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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 70


Chapter 70



’’What did you say? You want to make me go to the Liu Family to discuss marriage?’’ The old man looked at Wang Jinlog inconceivably, ’’You are aware of our plans, yet you still want me to go and discuss marriage with the Liu Family?’’

’’Grandfather, you must help me! The moment I saw Liu Yue, I fell in love with her! Especially her graceful bearing during the match really attracted me!’’ Wang Jinlong again knelt on the floor, ’’Grandfather, from infancy till now, I have never been moved by any woman . I thought that I understood my emotions, thought that I will never fall in love!’’

’’Are you sure it isn't just a random impulse instead of love?’’ The old man looked into Wang Jinlong's eyes and asked .

’’I am sure! Grandfather, please help me! Also, our plans to crush the outstading martial art heroes;if I and Liu Yue really got married, then Liu Family will also belong to our Wang Family, helping us influence the situation even more!’’ Wang Jinlong said .

’’Good! However, you must remember: A man never regrets what he does . As long as you don't regret what you are doing today!’’ The old man slowly nodded .

’’Grandfather, I will never regret!’’ Wang Jinlong said with all seriousness .

The old man affectionately looked at Wang Jinlong leaving the room . As soon as he disappeared, the old man's eyes became callous .

’’Old Liu, if you have time, we need to chat,’’ Wang Weihan was Wang Jinlong's grandfather . The old man arrived at Liu Zhenhai's hotel room's entrance .

’’Where did the sun rise from? What wind blew you here today, Old Wang? If you have any matter, let's talk about it inside the room!’’ Liu Zhenhai had known about Wang Weihan since his time as a general in the army . Over the recent decades, Liu Zhenhai had made a lot of fortune, while the Wang Family had stopped participating in the Competition over the recent decades . Liu Zhenhai only heard about him from the members of the aristocratic families like Meng Rusong and Ouyang Nan . He was finally able to meet Wang Weihan in person this time .

’’You flatter me . I will be honest with you, Liu, I want to have closer relationships with you!’’ Wang Weihan said .

’’Have a closer relationship with me? That's a good thing . Although it's our first meeting, the spiritual bond hand been there for a long time!’’ Liu Zhenhai said with a smile .

’’It's the Heaven's will, the Heaven's will!’’ Wang Weihan said with a smile, ’’What you, Old Liu, said is really true . If not for our Wang Family being under painstaking cultivation and only stepping back into the world in the recent two years, I would have come to visit Old Liu years ago already!’’

’’Old Wang, if you have anything to say, say it directly . Ahh, we are already so old, there's nothing left to compliment each other for any more!’’ Liu Zhenhai was a former warlord . This was the temper he had . He didn't like this sort of treatment, fake words and masked faces .

’’Alright . Since that's the case, I will say it directly!’’ Wang Weihan had an unpleasant expression, but he hid it immediately . He thought, if not for my grandson asking me, your Liu Family would also have been one of those we are going to soon soon slaughter .

’’It's like this, this time, my grandson Wang Jinlong asked me to come here to propose!’’ Wang Weihan said .

’’Propose? Old Wang, what joke are you trying to make? What kind of proposal?’’ Although Liu Zhenhai had vaguely guessed that the guy might have come here for his granddaughter Liu Yue, he still acted to be confused .

’’Of course, a proposal regarding your baby granddaughter Liu Yue!’’ Wang Weihan said, ’’Our families are also properly matched . So how about it? You won't have to be inconvenienced about your granddaughter's future!’’

’’This......’’ Liu Zhenhai was feeling awkward as he didn't know how to answer the guy .

’’What's wrong Old Liu? Don't tell me you don't have a liking for our Wang Family?’’ As Wang Weihan saw Liu Zhenhai's expression of trying to find an excuse, he became unhappy in his heart .

’’How could that be? But I really have other difficulties . It's not that I don't have a liking for your family, but my granddaughter already has a boyfriend!’’ Liu Zhenhai shook his head .

’’What's there even if she has a boyfriend? So long as they aren't married, she is still free . And even if she was married, she can still be divorced . So how about it;you let your granddaughter break up with her boyfriend and marry my grandson!’’ Wang Weihan was already getting impatient now . In his opinion, this was him bestowing a divine date upon the Liu Family, yet this Liu Family wasn't giving him any face . How could he not be angry! {TL Note: That date reference - It means giving them something great that they can't even imagine . I just made it up as I didn't know how know how I was going to write trees in there . }

’’Old Wang, I don't like these words you said just now . What does it have to do with you what my granddaughter does? And who gave you permission to decide something for her?’’ Liu Zhenhai was unhappy .

’’Humph, the fact that our family's Little Long has a liking for your granddaughter is her great fortune! Can her boyfriend have a background as big as our Wang Family?’’ Wang Weihan snorted coldly .

’’To tell you the truth, my granddaughter's boyfriend is my grandson! Our Liu Family is no worse than yours!’’ Liu Zhenhai said without any politeness .

’’What? Your granddaughter and grandson? Haha, don't tell me your family has a custom of incest!’’ Wang Weihan started to laugh .

’’I have no need to explain all this to you! Alright, Wang Weihan, I am tired now . You can show yourself out now!’’ Liu Zhenhai said with a commanding tone .

’’Liu Zhenhai, I gave you a chance! You better not regret it in the future!’’ Wang Weihan stood up and said coldly as he pointed towards Liu Zhenhai .

’’Regret it? I? What a joke! What the f*** are you? I just need to take my gun and shoot you to death!’’ Liu Zhenhai said, ’’Roll out, *itch! This old man doesn't want to kill you yet!’’

’’Just wait and watch!’’ Wang Weihan had not thought that Liu Zhenhai would reject him like this . `Good! Since you want to be like this, don't blame me for being cruel now . It's you who doesn't want his Liu Family to live!`

Wang Weihan returned to his room in fury . Wang Jinlong had been waiting for the good news, so he immediately rushed over, ’’Grandfather, what over, ’’Grandfather, what happened? Did Liu Zhenhai agree?’’

’’Humph! That b*st*rd Liu Zhenhai unexpectedly refused to give me face! What part of the six major families, that b*st*rd is just a retired warlord, yet he believes he is infallible!’’ Wang Weihan was really mad right now, ’’You might not have known, but that Liu Yue already has a boyfriend!’’

’’Is it the man she was together with?’’ Wang Jinlong asked .

’’Probably . I heard he isn't that Liu Zhenhai's grandson, but isn't blood-related,’’ Wang Weihan explained, ’’Little Long, don't lose heart . I am sure this woman won't be able to move your heart for long . ’’

’’But grandfather, I......’’ Wang Jinlong's heart had been moved for the first time, and now it was being killed in the cradle .

’’When a man does something, his greatest enemies are those who envy him! Once we have succeeded, you will have no shorting of women!’’ Wang Weihan pursuaded, ’’Little Long, remember, you are the Wang Family's only successor . The Heaven's will will test you, but there is always the calm after a storm, a rainbow after a rain! Are you really willing to delay the more important matters over her!’’

’’Grandfather, I understand,’’ Wang Jinlong nodded . Clenching his teeth, he said, ’’Good, since I can't obtain her, I will make sure no one can!’’ Savageness flashed in Wang Jinlong's eyes .

Wang Weihan nodded in appreciation, ’’This is how my Wang Family's son ought to be! That's how it is . To achieve greatness, one must be ruthless and cruel!’’

’’Grandfather, you can feel relieved that I will not disappoint you! However, before I kill her, can I fu-......’’ Wang Jinlong hesitated as he asked .

’’Do as you wish! Grandfather will not interfere!’’ Wang Weihan said as he laughed .


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