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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 67


Chapter 67



After Zhang Yang heard everything, his face had turned pale . The fact that he could develop from a poor immigrant worker to his current level was testament that he had a brain that worked . After listening to Zhang Ming's narration, it went without saying that this son of his forcefully stopped their way, so the other party pushed his car down a ditch!

If a man could make a call and get it all done in less than 10 minutes, that man would obviously not be a nobody . How could his son be so brainless!

The business agent system employed by Shuguang was very standardized . Each provincial capital and municipality would have first-level business agents . Other cities would have second-level business agents under the first-level business agents . But Meng QingQing's Clear Dream Company wasn't a regular business agent . Moreover, their supply was always sufficient, completely independent beyond the various business agents . Yet they all were living in peace, doing whatever they were supposed to . This explained that Meng QingQing's company wasn't simple, and perhaps had some relationships with the higher authorities of Shuguang . Thinking till here, Zhang Yang had a general idea . It seems they had been looking down on Clear Dream Company's strength .

But, could Clear Dream Company really affect the decision-making of Shuguang's higher-ups, making all the business agents refuse to do business with them? This couldn't be any ordinary relationship! Could this Meng QingQing really have such great ability? If she had such ability, how could she be satisfied with a small business like Clear Dream?

That's right, the man! Zhang Yang suddenly thought of the key matter! Perhaps, the man with her was someone from the higher-ups of Shuguang Corporation! As he thought until here, Zhang Yang's back got covered in sweat!

If what he thought was true, then Zhang Yang Internet Cafe's future was as good as ruined . It's not that he can't go to any other retail company to purchase machines, but doing that will inevitably add a lot of cost in the long run . And the sales tax wouldn't be able to make up for all that .

’’Why are you always causing trouble for me! Do you know how much trouble you have caused me this time!’’ Zhang Yang finally couldn't restrain his anger and started to fume on Zhang Ming .

’’Dad, what did I do?’’ Zhang Ming was confused .

’’Today, all the agents of Shuguang Corporation stopped working with us! How are you going to explain that?’’ Zhang Yang said with a dark face .

...... . .

’’What? Are you saying that Meng QingQing, that little wh*re did that?’’ Zhang Ming thought that it was inconceivable .

’’Still calling her little wh*re! Can't your mouth be a bit cleaner? You still don't understand! I estimate that it's her fiance . You didn't try to understand the opposite party's status and dared provoke him, ah!’’ Zhang Yang said with a sigh, ’’Now that this happened, what are we going to do?’’

’’I...... Should I apologize to Meng QingQing?’’ Only now did Zhang Ming realize he had caused trouble, a calamity to be correct!

’’Apologize . I don't know if they would even be willing to accept . No matter what, you must give it your all . Only if nothing works will we make plans . The amount of money we have earned over the years isn't small . . We can still change our profession!’’ Zhang Yang said as he shook his head .

When Zhang Ming's call for an apology came, I wasn't surprised at all . He was very sincere and said a lot of good things . Meng QingQing was a soft-hearted girl, so when she heard a big man like Zhang Ming crying over the phone, she couldn't help but forgive him .

Zhang Ming and I had no deep hatred . It was only a lesson I gave him this time . I have no problem with him pursuing a girl, but his approach is too extreme . With this lesson, he might be able to learn a bit .

Later, Zhang Ming wanted to play the host and invite me and Meng QingQing to dinner, but Meng QingQing actually rejected his offer as she thought there wasn't a need . Moreover, she also told Zhang Ming that she will continue the cooperation with his cafe line . This event was just a small interlude .

June 1 was the International Children's Day . It was also the day the ’’Chinese Great Martial Arts Competition’’ was officially announced .

Meng QingQing, Liu Yue, and I took a plane and to go to the host city, N City .

At the airport, I met both Ding Wenfeng and Ouyang Tianqi who were also participating .

’’Boss, you are also coming?’’ Ding Wenfeng was surprised to see me . He hadn't known that I have also become one of the Aristocratic Family members .

’’You can come, but I can't?’’ I said with a smile, ’’Tianqi, I haven't seen you for quite a while . I didn't get to see you at University either!’’

As Ouyang Tianqi Ouyang Tianqi saw Ding Wenfeng call me Boss, he was surprised . However, he immediately relaxed as he already thought that I was no ordinary person, so it was normal . If even he could call me Boss as the successor of the Ouyang Family, it was normal if the successor of Ding Family called me like that as well .

’’Boss, I was being specially trained by the elders in my family for this competition . I really didn't expect to see you here! Boss, what are you going to do this time?’’ Ouyang Tianqi looked Liu Yue and Meng QingQing beside me and asked with some doubt, ’’Boss, you are accompanying sister-in-law...... I wonder who is the sister-in-law among the two sisters?’’

’’Both are,’’ I smiled as I said to Meng QingQing and Liu Yue, ’’These two are my little brothers . If there is any dirty or tiring job you need to be done, just let them know . They will handle it!’’

Liu Yue said with a charming smile, ’’How could we dare order the successors of the Ouyang and Ding Family?’’

Meng QingQing didn't really care about their background . As she heard me say that the two were my little brothers, she handed her baggage to Ding Wenfeng!

Ding Wenfeng had a bitter expression, but he couldn't say anything . He had no choice but to work as a coolie . Several of us suddenly became the focus of attention for the other contestants . They had not expected that Ding Wenfeng would actually carry my baggage! They started to suspect my identity .

Though the children of the six great families weren't too familiar with each other, they had still seen each other's face . Now that they saw me, they saw me, a new face, they wondered where I fell from .

’’Boss, aren't you going to participate in a while?’’ Ding Wenfeng was a martial artist . He had no problem carrying the bags and still walked normally .

’’That's not known currently . I don't want my two wives to go on stage, so I will have to go in there stead though!’’ I didn't want my women to participate in this game . Although there were constraints on the point and if one party was defeated, the opponent must stop their attack, martial arts were still deadly . A single wrong move could cause a lifetime of regret . The host of this event wouldn't take any responsibility .

I don't think that my wives will have an accident, but they were still determined to go on stage . I was unable to convince them otherwise, so I had to consent . I know that they had been practicing martial arts since young for this competition . If I stopped them, then it will be equal to strangling their beliefs and ideas they had built since childhood .

As long as I am here, I believe no one will be able to injure them .

’’Hehe, don't listen to the nonsense he is talking about . We are going to participate while our husband is only here to cheer for us!’’ Liu Yue said with a smile .

’’Great!’’ Ding Wenfeng patted his chest as he said, ’’This is still better . Boss, if you went on stage, then we could be considered finished and have to forfeit . At least, we will be saved from being disgraced!’’

’’Ding Wenfeng, are you trying to say that boss doesn't work hard?’’


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