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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 69


Chapter 69



In the afternoon, it was Meng QingQing's match . Her opponent was a brat from the branch Ouyang Family . There was no suspense to the fight as the descendants of the main families learned real martial arts, while the descendants of branch families could only learn something basic . Over the years, these descendants had accepted their fates of being the cannon-fodder .

As for that mysterious Wang Family, I couldn't see anything special about them . But from what I heard from Liu Yue and Meng QingQing, the Wang Family had been in seclusion for many years, not participating in a single Great Martial Arts Competition over the years . But this time, they suddenly decided to participate . This made me feel really strange . I felt that something was wrong . After so many years of seclusion, would they really be weak?

The fight ended quickly . Meng QingQing had no need to use any force at all . It seems that the good shows are going to be in the following days . This kind of preliminary game had nothing to see . This let me regain the anticipation I had for this event .

After two days of preliminary selection, there were only a dozen people left, including Meng QingQing, Liu Yue, Ouyang Tianqi, Ding Wenfeng, Situ Liang and the Wang Family's Wang Jinlong, and several other people I didn't know . The reason why I could remember that Wang Jinlong's name is because I had been paying more attention to him as he was from the Wang Family . However, in the match, he seemed to have hidden a part of his strength .

The final was scheduled for tomorrow morning, so we got an early recess in the afternoon . They obviously had to let these players go back and recharge their batteries .

Meng QingQing was the sort of person who couldn't stay idle . After we returned to the guesthouse, this little lass was clamoring about wanting to go out and have a look around . Liu Yue had participated in the competition today so she didn't intend to go with us .

The three of us ate a meal in the hotel's restaurant . After that, I went out with Meng QingQing while Liu Yue stayed in the hotel .

In fact, there were no places for any sort of amusement near this hotel, so Meng QingQing soon lost all interest and we returned to the hotel .

As we entered the hotel, we saw Liu Yue . She hadn't yet gone back to the room and was chatting with some girls from the other families . As she saw us, she beckoned towards us . Meng QingQing and I walked towards her .

’’She is the second young lady of the Ouyang Family, Ouyang Lanlan,’’ Liu Yue introduced us .

Ouyang Lanlan? She should be the younger sister of that fellow Ouyang Tianqi, right? I nodded to her and said, ’’Hello, I am Liu Lei, Liu Yue's boyfriend . It's a pleasure to meet you . ’’

’’Liu Lei? I know you . I have heard my brother talk about you before, you are in his dormitory!’’ Ouyang Lanlan had an expression of sudden enlightenment .

She was really Ouyang Tiaqi's younger sister! Before I could say something, that fellow Ouyang Tianqi rushed over and said said while panting, ’’Boss, you can't go after my younger sister and entrap her;she is already engaged with someone else!’’

F***! I glared at Ouyang Tianqi and said, ’’Am I that unbearable to your eyes! What do you think of me!’’

’’Hehe, Boss, this isn't something I made up, it's a fact! Look at yourself, how many wives do you already have! How about you let off my younger sister!’’ In Ouyang Tianqi's eyes, it seems I was equal to a womanizing pervert .

As I listened to Ouyang Tianqi's words, heavy lines covered my forehead . Meng QingQing and Liu Yue were secretly laughing while Ouyang Lanlan couldn't help but smile .

To be honest, I didn't have any special feeling towards Ouyang Lalan . Because she is Ouyang Tianqi's younger sister, I also regarded her as my younger sister . It's not that she's unattractive, Ouyang Lanlan was also a great beauty, but there was still a certain disparity compared to Liu Yue and Meng QingQing . I obviously had no idea regarding her, but this Ouyang Tianqi started to worry for no reason .

’’You can rest assured that your sister is my sister,’’ I patted Ouyang Tianqi's shoulder and Ouyang Tianqi also calmed down .

’’Miss Liu, hello . Can I get to know you?’’ A sudden voice took our attention . I looked up and saw that it was unexpectedly that Wang Jinlong .

’’Hello, you can just call me Liu Yue . It will be alright,’’ Liu Yue looked at this guy who arrived and said naturally . Although she doesn't know what he was here for, she still replied courteously .

’’My name is Wang Jinlong,’’ Wang Jinlong smiled and extended his hand forward, hand forward, ’’I am very happy to know you . ’’

Although Liu Yue didn't want her hand to be touched by another man, but he had already extended his hand . If she didn't respond, she would appear to be rude, making the other party think she was too arrogant . Thinking of this, Liu Yue reached out her hand, shook his hand and immediately tried to take her hand back . But who would have expected, that Wang Jinlong held tightly on her hand, not allowing her to break free .

Liu Yue's tried her best, but all her efforts were in vain . Looking at Wang Jinlong's smile, Liu Yue was both angry and shy, but she couldn't say anything .

Others hadn't looked carefully and thought that the two were really happy and excited over this handshake, but I saw Liu Yue's dissatisfaction and knew that something was wrong . Motherf***er, this b*st*rd was really daring! He had the guts to take advantage of my wife in front of my eyes!

’’Wang Jinglong, I am also very happy to know you!’’ I rashly held his hand, pretending to be very eager to shake hands with him .

Wang Jinlong couldn't help but wonder how his hand was taken away so easily by someone else? It must have been him being negligent a moment ago! Wang Jinlong performed a perfunctory handshake with me, but he was certainly not feeling good in his heart and must be cursing me .

I wanted to give him a good lesson, but I was worried about the Liu Family's face . Although I don't fear anything, I was still representing both the Liu and Meng Family . Therefore, I decided that if this Wang Jinlong this Wang Jinlong gave up right now, then I will also forget the matter . After all, a gentle and graceful woman like Liu Yue will obviously attract many gentlemen . It wasn't a problem if he had a crush on Liu Yue .


’’Grandfather, this grandson has a matter that I need grandfather to help me with!’’ After Wang Jinlong returned to his hotel room, he suddenly kneeled down before an old man .

The old man was sitting like an idle with his eyes closed . As he heard Wang Jinlong's words, he slowly opened his eyes . When he saw his most beloved grandson kneeling on the ground, he held him up and said, ’’Little Long, what's the matter, say it . Remember, there's gold under a man's knees . Even if I am your grandfather, you can't kneel so casually! Remember, you are an important pillar, the successor of the Wang Family!’’

’’Grandfather, I must obtain your agreement on this matter! Therefore, grandfather, this grandson must ask you to promise that you will help me!’’ Wang Jinlong kept on kneeling .

’’I will promise anything but you must get up first!’’ The old man wanted to get Wang Jinlong up .

’’Grandfather, if you don't promise me, I won't get up,’’ Wang Jinlong used the entire strength of his body to resist the old man .

’’Alright, as long as it isn't too difficult, grandfather promises you I will do it for you!’’ The old man nodded helplessly . Who made him love this Wang Family's only successor!

’’Grandfather, I want you to help me to discuss a marriage with the Liu Family,’’ Wang Jinlong said it all word by word as he stood up .


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