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While Killing Slimes For 300 Years, I Became The MAX Level Unknowingly - Chapter 28


I Intended to Fight Fair and Square (I Cannot Say I Fought)

When I left the mansion, I moved onto the empty part of the plateau via levitation.

I couldn't allow my recently expanded house to be destroyed. After all, I still need to live in it for a long time.

Since it's night, with the exception of moonlight slightly shining on the ground, it was considerably dark. In a sense, it might be ideal weather for Beelzebub. This matches Beelzebub more than being under the sun.

’’Ohh, you flew quite a distance. Well then, I will match your efforts.’’

Beelzebub's voice could be heard from a long distance.

With a flap of her wings, she flew towards the plateau.

However, at that moment, I remembered something.

’’A barrier that repels demons, I still kept it on......’’

’’Listen, high level demons truly hold terrifying powers, but bababababababababababaa!’’

Beelzebub spoke like a broken CD player, and became numb!

’’The barrier is effective!’’

However, the enemy is also a high level demon. She broke through the barrier, then came to where I was standing.

Only, I was stared at with sobbing eyes.

’’You, didn't you say you would fight fair and square?! What is this! Are you saying that you were planning on winning with your tricks and schemes?’’

’’Ah... um, I didn't realize you were already inside the area of effect, or how should I say this... I completely forgot about it... Um, I'm sorry...’’

Since I was aware that I did something close to foul play, I lowered my head.

’’Good grief... hasn't the fun been dampened by your tricks? Haa, haa... N-now it's victory or defeat...’’

’’Um! Don't you feel awfully exhausted?!’’

The barrier's effects manifested to an extreme degree on accident...

’’W-what, this much is noth... cough, cough... I feel sick...’’

Beelzebub fell to her knees on the spot.

’’Also, I'm suddenly cold...... and there's a little bit of nausea......’’

’’It's okay if I call an ambulance, right? You're in a dangerous condition!’’

’’It's no good...... I can't move anymore......’’

The situation couldn't be helped, so I picked Beelzebub up in a princess carry. [1]

’’I'll take you back to my room, so!’’

’’Stop! Won't I collide with the barrier again!?’’

’’............ that was dangerous. I almost killed her......’’

I almost forgot about the source of the problem. If I win in such a way, perhaps high level demons would swarm for revenge......

’’Ugh, whenever you talk, it echoes in my head...!’’

’’I'll properly disable the barrier before transporting you!’’

Thus, I brought Beelzebub to my own home.

’’Ah, Master, since you've returned, you must have won uwa! What's Beelzebub doing here!’’

’’I'll lay her down on the bed, so you also help!’’

In this way, we decided to do emergency medical treatment.

For the time being, I made Beelzebub drink some medicine, but perhaps something with an even stronger effect would work better. Even after she drank it, she still seemed to be in pain.

’’Kuuu...... So ridiculous...... I've heard about extremely strong barriers......’’

Does a Lv 99 Barrier have this much power......?

’’Hey, Harukara, can you use Healing Magic?’’

’’No, I can't at all......’’

’’I am also unable to use recovery magic... The sort of magic is used by clergymen... Alright, I know. I'll make it!’’

I have the strongest magic known as Magic Creation.

I lined up an altar like object and a leaf that seemed suitable near Beelzebub's pillow, since she had fallen asleep. It was like a shimenawa, but in this situation, maybe something like that wasn't the best choice. [2]

Because healing magic is outside my area of expertise, the mood was quite tense.

Then, I performed a chant.

’’Oh, God of Earth(element), please grant this person your guidance―――― Wait a moment.’’

Depending on the game type, some demons can take damage if they receive healing magic.

’’Hey, Harukara, is using healing magic on demons alright?’’

’’Well, some people think that there are only a few demons who can use healing magic, so it should be fine...?’’

’’I understand! I'll believe in you! If Beelzebub takes any damage and dies, it'll all be Harukara's fault!’’

’’Eeeeeh! The pressure is too heavyyy!’’

Just to be safe, let's change the contents of the chant.

’’Oh God of Earth, this chaotic power that has not yet been distinguished as good nor evil, please, grant me the power to lend a hand...... Ha!’’

A lavender blue light sprang forth from my hand.

Slowly, Beelzebub's complexion started to improve by a bit.

’’It's working! Alright, I only have to repeat this!’’

And, after I cast the healing magic five times-

Beelzebub no longer looked to be in anguish.

’’The nausea has settled down. The chills as well......’’

’’Fuu, that's good....... Well then, please rest. ’’

I wiped the sweat floating on my forehead with my arm. I was able to save one life.

’’I thought that you were a cowardly woman, although it appears that I misunderstood you-jya....... Witch of the Plateau, are you actually a very praiseworthy person?’’

’’If you were to die like this, you don't realize how I would much I would regret it for hundreds of years to come.’’

Apparently, I won Beelzebub's trust. I think this means it worked itself out peacefully.

Harukara was also relieved. In this situation, if she apologizes properly, then she might be forgiven somehow.

’’After I recover, I want to drink the ’’Nutritional Alcohol’’ again. ’’

’’No, if you drink that, you'll really die. You know that right?’’

’’Die? No, perhaps if you don't drink it with proper care, but you won't die if you drink it. Rather, it's something that you drink to become healthy-jya.’’


That's weird. That doesn't match the story that I heard from Harukara.

’’What? If you drink it, a high fever will break out, and you'll die, is what I've heard, but......’’

’’Aah, you might be thinking of when I was pulling an all nighter with gusto. Certainly, I was pushing myself a little too hard, and afterwards I collapsed and a fever broke out;but that wasn't because of the ’’Nutritional Alcohol’’ it was because of too high of a burden was placed on my body. With proper rest, I made a splendid recovery.’’

’’Well-jya...... I was pursuing Harukara because......’’

’’Since it was rumored that the production had ceased, I wanted to go to the manufacturer directly to petition for it to be produced again. However, the name of the manufacturer was unknown, so I made an inquiry notice-jya.’’

I unreservedly patted Harukara's shoulder.

’’Hey! Cut that out!’’

’’Ah, that...... There was a rumor that she had collapsed with a high fever....... Well, ah, we've confirmed the rumor....... Haha......’’

Let's deal with what we've learned properly...


1. Princess Carry if you don't know what it is.

2. Shimenawa is a rope used to cordon off consecrated areas or as a talisman against evil. Wouldn't be good since she'd rekt Beelzebub, who she's trying to save.


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