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What Came To Mind During My Third Time In Another World Was To For Now, Get Naked. - Chapter 97


After the fight with Airi I won effortlessly.

The only close fights that I had were with Deborg, Lumeria, and Airi.


[The final match will now start!]

The most awaited battle of this tournament.

A man stood before me just as I expected.

’’Haha, this is amazing. This kind of excitement even makes me nervous’’

’’Liar. You're face doesn't say so’’

’’Is that so? I think you're much more relaxed than I am’’

Both of us size up each other.

Yuuri is probably stronger than [brave Gail], I think.

That's what my intuition tells me.

’’Hey, you why'd you stop being a [brave candidate]? Did you notice Gail's weakness?’’

’’Who knows. It's just the usual lack of power. Her little sister won the previous tournament right? I can't even be compared to her’’


It's obvious that he's hiding something but I couldn't care less.

I'll just end this quickly take home the 10,000,000 G.

After I do ’’this’’ and ’’that’’ with Erinu.


I come at him at the signal.

Victory for the first to strike.

I won't hold back.

’’《Stripe Thrust》!!’’

I thrust the 《Zweihander》 without charging.

My opponents only Yuuri so charging power is unneeded.

I seize Yuuri with countless slash.

’’《Ice Shield》’’

Every slash is blocked by the ice.

I see.

One of his proficient attribute is 《ice》.

’’Next is from here. Freezing light eradicate all life―――― 《Icing Sorcery》’’


A freezing light comes crashing to my body with a blizzard.

(Light reflected from the ice crystallization...?)

Every blow was nothing but there are a lot of problems.

And 《Light》 magic is one of my weakness attribute, so the damage output is 250%.


’’Oh? Is 《Light》 your weakness? I guess this is convenient for me’’

Yuuri said with a lax expression.

This is bad...

My compatibility with him is the worst, same as Alzein.

But the real problem is――.

’’How can you activate both 《Ice magic》 and 《light magic》 at the same time!’’

’’? What a weird thing to ask Kazuto... You don't know? I'm a 《Dual caster》 ’’

《Dual caster》...?

Another one of those jobs that I don't know...!

What the heck has happened to this world...?

’’That's why I can do these things. You look like a certain war maiden you know’’


I startle for a bit.

He... didn't notice my secret right...

Yuuri's hands is enveloped by a blue and gold light.

’’《Ice Sword》’’

Sword of light and ice is then created accordingly to his hands.

’’... 《dual wielding》... Are you serious...’’

It was supposed to be a cheat skill granted only to me.

And in this case Yuuri can also materialize two magic sword.

I guess this won't fall short of the [two strongest sword], even so――.

’’You know I'm pretty fond of this skill. Cause you know? This skill is the closest to that of the war maiden...! ’’

For good or for bad, Yuuri comes closer.

’’Shit! This small stone of light are in the way! 《Swift》!’’

I increase my reaction speed with 《shadow magic》 and jump back for the mean time.

’’《Slice Cutter》!’’

’’Woah! That's dangerous!’’

The moment I land his ice sword almost graze the tip of my nose.

’’《Gate Freeze》’’


My feet are the frozen stuck on the ground.

Yuuri you bastard...!

You're seriously [used to battle]...!

’’Fufu, can you move Kazuto?’’

Yuuri crossed his blade and prepares himself.

I don't care about that ice sword but that light sword is bad news...!

’’《Supreme Ice Light Sword》’’

Yuuri begins his rush.

I take my 《Zweihander》 with both hands and prepare to defend.

(Damn it...! His attacks are much heavier than before...! )

’’I'm just getting started Kazuto! You haven't even shown half of your 《power》!’’

’’Shaddup! I'm in the middle of coming up with a plan! It's because you're used to a fight that it's hard! ’’

I honestly answer as I defend against his attacks.

But seriously, he's strong...

Probabaly stronger than Alzein and Rei...

(I'll interrogate Zegius after I get home... That old man... he said that I'm the only one that he taught the 《dual wielding》 to...!)

But that was from my [2nd time].

Maybe it's because I've already mastered 《dual wielding》 that the situation has changed.

So he taught someone else.

That being Yuuri?

’’That aint fuuuuuuuuuunnnyyyyyyyyyyy!’’

As I defend from Yuuri's attack with my greatsword――

――I scream with all my might that echoed throughout the arena.


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