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War God Asura - Volume 1 - Chapter 17


Chapter 17 Xing Jue's True Identity

’’You say that the Soul-Devouring Clan has gone extinct?’’ Xing Jue hurriedly asked, pressing the Soul-Devouring Succubus to continue speaking. The Soul-Devouring Clan should have been extremely powerful; furthermore, with this kind of domineering strength, how could it have just gone extinct like that? If the Soul-Devouring Clan really went extinct, then wouldn't his own parents be dead? Then how come he was still alive, then?

’’Yes, Master, as a matter of fact the Soul-Devouring Clan went extinct about a hundred years ago. I also do not know why the Master is able to live in this world, especially since you're so young.’’ Saying up to this point, the Soul-Devouring Succubus gave a somewhat profound look towards Xing Jue.

’’You say that the Soul-Devouring Clan has gone extinct? Then how come you still remain alive? You say about a hundred years ago this happened? What exactly happened during that time? Make it clear.’’ Originally Xing Jue really thought that he could at this point find his own parents, but hadn't known that the Soul-Devouring Clan had gone extinct. Although he hadn't known of the existence of the Soul-Devouring Clan before, now that he knew of it, and felt this heart-pounding emotion pour through, he couldn't help but become extremely anxious towards the fate of the Soul-Devouring Clan.

’’Because the Soul-Devouring Clan was too strong, strong to the point that there were no other major powers on this continent that could even dream of contending against it. In order to preserve the status quo in the continent, several of the continent's major powers began to form an alliance, finally launching an attack against the Soul-Devouring Clan. The war that happened that year can be described to have shocked all of heaven and earth, striking fear into humans and demons alike, shaking up the entire continent. However, even though numerous powers had joined together in an alliance, the Soul-Devouring Clan unexpectedly was still holding the advantage.’’ The Soul-Devouring Succubus very clearly described the events that had happened that year. Even though it had happened over a hundred years ago, it was clear that the war was still fresh in her memory.

’’Then how come it still went extinct?’’ Xing Jue continued to ask.

’’Because later on an extremely powerful force joined that alliance, a force that nobody on this continent was capable of resisting,’’ the Soul-Devouring Succubus once again answered.

’’An extremely powerful force? Didn't you say the Soul-Devouring Clan was already the strongest?’’ Hearing the Soul-Devouring Succubus's words, Xing Jue became puzzled by the contradiction.

’’Correct, the Soul-Devouring Clan was originally supposed to be this continent's strongest force, and at that time it had been the strongest force in this continent for a while. However that mysterious force really managed to wipe out the entire Soul-Devouring Clan,’’ the Soul-Devouring Succubus slowly explained.

’’Then how come you survived?’’ Xing Jue asked.

’’During that year's war, we were not allowed to participate in any of the fighting. Instead, us servants were assigned to protect the young masters of the clan and smuggle them out of the Soul-Devouring Clan. However, after the Soul-Devouring Clan was wiped out, that alliance of strong powers launched a search for the young masters, and because we had someone in our ranks unexpectedly come out as a traitor, most of the young masters ended up being killed.’’

’’Furthermore, I was just a servant that fled and survived by a fluke. Because we weren't actually considered to be clansmen of the Soul-Devouring Clan, our bodies instead had curse seals, if it wasn't dissipated by a clan member within a certain amount of time, then our bodies would automatically self-destruct. That's why the alliance didn't bother to chase us off and kill us all,’’ the Soul-Devouring Succubus continued to explain.

’’You say that if the curse seal wasn't dissipated by a clan member within a certain amount of time, then you would die. Then how come you managed to survive until today?’’ Xing Jue apparently suddenly thought of something, immediately speaking aloud.

’’This...’’ the Soul-Devouring Succubus suddenly looked like she was feeling an immense amount of dread, her eyes also becoming distracted and emotionless, for a moment not replying.

’’Hurry up and spit it out.’’ Seeing the Soul-Devouring Succubus hesitate, Xing Jue understood that there was something that the Soul-Devouring Succubus wanted to keep secret.

’’In answer to Master's question, it was because that very same year, I received one of the Soul-Devouring Clan's training exercises, but this kind of training exercise was something that only clan members could cultivate. However, because we possessed traces of clan members' souls within our bodies, we could also cultivate this. It was just that I could only replenish the soul force within my body, instead of refining the soul forces of other people, promoting my strength.’’ Under Xing Jue's intense interrogation, the Soul-Devouring Succubus hurriedly replied, clearly regarding Xing Jue with an extreme fear.

’’Oh, so it turns out to be like this. Is that book of training exercises still with you?’’ Once Xing Jue heard that this training exercise could refine spirit force, his heart became extremely excited; if he could cultivate this kind of training exercise, then, added onto this natural spirit force of his as a member of the Soul-Devouring Clan, his strength would definitely improve by leaps and bounds.

’’That year when I battled against two of the Yufeng Court's Elders, the training exercise was seized by them, presumably now it's somewhere in the Yufeng Court,’’ the Soul-Devouring Succubus hurriedly explained.

’’Oh? What was the name of that book of training exercises?’’ Xing Jue felt that the Soul-Devouring Succubus probably didn't dare to lie to him, and that it really was convenient that he was currently heading towards the Yufeng Court to cultivate. If this book of training exercises really was located in Yufeng Court, then as long as he knew what it was called, there would definitely be a chance to find it somewhere.

’’Soul-Devouring Burst,’’ the Soul-Devouring Succubus very straightforwardly replied.

’’Soul-Devouring Burst, I will definitely find you,’’ Xing Jue mumbled to himself. Furthermore, on his face appeared an expectant smile.

’’Ah...! Ah...! Ah...!’’ During the time that he was speaking, the sky had become bright again, a ray of sunshine shining into the exposed patch of forest below, just happening to shine on the Soul-Devouring Succubus's body. At this moment the Soul-Devouring Succubus's body unexpectedly began to emit white smoke, while simultaneously releasing extremely pained wails.

At seeing this, Xing Jue hurriedly dragged the body of the Soul-Devouring Succubus into an area without sunlight. After no longer being exposed to the sun's rays, the Soul-Devouring Succubus's painful expression also began to slowly return to normal.

’’You fear light?’’ Xing Jue asked.

’’Yes, accurately speaking I fear natural sunlight and moonlight. This is the strength of the curse seal; although I can survive by sucking the life forces of other people, I still suffer under the restrictions of the curse seal. It's because of this I still hide within the Death Peaks, not daring to come out,’’ the Soul-Devouring Succubus slowly explained.

’’You said that any clan member of the Soul-Devouring Clan could help you remove the curse seal, then would it be possible for me to do so?’’ Xing Jue asked.

’’Yes!’’ At hearing Xing Jue's words, the Soul-Devouring Succubus's body couldn't help but tremble, giving an expectant look towards Xing Jue.

’’What should I do?’’ Xing Jue asked.

’’One drop of Master's blood should do it.’’ The Soul-Devouring Succubus was clearly nervous when she spoke, apparently fearing that Xing Jue would refuse her request.

’’Now this is simple,’’ Xing Jue gave a faint chuckle, readily biting into his finger, immediately pressing it to the Soul-Devouring Succubus's lips.

At seeing Xing Jue's actions, the Soul-Devouring Succubus didn't immediately suck at the blood slowly falling out of Xing Jue's hand, instead exceedingly gratefully looking towards Xing Jue.

’’Hurry and suck it, or else I'll lose too much blood, hehe...’’ Xing Jue knew what the Soul-Devouring Succubus was thinking within her heart, poking fun of her as he spoke.

’’Thank you, Master.’’ The Soul-Devouring Succubus courteously spoke before she gently pressed her se*y lips against Xing Jue's finger, tenderly sucking at the blood. This cute side of her compared to that previously violent personality was practically a completely different person.

’’How do you feel?’’ Xing Jue, seeing the Soul-Devouring Succubus's cute appearance, felt a favorable attitude toward her, laughing as he asked.

’’Master, I want to test out if my body has become normal.’’ The Soul-Devouring Succubus, after wrapping up the wound on Xing Jue's fingers, slowly spoke. Xing Jue slowly nodded his head, giving assent.

Consequently the Soul-Devouring Succubus, thinking of all those times she'd been in grievous pain, carefully and solemnly approached that ray of sunlight that shone past the forest canopy...

’’Master, I have returned to normal, I finally became normal!’’ Walking under the sunlight, the Soul-Devouring Succubus seeing that she had unexpectedly not been affected in any way, happily laughed, excitedly dancing under the sun's rays. The way she looked under the sunlight was extremely captivating.

Xing Jue didn't say anything, insteading sitting under a nearby patch of shade silently watching the Soul-Devouring Succubus's beautiful dancing. He could understand the Soul-Devouring Succubus's excited frame of mind; for a hundred years she had been unable to leave this dim and gloomy mountain range, and now she could finally free herself from shackles of the curse seal. This kind of happiness was absolutely no more inferior than the joy he'd felt the time, under Feng Lao's assistance, he'd been able to condense droplets of qi.

’’Thank you, Master!’’ After a period of time, the Soul-Devouring Succubus finally snapped out of her excited mood, hurriedly going in front of Xing Jue and kneeling, lowly thanking him.

’’Enough, from now on don't kneel for no good reason any more, who knows what other other people will think, that I'm a pervert with disgusting fantasies that abuses this beautiful woman.’’

’’Right, do you have a name?’’ Xing Jue chuckled, asking.

’’Former masters called me Qian Ji¹,’’ the Soul-Devouring Succubus hurriedly replied.

’’Qian Ji? This name doesn't sound good, it would be better for me to call you Xiao Qian.’’ After a moment of contemplation, Xing Jue laughed as he spoke.

’’Xiao Qian? This name Xiao Qian likes very much.’’ The Soul-Devouring Succubus extremely happily replied. No, not the Soul-Devouring Succubus anymore, now she should be called Xiao Qian.


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