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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 62


Chapter 62



I gulped my saliva . I really wanted to deal with Meng QingQing in accordance with the law, but I thought that it wasn't yet the time for that . After all, Meng QingQing and I had just gotten together .

’’Oh, right . QingQing, let me give you this,’’ I took out that betrothal ring from my pocket .

’’What is this?’’ Meng QingQing took the box from me and looked at it back and forth, shaking it as she said, ’’It wouldn't be some lousy thing you brought to deceive me, right?’’

’’Hey, just have a look inside . How would you know it was tattered?’’ I said .

’’Alright, but this box is really attractive . If the thing inside isn't good, then I will just take this box!’’ Meng QingQing said as she opened the box .

’’Darling, have you heard the story of making a wrong choice? If the box is good, then the thing inside will naturally be better!’’ I shook my head .

’’Ah!’’ Meng QingQing took out the ring and said excitedly, ’’Liu Lei, I haven't misread? This is...... This is the Heart of Love?’’

’’You know about it?’’ I felt somewhat strange . Seems like this ring was quite famous, but I didn't know a single thing .

’’Yeah, I certainly know if this is really the Heart of Love!’’ Meng QingQing opened her mouth and said, ’’How did you get this? I heard that this belonged to a collector in Britain . A while ago, it was stolen . The news was a headline in the newspaper!’’

Stolen? F***! Did I just buy stolen stuff? When I recalled how that manager Yuan Gang had a strange look, I couldn't help but wonder if the ring was stolen by them?

However, I didn't care how they got it . Since it was now in my hands, I had no reason to give it back .

’’Don't worry about how I got it, just know that I am giving it to you now,’’ I said to Meng QingQing .

’’Really? That's great!’’ Meng QingQing happily wanted to put on the ring on her hand, but she stopped and looked at me . With some shyness, she said, ’’You help me wear it . ’’

Meng QingQing's smiling face that I witnessed just now was beautiful to the point it could cause the downfall of a nation . My heart started to beat rapidly as I dazedly stared at her face......

’’What are you staring at my face for? Is there a flower?’’ Meng QingQing said as she was now feeling embarrassed by my staring .

’’It's even more beautiful than a flower!’’ I said from the bottom of my heart .

’’Honey-tongued! Are you not going to help me wear it?’’ Meng QingQing suddenly realized that her hand had been hanging in mid-air .

I nodded and grasped Meng QingQing's jade white white hand . After that, I received the ring from her other hand . Meng QingQing stretched out her middle finger, hesitated a bit, and then stretched out her ring finger .

I could naturally understand her thoughts . If the ring was worn on the middle finger, it represented love, but if it was worn on the ring finger, it was a representation of an engagement or marriage .

I put the ring on Meng QingQing's ring finger and said, ’’QingQing, marry me!’’

’’Ah?’’ In her heart, Meng QingQing had thought the same, but she had not expected that I would suddenly ask her this question . But then she felt really sweet and replied, ’’Um!’’ There was the gentle and unique care of a woman in that reply .

I looked at Meng QingQing's dazed expression and knew that the opportunity had arrived, so I rashly kissed on Meng QingQing's small mouth .

’’Um... Un...’’ Meng QingQing couldn't make any meaningful sound anymore . Although Meng QingQing had the bodily relationship with me, she had never kissed me before . This was her first kiss, so she naturally didn't understand how it was done, and opened her mouth awkwardly, letting my tongue invade through her teeth . But quickly, Meng QingQing fell in love with the marvelous feeling, started to respond with jerky movements......

I don't know how long I and Meng QingQing had been grasping each other for . When we let we let go, Meng QingQing was blushing furiously . I didn't know if it was because of the shyness or because she was having difficulty breathing when I kissed her just now!

’’QingQing, should we do something else?’’ I held Meng QingQing in my arms and asked, ’’QingQing, where's your room?’’

’’Upstairs . The innermost room......’’ Meng QingQing replied subconsciously .

I held Meng QingQing's soft body and quickly rushed to the second floor . If Meng Rusong had been present, he would be stunned by my speed . Because I was impatient, I ended up using teleportation . Meng QingQing had fainted in my arms, so I wasn't afraid she would notice anything .

But what I didn't think was that my action really frightened Meng Rusong! Meng Rusong was pointing at the large screen for a long time, speechless . He finally said, ’’Old man Liu, is this grandson of yours even human? How can he be so fast?’’

Liu Zhenhai wasn't surprised . He already knew my speed was really fast . In the past, when I rescued Chen Wei'er, I had unconsciously used my ability to slow down time around me . At this time, he said self-satisfied, ’’Ah, what can I say Old Meng . You do know that our Liu Family is quite fierce . I am telling you, on that day you were comparing notes with him, he was going easy on you . If he If he had gone all out, you wouldn't have lasted a few moves against him . ’’

Liu Zhenhai saying several moves was already favoring Meng Rusong . With my ability, just one move would be enough to deal with him .

’’Hey, what's that supposed to mean? What your Liu Family? He is now my granddaughter's husband!’’ Meng Rusong started tooting one's own horn, ’’Oh, right, Old man Liu, the Martial Arts Great Competition will arrive really soon . Martial Arts masters around the world from around the world and the six respected families are hoping to take part in it . For this martial arts world congress, both our families only had female heirs, making us have no hope to win . But currently, the chances of victory look really big!’’

’’What's the matter? You want to make him represent your Meng Family to go to battle in the competition?’’ Liu Zhenhai asked .

’’Why won't I do that!’’ Meng Rusong said, ’’He is now my granddaughter's husband, not an outsider . ’’

’’Good, then the Liu and Meng family will send him as a unitive representative!’’ Liu Zhenhai nodded .

’’Dad, uncle Liu, why haven't you two slept yet?’’ At this time, the door of the study room was pushed open as Meng Chuan walked in .

When he saw the large-screen monitor on the wall monitoring the hall, he couldn't help but be stunned . These two old fellows had been unexpectedly peeping!


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