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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 81


Chapter 81



Looking at the five beauties serving me, it was really a blessing of two lifetimes . As the saying went: Fortune, wealth, and beauty - these three were the treasures of man! As for Liu Yue and Meng QingQing, I could only see them at night . Naturally, it was me who had to serve them at that time . The two were my cash cows now .

After the several women of mine found out that my identity was very aloof, they now admired me even more, waiting upon me . Before, though they never said anything, they were still a bit discontented at their hearts . But at this moment, they understood that a man with such wealth and status like me couldn't just have a single woman!

The telephone rang . I lazily picked it up and saw that it was a call from Su Yingzi!

’’Hello, dear Celebrity Wife, were you looking for me?’’

’’Yes . In a few days, I am going to be acting a role in an idol drama, at a scenic spot near B City . The place is quite close to your place, so are you going to visit me?’’

’’Starring in a TV show? Do I have to say it? My money is for you to spend for several lifetimes, yet you are still going to act in a show? Hurry up and resign . You also know that husband isn't interested in your occupation . When I think my wife is being seen by so many men, it makes my heart uncomfortable!’’

’’It's my hobby . Do not stop me from it!’’ Su Yingzi started to act like a spoiled child as she said, ’’Tell me quickly, are you coming or not?’’

’’When a wife makes a movie, her husband will naturally come to cheer for her!’’ I had nothing else to do either, so I will just go and watch her act and see if I can persuade her to go home with me .

’’Alright, then it's settled . We are at the __ scenic spot of __ county, you should directly come there! Our drama crew has set up the sign for <<Love Through Space and Time>>at the entrance of the place!’’

Hais, already so rich, yet she is still filming a movie . I really can't understand what they think .

Shortly after I hung up the telephone, it rang again .

’’Hello? Hello, who might you be looking for?’’ I thought that the number wasn't familiar so I asked .

’’Hubby Liu? I am Shirley!’’ As soon as she started to speak, I knew that this half-cooked Chines could only belong to her .

’’So it's you . This number of yours...... Um? You are in China?’’ I asked strangely .

’’Yes, I am in China right now! Didn't I tell you a while ago that I was going to film a TV series with a film company here!’’ Shirley said excitedly, ’’Hubby, I have been missing you so much! How about you come to the rehearsal to visit me~~’’

Listening to the temptation-filled voice of this fox Shirley that could only belong to the women of Europe and America, I couldn't help but feel capricious at my heart . This small spirit will entice a man into taking his life!

’’Good, I have also been missing you! Where are you? I will look for free time and then come to 'see' you!’’ I intentionally aggravated the word 'see' and wondered if this half-baked Chinese understanding Shirley would be able to understand such profound words .

’’Yay, I will let you 'see' a lot!~~’’ Shirley had obviously understood my meaning .

I shook my head . In In a while, I will have to search for two filming spots . First, it was just Su Yingzi, and now there was Shirley as well .

’’Where are you? I will come and find you in a while!’’ My heart was getting really itchy right now . I believe that conquering a woman from a foreign country is the dream of many men in China .

’’I am at a scenic spot near B City! I am very close to your place, at the __ scenic spot of __ county!’’ Shirley said, ’’When you get there, just inquire someone about <<Love through Space and Time>>drama team . You will find it easily!’’ After saying that, she hung up the phone .

’’<<Love through Space and Time>>?’’ I smacked my forehead . Where have I heard this name before?

Wait... F***! The __ scenic spot of __ county? It couldn't be such a coincidence, right? After thinking for some moments, I finally remembered that Su Yingzi had also said the name <<Love Through Space and Time>>just now! Were the two in the same show?

God! It feels like the day Mars would hit Earth! Who am I going to see first when I get there? Since I have already promised, I have to bite the bullet and go! Anyway, it will be known to them sooner or later . Shirley wasn't an issue . As a foreign chick, she was more open to these matters and accepted my lovers without any issue . But Su Yingzi......Last time she saw Xia Jing with me, she was already burning in jealousy . If she now saw me with a foreign chick, I wonder what will happen, Ah!

’’Husband, are you going to see Sister Su or Sister Shirley?’’ My wives already knew that I was going to the filming scene, but didn't know who know who I was going to look for first .

’’Both,’’ I weakly beckoned to the two of them with my hand .

’’Husband, you are really fierce . Bringing two Celebrities to us at once......’’ even after I left, the several women were still discussing the matter......

Since my status had been publicized, I thought that there was no longer a need to be low key, so I could no longer ride my original Santana 2000 . Not only did my wives not allow me, even my two fathers-in-law were against it, saying that I was making the company lose face . Since I didn't have any other means, I asked Xu Er to get a Rolls-Royce Silver Angel from Liu Yue's car dealership . There was no longer any dissatisfaction as Silver Angel was already the top car from Rolls Royce .

This Rolls Royce had also been modified by Du Xiaowei . This guy seemed to have an addiction to modifying cars . Even the Land Rover I gave him had been changed into an armored vehicle .

When my Rolls Royce arrived at the __ scenic spot in __ county at the <<Love Through Space and Time>>cast area, there wasn't any commotion . After all, the people that came to visit this place would obviously be some big shots .

Although the three main heroines weren't women anyone could get, the side characters were quite easy to bed, so many big shots would come here to explore .

In <<Love Through Space and Time>>, the three protagonists were rare beauties, while the supporting roles weren't bad either . So how could a masterpiece like this not attract these big shots? There were characters who would go to bed with people like Thomas or Zheng Daqing, while the majority of them were pounded by people who brought in loads brought in loads of money . Of course, it was also necessary that the women were good enough, otherwise, Three Rock Entertainment didn't lack money .

However, when people saw me step out of the car, everyone present there was shocked! They did not understand why the prestigious chairman of Shuguang International would come here . Although the Three Rock Entertainment was a subsidiary of my company, there wouldn't be a need for the chairman to personally inspect the place?

’’Miss Liu Xiang, do you have some free time in the evening? I will lead you to attend a cocktail party! There are going to be a lot of well-known CEOs of major companies there . Don't you want to take the opportunity to meet them?’’ It had become a habit of this b*st*rd Zheng Daqing to se*ually harass Liu Xiang in his free time .

’’Sorry, Director Zheng . I am working on the show all day and get tired, so I need to rest in the evening,’’ Liu Xiang had been in great pain dealing with this man in front of her . If it wasn't for her to get established in the local industry and increase her fame as soon as possible, she would have already left this show long ago .

’’It doesn't matter . What's filming, isn't it all decided by me? Even if we don't film till dawn, it wouldn't matter!’’ Zheng Daqing said with a smirk .

Liu Xiang listened to his disgusting voice and said, ’’Director Zheng, I am just an actor . I just want to make a good show, and don't want to do anything else . ’’

’’I will let you make a good show?! You motherf***ing *itch!’’ Zheng Daqing finally couldn't hold back and started to curse . He had given her so many hints, yet this woman didn't take any of them!


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