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We Live In Dragon’s Peak - Chapter 29


Nyan (part1)

Fake-Nyanko changed her form into that of a huge and overwhelming pterosaur, though not as huge as Sleighesta.

She's at least 3 times larger than a flying dragon.

Fake-nyanko stretched her large body.


Then she made a cute sound.


Pricia, her eyes shining, ran towards the giant Fake-Nyanko.

Not giving me the time to warn her, she used jump-magic and hopped on top of her back.

’’W-What's going on here, Old man?’’

Mistral was unusually flustered.

’’Fufun. This little girl is the child of the snow dragon.’’

’’Snow dragon?’’

The tips of her hair have a light pink color, but she does indeed look white when you observe her from afar. Isn't she a white dragon instead of snow.

Rather, she's a dragon tribe after all.

I somehow had that feeling when I saw her horns and wings.

I guess everyone here except for Pricia knows about this fact.

’’That's right. This girl is a snow dragon. A white dragon is an ancient tribe of dragons that protect the snow field spirit tree, while the snow dragons are the fighting tribe that protects the first level of the twelve-layer wall surrounding the old capital. They're an ancient tribe as well.’’

The old capital? Fighting tribe? I tilted my head after hearing those unfamiliar words. Apparently not having the slight idea about those words too, Mistral tilted her head as well.

’’Kakaka. To sum it up, this girl is from a very ancient dragon tribe that came from a remote place.’’

’’So she's from an old tribe like you, Sleighesta.’’

’’That's right.’’

I still had a few doubts in my mind, but at least we learned about fake-nyanko's origins.

Pricia-chan was still making a fuss on top of fake-nyanko.

Fake-nyanko doesn't seem to be disliking it either.

As I kept gazing at Pricia-chan, Fake-nyanko turned to face me.

Our eyes met.

’’Hello-nyan, strange young man.’’


’’Aah, Nyanko just talked!’’

Surprised by Fake-nyanko's abrupt greeting, I fell on my back. Switching my sight to check if Mistral was baffled too, she was looking at me while making an awkward smile.

’’Aren't you surprised from what just happened too, Mistral?’’

’’No, she's from an ancient tribe, so it's only natural that she could speak our language.’’

Is that so? I didn't have an idea, honestly.

’’Hello, fake-nyanko-chan.’’

I took back my composure and greeted her back.


She then looked at me and shouted happily.

’’My name is Nymia nyan.’’

’’Nymia-nyan nyan.’’

’’Yes. Nyannyan.’’

Hearing her name repeated by Pricia-chan, fake-nyanko;or Nymia cheerfully jumped up and down.

Well, I understand that she looks cute when jumping, but she's 3 times larger than a flying dragon. The ground rumbles every time she jumps.

’’Nyan wants to be called with chan too, nyan.’’

Oh, she can read thoughts as well. That's another surprise.

The place got enveloped in a peaceful mood with Nymia-chan flying as Pricia-chan delightfully hopped on her back.

Rather, the moss is coming off due to her moves. Is it fine?

’’This much is not a problem. My snot is for all purposes, after all.’’

Ah, I forgot. You can heal them using your snot. Urgh.

’’Alright, now that we know you are a snow dragon, I wonder what would such a tribe be doing in the dragon forest.’’

’’Hm, we can only ask her personally.’’


Called by Sleighesta, Nymia came rushing towards us.

Causing an earth tremor, she ran in our direction with a tremendous speed and halted in front of me.

No matter how cute she could be, it still scares me when I see a giant dragon rushing towards me.

I guess I won't add the ’’chan’’ to her name after all.

’’Uuu, you meanie.’’

Namiya looked at me with teary eyes.

’’You shouldn't make Nyan cry!’’

Pricia scolded me while peeking down at us from Nymia's crown.

’’Well then, young snow dragon. Why did you visit this forest under my protection?’’

Looking down at both of me and Nymia, Sleighesta asked a question.

’’Uum, I'm running away from home nyan. I felt hungry when I was flying and came here after smelling a delicious odor.’’

’’Fuhahaha. Running away from home. You're such a tomboy child.’’



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