, and owed Xin Ci.

’’I used the skills from my preserve Wu Qing's heart meridian, he should no longer be in any life threatening danger...Wen Kai, leave Hidden Castle, don't come here again...just like you did all those years's a bad's bad...’’

Wen Kai held Ouyang Shao Kun's body, body violently shaking.

Why? Why are there so many grudged? In the end who was wrong? Why must they take responsibility for everything? Why have they been tortured up until now? Tears, silently feel down Ouyang Shao Kun's face, only he would never open his eyes again, he never will...


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