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Virtual World – Unparalleled Under The Sky - Chapter 68


Chapter 68

Chapter 68 - Reflection Hill Guardian

Translated by: Shiroyukineko

Edited by: Shiroyukineko

TLCed by: Shiroyukineko


System Announcement: You have received the quest [Blood Shadow Rebel Army] (Quest Level: C-)

Quest Description: Go to the Reflection Hills and kill 100 Blood Shadow Skeleton Warriors. You must be careful, these rebel soldiers are extremely strong. They are also cruel and ruthless, hostile towards both the Undead and Human race. They will attack any target that could pose as a threat to them.


Receiving the quest, I set forth and prepared to enter the Reflection Hills. I came here not merely because I wanted to level, I would also like to gather Level 5 Food Materials Garlic. That was my true purpose.

Looking up to the sky, upside-down, conical-shaped hills hung above the forest. It was truly a magnificent natural scenery. In reality, this kind of scenery would be impossible, but there was unlimited possibilities inside a game.

I looked up, afraid that these hills would crash down from the sky. If that truly happens, this Bone Spirit Leader would probably become a bone paste in an instant.

The hill area was still wilderness after all. With a loud tiger's roar, a crimson red coloured tiger suddenly sprung out of the forest, shocking me completely. When I observed it a little, I became calmer

[Hill Tiger]

Level: 47

Okay, it was still a level 47 mob. Carrying my sword, I slashed my [Vindicate] and [Death Blade]. Together with Mysterious Wasps' three combo attack, I was able to unleash my normal attack two seconds later. In three seconds, I managed to kill the Hill Tiger, and my [Corpse Pillage] succeeded in garnering Level 4 Tiger Leather. It was a Level 4 Cloth material, it has almost the same uses as the Wolf Leather.

Moving forward, as I get deeper into the forest, the surrounding started to change. There were a few shacks in the mountain ridges, those were some hunters' shelter. On the Reflection Hill's map, a few Undead monsters had appeared. Those were the Blood Shadow Skeletons!

They were high-levelled skeletons whose body was shining with a red light. It was at least at Bone Spirit level. I couldn't help but be excited. These Bone Spirits would definitely leave behind a lot of Undead Flames. I would be able to become Bone Spirit Commander more quickly. The next rank would be Asura, and at that time, my handsome face will be whole. Chasing girls and killing enemies wouldn't be a difficult problem anymore.

[Blood Shadow Skeleton Warrior]

Level: 50

Not far away, there was a Blood Shadow Skeleton Warrior on a lookout. It was emitting a gloomy howl.

I led my pet and stealthily inched closer. Then, I shot forward like a cannon!

Mysterious Wasp unleashed its three combos and slashed off almost half of the Blood Shadow Skeleton Warrior's health. I charged forward and unleashed [Vindicate] and two normal attacks, and the first Blood Shadow Skeleton Warrior collapsed to the ground.


A shining piece of Large Magic Stone and a skeleton finger dropped to the ground. I have quite the luck, my first hunt and I have managed to get a magic stone and the required quest item.

Picking up the large magic stone, I found that the quality is 100. Seems like the higher the level of the monster, the higher the quality of the magic stone it dropped.

Furthermore, my experience had also jumped up by more than 1%. It seems like it will be possible to level up to level 42 if I trained here today.

Searching for the second Blood Shadow Skeleton, I wanted to test out something this time. The second Blood Shadow Skeleton howled loudly as it slashed down its axe on me.


The axe fell hard on my shoulder armor, yet I could feel the pain to my bones. [Ghost Armor] appeared as the place where I was hit buzzed. The Blood Shadow Skeleton's attack power was simply too high!


I was completely speechless. I immediately retreated. I should just let the Mysterious Wasp attack, it was already level 39 after all. It has 307 defense and 1294 health, its vitality was much stronger than mine. This was also because my armor was not enough. If I could wear a full set of Silver-tiered equipment, the Mysterious Wasp wouldn't be able to compare to me.

I sighed. At this present stage, there was only a few Rune-tiered equipment, let alone Silver-tiered equipment, which was one rank higher than Rune-tier. I'm afraid that Silver-tiered equipment would only be dropped by a monster of level 50 at least, or Boss monsters.

Maybe the first Silver-tiered equipment will befall on me, this is really making me anxious!

Working together with the Mysterious Wasp, we killed the level 50 Blood Shadow Skeleton. When it died, my [Corpse Pillage] garnered me a useless rag, and then I absorbed its Undead Flame. I continued to look for another target.

The Reflection Hills was filled with several Blood Shadow Skeletons. It was a high-levelled monster after all, if they all come to attack me at once, a solo player like would definitely be dead. If 3 Blood Shadow Skeletons above level 50 appeared at the same time, I can guarantee that Mysterious Wasp and I would not be able to continue living. The Blood Shadow Skeleton's attack was capable of shaving off ⅓ of my health and 15% of Mysterious Wasp's health. It was fortunate that both Mysterious Wasp and I are high-attack players, so we are able to clear the monsters quickly. Otherwise, the cost for health potions alone would take the life out of me.

At the present stage, if players would like to train at this place, the best method is to get 10 mages in one place and fire off [Fire Dragon Breath] together to instant kill a Blood Shadow Skeleton. Two rounds would be enough to kill it instantly, there will be zero casualties. It's just that it would put too much burden on magic consumption. Releasing a Level 4 Fire Dragon Breath would require 40 mp, and a level 40 mage would only have around 800 mp. Logically speaking, their mp will be empty after firing a few rounds of Fire Dragon Breath. If they wanted to maintain their levelling speed, they would need to buy mp recovery items.

MP recovery items are beyond expensive. As a black-hearted food god, I am extremely happy with this situation.

Let's continue and find the place where garlic grows. When I return, I can start creating level 5 MP recovery food item and earn dirty money!

Looking at my skillsets, my cooking ability was Level 4 at the moment. However, the experience was already at 96%. If I use up all of the remaining food materials in my inventory, I will definitely level up to level 5. Heheh, without a doubt, I would definitely become the first warrior to claim the Level 5 Cooking ability in the Floating Ice City!

As I searched through the hill, after killing countless Blood Shadow Skeleton, finally, at a dark corner of the hill, I found a huge field of garlic. It was right in the middle of the hills!

As a game otaku, I have a deep knowledge of garlic. This was because every time I stayed at a place, I would plant a garlic in a pot on my balcony. Then, at night when I log off from my game, I would add the garlic leaves and a piece of egg when I cook instant noodles. That kind of delicious smell would only be something that an otaku would know.

I started foraging. My Hunting Skill is level 5 while my cooking skill is level 4. With a proud feeling, I stretched out my hand and made use of my Hunting ability to forage a garlic-


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have foraged and acquired Garlic x 3. Your Hunting Skill experience +5!

I continued at the second garlic not far away from me.


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have foraged and acquired Garlic x 3. Your Hunting Skill experience +5!


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have foraged and acquired Garlic x 3. Your Hunting Skill experience +5!


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have foraged and acquired Garlic x 3. Your Hunting Skill experience +5!


After around half an hour, I have almost cleared the whole ravine full of garlic. My inventory was filled with high-levelled food materials, around 40 groups of garlic. I even had to throw away some low quality large magic stones. Considering the opportunity cost, a low quality large magic stone would be worth around 20 silver. However, a group of garlic could be made into 5 servings of level 5 food materials, and it would be worth at least 50 silver a serving. The opportunity cost was too obvious.

I was extremely proud of my success when I looked at my inventory full of garlic. Heheh, I should go back and complete my quest, then go back to the city. Let's see how I, the Food God, will conquer Shanghai with my food!

Looking at the map, I decided to make my way down the mountain by following the ravine. This way would be faster. The original path I took would be too roundabout, and the Blood Shadow Skeletons spawning along the way would be too much. There was no more need to waste my time on the Blood Shadow Skeletons.

My experience level has already risen to Level 41 91%, I even forgot to eat my supper. Right now, it was already 3 am, tonight I definitely had to stay up. Looking at my friend list, Du Shi San's and Ghost Valley's names were glowing. These two was also staying up late at night like me, we are really in-sync!

Additionally, Lin Yi Xin's name was also lighted up. No wonder her level was always very high. Looking at the list, there are quite a lot of people who had reached Level 40 in the Floating Ice City. The next competition to race towards Level 50 would be very tight. Everyone would fight to become the first to reach level 50 and fighting against a level 60 Boss. In the end, everyone's goal would be to get the Hero's Order, become one of the Four Cardinal Heroes and establishing the number 1 guild in Floating Ice City!

Pushing my way through the ravine, just as I was reaching the central area, I suddenly felt that something wasn't right. There was a small hill in front of me, but how was it able to move?

Yes, that inanimate object was actually moving!

In the next moment, I finally realized that it wasn't a small hill. It was actually a monster, a gigantic, puppet-type monster. My god, how many of these are there?

It was a big giant, whose body was covered with green vines. Its movement was extremely slow. When its gigantic head and arms moved, it would produce a ’’Ka Peng, Ka Peng’’ frictional sound. Its head was at least 3 metres in radius. When it turned around, its two beads of black eyes moved about, its gaze penetrating.

[Hill Guardian] (Silver-ranked BOSS)

Level 60

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Ability: ???


I was beyond speechless. I actually managed to read the BOSS information. Although I wasn't able to find out everything, the information was more than enough. This boss had gone beyond the F to SSS ranks, it was actually a Silver-ranked boss. This kind of Boss, it will definitely drop a high quality equipment.

A Level 60 Boss, is it something I can fight against?

In an instant, my mind was both apprehensive and excited. This kind of feeling was like when Lin Yi Xin looked up to me and waited for me to give her a kiss that night. At that time, my heart was both excited, surprised and nervous. Kiss? But I don't dare... let's not kiss her... but I want to. This kind of conflicting feeling really sent me to an edge.

Such a beautiful, high quality Boss right in front of me, but if I try to fight it, my chances of winning is less than 1%. However, I really couldn't resign myself to give it up. This Hill Guardian's level was so high, if I can kill it with a 19 level difference, its drop rate would at least increase by twice. There would be an extremely high chance of it dropping a Hero's Order!

Gripping the Weeping Fireblade in my hands, I resolved myself. So be it, let's attack! If I die, so be it!

Rushing forward, Mysterious Wasp flew in front of me and pierced the boss' thigh!

’’Pa cha!’’


Dammit! Mysterious Wasp's attack was so high, yet it was only able to inflict such a shallow damage? This... isn't this beyond reasonable? If it were me, how much damage could I deal?

Let's try it!

My sharp sword slashed down mercilessly. Obviously, I had used my best 2 combo attack, [Vindicate] and [Death Blade]!



Not bad. My Level 3 [Vindicate] has decreased the Boss' overall defense by 60% and increased my attack by 45%. Being able to inflict 1000+ damage was already very good. When Mysterious Wasp attacked the Boss with 100% defense, it was obvious that it wasn't able to break its defense.


The Hill Guardian noticed me as an enemy and was immediately enraged. It roared out as it turned around and swung its giant fists down. Coincidentally, its fist fell right on top of the Mysterious Wasp.



Poor Mysterious Wasp. With a weak whimper, it was actually instantly killed. If this boss managed to kill the Mysterious Wasp with it 300 defense in an instant, do I even have to consider myself, who only has 165 defense?

I immediately retreated anxiously. With my fastest speed, I ran away. However, the Hill Guardian started to chase after me. Although its speed was not considered fast, due to its large size, it was catching up to me with more or less the same speed of my sprint. And thus, the scene of a stone chasing after a skeleton in the wilderness was created.

As I ran, I thought about how to defeat this level 60 Boss. Suddenly, I thought of something in my mind. Just now, the ravine where I was gathering garlic was quite narrow. It wouldn't be a problem for me to enter it, but this giant could forget about trying to chase after me inside. It couldn't even fit its fist inside. In that case, I would have an opportunity!

I resolved myself to the idea and quickly traced my course back, then jumped into the ravine.


The Hill Guardian angrily chased after me, but was stuck between the two mountains instead. It became more agitated and swung its fists harder, making rocks crumble everywhere around.

I took the opportunity to attack the giant's leg, then I quickly retreated.


I couldn't help but to laugh out loud. Here's my chance! This way, I will definitely be able to kill this level 60 Hill Guardian here!

For a moment, countless gold, level ups and and equipment drops flew before my eyes.


But right at this moment, there appeared several dots of blue in the map. Those are... players?

My level was much higher. Players who were lower-levelled than me would surely travel in large groups in this place!

I can't continue fighting the Boss, otherwise I will defeinitely die. Anyone would be greedy if they saw such a high levelled BOSS. I would also be unable to get the BOSS rewards!

Thinking about this, I immediately activated my skill, [Evade]!


I turned into a pillar of red light and entered the ground, my whole physical body has disappeared.

Th,losing his target, started to loiter around the valley. e Rock Giant lost its aggro target and became vacant, and it started to pace back and forth the ravine again.


A few minutes after, a group of people appeared in my vision.

A hot magic-raced archer carried her bow and walked at the front. She wasn't none other than the Frostmoon Rose I met before I entered the Valley!

Behind Frostmoon Rose, a group of man appeared. Three of them walked at the front-

Descent of the Dragon!

Red Iron Tablet!

Rainy Clouds!

They are actually men from the Mad Dragon Guild!


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