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War Of The Supreme Mysteries - Chapter 41


Chapter 41 Five Wooden Plaques

Wu Dong Fang count up all wood plaques, there were only five Wood Plaques, ’’Why there are only five?’’

’’So what?’’ the old bastard asked back.

’’Isn't it too few? It will not be enough to be used’’, said Wu Dong Fang. Four to five thousand people! In one group soldiers, there were at least twenty to thirty people who might not be able to move regarding sick, got injured or anything. That was if they have enough food and decent shelter. They already doesn't have enough food to eat, at least in that condition there are more than hundreds of people got sick every day.

’’With this condition, if there are more plaques, it will still useless!’’ Old bastard said while trying to light a fire on a pile of small pieces of wood.

’’If they didn't have wood plaques, then they must get up to work’’ replied the old bastard.

’’And if they can't get up?’’ Wu Dong Fang asked back.

’’Hit them until they get up! You look like never seen slaves before?’’ old bastard said with strange look. Wu Dong Fang shake his head, ’’I never saw slave before and there is no slave in gold clan’’.

’’Liar, there is no clan that doesn't have slave! Who are you actually?’’ old bastard asked Wu Dong Fang to speak the truth.

’’And who are you actually?’’ Wu Dong Fang asked back, he too doesn't know is there any slave or not in gold clan.

The old man still could not start a fire, he gave up then sat on the floor and said, ’’I told you, I was Green Dragon Celestial Master from wood clan, Qing Long Fei Mu’’.

’’And I was White Tiger Celestial Master from gold clan, Wu Dong Fang’’ said Wu Dong Fang.

’’You lied to me! Your lying skill just too incompetent. Gold clan surname is Ming! Not Wu!’’ the old man said with a mocking face.

’’You...... if you really are Green Dragon Celestial Master, why you sitting in a place like this?’’ Wu Dong Fang also said back mockingly.

’’If I wanted to go, no one can stop me,’’ the old man glared.

’’If that so, just go! There is so much good wine outside!’’ replied Wu Dong Fang with little angry.

’’Regarding I want to go or not, it's none your business!’’ The old man replied.

’’You said you was Green Dragon Celestial Master, then I ask you, what technique wood clan do?’’ Wu Dong Fang tried to seek further the identity of this old bastard.

’’White Tiger too, what technique they can do?’’ the old bastard asked back.

’’On what basis I have to tell you?’’ actually Wu Dong Fang doesn't know what ways White Tiger to control the laws.

’’I tell you, Green Dragon has two most important technique, that is ’’Gu Mu Feng Chun’’( Flower Return to Bloom) and ’’Long Ba Mu Ting’’(Eight Wooden Dragon Lightning Thunderclap)’’ replied the old man.

Wu Dong Fang fell silent, he knew wood clan indeed have technique called ’’Eight Wooden Dragon Lightning Thunderclap ’’, if the other one ’’Flower Return to Bloom’’ he never heard it, but one is true, it's likely the other is also not wrong.

’’Now is your turn’’ said old bastard.

’’I don't know’’ Wu Dong Fang shrugged.

’’You don't know Gold clan technique and still dare to pretending to be a gold clan Celestial Master, no wonder you're caught here, I tell you, two of the main technique of White Tiger Gold Clan is ’’Bu Mie Jin Shen’’(Sacred Body Steel) and ’’Zhu Zui Yue Xing’’ (Chasing the Moon and the Stars), how? Are you admit defeat now? ’’, the old man said with feeling already won.

’’Admit defeat your hair! If you already know all technique, why you still got caught here’’ replied Wu Dong Fang. (TL: I don't know why he said hair (服个毛), sorry)

’’If I want to go, I can go anytime I want’’ old bastard replied while showing his hand to Wu Dong Fang.

Wu Dong Fang saw the old man while sneering with disdainful look ’’Why don't you just go then?’’

’’I have not lived enough here, if it is enough to live here, I would go,’’ said the old bastard seriously.

’’If already dead, anyone will definitely have to leave. By the way if you really are Celestial Master, you must have a tattoo, have you not?’’ ask Wu Dong Fang.

The old bastard opened his shirt, there is a Green Dragon tattoo visible on his chest.

’’Young man, next time be polite toward other people and respect older people, it will be useful to you,’’ replied the old man.

’’Liar old man’’ said Wu Dong Fang while seeking a lighter in his shirt then lit a fire in a pile of wood.

’’Lighter from fire clan? May I see it for a while? ’’, The old man looked at the lighter in the Wu Dong Fang hand.

’’No, you don't’’ Replied Wu Dong Fang hurriedly.

’’Hurry, I want to see it, hurry up,’’ the old man approached.

Wu Dong Fang cannot stand it and then gave it to the old bastard, the old bastard immediately accept and try to use it.

’’You did tell me wood clan has two kinds of technique, what kind of technique is that?’’ Asked Wu Dong Fang curiously while adding wood in the fireplace.

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’’Flower return to bloom was to help people, Eight Wooden Dragon Lightning Thunderclap is to fight the enemy’’ Said the old bastard while swinging the lighter ’’why there is fluid in there?’’

’’Is that so? How about gold clan?’’ Wu Dong Fang asked again, this old man although a little chatty, but he has more knowledge than Wu Dong Fang imagine.

’’Sacred Body Steel is to take a hit more, while Chasing the Moon and the Stars is movement technique to escape,’’ replied the old bastard.

’’What! You aren't joking right?’’, Said Wu Dong Fang half doubting.

The old man seemed pleased to toying Wu Dong Fang when he saw him almost believe him, he immediately burst out laughing ’’Of course I'm lying! White Tiger technique Sacred Body Steel is the technique of the body to get immune from the attack, to a certain extent not many people will easily injure him. While the technique of Chasing the Moon and the Stars is movement technique, if practiced to some extent can be walk one step get three steps'’’

Wu Dong Fang dumbfounded, ’’What is walk one step get three steps?’’

’’You will not understand even though I explained it to you’’ the old man returns lighters him.

’’You just do not tell me, how is it possible to know I do understand or not’’ Wu Dong Fang continued to add wood in the fireplace.

’’You're here, he was already at the door, do you understand?’’ The old man stood up.

’’You mean technique that can arrange a space of time as you wish?’’ Wu Dong Fang guess.

’’You were not too stupid, more or less like that’’, the old man walked to the bed and lay down.

Wu Dong Fang stood up and followed the old man, ’’How long to take three steps are?’’

’’The three steps are one step, two steps, three steps,’’ the old bastard replied.

’’Come on! seriously, how long to take three steps are ’’, Wu Dong Fang kept asking, Gold clan technique Chasing the Moon and the Stars seems like a sort of technique that lighten the body so they can run fast, you can use it to make us return home quickly.

’’It takes time to three drops of water,’’ replied the old bastard.

’’Seems like this movement technique not too extremely powerful?’’ Think about it, one drop takes no more than a sec, if three drops means not more than three seconds, then the speed really is incredible.

’’Not powerful? You don't know what it's like when facing White Tiger Celestial Master! Fortunately this movement technique only can used at night when moon appear. If this movement technique can be used anytime, who is able to face that person?’’

Wu Dong Fang nods his head, when in battle, let alone three seconds, one second faster from your enemy can change everything, moreover three seconds faster than your enemy, it can say victory already in your hands.

’’It turned out Chasing the Moon and the Stars movement technique is really great!’’ said Wu Dong Fang.

’’Yes, it's really great! But as long as I know of, that movement technique is already long-extinct, I myself only heard of it and have never seen it with my own eyes,’’ the old bastard replied.

’’This movement technique apart Celestial Master himself, I think there may be no one who can’’, said Wu Dong Fang, if only he can moves so quickly, the opponent will not be easy to read his movements.

This time Wu Dong Fang deliberately want to tease this old bastard.

’’Seems like Celestial Master of the White Tiger technique is far more powerful than the Celestial Master of the Green Dragon’’ said Wu Dong Fang.

’’Idiot!’’ replied the old bastard angrily and immediately opened his eyes then leaned on the wall above his bed ’’The Sacred Body Steel technique are only to defend itself from the enemy, while our Flower Return to Bloom technique is to help people. Chasing the Moon and the Stars movement bodily technique just to kill a few people, whereas our Eight Wooden Dragon Lightning Thunderclap technique can kill crowd of people’’

’’Each technique has the power on their own’’ replied Wu Dong Fang, trying to appease the anger of the old.

But it seems useless to appease his anger, the old bastard ignore him and then back to lie down again.

Suddenly there was sound towards the door, Wu Dong Fang looked away toward the door and there is woman slave at the front of the door.

’’There are people who need a treatment, quickly wake up!’’ said Wu Dong Fang while shaking the old bastard.

’’If they come to get a treatment, they should be given a sick wood plaque, you go see them’’ the old bastard replied but still did not open his eyes.

Wu Dong Fang walked toward the west wall, took wooden plaques and then walking towards the front door.

’’Remember, please keep one slave to cook!’’ said the old bastard.

’’I think it will be the best if you go to treat them, not me’’ said Wu Dong Fang, as he now realized that there are a bunch of people outside, more or less there are one hundred to two hundred people, but they only carried a few dozen people, although there are so many people but he only have five wooden plaques, certainly it will not enough to all of them.

The old bastard keeps silent.

Wu Dong Fang saw the old bastard keeps silence, he just taking a piece of wood and then turn off the fire until the smoke billowing around, he then kept walking while carrying wooden plaques toward them.

A few meters at the front of the house, there are set of people who line-up from the north to the south, Wu Dong Fang got out but kept silent, they tried to beg as they saw him.

Wu Dong Fang little confused, then walked to the north and see people who carried the sick.

Most of them are got external injuries, fractures or broken bone. Most of them already cannot move freely due to broken bone. There are some of them who got injuries quiet long time and already inflamed.

Wu Dong Fang walked around, they shows the wound to him, then they lay down to their knees begging for his mercy, while the male saying ’’Help, help me!’’ the woman saying ’’ I would do whatever you want!’’

They lined up along the seven to eighty meters. In his lifetime, this is the first time he walking with very troubled mood. Every step he kept thinking, he almost wanted to share a plaque to each person who sick, let alone when he walk past the person with a gaze that asks for mercy and bowed his head, it really make him pity towards them. But there are only five plaques, not enough to be shared to all of them, he was forced to ascertain which one is the most severe wound and deserves to be given.

Everyone actually need sick wooden plaque, if they are not getting rest and untreated immediately, their wound will get worse. But in this condition he really cannot do much, if they are not getting bed rest immediately, the slaves who could survive will be no more than seven to eight people, but what can he do to share it to all of them, the plaque is not enough to all of them.

’’The physician who come, hurry up!’’ Behind them, there was a soldier, when he saw him still hesitated, he started to become impatient

After confirming further, Wu Dong Fang started distributing the wooden plaques, four plaques he gave it to three women and one small child aged around thirteen years.

Last plaque, he was still hesitant, he saw two people who are terminally ill, one of them was a woman who suffered from a strange disease, her body filled with watery bumps, while the other one looked haggard, only have bones and skin, like a walking skull.

This two people already have been in very severe pain, this sick wooden plaque actually cannot help them, it can only help them to die in peace.

Wu Dong Fang felt awry, he ultimately giving the last plaque to the haggard girl, this girl aged about sixteen years, her face dirty, he cannot see her face clearly. She keep clenching her teeth, looked like her eyes began to redden about to cry. Seeing this girl, reminds his own childhood, which is plagued by people and also do not have parents to take shelter in, that time he only could clench his teeth himself while begged for mercy.

Once she received the wooden plaque, the girl immediately crying hysterically and prostrate at Wu Dong Fang feet.

When he saw the child crying, Wu Dong Fang realized that she did not have a tongue, her tongue had been cut.

The soldiers escorting back slaves who do not receive a plaque to go back to work, Wu Dong Fang paused to sit on the floor. He was also a well-trained army, He already facing a lot of blood and murder, but he cannot stand to see things slicing heart like this! Despite they are only prisoners, they still must get proper treatment. As long as these slaves did not receive basic treatment, instead of forcing them to work faster, on the contrary, they are forcing them to die quickly.

’’Cough ... cough ... cough ...’’ seen the old bastard was out of the house that full of smoke ’’You ... you ... you damn, cough ... cough ... cough ... you purposefully do this ...... ..’’

’’Hurry up and go grab a medicine, we are going to treat those people’’, Wu Dong Fang stood up and talk to the old bastard.

’’You can't!’’ the old bastard looked around, ’’Where is the people who cook rice?’’

’’I do not hold them to stay’’ said Wu Dong Fang.

’’Idiot!’’ the old bastard muttered.

’’The slaves already do not have anything, and you still torment and exploit them to cook for you, you really heartless!’’ Wu Dong Fang replied with some annoyance.

The old bastard shook his head and then walked towards him ’’I'm saying you're stupid not because you do not hold the women to cook for us, it was because you give the plaque carelessly’’

’’I gave it to the people who got severe wound’’ said Wu Dong Fang.

’’You're supposed to give it to those who still have a chance of survival, rather than distributed to the people who was expected to die,’’ says the old bastard.

Wu Dong Fang suddenly silent cannot say anything.

’’Things you want to do and do the right thing are sometimes clash against each other. Young man, you must learn to manage your feeling so to not get carried away easily’’ the old bastard said as he pat Wu Dong Fang shoulders.

Wu Dong Fang frowned, tilted his head to look at the old bastard, what the old bastard was saying actually makes sense too, only thing that makes him frowning is since the beginning, the old bastard actually already know. In short, he had been secretly pay attention to what he does outside of the house, until he finished distributing all the plaque.

’’What is it, why you keep staring at me like that?’’ The old man saw him.

’’Say it! Who are you?’’


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