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VRMMO Summoner Hajimemashita - Chapter 36


Chapter 36

Critter 36 ※Bulletin Board Time

【The champion】 The First Martial Arts Tournament champion predictions thread 【who will it be?!】

1: Anonymous gamer

Here is The First Martial Arts Tournament champion predictions thread.

Use separate threads for things such as chatting and discussing class-changing.

The next thread will be setup by the person who goes past >>950.

236: Anonymous gamer

Finally this thread has also slowed down...

237: Anonymous gamer

Since it's mostly flowing to the class-change one.

238: Anonymous gamer

Even though class-change is finally appearing at this point, wasn't saying 'Martial Arts Tournament registration start!'before that clearly too early?! After all, it's four days since coming into service?!

239: Anonymous gamer

That has already been thoroughly discussed in this thread, hasn't it? Talk after looking at the log.

240: Anonymous gamer


Trying to sum up this thread, the conclusion reached is that a certain someone and his crew taking down an Area Boss by breaking it's neck seems to have been completely outside the administrators'expectations.

The holding of the Martial Arts Tournament has been announced and stuff since early on, you know.

241: Anonymous gamer

Rather than that, I wonder who's going to be the champion. As before, the certain someone and crew that defeated the Area Boss, right? Isn't that certain someone and crew probably the only ones who can go to the next area? He can monopolize the hunting grounds, the drops, and quests as much as he wants.

242: Anonymous gamer

No, as for being able to go to the next area when the Area Boss is defeated, is that not too much to expect in the end? Asking the certain someone who defeated the Area Boss, would clear it up, but...

243: Anonymous gamer

Since he hasn't given out his name... The certain someone.

244: Anonymous gamer

And now that it's resulted in a guy saying something like he'll give a reward to the player who finds the certain someone... Probably nothing but fake certain someones will come...

245: Anonymous gamer

A wanted man LOL'd LOL LOL

246: Anonymous gamer

How can you even tell whether or not it's the real certain someone?

247: Anonymous gamer

With a feeling

248: Anonymous gamer

With a classroom trial

249: Anonymous gamer

With their beautiful-girl level

250: Anonymous gamer

All terrrrible. If I can give a serious response, wouldn't I know if he entered a new area for me right before my eyes?

The guy insisting there's no new area doesn't know.

251: Anonymous gamer

Serious response #2.

252: Anonymous gamer

And so, who will win in the end? Too much side-tracking.

253: Anonymous gamer

Even if you say the certain someone, didn't he only defeat the Area Boss by luck? If it goes like it's supposed to, won't it be ’’Swordsman’’ or some beta-tester?

254: Anonymous gamer

’’Swordsman’’... that cripple?

255: Anonymous gamer

At this time, how does one even manage to do something like level 15 already?! After hitting level 10, my level won't go up at all.

256: Anonymous gamer

Because the monsters only go up to level 10, right? It can't be helped, can it?

257: Anonymous gamer

I sorta get that it's an obvious target value, and after this the class-changers will probably increase, and if it's like that, as expected don't the beta-testers have an advantage?

258: Anonymous gamer

Wasn't the beta period 1 week long? If that's so, if it was one week, aren't the conditions equal?

259: Anonymous gamer

You idiot. Don't you think the way the beta-testers were able to use an extra week of time is an advantage?! There has been barely one week for us normal users to catch up to the early beta-testers.

260: Anonymous gamer

Even so, what about equipment and such not there in the beta period? Rabbit-san equipment and such.

261: Anonymous gamer

Hah! You're saying that even Rabbit-tan can win!?

262: Anonymous gamer

If it's Rabbit-san equipping fellows, they are overflowing the town, and there's no way they capture the championship, right?

263: Anonymous gamer

That's not it, Rabbit-tan is the first Rabbit-san equipping Summoner girlie*, and surely a high school girl. (TN: Apparently, the term おにゃのこ is slang generally used to refer to a toon girl as opposed to a real-life girl.)

264: Anonymous gamer

No way. A Summoner as the Champion or whatever, NO WAY.

265: Anonymous Anonymous gamer

Because this time's tournament it too harsh to Summoners...

With one-on-one battles, I get that it's troublesome to be able to willy-nilly bring out summoned monsters, but Summoners without summoned monsters is like a strawberry shortcake without the strawberry.

266: Anonymous gamer


Isn't that a straight up scam?

That's like a Swordsman without a sword, isn't it?

267: Anonymous gamer


Even bare handed, it's probably not a matter of not being able to fight.

Isn't it like a magical girl without their transformation item?

268: Anonymous gamer


If it's cute, will that alone have value?

It's like you guys without the Internet, isn't it?

269: Anonymous gamer


It would be so worthless.

It's like a Summoner without summoned monsters, isn't it?

270: Anonymous gamer

It's that!

271: Anonymous gamer


-- Ads -- (Chapter continues below)

272: Anonymous gamer


You guys are too kind...

But, it is really harsh to Summoners. Do the administrators hate Summoners?

273: Anonymous gamer

It's as if that certain someone was a Summoner.

274: Anonymous gamer


275: Anonymous gamer


276: Anonymous gamer

N-no waay

277: Anonymous gamer

I-it's like that, isn't it? Because I have only ever seen one Summoner in FWO.

278: 236: Anonymous gamer

If we suppose that's so, certain someone = Summoner = has to be Rabbit-tan.

279: Anonymous gamer


280: Anonymous gamer


281: Anonymous gamer

I'll go look in town a bit.

282: Anonymous gamer

I'll be back after a bit.

283: Anonymous gamer

I'll give a shout in a bit.

284: Anonymous gamer


Don't go, you perverts.

285: Anonymous gamer


Mysterious how with 282's actions, the two people before and after will come to be seen as stalkers.

286: Anonymous gamer

Again, the conversation is shifting off-topic. For chat, go to another thread.

287: Anonymous gamer

Don't be such a hot head, losing hair? Rather, are you bald?

288: Anonymous gamer

Again speaking of hair...

289: Anonymous gamer

Normal users won't know, but if they are beta-testers, won't ’’Dual Sword’’ or ’’Fairy’’ or ’’Princess Knight’’ ’’Princess Knight’’ or in that neighborhood remain?

For magic users won't one-on-one be harsh?

290: Anonymous gamer

Ku, kill me! (TN: Apparently, this is a meme in Japan: くっころ -- link possibly NSFW.)

291: Anonymous gamer

It's not 'Ku, kill me'-san, is it?!

292: Anonymous gamer

Ku, kill me!

293: Anonymous gamer

Ku, kill me!

By the way, who?

294: Anonymous gamer


The main players were approaching high-level by the last day of the beta.

It's also like that now, but since there are a lot of magic-users and few warriors, there are few warrior high-rankers.

Ku, kill me!

295: Anonymous gamer

Rather than the image of an unrefined warrior clashing with enemies at 0 distance, the way magic-users seem to use flashy magic and such was like flowers.

If I have to work hard, I want to use magic。

Ku, kill me!

296: Anonymous gamer


’’Dual Sword’’

Extremely strong, hard-swinging Power Fighter。

If there are 2 swords, it becomes twice the attack power, doesn't it? Called brainless, or rather below genius-like thinking, a meat-head that fells enemies one-after-another using a fighting-style I can only think to be a crazy Long Sword wielding two-sword style, even though he can't use any skills.

297: Anonymous gamer


A Magic Swordsman that uses Sword Arts and Wind Magic.

Equipping the Fairy-series equipment and rapier, a Speed Fighter that torments the enemy using both speed and magic rather than powerful strikes.

If near, the rapier, but if distant, Wind Magic. Capable of flight and can dodge half-assed attacks. Likely lower in Stamina, and due to cloth equipment, there might be a chance of victory if struck by a single blow.

With middle and high-school students or so, the appearance is cute ←This here is important

298: Anonymous gamer

’’Princess Knight’’

With a hair-style that can only be thought of as clearly aiming to fill the long-haired blond role's so-called drill-hair, a shield user as well as a commander, equipped with full-body armor excepting the helmet, a larger than body-height tower shield, and a lance.

They are usually moving together with mysterious helmet attached full-body armored regiments called bodyguards, and the fights are mostly handled by these bodyguards. The person in question, although a shield although a shield user, usually is not at the front.

Seems there are many fans awaiting the orc implementation.

Ku, kill me!

299: Anonymous gamer

Policeman-san! It's 297!

300: Anonymous gamer

It is a double posting.

Policeman-san! It's 298, too!

301: Anonymous gamer

Rather, all three contributors are likely the same person.

The ’’Dual Sword’’ explanation feels spiteful.

302: Anonymous gamer

The Power Fighter, Speed and Technique Fighter, and the Defensive-type have been splendidly differentiated.

With this line up, if they face off, who wins?

303: Anonymous gamer

Dual Sword vs. Fairy if the Dual Sword's attack doesn't hit, the fairy's victory by whittling him down. However, if a single attack hits, it's the Dual Sword's victory.

Fairy vs. Princess Knight Whether the Fairy's attacks can get through the Princess Knight's defense is the problem. If the Princess Knight can be whittled down even a bit by the Fairy, there's a chance for victory, but if not, then it has to be a draw.

Princess Knight vs. Dual Sword They will clash in a close match. Victory will go to the one who can whittle down the opponent's HP first

That's the point, isn't it?

304: Anonymous gamer

Please, tell who's gonna win in the end? mm'k?

You know, like, what are the odds?

305: Anonymous gamer


How the hell am I supposed to quantify that in numbers?!

306: Anonymous gamer


A D U L T lol lol

307: Anonymous gamer


Suddenly an A D U L T blew in and made an entrance LOL

308: Anonymous gamer


Isn't it A D U L T-kun lol

309: Anonymous gamer

Now, now, please settle down.

I ask that we keep things cordial.

310: Anonymous gamer

Cordial please

311: Anonymous gamer

Cordial please

312: Anonymous gamer

Cordial please

313: Anonymous gamer

Cordial please

314: Anonymous gamer

This thread has a large number of conformists...


(TN: this is the author's end of chapter note to the readers.)

If there were typographical errors, please give feedback.

There is self-awareness that the latter half is just messing around.

I am reflecting upon it.

I don't regret it.

I might revise it.


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