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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 68


Chapter 68



Ouyang Tiaqi always thought that I worked really hard to get where I was {Martial Arts} . In fact, I don't work at all . I had learned Sanda when I was in high school, but now I have special abilities . I have unmatched speed and strength that can't be rivalled by anyone in the martial arts community . I am confident that no one can beat me .

’’Oh, you don't understand . Boss works really hard . His effort is not on the same level as us . I think that we will never be his opponents!’’ Ding Wenfeng nodded .

’’Is that so? Boss, why have you never said anything about that?’’ Ouyang Tianqi was surprised .

’’Actually, there's nothing to tell . I just hit blindly!’’ I waved my hand and said .

Ouyang Tianqi naturally refused to believe but didn't ask more as the organization committee had started to organize the registration .

The people of the organization committee for the competition were sent by the different families . Liu Zhenhai and Meng Rusong were also in the committee . What surprised me was that Situ Dashan had also come this time . Had I not suppressed his Situ Family enough? I never expected them to have the heart to participate in the competition .

The way the matches were grouped was quite fair . All the participants had to draw lots and then the winner of each group will draw lots . Of course, the final person left will be the winner . The champion will then be able to accept the challenges of others . If you defeated the champion, you will be the winner .

The ability to challenge seemed like profiting, but there was a major drawback . That is, if the challenger lost, then they would be permanently banned from participating in the competition . In other words, only those who were 100% assured of success would challenge the champion .

In this competition, besides the direct line family heirs, the juniors of their collateral branches could also participate . As this competition was also to show off how upright and prestigious the six families were, if the collateral branch junior won the competition, there was a chance for the main family to be inherited by himher in the future .

Meng Family and Liu family also sent out a lot of people, but I didn't know any of them . I could estimate that they were relatives, aunts, and uncles, from far away .

After the draw had ended, Ding Wenfeng and Ouyang Tianqi relaxed because they had been afraid they might end up having Liu Yue or Meng QingQing as their opponent . If that happened, then they really wouldn't know what to do . Nor could they step down nor could they contend against them . They would just end up as unpopular jokes before everybody .

The opponents Meng QingQing and Liu Yue got were the juniors of collateral branches of the other families . They will separately enter the stage this afternoon and tomorrow .

After all the appropriate arrangements, the competition finally started . The place where the competition was conducted was in the suburb . It was a mysterious underground stadium . There was no media or any reporter, no irrelevant personnel was allowed there . The people of the Liu Family were sitting in the audience .

Five of the six families were Liu, Meng, Ouyang, Situ, Situ, and Ding . I have dealt with the people of them all, but I have never been in contact with anyone from the Wang Family . Because of that, I was very curious and wondered what ability they had .

This kind of competition wasn't like the world-class Olympic Games . There were no opening ceremonies and the speech? They just went to the point .

The players who got the first matches were sent to their respective areas . To be honest, I was really looking forward to this competition . But due to my speed and strength, my fighting style was completely modern fighter style . But I indeed practiced the Psychic Abilities and the Heart Law .

I know that the six major families practice the ancient martial arts, and the ancient martial arts were the most mysterious in my opinion . I believe that the gorgeous moves that are shown on Tv and films aren't a hoax, they actually exist . In 1999, many people would think I was naive, however, after 2000, with the development of the archaeological technology, much ancient literature and material were found . Many of them recorded the Song Dynasty's martial arts that were unprecedented in the world . However, as the imperial court issued a ban on Military suffrage in the Ming Dynasty, there were only a few records left by people who didn't care about the Imperial Family . But in the Yuan and Qing Dynasty, these things were completely destroyed by the ignorant rulers . The Yuan and Qing Dynasty advocated the use of brute force and wouldn't spare a glance at the various breathing martial arts techniques . Otherwise, current China would have been the lord of all Olympic games, sweeping away all away all the gold medals .

Some of the six major families had fortune they saved up over dozens of years . For example, the Liu Family occupied land area and wealth they won in the past when they had been the warlords for the king . But there were also ancient martial arts families like the Ouyang family, so I am looking forward to them bringing me a big surprise .

However, the performance of the people on the stage disappointed me . There were no strange moves at all, all of them were unremarkable atrocities . They just tried to be flamboyant and there was no material .

I looked at the people of the six families in the auditorium applaud, so I sighed in my heart . It seems that coming here was really a waste . I had been thinking that my wives might not be able to handle it, but now it seems that they would be more than enough .

Suddenly, I felt as if someone was staring at me . I looked in the direction and saw that it was Situ Liang . I had not thought that this brat would also be here . I still haven't calculated my previous debts with him, yet he still dares to be rampant with such a smug look . Does he think I won't do anything if he glared at me like a bitch? I also glared at him .

He probably felt the pressure in my gaze, but Situ Liang rapidly lowered his head . In his heart, he was fuming in rage as he saw Liu Yue . He wanted to kill me right this moment . She was supposed to be his thing, yet she tuned into mine and he mine and he was left with nothing .

However, after Situ Liang lowered his head, I still felt that someone was watching me . I searched through the crowd but found no abnormalities . I didn't take it seriously at the time and thought that it was me being too sensitive . After all, for those from the six families, I was a newcomer they had never seen before, so some would obviously pay special attention to me . It was nothing to fret over .

I spent the morning being really bored, while Meng QingQing and Liu Yue watched everything with great enthusiasm and delight . They were also discussing the situation and styles of different people really warmly . When the two had just met, they were still hostile to each other, but looking at their intimate appearance, no one would be able to tell . They were like honey and bee right now, their relationship was really good . I still can't understand how the relationship between two women could change so fast . The more hostile they were, the more united they would become .

I was really bored looking at the matches, so I proposed that we go and eat something, but the two unanimously opposed and said in a single voice, ’’If you want to eat, you can go by yourself . We must watch this competition!’’

Because there were a lot of matches, there wasn't any midday rest . These people who competed at noon had already had their meal ahead of time .

I set out to exit to get something to eat, but I actually heard Meng QingQing shout, ’’Husband, do buy something for me and my elder sister!’’

I reluctantly nodded and walked out of the stadium .


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