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Villainess Brother Reincarnation - Chapter 28


Chapter 28

VBR chapter 28

Translated by Lyran1, edited by Minak Amie

Older Brother, rematch with a friend

With the ’’Raihearth-sama Water’’ problem settled, I look at Gaspar. The other seems to have understood my meaning and nods.

[Then, shall we start?]

I take out the bamboo sword from my luggage and step off of the mat.


[Elder Brother, please wait.]

For some reason, Michelin interrupts.

And with such a serious expression on her face too.

What's wrong?

[For Elder Brother, using a sword during a spar with Gaspar-sama is surely fine, however, for Bruno-sama and the others, they have yet to be familiar with the usual method of sparring. A sudden violent exchange may be too nerve wracking for them. Everyone, including the servants, will be worried that something will go wrong since the sons of Duke Alderton and Marquis Lambert suddenly started fighting.]

Indeed, I think something like that might happen.

If either of us gets injured, even if we are both nobles, it would spell trouble for us since it never should have happened in the first place. (TN: どちらかが怪我でもして貴族間のトラブルに巻き込まれてはたまったものではないはずだ)

[Bruno-sama, have you ever observed a spar involving swords from a short distance?]

[Eh? Aah, no, this would be the first time.]

Pressured by Michelin's assertiveness, Bruno nervously replies.

Behind him, Nicolas and Enrio immediately nod in agreement.

In response to their reactions, Michelin nods in affirmation.

[Michelin, what in the world are you doing?]

I don't want to stop the practice match with Gaspar.

Still, this consideration for the people surrounding is a bit too excessive.

Somehow, I have a bad feeling.

[Don't you understand, Elder Brother? Regarding the match Elder Brother and Gaspar-sama are going to do from now on, it is necessary for everyone to see that it isn't dangerous at all, so~]

Saying that, Michelin sticks out her hands towards me and proceeds to request

[Please lend that to me, Elder Brother.]

She says with a full smile.

N- noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

E, esrine again!! (TN: I don't know what he means -エ、エスリーヌ再び!!)

I shake my head in refusal while reflexively hiding the bamboo sword behind me.

[W, wait Michelin! Although I do think it is a bit excessive, I will listen to what you have to say for now. However, what do you plan on doing by borrowing this!?

[I will prove its safety so that the audience can see and be reassured.]

Michelin replies with decisiveness as though it is natural.


The part of you wanting to turn your elder brother's body into a punching bag has been clearly conveyed.

Dammit, it really has become a habit for her.

[What's wrong, Marcel? What does Michelin want to do?]

Gaspar, with a strange look on his face, inquires on the mysterious development occurring beside me.

[No, it's nothing much.]

I don't have time to explain that my little sister has awoken the S in her right at this moment. (Note: S = Sadist, for those who are innocent enough to not know.)

[R, right! Gaspar and I will exchange blows as a test. Because it involves the related parties, the audience should be safe.]

I must say, I just came up with a great idea.

Please make it possible! (これならば無理は言えまい!)

[I wouldn't go so far, since a problem might arise if Elder Brother and Gaspar-sama start to fight. When it comes to swordsmanship, is the order not determined by the difference in competence? Who is superior and who is inferior, can it be decided so flippantly? (TN: 剣において、打つ順番は力量の差によって決めるというではありませんか。どちらが上どちらが下を、ここで勝手に決めてよろしいのでしょうか?)

Ku, that is certainly true

The superior person would not strike in such a flippant manner. (TN: 力量が上の者が打たせるという作法がある)

So it's impossible for Gaspar to strike first, but for Gaspar, me striking first is also improbable. (TN: そこでガスパールに先に打たせるのは有り得ないが、俺から打ちかかるというのもまた、ガスパールからすれば有り得ないと言うだろう。)

I think the other side is completely superior. I'm really grateful that he is always so respectful towards me.

[That is why, I, Michelin will prove the safety of the training sword Elder Brother has invented.]


Being cornered like this, I hesitantly took out the bamboo sword and handed it over.

[Well then, everyone, this is a practice sword that my elder brother has invented, made by a craft worker from our house ]

Michelin fluently explains its special characteristics and structure.

I'm impressed that she memorized all of it only after hearing it once. However, now is not the time for admiration.

[In order to fully demonstrate... Elder Brother, here I come!]

Michelin assumes a stance while holding the bamboo sword. It might be my imagination, but this scene looks quite familiar.


I resolve my mind and shout.



Uoh, a sudden and splendid hit is delivered.

Those surrounding us are also stunned.

[Although it made a large sound are you hurt, Elder Brother?]

[No, not really.]

It certainly doesn't hurt.

Although it doesn't hurt, I seem to have suffered quite a bit of mental damage seeing my younger sister hit me so happily.

[Well then, I will test it out a bit more. Ei!!]


[Un, it doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt. Now Michelin, slowly ]

[Ei! Haa! Sore!]

Bashii! Bashuu! Bashin!

[Because it does not hurt, you can hit with all your strength!!]

I panic, wanting to stop Michelin, whose bad switch has just been flipped on.

It seems that safety can be somewhat counterproductive.

All the spectators have slowly began distancing themselves.

[And that is why...]

Michelin says while pushing back the hair stuck to her face

[...even though some tools are made for safety, overestimating their capabilities is prohibited!]

She declares with a self-satisfied look.

[You never mentioned that!]

I couldn't help but retort, and immediately took back the bamboo sword.

[Elder brother! Treating your younger sister like this is cruel!]

Michelin protests with a shocked expression.

[In what way! Michelin, you obviously have something against your elder brother!]

I retort even more strongly.

Just now, you changed your speech pattern in order to make yourself appear weak.

[Ku kukuku, truly, the Alderton siblings are amusing.]

[Agreed. It really is better to witness it firsthand than hearing it from others.]

I'm somewhat impressed with their exchange. Gaspar and Bruno appear to be impressed and are probably praising us.

In addition, the other spectators (excluding our family's servants and maids) are stunned.

Well, that's probably to be expected.

Actually, you guys should not be getting used to it! Please don't get used to this scene!

[In any case, thanks to Miss Michelin, we know that it is safe. Marcel, please teach me the details on how to make it later.]

Bruno's eyes are shining.

He's clearly planning something.

Well, it's not an object that can be harmful or abused. I will draw up a blueprint later.

[You can't overestimate its safety. Well then, let's start]

Gaspar, with a bamboo sword in hand, moves away from where the mat is placed and proceeds to where there is only soil on the ground.

I move in the opposite direction of him.

We bow to each other, raising our spirit.

One can see that the atmosphere is changing.

Gaspar's aura the stance he used in our earlier confrontations, now shows visible signs of flexibility.

It has changed so much in just a few days!

The signal is uttered and the second match begins.

I recall the first match I had with Gaspar.

At that time, Gaspar charged head on.

Prior to speaking with Princess Patricia, his attacks could be considered reckless. (TN: Don't understand this part - パトリシア王女の談ではないが、猪突猛進というべき前のめりな一撃)

But now he gives off a calm aura.

It is not something that originates from him. It is a style that matches with the movements of the opponent. (TN: あれは自分から向かってくるものではなく)

I will attack first to gauge the situation.


With a fighting spirit, I intend to deliver a sharp blow.

Before I knew it, Gaspar was in front of me.


I avoid his attack in a panic. His blow grazes my bangs.

Somehow, I manage to avoid and stop the blow, furthering the distance between us.

But, Gaspar somehow manages to shorten the distance immediately.

It is truly a reckless dash.

Oi oi, the story is completely different!

I somehow manage to endure constant chase, but I can't find an opening.

Still, he will eventually show his weakness.

I prepare for another strike from him but it does not come.

This time, Gaspar furthers the distance and watches me without doing anything.

His aura isn't that of a wild beast domineering its surroundings anymore, but rather that of a cat basking in the sun.

For a short while, we stare at each other. Gaspar suddenly breaks his stance and quickly moves closer.

Eh, what?

Even though he doesn't take incredibly fast steps, I can't move.

Just like that, Gaspar easily shortens the distance.

Beshi, A light blow is delivered to my head.

Eh, I was hit?

[Well, let's go another round.]

He doesn't criticize me, nor does he gloat in his victory. Instead, as if it were natural, Gaspar requests for a rematch.


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