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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 71


Chapter 71



Wang Family had been gathering their forces for several years now, waiting for this moment . All their actions went so smoothly because compared to the other major families, the Wang Family, regardless of their strength or foundations, was much stronger . But what they would have never thought about is me, the impossible factor with infinite possibilities .

Both grandpa and grandson Wang were lost in their fantasies of being the strongest, the dominators of the world...

Today was the day for the intermediary matches . There were a lot of people on the field . Those who weren't there were the losers from the branch families who couldn't make it till here . The relations between the direct and branch descendants of these families had never been good . The others had already finished, so only the core figures of the various families were present in the stadium .

’’Everyone, please prepare for the contest . The first match of the contest......’’ the host was reading the list of contestants when someone snatched microphone and rostrum from his hand .

’’Everyone, listen and listen well . This place is now under the control of my people! If you don't want to have any accidents, then be good and don't move!’’ Wang Jinlong's figure suddenly appeared behind the rostrum . The host was completely stunned .

’’Motherf***er! Who the f*** are you!’’

’’Are you all right? You aren't sick, are you?’’

The man under the stage just started cursing when he found himself at gunpoint . Wang Jinlong knew that using a gun was the best way to threaten these ordinary people . As for Liu Zhenhai and the other old men, he sent the real masters of the Wang Family to hold them down .

’’Just with your skill, you want to hol......’’ Situ Danshan sneered in disdain, but he soon realized that he was firmly locked down on the spot . Even using all his skill didn't let him be free!

Liu Zhenhai and Meng Rusong also looked towards each other and smiled bitterly . They were in the same situation . The people who held them down seemed to have infinite strength . They couldn't break free no matter how much they tried .

Wang Jinlong's subordinate had been pointing his gun at me all this time . I had not moved a bit, but with my skill, let alone all these people, even if there were a few hundred more, it wouldn't matter . The reason I I didn't do anything immediately is that I wanted to see what the Wang Jinlong actually wanted to do . Just what was he after? Did he want to be the champion of the tournament so bad?

But when I saw the Men in Black behind Liu Zhenhai and the others, I immediately gave up on the thought . It seems that my guess was right, this Wang Jinlong had absolutely been hiding his strength . The goons trained by this Wang Family were able to hold down Liu Zhenhai and the other old masters, so it could be wondered how strong the direct descendant of the Wang Family would be!

When I looked towards Liu Zhenhai, I realized that Liu Zhenhai was also looking towards me . I smiled towards him . Liu Zhenhai relaxed after he saw my smile . He knew everything will be all right as long as I was here .

’’That guy who said stuff against me, how about you say that again now? Hahahaha!’’ Wang Jinlong was laughing like a maniac, ’’Six Major Aristocratic Families? Ahem, more like Six Mediocre Families!’’ Right after saying those words, Wang Jinlong realized that his family was also one of them, so he immediately changed his statement, ’’Naturally, our Wang Family is no longer no longer one of the Six Major Families . I heard that if our Wang Family hadn't come this time, you people were going to choose another aristocratic family to take our place! Lei Family... was it? You sure are casual, decided whenever and whatever you feel like! Today, our Wang Family will be the number one family dominating over everything under Heaven!!’’

After Wang Jinlong said all that, he stopped . He appeared as if waiting for the applaud of others . He probably forgot that it wasn't something he was going to get any applaud for, therefore, he awkwardly continued, ’’I will ask the head of our clan, Number One Under Heaven, Mr . Wang Weihan to give an honorary speech!’’ {TL Note: That's what the raws said . }

Saying that he took the lead in applauding for him as he carried the mike to him immediately, indulging in a self-glorious feeling .

Wang Weihan stepped onto the chairman's podium and took long strides . This fellow had specially dressed for this occasion . His gray hair was neatly combed and even had wax on them . He was dressed in a suit and dress shoes .

I observed the people in the stadium and realized that everyone other than me, Liu Yue, Meng Liu Yue, Meng QingQing, and Liu Zhenhai were quite nervous . Even Meng Rusong who had a match with me was anxious . He didn't know about my true strength, so he didn't think I could compete with these men in black . Liu Zhenhai obviously had a lot of confidence in my strange skills . Liu Yue and I had been together for such a long time, so she had a certain understanding regarding me . But what surprised me was Meng QingQing, she didn't know my situation, but even then, she wasn't panicking . At this moment, she was still looking towards me with love . This suddenly made me have a sense of accomplishment because I was able to make my women trust me so much, believing in me even in a situation like this . I believe that every woman wants to find a man who can give her a sense of security, and Meng QingQing certainly regarded me like that .

I was looking at the development of things with a game-like perspective . So far, there hadn't been any occurrence, therefore I do not need to go out of my way to stop anything . Instead, I was going to watch the performance of this grandfather-grandson combo!


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