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Virtual World: Close Combat Mage - Chapter 25


Chapter 25: What a Guild!

’’Fwooh! Fwooh!’’ Everyone's gaze shot over.

’’Swoosh! Swoosh!’’ A few girls dashed over with great agility.

’’Whoosh! Whoosh!’’ Gu Fei was encircled within seconds.

’’Dude! What are you trying to do!’’ A girl suddenly struck the table and valiantly yelled at Gu Fei.

Gu Fei, on the other hand, felt his excitement growing. Another fighter! The girl was one of the people he had seen gathered that day. She had a pretty attractive face, and her chocolate-coloured skin had a healthy glow. But those were just trivial facts that Gu Fei observed. What he was really thrilled about was that there were actually two people who had chosen the Fighter class within this group of girls. Gu Fei's eyes started searching through the rest of the girls in anticipation of finding a third girl who had chosen to be a fighter.

Seeing Gu Fei's response the girl's anger grew more intense. He had only given her one look and then went on to examine the other girls. He looked just like a perverted satyr choosing a girl to prey on and she was the first to be out. It was just unacceptable when viewed from any angle. She stepped up and blocked Gu Fei's line of sight indignantly, ’’You bastard, what are you looking at?’’

Gu Fei frowned. Such a crude girl would usually only appear in fiction in this day and age. What a miraculous place the online world is! Gu Fei thought as he replied her, ’’Nothing much.’’

His indifferent expression was the last straw fully igniting the girl's anger. She pushed her sleeves up and was about to challenge Gu Fei to a PvP match when she was stopped by a call from July, ’’It's ok, Fiery, he said he wants to quit the guild.

’’Huh?’’ The girl named Fiery was startled and put her fists down hesitantly. The girls who had surrounded Gu Fei also had astonishment on their faces.

’’What's wrong?’’ Gu Fei looked around the room. ’’Did I misunderstand? Didn't you girls want me to quit the guild?’’

The girls showed an uneasy expression at Gu Fei's words. Hints of apology even appeared on some of their faces. Looking at the situation, July reluctantly spoke up, ’’You didn't misunderstand anything. We do want you to quit, but not now.’’

’’What do you mean?’’ Gu Fei asked confused.

’’Are you playing dumb?’’ Fiery said loudly. ’’The minimum number of members of every guild is 20. The guild will dissolve automatically if the number goes below that.’’

’’Oh... Then you girls just look for more members so that I can quit!’’ said Gu Fei as the image of Master Han appeared in his head somehow. What would the situation be like if he were the one here instead?

The girls looked at each other awkwardly, it was July who broke the silence once again, ’’We will do that as fast as possible, so meanwhile, you'll have to put up with it.’’

’’This is nothing!’’ Gu Fei laughed and stood up. ’’You can just kick me out when you find the new member. That's all, right? If there isn't anything else, I'm leaving now!’’

Gu Fei walked to the door and was about to pull the door, yet felt that the silence seemed too awkward. He found that Fiery was looking at him as well, so he nodded and said, ’’Fiery, mmm, a good name!’’

’’What do you mean?’’ Just like her name, Fiery had a violent temper. Catching the suggestion of mockery in Gu Fei's words, she leapt up and bolted towards his back. She leaned in and her right fist immediately shot out towards him.

However before the blow could land, Gu Fei pulled the door open and darted out lightly. He turned around smiled at them before saying, ’’Bye,’’ and closing the door.

Riding Meteors! It was an attack skill that belonged to the Fighter class, and possessed greater speed and power than normal attacks, Gu Fei analyzed as he walked along the street.

’’A fighter is just so much cooler than a mage!’’ Gu Fei sighed and gazed down miserably at his own mage robe.

After Gu Fei left the room, the silence remained for another half minute. The first to talk was once again July. She walked up to Fiery who was still staring at the door and took her arm, ’’Don't be so impetuous next time. He may be high in level, but he's just a mage after all. And his equipment looked quite bad. If you weren't careful enough and really hit him, he would probably get killed on the spot.’’

Fiery turned to look at July, still in a daze, ’’He dodged it.’’

’’Huh? What did you say?’’

’’I'm saying that he dodged my hit just now,’’ Fiery repeated.

The girls gathered around her immediately and all tried to get a word in in the discussion. Someone asked, ’’Weren't you just trying to scare him?’’

Fiery gave a wry smile, ’’I was quite angry, so I really wanted to give him a punch. But he somehow managed to avoid it before he got out.’’

The girls were a bit shocked. They had been together for quite a while and were informed about each other's background already. Fiery was not simply a normal player who happened to choose the Fighter class. She had been a bellicose girl since young and loved things related to fighting. It was said that she had even taken lessons in a martial arts school before. And true to her background, normal players were incomparable to her in terms of fighting. In the game of ’’Parallel World’’ which boasts of the brand new mode of virtual reality, she was one of the first to adapt well to the game. This girl was already beating monsters to her heart's content when most of the player base were still at a loss as to how to fight.

Fiery was only level 26, a level that was easily overlooked in bigger guilds. But when it comes to PvP skills, she could effortlessly take down up to five girls, and she was pretty proud about that. The skills pro gamers had been mastering all this time were rendered useless in this game, whereas she, a girl who had learned a bit of martial arts, found herself at an advantage. In addition, as she had chosen the Fighter class, she took to the game like a duck to water.

With such a personality and hobby, though she was a girl, Fiery had loved PK in this game and she had yet to taste defeat, even with players of higher levels than her. Thus she had become quite full of herself, believing herself to be the top fighter in the game.

She had thought that when facing a player with a class like Mage, she would have brought him down to the ground with just one punch. Yet this guy just avoided it as if nothing had happened, and even gave off hints of a pro with style.

’’Fiery, maybe he's trained in martial arts as well,’’ suggested one of the girls.

’’Can't be,’’ Fiery replied confidently.

’’How do you know?’’

’’Then he would choose to be a fighter like me. Even if he didn't, he should have chosen a close combat class like Warrior or Rogue. What fool martial artist would choose to be a mage like him?’’ said Fiery.

’’Maybe he just came for the enjoyment of the game, unlike you, who's just playing to fight!’’

Fiery pursed her lips to show her disapproval.

’’Fiery, in all seriousness, do you have any idea how he managed to dodge your hit?’’

’’It must be just my imagination,’’ Fiery blinked, ’’That's right, just a hallucination.’’

’’Tsk tsk,’’ the circle of girls around her dispersed.

’’Hey! Are you people mocking me?’’ Fiery waved her fists and chased after them. There wasn't enough space in the room for them to fool around so the girls ran out of the room one after another. July could only sigh with a wry smile at the girls.

’’He seems like an okay guy,’’ a voice said behind her.

’’Fall, stop having crushes on every good-looking guy you see,’’ July joked. She knew who was talking without having to even turn her head.

’’Haha, I'm serious! Don't you also think so?’’ Fall answered.

’’Hmm, that's true. He was nice enough and not very annoying,’’ said July.

’’So we don't have to be so hostile towards him. Just let him participate as well before we find a new member!’’

’’Mmm...’’ July gave an equivocal reply.

’’Then let me hand this over to him!’’ Fall walked over to the table and picked up a badge.

’’Humph, so you're still denying that you are crushing on him?’’ July smiled.

’’Let me go investigate,’’ Fall laughed as she went out of the room.

After Fall left there was no one else left in the room except July. She shook her head and smiled mirthlessly before walking out as well. Before she could close the door, a voice called out from above her, ’’How was it? That guy was ok right?’’

’’Xiaotian, I'm gonna die of a heart attack if you keep appearing out of the blue like this,’’ July sighed.

’’No you won't, you're used to it already!’’ Xi Xiaotian crouched on the roof and stuck her head out to talk to July.

’’Do you wanna come down?’’ July asked.

’’Yep!’’ Xi Xiaotian flipped down as she talked. The building was of considerable height, so Xi Xiaotian grimaced a little when she landed, but the pain disappeared within seconds. She glanced at the diamond-shaped sign on the wall and smiled, ’’So you've placed your guild here. That's nice.’’ She walked into the room as she talked, so July had no choice but to follow her back into the room and closed the door.

Xi Xiaotian didn't sit. She stood by the window, leaned against the wall and asked, ’’So how was that guy? I'm here to inspect the situation.’’

’’Haha, stop pretending! You can't be that nice. You must be on the run after conning someone again, am I right?’’ July replied lightly.

Xi Xiaotian gave a small chuckle and threw an item over, ’’A present!’’

July caught the item firmly. She opened her palm to see a plain wooden ring named Wooden Ring of Wind. It was an accessory which enhances both Agility and Strength, an accessory that no one who belonged to a close combat class would reject. It was especially so when everyone discovered that the difficulty in levelling up grew after reaching level 30, and such items' prices grew like crazy. July was clear about how valuable this ring was, but she threw it back with a smile.

’’Hm? Not accepting my gift again?’’ Xi Xiaotian didn't look surprised.

July just smiled.

Xi Xiaotian kept the ring and glanced out of the window. ’’I know that between a random person and me, you would rather the random person join the guild.’’

’’We are friends,’’ July said. ’’But the guild involves others' interests as well.’’

’’I know,’’ Xi Xiaotian grinned. ’’And I like that part about you.’’

’’How did you get acquainted with that Thousand Miles Drunk?’’ asked July.

’’He's a guy whom I didn't manage to fool,’’ Xi Xiaotian looked out of the window as she replied.

’’What do you mean?’’

’’Haven't I told you before that professional con men like us can make use of people's greediness to fool them? No matter how smart they are, as long as they are not a man of integrity, I'll have a way to trick them. But he... well, he didn't fall for it,’’ said Xi Xiaotian.


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