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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 83


Chapter 83



Thinking till here, Zheng Daqing remembered that when the Three Rock Entertainment arranged the roles, at the last moment they had suddenly changed the 2nd Lead to Liu Xiang! Was that the intention of the man before him? Definitely! Otherwise, how could such a major character be given to someone without a background!

In fact, Zheng Daqing was really overthinking the matter . Initially, the reason Three Rock Entertainment gave the role to Liu Xiang is that of her rising popularity . Their main purpose was to make more money, so they let Liu Xiang have that role . Since Zheng Daqing's head was always full of lust and getting other benefits, he naturally didn't think clearly of the matter .

’’Mr . Liu, Miss Liu Xiang must have misunderstood me! I have always been pure and incorruptible, how could I do something so heinous......’’ Before Zheng Daqing finished his words, the palm of my hand slapped into his pig-face .

’’Bullshit! Do you think I don't know what kind of son-of-a-*itch you are?’’ I yelled, ’’You are pure and incorruptible? Zheng Daqing, let me ask: do you really need me to say what kind of a motherf***er you are?’’

’’This... all that is a rumor...’’ Zheng Daqing covered his face that was swelling into a hill and tried to make excuses .

’’It's all rumor? You think I haven't seen it all with my own eyes . Last time, you tried to harass my family's Little Zi - I have already warned you once and never expected that you won't repent even then? I am telling you, Zheng Daqing if you didn't have the little bit of talent that you have, do you think you would even be standing here?’’ I looked at him coldly and said, ’’Just tell me - do you really need to have a few of your functions disabled before you decide to be a good man?’’

Little Zi? Zheng Daqing was stunned but then he immediately understood that Little Zi was Su Yingzi . The matter from that time was something he will not forget his entire life!

He had not thought that Su Yingzi was also my woman! Zheng Daqing then dispiritedly lowered his head, wondering how he kicked on the same iron sheet twice, thinking that the probability of something like this happening was certainly even lower than someone hitting the jackpot! And when Zheng Daqing heard me say that he needs to lose some functions, his face turned green . He couldn't care about face anymore . Compared to his life, face was worth nothing but fart! Zheng Daqing slammed to the ground before me and burst into tears, ’’Mr . Liu, I was in the wrong . Lord, you are a massive entity, please let me off...... I am nothing but a fart, you should spare my fart life! Miss Liu Xiang, please help me seek forgiveness - I won't dare do something like that ever again!’’

Liu Xiang was very clear about my methods . Originally, when we were in Japan, I ordered a Rocket Launcher and blew up an entire factory, killing who knows how many . Let alone a single man...... I was simply more terrorist than even real terrorists . And this drama really needed this Zheng Daqing as he was quite talented as a Director!

’’Husband, you should just teach him a lesson, but don't kill him...’’ Liu Xiang said weakly .

Kill?! Zheng Daqing was almost scared into fainting! Zheng Daqing had thought that at worst I will just castrate him . That was the worst that could happen, he had never thought that this little girl was even more ruthless . The moment she opened her mouth, it was about killing him! However, Zheng Daqing Daqing didn't suspect I wouldn't be able to do it . In his opinion, there was nothing people from the underworld gangs like us couldn't do!

’’Alright, I will let him go this time . Later, you will be the Director, but your payment for being the Director will be deducted . Do you have anything against my decision?’’ I looked at Zheng Daqing and asked .

’’I don't... I don't have any issues . It's as you decided!’’ Where would Zheng Daqing have the guts to go against my decision . Let alone deducting his payment, even if I wanted him to pay money from his pocket he wouldn't have a problem! What use was having money if one couldn't keep their life?

’’If one day, I again heard any rumors regarding you... you better be careful and prepare to get bombed ahead of time,’’ I waved and hinted to Zheng Daqing, then walked away .

Zheng Daqing really learned his lesson this time . He understood that he will no longer be able to live his life like he did . In the future, he really changed his lascivious habit and even when a woman was delivered to his bed, he wouldn't touch her - afraid that who knows which woman might have any relationship with me . Naturally, all this was something to be talked about in the future .


When I was talking to Zheng Daqing, Su Yingzi and Shirley, who had been resting to the side, also discovered me! When Su Yingzi saw that I had come, she was very happy, but when she saw that I was hugging that Japanese woman, she was so angry she was gnashing her teeth! She didn't like that little girl who came here from Japan to develop . This little vixen had robbed away half of her fans and even had a chance to replace to replace her one day! As her age increased over the years, Su Yingzi was no longer the same young miss from before, making her career decline . That fresh-faced little girl was no longer as tender looking as before . Even certain Entertainment Magazines would actually list her name after Liu Xiang when reporting the news! Such a small and unscrupulous vixen who was slowly stealing her limelight, when she now went ahead and kissed and hugged her husband, how could Su Yingzi not be angry!

Su Yingzi, who was thinking of rushing over and hugging me was now sitting under an umbrella under the sun not far away .

Shirley, on the other hand, didn't care about this, obviously . She knew that her status was that of my mistress, and people in Europe and America were more open-minded, therefore, she didn't think that it was anything improper that I was hugging Liu Xiang in public . {TL Note: Just how open-minded are they? Anyone from that side?}

’’Hubby, did you come to see me?’’ Shirley smiled and walked over and greeted me affectionately . Even when she saw me with Liu Xiang, she still calmly asked if I had come to visit her . This was the attitude of the natives of Europe and America . Very open-minded . {TL Note: Now this is getting out of hand . }

’’Of course,’’ I said without hesitation as I had really just come to visit her and Su Yingzi . Meeting Liu Xiang here was just an accident . Even I had never expected for something like this to happen .

But Liu Xiang was already clear of her own status, and she also knew about my status, therefore she didn't have any extravagant demands . When she ran over a moment ago, she was in a very anxious mood . Although she was Although she was now smiling really brightly, that was just what was on the surface . In her heart, she was really afraid! She was afraid that I will pretend to not recognize her, or I might not even know her, having forgotten all about her!

However, she decided to bet one time . It was to get rid of Zheng Daqing's entanglement as well as she knew that if she didn't do it now, she will regret it for a lifetime . It was really hard to meet him, and if she didn't seize this opportunity, Liu Xiang would have looked down on her for the rest of her life . So long as one takes the first step, they have already achieved 50 percent of success, otherwise, they won't even have an opportunity . Liu Xiang now rejoiced in her heart that she had succeeded . Not only had I not forgotten her, it seemed that I wasn't disgusted by her name either . It showed that I had accepted the fact that she exists in my life .

Therefore, Liu Xiang didn't care how many women I had around me . In her opinion, it would be strange if a man with my status didn't have any women . Liu Xiang smiled friendlily and said, ’’Elder sister, you also know him?’’

’’Yes, I am his sweetheart,’’ Shirley nodded and said with a smile . She didn't think there was anything improper about her status . To be correct, she even thought that her status was very glorious! Because she also knew my real status now, she understood why David had been so polite to her . Naturally, she didn't know the relationship is only because of Du Xiaowei, instead, she believes that because Three Rock Gang was the largest underworld gang in Asia, they would certainly have relations with David .


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