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Very Pure And Ambiguous: The Prequel - Volume 4 - Chapter 58


Chapter 58



’’Brother Dong,’’ that guy immediately changed the way he addressed the other man immediately, ’’We have already watched three videos, but still haven't found any evidence?’’

’’What are you so anxious about . We will slowly find it . ’’ Brother Dong said plainly . In fact, his heart was burning in rage right not . He wanted to blow up this entire place as he cursed how the security in this Luxurious residential area was so low quality . He couldn't find yesterday's surveillance video, and now they had to check everything one by one .

The security captain who was on duty was also sweating at this time . Just after the group came in, they took out documents saying they were from the police . To investigate a case, they had to look at yesterday's surveillance videos . Nothing happened yesterday, so the videotape wasn't important . So after several of them finished drinking wine, they simply threw the tape in the cabinet filled with similar tapes . Now it was mixed with tapes from over the years, making it difficult to find any .

’’Anh, aaanh, yeah!’’

Suddenly, the television started to transmit moans of pleasure . These b*st*rds, these security guards actually kept blue films with the records!

’’Sorry, sorry!’’ The security team leader said awkwardly and took back the tape with embarrassment and said, ’’I don't know just which brat put this here! Officer, I will let you destroy this!’’

Brother Dong's face was already pale as he received the tape . He smashed it on the ground, stomping on it with his foot twice, crushing the tape . The security guard looked at the tape that had been crushed to bits;his heart was bleeding right now . That tape was his treasure . How was he going to spend his on-duty lonely life now!

After searching for a long time, they finally found the video from yesterday . The video wasn't very clear but since Meng Family was one of the wealthiest around here, so there gate naturally had more than one camera monitoring everything . Therefore, it wasn't hard to find a video of me going to that small forest .

’’Pause!’’ Brother Dong called out . The security guard hastily pressed down on the pause button .

’’The time is just right,’’ Brother Dong nodded to the person who was together with him, then he said to the security guard, ’’We are going to take this security tape as evidence . Do you have any issues?’’

’’No......’’ The security team leader shook his head hastily .

The several people left the security room . One of them said, ’’Senior fellow apprentice, isn't this person too different from the one we heard about from master's mouth? He looks too young?’’

’’That's something for our master to decide . We can't discuss these matters . It could be possible that that person's divine Arts have reached an absurd level, making it possible for him to rejuvenate himself’’ Brother Dong restored his senior apprentice brother's tone at this time .

’’Oh, right, Senior apprentice brother, where did you get that document regarding proof that we are from the police? When did you join the police?’’ Another fellow asked with some doubt .

After Brother Dong heard, he smiled and took out the credentials, giving it to the fellow as he said, ’’I will let you have this . . ’’

’’Let me have it?’’ After the fellow received the credentials, he couldn't help but stare at them . There were only two words written above: ’’Approved Virgin!’’

’’Yeah, I just bought it off some stall for two Yuan,’’ Brother Dong said with a smile .

’’Didn't the security captain look at it?’’ The fellow asked with some surprise .

’’I just shook it a bit and put it back, where would that fellow even have an opportunity to look? I think he didn't even know what the characters meant . ’’ Brother Dong said .

’’Even this works!’’ The young fellow threw the document into the trash can as he said, ’’I have a girlfriend, so I don't need this . ’’

Although the level of the community's security was quite high, they were still responsible for who they worked for after all . The security team leader had just dealt with ’’the police’’ a moment ago, so he obviously went to inform about the matter to the Meng Family .

Meng Chuan listened to the report of the guard and doubtfully looked at Old Man Meng as he said, ’’Did you send someone to investigate QingQing's boyfriend?’’

’’Why would I want to investigate him?’’ Meng Rusong denied plainly .

Meng Chuan also thought there wasn't a need for his father to investigate such an unimportant person, and realized he had spoken thoughtlessly . However, he didn't take the matter seriously as I had nothing to do with his Meng Family yet .

.............................. .

I followed the directions given by the waiter and arrived before an antique double-story building . On the door, there was a plaque with dragons and dancing phoenixes with four words written in calligraphy: Feiyan Antique Collection Store

’’Welcome, sir!’’ A service A service lady greeted me in a robotic tone .

I nodded to her and said, ’’Do you have jewelry here for sale?’’

The service lady sized me up and down, then said to me lazily, ’’If you want to buy jewelry, you should go to the general business plaza over there!’’ She obviously didn't believe I was going to buy anything here .

Collection companies weren't the same as some general shopping malls . Many of the things inside were quite rare, even antique! Any ordinary thing in there was worth a fortune! The service lady saw that I was only in my twenties and dressed so casually, so she obviously thought I wasn't a rich person . Now that she heard that I wanted to buy jewelry, she thought that I came to the wrong place .

After all, the collectors who came here wouldn't ask if there was something, instead, they would look at the stuff that was on display .

I didn't get angry and only smiled . I also knew that the clerks of many Collectibles Companies had such an attitude . It was no wonder, after all, if they had to deal with all these inexplicable customers every day, they would die of exhaustion!

At this time, a middle-aged man happened to walk down the stairs . After seeing me, and running his vision over me back and forth, he couldn't help but gawk as he said politely, ’’Sir, how could we be of service to you?’’

The clerk from before was stunned . There otherwise arrogant boss was now acting so polite to this average guy today? She didn't recognize my clothes, but Yuan Gang, the middle-aged boss actually did . The knot on the shirt and the shirt and the gold thread on the sleeves, what they entailed was something Yuan Gang was quite clear about . The knot and the badge with it was the representation of the imperial and aristocratic families in Europe . But these gold threaded sleeves were a bit more casual {TL Note: In the sense that they aren't exclusive to royalty . } and were embroidery of the world-famous dress designer ****** used on his works . It was hard to find someone capable of wearing just one of these . He never expected to see both of them here .

Yuan Gang directly said without asking anything, ’’Sir, let's go to the second floor to talk . ’’

I didn't know why the boss was so polite to me and only thought it was his service attitude, and he treated everyone the same .

I nodded and walked to him as I said, ’’Do you have any precious rings here?’’

’’Rings? I wonder what sir might need the ring for? Is it for collection, or to gift to someone else?’’ The reason Yuan Gang asked the question was that he thought there was no need for me to buy rings for collection with my status, so it must be to give someone as a gift .

’’It's a gift for someone, a betrothal ring,’’ I said .

’’So that's how it is . We do have a ring that represents love here, sitting here for more than two years . Some people ask for it, but the price for it......’’ Yuan Gang said till here and stopped, then he continued, ’’Sir, I don't have any other meaning . I am just trying to highlight the rareness and preciousness of the ring . ’’


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